35 Stunning Blue Kitchen Island Designs to Apply Right Now

A blue kitchen island is probably the best choice you could have for the cooking area. This element locates in the middle part of the layout. Therefore, it becomes the best item in the room.

Further, a kitchen island provides more work surfaces for homeowners to do things in the kitchen. It is usually available in all directions.

Likewise, it is just like a table but for kitchen specialization. Various designs are available to check out. Some of them have extra shelving, storage spaces, and cabinets.

On this page, we are focusing on any kind of islands that are painted in blue colors that blend perfectly in the kitchen.

Moreover, it is quite magical that one element of a room can change the whole layout and appearance of the kitchen. Let us take a look.

1. Circular Island for Large Kitchen

Circular Island for Large Kitchen


A house with a big kitchen should make use of its space. Having a large circular-shaped island like this one is recommended especially when the homeowner does most of the activities in the cooking area.

As you see, this curved kitchen island looks so fantastic in the middle of that large room. Also, the wooden surroundings give an enormous contrast to the blue shade of the furniture.

In addition, there is a shortage of squared angles that become so useful for the storage you need.

Obviously, it becomes the main element that provides a clutter-free modern atmosphere to the large room.

2. Dark Inky Blue Shade for Kitchen Island

Dark Inky Blue Shade for Kitchen Island


The one that attracts attention in this scene is that dark inky shade of blue on the kitchen set. Then, the brass elements and wooden floor make a great contrast.

Thus, they both get balanced by the white walls and countertops.

That is just the best way to blend together with that kind of contrast combinations. Check out that quirky chandelier right above the kitchen island.

Hence, that seems to be the perfect focal point to make the entire scene exceptional.

3. Smooth Robin’s Egg Blue in The White Kitchen

Smooth Robin’s Egg Blue in The White Kitchen


Have a look at the design of the island closely. The vintage look becomes fantastic when combined with the smooth Robin’s egg shade of blue and white countertop.

Besides, the three wooden barstools complete the set.

Indeed, the stools are the reason why the kitchen island blends well with the wooden floor of the kitchen. As you can see, there is no other blue element in the room.

Hence, it is a smart plan to keep the attractiveness stays in the middle for the smoothest color of the space.

4. Blue Fire-Engine Kitchen Island

Blue Fire-Engine Kitchen Island


This bold-colored large kitchen island is looking amazing and dominating. Also, the obvious standout design and color combination are very hard to resist.

Furthermore, the varnish finish is somewhat making the element more powerful in this space.

This kitchen island is a complete package. It has got a lot of storage, both open and closed ones. Moreover, the butcher block countertop supports the busiest room of the house.

5. Kitchen Island in Seaside Blue Kitchen

Kitchen Island in Seaside Blue Kitchen


The scheme of this futuristic kitchen looks fantastic. Combining a sleek beach-style kitchen with such a smooth blue shade is just so clever.

Meanwhile, the shiplap walls, floorings, and the whole kitchen elements become one with the paint color.

The industrial-style kitchen island is just the perfect choice. Hence, its blue-colored structure blends well with the polished wooden floor.

Wherefore, it reflects the lights and makes space feel brighter. That is what steps the room away from a rustic feel.

6. Vintage Blue Island Among Dark-colored Elements

Vintage Blue Island Among Dark-colored Elements


There are only two parts of the element in this kitchen that come with white color, the window wall, and ceiling. Therefore, it is there to light up the dark scheme of the space.

As you can see, the homeowners like to have an elegant kitchen but still comfortable. That big solid oak cabinets dominate the whole scene.

Further, this vintage island in dark blue color complement the dark-colored surroundings. That includes the glossy-brown hardwood floor.

Also, check out the cool chandelier that supports the fancy atmosphere of this kitchen.

7. Solid Blue Kitchen Island

Solid Blue Kitchen Island


Blue is a flexible color. Thus, if you want this hue to blend well with any scheme in any room, you just have to find out the right shades to apply.

Likewise, there is a common choice to have it in many styles of a home such as Contemporary, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Rustic, Mediterranean, etc.

Additionally, this kitchen plays with the blue hue. There are two different shades in this scene. The softer shade is for the cabinet set.

Then, the island comes with a bold dark color. It seems to be a great way to keep it as the focal point of the space.

8. Majestic Blue Island in White Kitchen

Majestic Blue Island in White Kitchen


Pay attention to the option of the blue element in this kitchen. It is easy to get the island as the center of attention.

Also, the bold look of that Glorious blue shade seems to be spreading all over the space. On the other hand, the white marble countertop is what keeps the element impressive and well-blended with others.

Moreover, the French bistro chairs come with blue accents. Even though the color looks in contrast to the rattan materials, it is still a good effort to appreciate.

Indeed, the chairs complement and support the kitchen island’s way to fame.

9. Blue Kitchen Island with Seating

Blue Kitchen Island with Seating


Check out this retro-style kitchen with several modern touches. It comes with a blue kitchen island that is quite multifunctional.

Besides, there are some well-designed shelving and drawers you can use to fill up with some belongings like books and stuff.

Further, the paneled style side texture brings out the vintage look of the kitchen design. The modern cafe-style seating provides such an amazing impression.

Additionally, it compliments the other elements with a similar greyish surface.

10. Blue Island in The Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Blue Island in The Kitchen Recessed Lighting


Check out how many lightings are used in just one room. The number of recessed lights is just too many. Then, there are three extra pendant lamps right above the kitchen island.

Likewise, the recessed illumination on the ceiling brightens up the entire space. It is quite useful for homeowners who would like to get busy in the kitchen during the nighttime.

11. Blue Island for Farmhouse Kitchen

Blue Island for Farmhouse Kitchen


The homeowner has turned an ordinary communion table into an outstanding blue kitchen island. It has such a perfect design for any farmhouse-style room.

Interestingly, it comes with huge storage to fill up with all the necessities.

Do not worry about all the clutter. Right on top, there is a black marble countertop that has a nice faucet, making it become more useful and complete.

12. Luxurious Kitchen with Ocean-Blue Island

Luxurious Kitchen with Ocean-Blue Island


The use of chromium and stainless steel is what makes this kitchen island so special. Besides, the luminous ocean-blue color makes it easy to be the center of attention.

Thus, this interesting kitchen island brings a new advantage.

13. Blue Island with Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Island with Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet


Pairing a dark-colored wooden kitchen cabinet with a blue island may not be the first option that comes to mind.

However, the existence of the tall glass doors in the scene makes the combination kitchen goes from conventional to modern.

Furthermore, the Blue Lagoon design of the kitchen island brings the entire kitchen to be having futuristic credibility. That is a great impression for a modern space.

14. Brass Pendant Lights with Blue Island

Brass Pendant Lights with Blue Island


Brass and Blue is such a contrasting combination, but it becomes one of the homeowner’s favorites. It is probably the safest choice you can go with when you are in doubt.

Then, it could be on the cabinet’s accent, faucet, and pendant lights like this one.

Moreover, the brass element gives extra glamour to the kitchen. This combination will not blend at all but in a beautiful way.

15. White Kitchen with Blue Island

White Kitchen with Blue Island


Check out this stylish all-white kitchen. Otherwise, it has got two elements of blue, the island and the lower cabinet.

You do not need to worry about anything when using blue against white. It is going to be perfect, no doubt.

Furthermore, the addition of blue elements in the kitchen gives a nice color pop that turns a traditional space into a modern one.

This beautiful kitchen has an interesting pendant that steals the attention around the space. Also, the wooden floor gets connected with the island. Thanks to the set of chairs.

16. Blue Island with Yellow Seating

Blue Island with Yellow Seating


Adding the right color into the mix is the key to give a big visual impact to space. Thus, yellow is nowhere near the blue hue.

Designers would see this as a good sign to provide an interesting approach in designing a house. In this case, all the yellow chairs have successfully brought everyone’s attention to the kitchen island.

Indeed, this white farmhouse kitchen is looking very impressive as a whole. A splash of color is what it needs.

17. Rustic Kitchen with Blue Countertops

Rustic Kitchen with Blue Countertops


In this rustic kitchen, the blue color adds a punch of life to space.

However, we know what will happen if this room does not have a blue accent. It might be the most boring space in the house with all these wooden elements.

The addition of blue shades on the countertops and backsplash is a smart one. Likewise, the unique contrast that it brings will not be a problem at all. Therefore, the space is so interesting.

18. White-Gray Kitchen with Contrasting Island

White-Gray Kitchen with Contrasting Island


The amount of neutral color in this kitchen is quite large. Thus, keeping it all with similar shades would be the right choice to keep the room calm and relaxing.

However, some people need to have variations in their interior design.

By adding a different kind of color in the middle of the neutral scheme, you can provide more interest to space.

In this case, that blue kitchen island in the middle is one option you can go with. Also, the accent gives everyone a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

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19. Multi-Functional Blue Kitchen Island

Multi-Functional Blue Kitchen Island


Take a look at the blue kitchen island in this scene. It is a double-duty one that comes with a stove. So, you can both prep and cook the food in the same area.

Thereupon, this multi-functional furniture is very beneficial for any kitchen.

As we know, people have their kitchen island to provide extra space for seating and food prep area. Moreover, that is a great one to consider for your space-effective kitchen.

20. Light-Blue Kitchen Island

Light-Blue Kitchen Island


Having an all-white kitchen would provide a bright atmosphere for your cooking activity. In order to keep it away from being boring and muted, you may need to add a different shade of color for the center stage.

The light-blue kitchen island seems to be a perfect idea. Thus, the soft hue would definitely be a perfect match with the all-white interior.

21. Small Kitchen Island and Dining Table

Small Kitchen Island and Dining Table


If you have a kitchen with limited space or want to make it space-effective, this could be a good idea, to begin with.

As you can see, this island also functions as a dining table. Besides, the countertop that goes over the island gives a nice nook for the seating.

This extended design allows the seating to have comfortable legroom. So, you can have a lovely breakfast or dinner in the same area.

22. White Marble Top on Blue Kitchen Island

White Marble Top on Blue Kitchen Island


Take a look at the interior design of this kitchen, it looks phenomenal and tasteful. Then, you can feel the relaxing and elegant atmosphere right away.

Additionally, the blue element becomes the perfect base for the white marble countertop.

The dark and solid color of the island and kitchen cabinet provides an outstanding contrast with all the white elements in this space.

23. Blue Island with Wooden Countertop

Blue Island with Wooden Countertop


If you are looking for something that brings you closer to nature right from the kitchen, consider having a wooden top instead of marble.

This material adds color to the kitchen. You can balance it with some leather stools for an eat-in space in the room.

24. Bright Glossy Blue Accents in Such Large Kitchen

Bright Glossy Blue Accents in Such Large Kitchen


The vivid blue color seems to be the focal point in this kitchen. Also, the spectacular pop of color that it brings adds an interesting vibe to the room.

Otherwise, some gray and steel materials are also all over the space.

The gray flooring and glossy stainless elements are somewhat keeping the intensification of blue color well-minimized.

25. Blue L-Shaped Kitchen Island

Blue L-Shaped Kitchen Island


The bottom colored blue on this kitchen island enhances the wooden surroundings. It has many storages to make use of.

Besides, there is a rack on the left side. This is the island that can handle the entertainment, cooking, and everyone’s demand.

26. Bright and Blue Accent in Kitchen

Bright and Blue Accent in Kitchen


Once again, the glossy blue accent comes to play in the kitchen. Also, a splash of color in this neutral room definitely brings life to space

27. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island


The design of this blue kitchen island seems to be the perfect element for a farmhouse kitchen. Further, supported by the stools and other wooden stuff would complete the atmosphere.

28. Denim Blue Kitchen Island

Denim Blue Kitchen Island


There are many shades you can choose when dealing with a blue color. You can try choosing a denim shade for your modern kitchen like this one.

Thus, it would be an ideal choice for wooden flooring and patterned backsplash.

29. Ochre Blue Island for Bright Kitchen

Ochre Blue Island for Bright Kitchen


This bright kitchen design has a nice core blue island that provides such a stunning combination. Likewise, its style gives a traditional vibe to this modern layout.

30. Patterned Blue-White Kitchen Island

Patterned Blue-White Kitchen Island


For some people, a plain color is not enough to make something impressive and more interesting. Well, you will aim to have it in a patterned tiled design.

So, check out that blue and white pattern on this island. It comes with the white quartz waterfall countertop style.

Furthermore, the pattern itself has an interesting graphic that would steal attention every time people come to the kitchen.

31. Blue Kitchen Island on Casters

Blue Kitchen Island on Casters


This small, portable, space-effective furniture should be on your wish list when you deal with small space. A kitchen island on wheels or casters is flexible and it gives you many options.

Besides, if you already have an ordinary island you can have this furniture to extend the workstations.

32. Blue Rounded-End Island

Blue Rounded-End Island


This blue kitchen island has some great features. It has a dining table attached to the structure. Then, surrounding the table with seats would complete the set.

Besides, it comes with a built-in sink on the countertop. The rounded end is another interesting feature which adds beauty to space.

33. Black and White Kitchen with Blue Island

Black and White Kitchen with Blue Island


Obviously, the white cabinets and clean countertops are the elements that save the entire kitchen atmosphere. They have swept away those dark and gloomy tones from the black and dark blue color.

Moreover, that combination of bright and dark brings a vibrant and comfortable vibe to the kitchen. Lots of windows are also having a role to deliver the result.

34. Bold Cobalt Kitchen Island

Bold Cobalt Kitchen Island


Take this kitchen design as inspiration to design your own. This beautiful cooking space has a bold blue feature with rattan stools. Also, the seats provide a connection to the other wooden elements in the room.

35. Beachy Furniture for Modern Kitchen

Beachy Furniture for Modern Kitchen


It is described as beachy because of the soft watery-blue hue of the island. The coastal softness is what this white kitchen needs.

In addition, having the beach vibe is not all about wooden materials or wall decor. The right choice of shades is the crucial element to have.


All of those blue kitchen island ideas would make a great reference for you for your next remodel project.

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