How to Pick a Bed Lamp and Some Sophisticated Ideas to Try

Do you want to change the ambiance of your bedroom without doing a major revamp? Then, swapping the current bed lamp with something new will make good sense. 

Whether you will use it to play games, read some books, or simply spend the night with your loved one, a good lighting fixture for your bedroom can make all the difference. 

Fortunately, this article will help you find your first bedroom lamp or get an upgrade for the old one. Plenty of ideas are also available to get you inspired!

How to Get Your Best Bed Lamp the Right Way

gold accents Bed Lamp

Without a doubt, lighting fixtures can turn the aesthetic of an interior effortlessly. Besides, you can skip worrying about a matching theme or scheme in terms of remodeling.

There are typically some factors that determine your choice in terms of selecting the best lamp for your bedroom. 

One of them is to find a genius blend between functionality and aesthetics. Also, existing recessed light fixtures can be another thing to take into account. 

Further, you can check the following tips to find your perfect bed lamp.

1. Consider the function of your bed lamp

Minimalist Bed Lamp

When selecting a lamp for your bedroom, you should first consider how it will be used later on. Depending on your expectation, you will typically need one with a particular style, size, and type. 

For instance, if the lamp is supposed to be the main source of light in your room, you need to get one that can support a large wattage bulb. 

On the other hand, if it will be a part of the decoration, you can feel free to pick the design choice.

2. Determine the style of your bed lamp

Traditional Bed Lamp

A traditional, Tiffany-style bed lamp may appear out of place if you put it in a sleek, contemporary bedroom. Similar situations can happen to other styles as well.

Therefore, it is true that matching your lighting fixture to the style of your bedroom is crucial. Make sure to pick one with identical material or theme as the other pieces inside the room.

3. Decide on the bed lamp’s placement

Green and Pink Bed Lamp

Determine where you like to place the lamp and if the dedicated space allows it to work properly. 

Before investing in any type of bed lamp, make sure to check if there is an outlet nearby as well. Thus, you will not like to have its cords stretched across your space. 

Mind to test the bed lamp as well, especially if it is supposed to be used for something functional like reading and playing games.

Bedroom Lamp Ideas That Will Make Your Room Sophisticated

Desk Lamp as Bed Lamp

Now that you know some crucial points to find the right lamp for your bedroom, it will be a perfect time to get a further idea. 

Whether you like table lamps or floor lamps, pendants or sconces, there is something here for every taste. Thus, let’s check them out!

1. Bedside Lamps

Bedside Lamps

When it comes to a lighting fixture for bedrooms, bedside lamps are one of the most popular choices among the others.

This type of bed lamp offers both functionality and beauty for every bedroom style. However, the main purposes are typically to provide light for ambiance and reading. 

Moreover, with that in mind, selecting a bedside lamp will involve finding the proper height and size for its particular role. 

  • Elegant gold finish

Elegant gold finish

Featuring an elegant gold finish, this bedside lamp will make a charming statement in your all-white bedroom. With a simple design, you can count on it in a minimalist setting as well.

Its small footprint allows you to have some other décor pieces on the tabletop. Consider adding ones that are shorter than this bed lamp to let it shine. 

  • Rustic touch bed lamp

Rustic touch bed Lamp

This bedside lamp comes with a rustic style shade that matches the vintage nightstand. The angled rod has a gold finish complete the grand look.

Besides, the base of this lamp has some kinds of stands that allow you to display your stone collection. 

If you need a bedside lamp that does not take much surface space but still offers an impactful shade, it can be a perfect option. 

  • Floral charm bed lamp

Floral charm bed lamp

Get yourself a bed lamp that looks sophisticated both day and night. With floral printed shade, this lighting fixture makes a great example.

Along with the warm light bulb, this lamp will give a comforting vibe to your bedroom. Further, it offers soft illumination that can give you a good night’s sleep.

In addition to the shade, the base of this lamp also has floral prints on it.

  • Innovative bedside lamp

Innovative bedside lamp

Now that many designers out there are getting more creative with their bedside lamp designs, you should not just stop with those traditional selections. 

Instead, you can opt for something more innovative like this bed lamp. Designed like a tree with abundant rose flowers, this lighting fixture makes a great focal point in any bedroom.

While it may not provide adequate light for reading or playing games, this bedside lamp still offers a perfect ambiance. 

  • LED light strips 

LED light strips

If you prefer a more romantic ambiance in your bedroom, installing build-in LED light strips around your bed must be a lovable choice. 

It is a fun way to introduce task lighting that does not give out much accent. Besides, this makes your bedroom appears more personalized and stylish. 

As shown above, you can still involve other types of lamps in the bedroom for additional sources of light.

2. Pendant Lamps for Bedroom

Pendant Lamps for Bedrooms

A bed lamp typically sits on a bedside table. While this choice is obvious, you probably want to place it in the trendiest way possible. 

If you want to go beyond the mundane, bedside pendants can be the solution. In the last few years, it is becoming a trend and getting more popular. 

Bedside pendants can also save some valuable space and are available in lots of charming options. 

  • Industrial pendant bed lamp

Industrial pendant lights

As the name suggests, this refers to the use of pendants as bedside lighting. Hence, this allows you to have some free space on the surface of your side table. 

This kind of bed lamp works in both small and large bedrooms, offering enough illumination to every corner of your space. 

For adding an industrial touch, you can get inspired by this pair of black pendant lights.

  • Small pendant collection

Small pendant collection

For a more dramatic atmosphere, you can consider combining a couple of pendants as your bedside lamp as shown above.

Two or three little pendants will look amazing as mood lighting beside your bed. You can pick some that come with different shapes as well for a more dynamic aesthetic. 

  • Exciting brass finish

Exciting brass finish

Pendant lights are indeed a space-saving option that works like wonder. This bed lamp idea confirms how well this lighting fixture can do its job in a small corner of your bedroom.

Instead of a big lampshade, this pendant light features a minimalist holder with a charming brass finish that splashes color to the all-white scheme. 

  • Smart geometric bed lamp

Smart geometric piece

Are you interested in adding a smart geometric focal point in your bedroom but not willing to change the backdrop? 

Lighting fixtures that feature geo patterns can be your best alternative. They are ranging from straightforward triangles to complicated polygon that should match your personal taste. 

For example, this bed lamp will bring your space to the next dimension while offering plenty of light to the entire room.

  • Exquisite pendants

Exquisite pendants

This exquisite pendant light provides the right amount of ultra-modern touch in this bedroom with its simple geometric design. 

Not only are beautiful during the night, but they are also charming when you switch them off through the day. 

Do not forget that you will free up more space over your nightstand by installing this bedside lamp idea. 

3. Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

If you are looking for the best bed lamp, floor lights should be on the list. It can boost the intimacy of your space while providing the right amount of illumination to specific areas.

Floors lamps can also create an illusion of heightened space that makes your room appear more open. 

By illuminating your bedroom at eye level, floor lamps will balance out the brightness offered by the ceiling or wall-mounted lights if any. 

  • Reading task lighting

Reading task lighting

Are you planning to have a sofa for a relaxing reading time in the bedroom? Then, you will need good task lighting for this purpose. 

This white and silver floor bed lamp can be one of your best choices. Its design will make it perfect for reading time in your bedroom.

Just make sure to get the right bulb to accommodate your need. Fluorescent and halogen bulbs are typically suggested for their perfect light for reading. 

  • All-white floor lamp

All-white floor lamp

If you are a fan of an all-white design, this idea is probably of interest. This floor lamp comes with a white shade and stand that fits your style.

Positioned over a shelf of indoor plants, this floor light will highlight the beauty of this collection when the other lamps off. 

  • Vintage floor bed lamp

Vintage floor light

Are you looking for a bed lamp that goes well with your rustic bedroom? If so, this vintage floor light should spark some inspiration. 

Featuring beige and maroon color, this floor lamp looks very classy against the white curtain and wall. Not to mention the vintage chair that matches the design of the fixture.

  • Printed shade bed lamp

Printed shade floor lamp

Coming with a printed shade, this floor lamp not only provides extra illumination in your bedroom but also adds style.

This printed shade introduces a classic pattern that splashes color to the room. The rod also doubles as a decoration piece with its unique design. 

  • Tube paper floor lamp

Tube paper floor lamp

Make a statement in your room by adding this floor bed lamp. With a long, notable shade, this lighting fixture will be a true focal point in any bedroom. 

If you are into a DIY project, this tube paper floor lamp is pretty easy to create. You can even customize the color of the shade to give a more dramatic effect when the light is turned on. 

4. Sconces for Bed Lamp

Sconces for Bedroom

When it comes to a space-savvy bed lamp, you should not miss sconces. Just like pendants, they do not require foot space and are highly adaptable. 

Whether in a small kids’ room or a large master bedroom, sconces can make space feel more like home. 

With a wide range of design choices available, there should always be a pair of sconces that suit your style. 

  • Beehive sconces 

Beehive sconces Amber Interiors

These sconces have a lantern-like design with a beehive shape. If you are looking for simple yet elegant pieces, they should be a nice choice.

They can offer enough light for reading or doing other things that require limited illumination. 

When not in operation, these beehive sconces will stay as a flawless complement for the bedroom.

  • Chime-like wall sconces

Chime-like wall sconces

This bed lamp is for those who want to save space without sacrificing any style. If you have a lot of collections to display on the nightstand, it makes a perfect choice too.

With a glossy brass finish, this pair of chime-like wall sconces has elevated the charm of the big headboard.

  • Ultra-modern sconces

Ultra-modern sconces

If you prefer something subtle that goes well with a minimalist bedroom, these wall sconces must be of interest.

They come with a glossy white shade that keeps the room neutral. For a small twist, the rod and the base of this lamp have an elegant brass finish.

  • Industrial wall sconces

Industrial wall sconces

Are you looking for a way to bring an industrial touch to your bedroom in the most delicate way? This bed lamp must speak a lot about it.

With black shade and metal rod, this wall sconce will complement the bedroom of any style. Thanks to the angle of the lamp, it will make a perfect lighting fixture for tranquil reading on the bed.

  • Bedside spotlight lamp

Spotlighting Bed Lamp

This wall sconce lends the idea of spotlighting that illuminates a particular area in your bedroom. Similar to the previous design, it can be a good lamp for reading or writing a diary before bed.

You can set the lamp to lighten up your nightstand so that it will be easy to find write some notes in your diary book.

5. DIY Bed Lamps

DIY Bed Lamps

Instead of the usual store-bought bed lamp, you may like to have a lighting fixture that is different from many others.

In case you have time for a DIY project, do not hesitate to browse for lamp plans and create an exceptional piece for yourself.

To get started, you can find some simple yet inventive DIY bedroom lamp ideas below.

  • Antique pendant shade

Antique pendant shade

This bedside pendant lamp has an antique bamboo shade that will please your vintage taste. It makes a beautiful piece of decor both on and off. 

The good news is that you can create this classy shade with a little braiding skill and some free time on the weekend. 

  • Repurposed glass bottle

    Repurposed glass bottle

If you have a glass bottle that has a unique shape, do not throw it away! You can use it to create a stunning bed lamp as shown above.

To let it sit on your bedside table, you can take advantage of the painted bottle that matches the neck of the other piece. 

  • Fairy lights 

Fairy lights

A string of fairy lights can give your room a perfect dose of ambiance. Besides, you can easily form and combine it. 

Just like the above picture, you can also hang several strings of fairy lights along with a collection of your favorite photographs. 

While the main function of this bed lamp is for decoration, you should not forget to involve other types of lights in the room.

  • Build-in bedside lamp

    Build-in bedside lamp

Who does not love to steal the look of this stylish DIY bedside lamp idea? It is even more perfect as the project will provide you with a unique nightstand as well.

This build-in sconce sits on a nightstand that is made of wooden board and doubles as an accent to the grey wall. 

You can simply use an inexpensive wall sconce from nearby dollar stores to execute this project affordably.

  • DIY track lighting

DIY track lighting

Rather than the traditional track lighting, you will love the flexibility of this DIY bed lamp idea. 

With a strong black cord and several light bulbs, you can have amazing track lighting that is different from the mundane. 

If you are furnishing an attic bedroom, simply follow the edge of the wall and ceiling to create a fashionable piece of décor with the lighting. 

  • LED lights in bottles

LED lights in bottles

Instead of hanging the LED lights on the wall, you can put them into old wine bottles as shown above. Then, use them to swap your traditional bed lamp.

Consider choosing LED lights that come in different colors for each bottle. Thus, you will have a more exciting effect when they are on.

Meanwhile, you can decorate the bottles with ribbons, stencils, or other accessories you like. Do not forget to arrange them neatly on your nightstand for the best result. 

The Bottom Line

Coastal turquoise glass bed lamp

To conclude, every homeowner will have different needs and tastes when selecting the right lamp for their bedrooms. 

Depending on how you want to use the lamp later and the way it complements your décor, the ultimate choice may be dissimilar to others.

Therefore, feel free to pick your favorite bed lamp idea based on the above information. Good luck!

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