25 Beautiful Castle Interior Ideas That Bring You a Fairy Tale

Apart from the old and spooky impression that often appears, the castle interior also has an aesthetic value that attracts the attention of many people.

The splendor of the building will make anyone feel like they are in a fairy tale.

For years, most people thought that those beautiful castle interiors were only for the rich. It is because this is identical to a large building built on a large area.

However, nowadays, many people are developing castle interiors for themselves for various reasons. For those of you who enjoy the feel of a fairy tale, let us read this article to the end.

What is a Castle?

Castles are buildings with fortified structures that function both as shelter and protection. Its structure has a high solid wall where others cannot seem to penetrate it from the outside.

The building was remarkable in the Middle Ages and became a place for nobles and royalty. But over time, now many castles are opened to the public as tourism objects or other purposes.

What to Find Inside a Castle


Identical to buildings for nobles and their military, it has several important parts. In general, here are some of the rooms that you usually find in the castle interior map:

  • The Ballroom
  • Throne Area
  • Apartments for VIP Person
  • Bed Chambers
  • Bathrooms
  • Cooking Area
  • Gatehouses and Guardrooms
  • Chapels & Oratories
  • Cabinets and Boudoirs
  • Storerooms
  • Dovecotes

Those are some of the common components that we usually find inside a castle. However, each country may have different standards.

Some of the Famous Castles in the World

Before deciding on a design to build a castle, you certainly need to look for many references.

One of the most appropriate inspirations is to look at the interiors of famous buildings that have already been stood tall.

In this section, we will discuss some of the magnificent castles from different countries. The age of this building may be old and witness the royal life of its occupants. Here are some of them:

1. Chambord, located in Loire Valley, France


Among the many castles in the Loire Valley, France, Chambord is one of the best. The design is a blend of medieval and Italian Renaissance architecture that is in a magnificent setting display.

Unfortunately, until now, the world does not know for sure who the creator in construction is.

However, some sources reveal that this architecture is the work of Leonardo da Vinci who is an Italian. Meanwhile, others say that it is made by the French.

2. Winter Palace, located in Petersburg, Russia

This building has a very comfortable design as a castle. Built in 1732, the Winter Palace was the official residence for the Imperial Family in the country until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Throughout its construction, this building has been damaged several times. It was starting from the fire in 1837 and several other events.

After undergoing several restorations, the Winter Palace is now the famous Hermitage Museum.

3. Neuschwanstein, located in Germany


For years known as a private building, the government finally opened Neuschwanstein to the public in 1886, at least seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II.

It is one of those castles that reflects the feel of a fairy tale.

Visitors to Neuschwanstein are rarely empty. In summer, no less than 6,000 people visit and enjoy the beautiful castle interior. However, this building is known to be fragile; it must get monitoring.

4. Schönbrunn Palace, located in Vienna, Austria


Apart from its beauty, Schönbrunn Palace also has extraordinary historical value. No wonder this World Cultural Heritage site is the most visited location in Austria.

Around the 17th century, this location became the center of the state.

Now, after Austria turned into a republic, the government still maintains its architectural beauty without changing the castle interior inside.

5. Windsor Castle, located in the UK


The British Royal Family has made this building a residence for approximately 1000 years. Thus, we can say that this castle is one of the oldest and greatest well-maintained inhabited buildings in the world.

In addition to being the residence for the royal family, the castle is still often a place to hold various state events.

Apart from the magnificent and luxurious building, the best part is the beautiful St George’Hall with a capacity of 160 people.

List of Castle Interior Design Ideas


The castle is a building with a function as a place of defense and protection. Therefore, the components in it have several differences from what-so-called palaces, which have comfortable rooms inside.

After all, every building design has its beauty. If you are looking for references for some castle interior layouts, here are some beautiful ideas that might help you.

1. The Decorative Entryway

When someone visits, the first thing to see is the entryway. The entrance is not the core part of a building, but everything here determines the impression. Therefore, you can make it as attractive as possible.

Because castles are synonymous with majestic and tall buildings, you can place the door with the same nuance. Besides, beautify this section by decorating statues, antiques, or anything of artistic value.

2. Magnificent Door


Considering the castle is a building with a high roof design, then you have to make adjustments. The door must be comfortable enough because there may be guests or residents who are too tall.

You can choose a classic design that makes anyone feel luxurious. Glass or wood doors are great choices because they have impressive strength, elegance, and strength.

3. The Furnished Doorway

Still talking about the entryway, you can also explore with the doorway. You can show splendor by giving ornaments to frames, doors, or roofs. Additional anti-lights can also make anyone feel amazed.

If necessary, you also need to add windows so that the room is not too narrow and dark. In addition, large windows will also help save on electricity bills.

4. Introduce yourself

In addition to placing impressive decorations, you can also put various photos, posters, or anything that reflects you. Let the guest recognize him as he walks towards the reception room.

However, you also have to be quite good at arranging anything along the entryway. Do not let the guests be uncomfortable, for example, because of fun decorations or pictures that invite disgust or horror.

5. Impressive Flooring


Flooring indeed plays a crucial role in the design of the room, including the castle interior. You have to pay attention to its suitability with walls, furniture, and various other aspects.

When designing a castle interior, it is okay to put eye-catching flooring with a motif or pattern.

However, remember that the appearance must remain elegant without displaying the impression of being stilted or perfunctory.

6. Complete with Supporting Furniture


When someone comes to your house, they may have to wait a while before the owner appears and greets them.
Therefore, make sure he gets comfortable while you prepare. In this case, a chair or table will be great.

You can also prepare several books or magazines to ward off boredom. Do not forget to prepare a place to put hats, jackets, and umbrellas. One more thing, a glass of water will be nice too.

7. Warm Welcome

The room to receive guests is an important part that you must pay attention to. Hence, the design should be comfortable and make anyone give a good impression when they first arrive.

One reference that you can choose is Hearst Castle, California, which presents a Victorian style interior and contains medieval elements. Warm pastel colors will make anyone comfortable.

8. Roof Decoration


Considering the castle interior is synonymous with splendor, and then you have to do it in great detail. Do not let guests see emptiness when they look up. Give a stunning decoration.

Some of the world’s castles do provide elaborate decorations on the roofs of buildings.

In addition to playing decorations, they also deliberately made custom designs to make the beauty would become an irreplaceable characteristic.

9. Great Pillars


As you know, you will find many tall pillars in the castle interior. Its unique and aesthetic shape makes anyone fascinated. Ornaments, colors, and arrangements are always beautiful.

But this pillar is not without function. Because these buildings are usually tall and use solid materials, this part plays a crucial role in keeping the building strong.

10. Modern Living Room


Castle interior modernity will be very relevant to today’s life. You can combine classic nuances with a charming space concept arrangement.

One way is to place beautiful things with use-value, such as a table with storage, a small-scale coffee table, and other objects that do not take up too much space.

11. Wall Structure


The choice of wall design also has a prominent role in castle interior design.

Generally, these buildings use stone shades or an unfurnished look to give a classic impression. Various decorations are also remarkable in this concept.

One thing to remember, most castle interior designs feature a curved top of the building. You can see this from the shape of windows, doors, doorways, and even ceilings.

12. Banquet Hall


The dining room is a prominent part of the castle interior. Generally, the furniture in it is a long table with a capacity of up to a dozen people. Chairs are placed in a row and allow guests to mingle with one another.

However, you can also make it bigger or smaller depending on the size of the room. Do not forget to provide classy and elegant decorations so that guests feel comfortable in them.

13. The Solar Room


The castle and palace have what-so-called solar room, a place where the resident can spend the time to relax or do something private.

This room does not need to be too big but should have a design that is as comfortable as possible.

The name solar room itself is not without meaning. Generally, this room does have a transparent window or door that allows a lot of sunlight to enter.

14. How to Choose Furniture and Decoration

The selection of furniture and decorations depends on individual tastes. But one thing you need to know, aesthetics is still a characteristic that plays an important role.

Therefore, the Victorian-style will fit perfectly with the castle interior design.

Furniture such as chairs, tables, and even wall decorations are generally quite complex and have high artistic value. However, some people also combine it with a simple modern concept.

15. The Power of Painting


Paintings were a very luxurious decoration for the ancient monarchies. No wonder that this art fills the walls and corners of the room a lot. But in this day and age, this feature has started to move to photos.

Both paintings and photographs have high aesthetic value. Displaying family photos will increase prestige, while painting and artwork will make the room seem classier. You can choose both.

16. Put Something Royal


The design arrangement may not be enough to make your room feel like a castle. If so, why not try something instant to show the feel of a fairy tale. Put something royal inside.

Showcasing a seat with a crown will not get you arrested by the police. In addition, you can also place decorations that are similar to royal scenes in certain countries.

17. Mini Castle


Talking about castle interior styles, you might imagine that the building must be big and majestic. But that is not entirely true. You can display this classic design even if the area is narrow.

You can get the feel of a castle interior by placing slightly antique furniture, complete with classic decorations that reflect the atmosphere of the palace.

Choose items that have a small size to prevent the space from feeling cramped.

18. Golden Castle

During this time, the color gold is a symbol of wealth, splendor, and luxury. It is very suitable for interior castle design.

One example is the arrangement of Buckingham Palace that emphasizes the element of sparkle.

You can use this concept in your room. One is to place items with gold shades or shiny decorations. Otherwise, add other colors so that it is not monotonous.

19. The Mid Century Modern House

To display a castle interior design, you need to understand the concept of the mid-century. This style adopts a lot of natural themes and features large windows to help with lighting.

The use of components of stone, wood, and natural objects is also dominant.

But over time, the use of pure mid-century will not be relevant. Instead, you can include modern elements, for example, by including mini furniture and decorations that have a use-value.

20. The Beauty of Classical Shades


You must be familiar with the story of Harry Potter, where students study in a majestic castle with a classic feel. Many fans are mesmerized by the candle lighting, high ceilings, and everything that looks old.

This concept is interesting for you to adopt in a private residence. Placing antiques will not make you look out of date, as long as you choose them well.

21. Royal Stairs

Although currently there is an elevator to facilitate mobility in high-rise buildings, the presence of stairs is still crucial for the castle interior.

Apart from its function, it can also be a beautiful decoration in the room.

In monarchical culture, the top of the stairs also serves as a podium. Thus, the King and Queen can present themselves in front of the guests.

Various ethnic and antique ornaments are usually along with this feature.

22. Great Hall


Another prominent part of a castle and palace is the Great Hall. This section is the venue for various events and gatherings that involve many people.

Sometimes, in this room, there is a staircase that also functions as a podium.

In case you want to design a castle interior for your home, a mini great-hall will be nice. This style will work unless you often do activities that involve a lot of people. Just adjust it to your needs.

23. Bedroom Medieval Castle Interior


A castle interior bedroom does not have to be wide as long as it includes the requirements and characteristics.

One of the things that you will encounter is a king-size bed that has a luxurious design. Sometimes people also put mosquito nets.

Several furniture and features usually in it are dressing tables, large windows, and lamps that reflect the royal atmosphere. You can also add paintings and other decorations to beautify the room.

24. Palace Kitchen


Designing a castle interior kitchen is also not a difficult thing to do. A classic cooking area might place a long table and traditional wooden storage areas.

However, use a backsplash table or a stone countertop. But one thing is that you need to provide sufficient lighting in this room.

If it is not possible to make large windows, then you can use lights. Do not forget to adjust the airflow so that it is not stuffy.

25. Luxurious Bathing

Want to enjoy the moment of bathing with a royal feel? You can get it now. The appropriate arrangement for this is placing a stone or wooden flooring and wall.

Furthermore, install enough windows for good lighting.

You can add various luxurious decorations such as paintings, mosquito nets, or other optional decorations. An antique bathtub can also be a good idea.


In this day and age, castles are no longer rare buildings that only belong to nobles or royalty. Many offices, tourist attractions, and even homes have adopted its splendor.

The castle interior itself certainly continues to change over time. Now many buildings have adapted to the demands and lifestyles of today but still maintain their splendor and luxury.

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