15+ Bathroom Door Ideas That Bring Beauty to Your Space

With the right bathroom door ideas, there is always an opportunity to turn your small space into something even more exciting.

It is no secret that bathrooms make a fun remodeling project. Besides, this rarely takes much to change the feel and look of the space completely. 

So, start with the bathroom door to add a powerful statement that impresses your guests. For some inspiration, check this out!

Things to Consider Before Getting Started

Bathroom Door Ideas


Although it sounds pretty simple, those who never hang a door will appreciate knowing some tips and tricks to do the project beforehand.

While some of the things may apply to a few types only, they will still help you to make the right decision before executing your favorite bathroom door ideas.

1. Determine the type of your door

Marble Bathroom


Indeed, you need to decide what kind of door suits your bathroom. It should not only offer privacy but also fit the style of the space.

When determining the right type for your bathroom door ideas, you may like to consider its efficiency level and how water-resistant it is. 

Since your bathroom door will work against humidity and moisture, a particular level of water resistance is needed.

2. Select between a custom or pre-hung door

Toilet door and tissue roll


If you think that your old door frame requires a replacement, going for a pre-hung door is probably of interest.

Pre-hung doors are created in a factory with standardized hinges and holes. As a result, there is no need to worry about matching it with an existing frame.

However, if you like to have such unique bathroom door ideas, something more custom should make a good choice. 

This makes a great move if you cannot find a pre-hung door that suits your taste as well. 

Further, you can opt for making your simple door that matches the old frame. Start with boring holes and measure properly to make sure it works.

3. Pick the door material

Statement Bathrooms


When it comes to material, you have to think logically since your bathroom door ideas must be functional and enchanting all at once.

Besides, it should be able to withstand the moisture circumstances in your bathroom rightly. In this view, wood can be a perfect choice.

Despite its high price, especially when treated to hold up humidity, wood offers something elegant to spruce up your bathroom.

Moreover, if you want something long-lasting that does not require much maintenance, fiberglass makes a great option.

15+ Bathroom Door Ideas That Transform Your Space Awesomely

Glass Shower Door


Now, to give you a more vivid image of the best door for your bathroom, this article has a bunch of ideas to get inspired from.

Whether you like something modern or classic, the following list must have one that suits your taste. 

1. Half Frosted Glass

Half Frosted Glassjpg


To add a more modern twist to your bathroom, a half-frosted glass door can be a great choice. Also, it typically comes with beautiful patterns and designs for a style.

Even though it cannot provide as much privacy as other bathroom door ideas, this still makes a fun choice to spruce up your bathing area. 

Moreover, a half-frosted glass door can make your shower feel more open and airy as well. 

  • Nature life pattern 

Nature life pattern


This is one of the most unique bathroom door ideas. With a pattern of nature life, it gives an exceptional style in a modern way.

Since the glass is not completely frosted, this door keeps the shower area seem more open and airy.

  • Stripped frosted glass

Stripped frosted glass


If you want something simpler, this half-frosted glass door is probably your cup of tea. It comes with double sliding designs and makes a great option for a corner shower. 

While it offers a contemporary mood, this door will work perfectly in a small bathroom with a modern style.

  • Floral pattern

Floral pattern


A beautiful floral pattern will make your bathroom door even more intriguing. It is only half frosted and still lets some light go into space.

However, in case you do not want to go overboard, simply opt for applying the idea in a shower partition instead of a full door. 

2. Opaque Bathroom Doors Ideas

Opaque Bathroom Doors


If you look for bathroom door ideas that make space seem more open without sacrificing a good amount of privacy, these make a perfect choice.

Opaque doors will offer an elegant and soothing feeling with the way it lets soft light streaming down your bathroom.

Not to mention that it will also give an exceptional look that feels upscale.

  • Opaque doors with wooden frames

Opaque doors with wooden frames


To keep the warm mood of the room, this opaque bathroom door comes with wide wooden frames. 

Further, it makes a good choice for those who have vintage home styles and want to let more light come through the door. 

  • Opaque doors with stainless frames

Opaque doors with stainless frames


If you want to make these bathroom door ideas appear more modern and easier to clean, go with stainless steel frames as shown above.

Likewise, the sleek, slim frame allows the opaque door to shine while keeping the usual clean look of a modern space.

3. Pocket Bathroom Door Ideas

Pocket Doors


Are you looking for a fantastic way to save more space in your bathroom? Going with pocket doors can be the solution.

These bathroom door ideas are particularly effective in a tinier master bedroom that features an en suite. They can still make a private retreat for you despite the limited space available.

Thus, with these pocket doors, you can make your small bathroom seem a lot bigger. 

4. Barn Bathroom Door Ideas

Barn Doors


If you need bathroom door ideas that go well with a variety of styles, barn doors should be on the list. More interestingly, they can fit in with any type of décor that you may already have. 

Some probably think that barn doors will give an antique farmhouse touch only. However, they can be industrial, shabby chic, or even modern as well. 

Furthermore, to install a barn door, just make sure to get adequate wall space on the side of your doorway to hang and let it slide appropriately. 

  • Industrial barn door

Industrial barn door


With a black hanger, rollers, and handle, this barn bathroom door offers everything you need to boost an industrial style.

Despite requiring enough wall space to slide properly, this barn door will provide you additional space for a laundry basket or white bathroom cabinet behind it.

  • Reclaimed wood barn door

Reclaimed wood barn door


Barn doors also make a good alternative to rustic bathroom door ideas. Hence, you can use reclaimed wood and stain them to your level of interest.

So, steal the look of the above bathroom to make your barn door the center of attention. 

  • Barn door with a frosty glass

Barn door with a frosty glass


If you cannot let go of the upside of frosted glass in your bathroom but are still interested in having the beauty of a barn door, this idea will give the best of both worlds. 

The reclaimed wood used for the frame and roller makes the door appear more elegant. Besides, the contrasting effect keeps it appealing.

5. Painted Bathroom Door Ideas

Pink Painted Bathroom Door Idea


When it comes to bathroom door ideas, paint is something you should not miss. This element offers a lot of ways to spice up the old room and make it fresh. 

You can simply paint molding to bring your old door come alive with a new pop of color. Framing out some square insets will also make it stand out.

Additionally, if you want to refrain from doing something difficult, simply spray paint the old door with any color you like.

  • Blue bathroom door

Blue bathroom door


This blue-painted door makes a great example to give your space a splash of color. It will especially work well against an existing all-white bathroom.

To allow it to be seen from the outside, you can even paint the whole door with a new color. Then, simply coat the interior for a fun look makes sense too.

  • Coral pink door

Coral pink door


Who does not love to steal these bathroom door ideas? With the sweet coral pink color, your entrance to the room will always feel grand.

The coral pink door matches the fishery wallpaper, whereas the white ceiling and half wall keep the balance of this bathroom.

Thanks to the white-tiled walls, this idea should not be impossible for those who have limited bathroom space.

  • Glossy black door 

Glossy black bathroom door


If you prefer something subtler that does not take the spotlight, consider repainting your bathroom door in glossy black. 

Indeed, a glossy black door is perfect for an all-white bathroom or one that is more to modern style. 

Moreover, for a farmhouse or country-style bathroom, you will want to paint it in matte black instead of the glossy one.

  • Yellow panel door

Yellow panel door


Back to the bathroom door ideas that will splash color in your space, this yellow panel will make your makeover project more exciting. 

With its vibrant paint, this bathroom door can bring life to space in no time. Hence, you will love how it upgrades the rooms without taking much time and cost as well.

6. Bead Door Ideas for Bathroom

Bead Doors


Do you want to bring back the style of the 70s? If so, a beaded door must be something interesting to pick.

This beaded door is relatively cheap and pretty effortless to hang. Although this item does not offer as much privacy as the others, it still makes a unique alternative for your bathroom.

While it makes a good solution for a house with a couple, this style will not be the best idea for a guest bathroom.

7. Curtains

Shower Curtains


Similar to bead doors, curtains are very easy to hang. Also, they offer more airflow to decrease the build-up of humidity in your bathroom.

You can have them in a wide range of choices when it comes to styles, lengths, patterns, and colors. They provide enough privacy as well.

However, you should make sure to find a curtain material that can resist moisture and avert mildew for the best. 

  • DIY bathroom curtains

white DIY bathroom curtains


This alternative to bathroom door ideas will help to make your space feel open and airier. Not to mention the elegant style it brings to complete the room.

The wooden rod is exceptionally notable against the all-white backdrop. Additionally, with a rich source of natural light from the wide window, everything seems just right here. 

  • Macrame curtain

Macrame curtain bathroom


To introduce the beauty of vintage décor in your space, you can swap your traditional bathroom door ideas into something like this macramé curtain. 

Since this unique curtain cannot withstand high humidity, consider layering it with a water-resistant drape that matches its broken white color.

8. Modern Sliding Doors

Modern Sliding Doors


Instead of having bathroom door ideas that open into space, you probably want to have sliding panels that appear more contemporary.

More interestingly, sliding doors will not take much room and relatively lightweight. Not to mention the modern touch they can add to any existing bathroom.

Just like this white sliding door that adds contemporary touch in the all-white bathroom. 

  • Mirror sliding bathroom door

Mirror sliding bathroom door


Get yourself a bathroom door that doubles as a full-length mirror in the other rooms. Thus, this makes a great choice if your shower space is connected to the bedroom or a walk-in closet.

Besides, with a mirror that big in the room, you do not need to worry about making your small space feel cramped.

9. French Bathroom Door Ideas

French Doors


For your traditional or country cottage-style space, you will love to use this one of the bathroom door ideas.

With their full-length double designs, French doors can offer a grand entrance even to the smallest bathrooms. 

Also, these doors will provide plenty of ambiance to your space while enhancing its level of elegance.

10. Mirrored Bathroom Doors Ideas

Mirrored Bathroom Doors


Everyone will love to have full-length mirrors. If you think so, installing a mirrored door in the bathroom will be a great choice. 

By having these bathroom door ideas, you do not have to hang a full-length mirror on the wall. This will save some space and make your small bathing area feel much larger.

Thanks to the mirrored door, you can use the space over the bathroom sink for some wall art or other practical things.

  • Barn door with a full-length mirror

Barn door with a full-length mirror


Your small bathroom will appreciate this mirrored door so much as it will help the vanity mirror to reflect light and keep the space seem larger.

It comes in a barn style that matches the white shiplap wall. The door hanger expands to above the vanity area and makes a perfect place to hang the beautiful light fixtures.

  • Pocket door with mirror

Pocket door with mirror


This one of the bathroom door ideas combines the idea of pocket and mirror doors. Its double designs make it a perfect choice for those who have larger space.

With the mirror and white frame, this door can make any bathroom appears more fresh and modern. 

11. Steel Bathroom Door Ideas

Steel Bathroom Door Ideas


Are you looking for a way to add an industrial look to your bathroom? Hence, introducing a steel door can be the ultimate choice.

While it is heavier and harder to install, a steel door can leave a gorgeous statement in the bathroom.

Do not forget how durable and water-resistant the material as well!

12. Saloon Doors for Bathroom

Saloon Doors for Bathroom


These bathroom door ideas are perfect for a farmhouse country house. If you are looking for an unconventional alternative to the full French ones, they are the answer.

However, since saloon doors do not provide a great amount of privacy, you will not like to put them in the shower or toilet. 

If so, you may need to have an additional door or shutter to add more privacy just like the above picture.

13. Stained Glass Doors

Stained Glass Doors


Similar to frosted glass, these doors allow some light in without sacrificing your privacy. However, they typically come in more colorful choices.

Thanks to their choice of colors, using these bathroom door ideas can be an exciting way to make the space more radiant. 

The colors of this stained glass door can brighten up the whole room, reflecting on the floors and walls for something cheerful and new every day.

14. Multifunction Bathroom Doors

Multifunction Bathroom Doors


These doors double as an additional storage solution in your bathroom. If you need something practical that does not take much cost, they will make a great choice.

Then, you can simply mount towel racks on the back of your bathroom door instead of the wall. It offers not only extra storage, but also adds a new style that refreshes the space.

15. Concealed Bathroom Doors

Concealed Bathroom Doors


Different from pocket doors, these bathroom door ideas are entirely concealed in the wall once you close them.

There are no identifying features or markings as these doors will just look like your wall. Thus, these doors are not for a guest bathroom. 

Further, concealed doors provide a streamlined, contemporary look in your bathroom.

16. No Door

No Door


If you still cannot find any idea that suits your style, perhaps having no door at all is the answer. You just need to frame out your doorway or simply leave it for a straightforward, modern look. 

Keep in mind that this one of the bathroom door ideas will work perfectly in a master bathroom where privacy is not the matter. 

The Bottom Line

sliding custom bathroom door


To sum up, the best bathroom door is about preference. You just need to find one that matches your taste and condition among the available ideas.

Whether you opt for something traditional like barn doors or exceptional like curtains and beads, this is all up to you. 

Hence, feel free to pick up your favorite bathroom door ideas and get ready to see the updated look in no time. Good luck!

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