37 Top Copper Kitchen Decor Ideas to Bring Out The Beauty

Considering a copper kitchen decor for your cooking space? You must have these collections of ideas. Thus, no need to search for inspirations anywhere else. We have got you covered.

Copper is such a great color that people can add to their kitchen. It would bring out the beauty in any kind of room including your cooking area.

However, adding copper decor could be confusing for some people. Do not worry about that because we are about to reveal the solution.

Furthermore, we search all over the internet world for the best ideas to deal with the copper decor in the kitchen. Here is the list for your inspiration.

1. Copper Stove

Copper Stove


A stove is one of the most important elements in the kitchen. Without it, you cannot call the space a cooking area.

This cooking area has the most beautiful stove you could ever get to cook with. Also, it is in amazing copper color.

Thus, with this stove, any kitchen would be a whole lot better. You can see several pots and pans as part of the set.

2. Copper Apron Sink

Copper Apron Sink


Looking at the picture, you can tell that this is surely a fantastic way to add copper to the kitchen. The sink is one of the main features of the room. So, the color would give a big impact on the space.

The under-mount apron sink in this kitchen is made of copper 100%. Therefore, it is so special for any cooking area.

Besides, one more thing to think about is the faucet, the material needs to be in the same vibe.

3. Copper Kitchen Decor Items

Copper Kitchen Decor Items


It is not going to be a bad idea to have a kitchen at home that has so much copper kitchenware. The material’s glossy look beautifies the whole scene of the space.

As you can see, the pots, saucepans, and other kitchenware are covered in copper. Try adding green to save the day. Hence, it does not seem to have too many shiny things in this kitchen.

4. Copper Utensils

Copper Utensils


Utensils are also a big part of kitchen decoration. Decorating a space with something functional feels more meaningful. Hence, copper can be applied to your kitchen design in a form of utensils.

Do not put everything in storage or closed cabinets. Showcase them all by hanging the utensils on the wall.

Then, arrange the items on the floating shelf. Also, you can have a see-through cabinet to put all the copper things inside.

5. Copper Decor On The Corner

Copper Decor On The Corner


The corner space in the kitchen is sometimes being left out. However, you cannot let it be empty. Fill up the area with some interesting yet functional. Try having this idea of copper decoration.

Also, the floating shelves in this kitchen are involved in the corner scene. Fill the end wall with a decor item like a wall clock. Thus, it would show you that it is time for cooking.

6. Copper Decor with Boho Item

Copper Decor with Boho Item


Take a look at this bright kitchen. It looks so stunning and relaxing. Besides, its astonishing atmosphere comes with simple decor ideas. As you can see, the copper light pendant is like the star of the show.

Likewise, all the copper things on the countertops are like the support system of the decor concept. Well, the white neutral color scheme in the kitchen provides a fantastic background.

Further, adding a little bit of bohemian style blanket on the seat, kinda makes it more alive.

7. Black Kitchen Copper Accents

Black Kitchen Copper Accents


Check out this awesome black and copper kitchen decor design. It looks so amazing. The designer definitely knows how to handle dark color schemes.

Using black, this kitchen is far away from a gloomy feel. Indeed, it is so amazingly comforting.

Meanwhile, the copper countertop, light pendants, and several accents are planted so well in this scene. The minimalist decoration is a smart way to highlight the second color of the scheme.

8. Copper Backsplash­­

Copper Backsplash


As a backsplash, copper can also make a big statement in the kitchen. As you can see, just pair it with a dark gray cabinet you will be amazed by the result.

Although many designers would recommend you to combine copper with white, it is not the case in this kitchen.

Gray is like your second choice after white color. To avoid being too bright, this hue is a great alternative.

9. Copper Bowl

Copper Bowl


Tableware in copper material might be weird for the daily occasion. It seems uncommon to have a meal with a copper bowl for example.

However, you can just place it on the island or dining table. It would feel more like a centerpiece.

Many homeowners would have copper tableware only for decoration. Once or twice a year, they might use it for a special day, probably.

10. Black Gold Kitchen with Copper Decor

Black Gold Kitchen with Copper Decor


This kitchen design is very unique. It is not something you see often at someone’s house.

Well, this kitchen style is still an idea that people want in their house. The black and gold color scheme in a house would definitely take you out of this world. Hence, it is an approach like others.

Adding a copper element in this cool kitchen will not do much but it will stand out on its own.

11. Glass and Copper Container

Glass and Copper Container


This is a very useful thing in the kitchen. It helps homeowners organize a lot of ingredients that they use while cooking.

Containers can be used both as storage and decoration. Then, copper and glass material would give you all of them.

12. Copper Kitchen Cabinets

Copper Kitchen Cabinets


Having the entire kitchen cabinets with copper material will require a huge budget for the renovation. Indeed, it becomes too much for the house.

However, you can have cabinets with a copper look using paint.

Just paint the entire cabinet with a copper hue. It is not a bad idea. Otherwise, be smart in choosing the color scheme of the kitchen to work well with the painted cabinet.

13. Hanging Copper Pots

Hanging Copper Pots


At some point, this concept of kitchen decor was a hit. Hanging pots and other kitchenware right above the island is a very interesting idea.

Additionally, it would make space feels more alive. If you are planning to have this concept for your kitchen, use the copper-like items.

14. Copper Pendant Lightings

Copper Pendant Lightings


This item is one of the ideas that people are most likely to choose. Adding an accent with pendant lighting would immediately make it a focal point of the space.

In a modern kitchen like this one, copper kitchen decor is a perfect choice to go with. Thus, it is a fantastic way to add copper to any cooking space.

15. Small Addition of Copper

Small Addition of Copper


If you do not want to change the kitchen a lot, just add some small things in copper. Also, you can still have the shiny decor items while still handling the modern feel and look.

16. Textured Copper Backsplash

Textured Copper Backsplash


That outstanding texture on the kitchen backsplash would attract everyone’s attention. With this tile design on the wall, there is no need to add any copper element to the room.

Further, it goes well with the neutral color scheme. As you can see, the wooden cabinet and tiled counter blend well together with the backsplash.

17. White Kitchen Cabinet with Copper Accents

White Kitchen Cabinet with Copper Accents


This outstanding kitchen design comes with a copper decor idea that will not disappoint. It is going to be a simple renovation if you are interested.

So, you can have an all-white scheme with wooden elements. Then, change all the knobs and pulls with copper material or color.

The all-white cabinets look fancier with shiny accents. You can add more of those to the faucet, utensils, and other kitchenware.

However, you do not have to worry about anything because copper and white are going to be the perfect combination.

18. Kitchen Island Centerpiece

Kitchen Island Centerpiece


Having a copper kitchen decor on top of the island should be the main task to do. Besides, it could be a good way to introduce this shiny material to the design scheme.

Add some luxurious copper accessories for a more exquisite look in your kitchen. Likewise, some cups and jugs would make a good centerpiece, only as decoration.

19. Copper Trash Bin

Copper Trash Bin


A trash bin existence in a kitchen is very important. So, the cook can get away from all the garbage easily. This is also another idea to include copper in the space.

Many homeowners want to keep the trash bin away from sight. There is a cabinet that has such a feature.

When you have it in this copper style, you will find the best position for the can in the kitchen. Indeed, the shiny surface could add beauty to any kitchen.

20. Glossy Copper Kitchen Decor

Glossy Copper Kitchen Decor


An extended glossy tile for backsplash in this kitchen looks amazing. It would look different if the copper element is not so shiny like that. That reflective surface is what makes the addition so special.

This kitchen has black marble flooring, a countertop, and a decorative appliance right above the stove. Hence, the dark color plays an important role to keep the balance.

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21. Hammered Copper Utensil Container

Hammered Copper Utensil Container


This would be great when you put this item on the countertop. Instead of the ordinary one,  the hammered copper material would make an amazing impression on your kitchen.

22. Copper Wall Paint

Copper Wall Paint


Instead of adding a few things to incorporate copper kitchen decor, there is always an option to just go with the paint. Having a wall in copper-like color could be a nice idea you may think about.

Then, check out this gray kitchen. It has got one section of the wall painted in a dark shade of copper paint. Furthermore, the pendant lights above the island strengthen the vibe in this neutral space.

23. Blue Kitchen with Copper Decor

Blue Kitchen with Copper Decor


Many people would recommend pairing copper with white or gray. You have already seen the application in the previous ideas.

So, you can think out of the box and choose another color to use alongside the copper.

The contrast of blue and copper may seem like they do not blend. However, it is such a unique approach to highlight something in your kitchen.

Moreover, balance it with a wooden floor to handle the contrast.

24. Kitchen Dinnerware in Copper Material

Kitchen Dinnerware in Copper Material


Check out this amazing and luxurious dinnerware. Also, they are made of copper material of great quality.

The shiny effect on each side of the table will add beauty to the surface. It is a fancy way to enjoy dinner.

25. Copper Undermount Sink

Copper Undermount Sink


Having a white marble countertop in your kitchen is just one of the best things for your cooking activities.

This idea of copper kitchen decor looks perfect for that. As we know, copper and white are a divine combination.

Additionally, the copper sink and faucet provide a great attraction to the entire countertop surface. The contrast that this mixture provides is just amazing.

26. A Copper Picture Frame

A Copper Picture Frame


If you want to quickly introduce copper decor in a stylish way, try hanging a photo or picture on the wall with a copper frame. It is even better when the background wall is in white.

In this case, the painted exposed brick provides an impressive surface for the copper element to shine.

27. Inside Light Fixtures

Inside Light Fixtures


The idea of this kitchen to incorporate copper decor is to keep it minimal. Instead of having the pendants in an all-copper look, this one also has copper light fixtures but only on the inside.

Therefore, it is like a subtler use for this accent.

28. Copper Accents Among Colorful Items

Copper Accents Among Colorful Items


Take a look at this French-inspired kitchen design. The designer of the space tries to treat the copper element as another color.

Besides, it still gives a significant effect to the scene because this hue is a different kind of color compared to the others.

In this case, the copper element comes in a form of an under-mount apron sink. The size of that feature makes a big impact on the white countertop.

29. Cabinet Panels In Copper

Cabinet Panels In Copper


This contemporary kitchen has a quite different approach to add copper elements. Also, the cabinet features some frames or panels on the edge.

The cabinet showcases the shiny effect of the copper material that keeps all the storage together. It is like the frame of a kitchen.

This house needs it since the kitchen is part of an open space. Thus, it is a fancy way to separate the cooking space from the rest of the area.

30. Copper on Upper Cabinet

Copper on Upper Cabinet


If you do not want to have the entire cabinets in copper, you can choose to have only some of them. This neutral kitchen has a unique way to add copper elements.

This kitchen is in a cold modern style. The addition of copper plating is like infusing the cozy rustic vibe in it.

Additionally, this item becomes the focal point as soon as it is in the space. As a result, the cooking space becomes a lot more welcoming.

31. Window Decoration with Copper

Window Decoration with Copper


Decorating a window with copper items would give the kitchen a unique accent. The position of the window is the key to set up this concept.

Then, you have to choose the element that makes a statement. Take a look at this kitchen, the homeowner hang that copper art on the windows. It makes the decor of the space more personal.

32. Rustic Copper Kitchen

Rustic Copper Kitchen


Apparently, this kitchen uses a lot of copper material. Besides the island made of that metal, there is the features wall.  It seems like you can call this idea an all-copper kitchen design.

33. Dark Gray with Copper Accents

Dark Gray with Copper Accents


Copper is always going to be great with neutral colors, gray is one of the main selections to go with. Check out the handles on each cabinet’s door.

The copper decor in this kitchen is set up as minimal cause that is what it needs.

35. Rustic Green Cabinet in Copper-Colored Kitchen

Rustic Green Cabinet in Copper-Colored Kitchen


Besides blue, you can also pair copper with green color. This kitchen provides a combination of contrasting colors in a different way.

Further, the green cabinets in this kitchen have a distressed look which makes it perfect for copper color.

As a result, this kitchen has so much drama going all over the space. Thereupon, it becomes more appealing.

36. Copper Elements in Industrial Kitchen

Copper Elements in Industrial Kitchen


As seen before, one of the best styles for copper elements is rustic especially if it is made of real material. In this industrial kitchen, copper materials can also make an impact.

We know that stainless steel is the main feature of industrial space. The color of that material is similar to gray. Therefore, copper would be great with this kind of style.

37. Copper Cooker Hood

Copper Cooker Hood


This kitchen has one big element of copper on the wall and it functions as a cooker hood.

It is important for cooking space to have this item in order to get rid of smoke from the stove. Additionally, its rustic style comes from patina texture.


A copper kitchen decor can work with many design styles. Whether it is rustic or fancy, those ideas inspire you to find the perfect way to introduce the element.

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