37 Decorative Bird Cages That Will Beautify Your Home

What is not to love about decorative bird cages? They are not only so graceful but also make any interior more creative and appealing.

Ornamental bird cages are like a combination of casual boho vibe, steampunk flair, and Victorian feel. Likewise, adding them to your home definitely will be a great move.

Furthermore, you have numerous ways to apply bird cages. Keep reading to discover some fantastic ideas we have collected for you.

1. Decorative Bird Cages with Candles


A bird cage is such a lovely alternative to a regular candle lantern. Besides, it instantly lends the interior an elegant feel.

Here, the little bird cages accommodate candles of various sizes. In addition to being mobile, they can provide enough illumination for your romantic dinner.

Further, place the bird cages on the tree stumps or stools. Make sure they come in different heights, so your space looks more interesting.

2. Decorative Bird Cages for Centerpieces


If you plan to throw a tea party, consider trying this idea. Hence, as the image shows, the bird cage can be an eye-catching table centerpiece.

First, choose a bird cage that matches the color scheme of your centerpiece arrangement. Then, put some pearl beads into it.

This ivory bird cage embraces a shabby chic flair. Meanwhile, the lustrous pearl beads complement it nicely.

3. Metal Bird Cage Planters


Do you love gardening? If yes, it is time to organize an outdoor or indoor garden using bird cage planter.

Undoubtedly, bird cages make awesome housing for plants. Moreover, you can grow herbs, flowers, or succulents. The choice is yours.

These metal decorative bird cages for plants exhibit a rustic vibe quickly. Otherwise, the terracotta pot contrasts with them splendidly.

4. Bird Cage Centerpiece with Faux Flower


Decorative bird cages never cease to wow us. They are ideal for stunning table centerpieces. Additionally, their whimsical charm will elevate any space in no time.

This white bird cage perches on the wood slice cutting board. The flameless candle looks wonderful in it. Meanwhile, the faux flower, vine, and succulents offer an instant facelift.

5. Decorative Bird Cages As Card Holders


You could make an impressive card holder yourself from an ornamental bird cage. Thus, we guarantee it will astonish all party guests.

As a good rule of thumb, buy a vintage bird cage in a neutral shade like black. Also, you can use a card sign and artificial peacock feathers to jazz it up.

6. Graceful Decorative Bird Cages


This pastel pink vintage bird cage is stunning and elegant on its own. Besides, it would be a perfect standing accessory in your dwelling.

Unlike the previous bird cage, this one does not feature anything. Then, to make the item more enchanting, you can put a faux bird and a flower next to it.

Normally, people use this ornamental bird cage as a wedding table centerpiece. However, you can place it on top of your bedside table or sideboard.

7. Decorative Bird Cages Ideas with Fairy Garden

Your interior looks bland. Why not build an indoor fairy garden? Hence, it will deliver a whimsical touch to space effortlessly.

Furthermore, decorative bird cages are suitable for an indoor fairy garden. Use some grass, fake birds, paper roses, and butterflies to adorn them.

In addition, the pure white bird cages allow the bold pieces to steal the show. Meanwhile, the potted houseplant adds life to space.

8. Bird Cage Decoration with Lights


Adding this vintage white bird cage into your holiday decor mix is a great choice. The intricate patterns make it a true stunner.

You can stuff the bird cage with string lights. They both illuminate the room and instill a festive vibe. Likewise, the table lamp provides extra lighting.

9. DIY Bird Cage Pendant Lamp


We cannot stop admiring this handmade bird cage pendant lamp. It captures an industrial flair and produces chic appeal at once.

The brass bird cage matches the yellow and white striped ceiling. Moreover, its simple design makes the interior feel super stylish.

Additionally, the faux birds perch nicely on the tree twigs. Well, this unique pendant lamp is truly a fabulous addition to a dining area or bedroom.

10. Bird Cage Toilet Roll Holder


Decorative bird cages certainly help you unleash your inner creative. Besides, they keep the space from feeling uninviting.

Here, the design of the black metal bird cage is quite simple, making it fit many areas. Then, the unit works nicely as a toilet roll holder.

This toilet roll holder represents an industrial style at its finest. Also, the sharp door opening enables you to tear the paper off with ease.

11. Large Decorative Bird Cages


A large bird cage helps you to create a strong statement. Thereupon, it will steal the attention easily due to its big size.

This large bird cage comes in gold. Not only does it emanate a luxurious vibe, but also contrasts with the white and red table.

The fresh flowers of different colors spruce up the bird cage. Embellish the top part with a pink ribbon to kick it up a notch.

12. Garden Lanterns from Decorative Bird Cages


For an informal bohemian flavor, transform your bird cages into hanging lanterns. Then, put them in your garden to illuminate the area at night.

First, stuff the blue and red bird cages with string lights. After that, hang them from the sturdy tree branches. Also, add features like remote controls for a more efficient operation.

13. Decorative Bird Cages with A Tray


Who cannot say no a large white bird cage planter? It conveys elegance, cleanliness, and openness at once.

As you see, the plain white bird cage holds medium and big-sized terracotta pots. Wherefore, they become the center of the attention.

Additionally, the wicker tray anchors the bird cage planter really well. Besides, it accommodates two small terracotta pots and completes the look.

14. Christmas-Themed Bird Cages

Decorative bird cages are surely perfect for Christmas table centerpieces. Likewise, they make your handmade ornament arrangement more delightful.

Here, the black metal tray holds a small bird cage that sits on the book. The burlap fabric gives off a rustic touch.

Then, several Christmast tree accessories send out holiday vibes. Meanwhile, the string lights generates a snuggly ambiance.

15. Tall Decorative Bird Cages


A vintage bird cage would be a fabulous decorative piece in itself. Still, you can bring it to the higher level with some embellishments.

The bird cage features a metal tree branch and birds in the center. Otherwise, tea light candles produce a romantic vibe and brighten the space.

This tall decorative bird cage is a cool alternative to a traditional candle lantern. The faux vine lies on the floor right next to it.

16. Bird Cage Drink Station


No summer party is complete without the beverage station. Thus, to elevate the area, you should create an impressive drink station.

Here, the gold bird cage becomes a centerpiece and fruit punch station at once. Also, it houses several glasses in a graceful manner while the flowers inject a soft touch into the interior.

17. Bird Cage Dessert Stand


There are dessert stands that resemble the shapes of decorative bird cages. This unit is one of them. You can use it to display your cupcakes, fruits, cookies, or candies.

Indeed, this 3-tier gold bird cage dessert stand is great for parties or weddings. The glass vase, candles, and faux plants accompany it very nicely.

18. Decorative Bird Cages with Red Roses


Some people think that simple design is always stark. However, that is not the case with this black bird cage. As you see, it boasts cute heart patterns.

Moreover, place either faux or real red roses on both sides of it. They will accentuate the Victorian flair.

19. Pagoda-Style Bird Cage for Patio


You should invest in this pagoda-inspired bird cage. It is definitely an easy way to inject a decorative touch into your space.

Furthermore, the bird cage looks terrific on the porch table. Since the stuff is superb on its own, you do not need to put some flowers into it.

Additionally, the bright blue pagoda bird cage lends the room an Asian flair. Meanwhile, the plain white porch table lets it instantly catch the eye.

20. Valentine Bird Cage Decoration

This metal bird cage comes in a weathered finish. Not only does it develops rustic charm, but also enables small ornaments to grab the attention.

You can turn this rustic bird cage into an unusual centerpiece. First, fill it with some green moss. Next, add decorative red spikes and hearts to capture Valentine vibes.

Finally, put the unit on top of a white sideboard.

21. Decorative Bird Cages for Foyer


Who say bird cage is only for fake birds? You can put other ornamental items inside. Besides, another option is arranging it as a set of your home decor like this example.

This distressed white bird cage gives any foyer a vintage touch. It looks spectacular standing next to the potted houseplant and antique books.

Also, the bird and floral details make this stuff a stunner. Since the top section comes with a hanger, you can hang it easily using a screw or nail.

22. Gothic-Inspired Bird Cage Decorations


If you plan to make a standing centerpiece, look no further than a white metal bird cage. Hence, itinfuses your space with an elegant classic touch.

First, you can stuff some green moss into the bird cage. After that, add the miniature skeleton, red rose, and gravestone. They emanate a gothic Victorian vibe in no time.

23. Decorative Bird Cages for Wedding


These tall decorative bird cages are certainly a fantastic addition to any wedding decor. The artificial magnolia flowers and ferns make them gorgeous.

Further, their crisp white finish allows the faux ferns and flowers to be more visible.

24. Cheap Decorative Bird Cage


If you are looking to use decorative bird cages outdoors, then this idea deserves a try. They can serve as either bohemian patio ornaments or hanging planters.

In this example, the cheap metal bird cage’s design is rather simple. However, this unit is too large to be a planter for your outdoor garden. Indeed, the unit houses different types of succulents well.

25. Bird Cage Photo Holder


As we said before, you can find stands that look like bird cages. Therefore, consider investing in flat ones to display your photographs.

Here, the bird cage-shaped photo frame features wooden clips. They enable you to hang up your favorite family pictures easily.

Besides, this faux bird cage has a black finish. It truly looks captivating against the plain white wall. Meanwhile, the little statues and metal buckets with flowers complete the arrangement.

26. Hanging Bird Cage Decoration


Plan on going to a yard sale? You should a white wire bird cage like this one. Not only is it delightful, but also embraces the shabby chic style.

We recommend stuffing a cute colored metal bird into the wire cage. Then, add the faux vine and you are good to go. Lastly, hang the decor from your ceiling.

27. Decorative Bird Cages with Books


If your residence is spacious, do not hesitate to invest in a large decorative bird cage. Thereupon, it will be a wonderful home for various items.

For example, you can put a stack of books inside your bird cage. Then, top it with a nursing mug to add visual height.

Furthermore, locking the mug and books away in the bird cage is a brilliant move. It makes your interior organized and interesting.

28. Bird Cage Jewelry Display


If you are like us, consider implementing this remarkable idea. As you see, this wall display comes in a bird cage shape. It houses both silver and gold necklaces very nicely.

In addition, to keep your jewelries organized, this brown bird cage display doubles as a decor. Otherwise, it contrasts with the crisp white wall immensely.

29. Bird Cage Mosquito Coil Holder


Are there many mosquitoes in your bedroom during the night? Therefore, try to remove them by using a mosquito repellant.

Here, the decorative bird cage houses black mosquito coil really well. Also, you can stuff it with an incense or another stuff.

This bird cage mosquito coil holder offers the interior a touch of color. Furthermore, its handle design allows you to carry it with ease.

30. Eclectic Bird Cage Chandelier


This kitchen is small but stunning. The teal accent wall with an ornate red pattern motif infuses a splash of invigorating color into it.

Overhead are three retro bird cages hanging together to create a striking chandelier. Thus, they help the compact-sized kitchen come alive with both whimsy and color.

31. Bird Cage Decor for Fall-Themed Patio

If you are a fall person, trying this idea is a must. First, stuff faux maple leaves and pumpkin into the copper gold bird cage. Then, wrap the artificial berry vine around the dome top.

The patterned burlap ribbon generates a united look. Meanwhile, the black metal stool lets the bird cage steal the attention. What a fabulous fall patio decor!

32. Bird Cage with Vintage Mirror


This ornate vintage bird cage is such an outstanding decoration in itself. For visual height, place it on top of the candleholder.

As the image shows, the white bird cage has a distressed finish. Hence, it lends the space a shabby chic look while being a nice company for the neighboring mirror.

33. Decorative Bird Cages for Bathroom

Give your old bird cage a second life by turning it into a towel holder. So, we guarantee the item will make the bathroom more creative and charming.

This vintage white bird cage looks great in the bathroom. It holds soaps and washcloths very nicely. Meanwhile, the wooden shutter wall decor rounds the space out.

34. Country Farmhouse Decorative Bird Cages


This large wire bird cage comes in a weathered finish. In an instant, it delivers a country farmhouse vibe to the interior.

The white plate perches on the dark-toned wood sideboard. Moreover, it bears the bird cage and glass bottles filled with faux flowers.

Meanwhile, the clocks and brown vases represent the French provincial style.

35. Bird Cage Wall Shelves


If you have an enormous love for decorative bird cages, give this amazing idea a go. We believe your home will get more appealing.

This room, for example, features three ravishing bird cage wall shelves. They can accommodate succulents or small candles well. The mirrored backing takes them to a greater level.

36. Vintage Bird Cage Clock


A metal bird cage could work as an outsanding clock. This item offers a visual interest. Also, it infuses a steampunk flair into space.

To make this cool decor piece, you need to add a clock mechanism on your cage’s bottom. Then, hang it high using a metal chain.

37. Bird Cage Wishing Well


Speaking of decorative bird cages, there are nearly endless ideas to choose from. For wedding table centerpieces, you can add this wishing well.

Here, the beaded bird cage wishing well looks awesome on the guestbook table. Try styling it with some flowers to match the wedding theme.

In short, decorative bird cages are notably versatile. They truly help squeeze creative juices too. Therefore, incorporate them into your residence. Pick the design that totally speaks to you.

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