35+ DIY Wood TV Stands Ideas to Complete Your Space

It is no secret that purchasing wood TV stands require a lot of investment. After all, they are handmade by a professional designer. 

Luckily, you always have a chance to go with DIY hacks. Thus, this essential furniture can be acquired in a cheaper way possible.

So, to achieve the goal, this article will show you some easy and popular DIY TV stand ideas to get inspired from. 

DIY Wood TV Stands for Your Upcoming Project

DIY Wood TV Stands for Your Upcoming Project


As the major source of entertainment, a TV stand becomes something important in every living area. It typically houses gaming consoles and CD or DVD collections aside from televisions. 

Therefore, if you decide to create this furniture piece yourself, make sure to use the right DIY technique for a functional, nice-looking TV stand. 

Generally, you will need wooden boards or planks, some screws, and nails, as well as a hammer to start the project. 

However, it is also possible to repurpose another piece of furniture for new wood TV stands that steal the spotlight. 

1. Wall-to-Wall TV Stand

Wall-to-Wall TV Stand


With basic carpentry skills, you can create this wall-to-wall TV stand within a weekend. Then, consider stealing the look of its wooden wall accent as well for an extra twist. 

To match the sleek, modern design, both the TV cabinet and the wall accent are left untreated, offering elegant, raw beauty.

2. Modern Floating Wood TV Stand

Modern Floating Wood TV Stand


Who does not fall in love with wood TV stands that look as charming as this one? Not to mention its floating design that emphasizes the modern vibe.

Thanks to the floating-style, you have a hidden space to store your rug when it is not needed or during floor cleaning. 

Further, the design is pretty straightforward, so it should be a great inspiration for your next DIY project.

3. Low TV Console

Low TV Console


If you call for something easier, this low TV cabinet is on the right track. Then, it will require a few wooden boards only and make a nice project for your weekend.

Just like many other wood TV stands that are designed for the minimalist to modern home décor, this piece is simple yet charming. 

4. Simple TV Cabinet with Cloth Baskets

Simple TV Cabinet with Cloth Baskets


This is another TV stand that will make a good choice for modern home styles. Also, the design is simple and the color can match a wide range of décor options. 

To keep the clutter away, you can create some cloth baskets to organize your stuff in the available shelving unit.

Moreover, keep the accessories as minimal as possible if you want to have a similar vibe to the above wood TV stands.

5. Laminated Wood TV Stand

Laminated Wood TV Stand


Many DIY enthusiasts prefer laminated wood to hardwood as it is typically more cost-effective. Besides, you can count on its strong and hard-wearing capacity as well.

If you are familiar with this material, do not hesitate to use it for your TV stand project. It will make a great piece that is perfect for modern homes. 

6. White TV Cabinet

White TV Cabinet


A white TV stand will never get out of style. Also, it is easy for you to change the color in another tone when needed in the future.

This one of the wood TV stands comes in a customized mid-century design. While most of the surfaces are white, the legs are in natural wooden color for a perfect spin. 

7. Extra Long Wood TV Stand

Extra Long Wood TV Stand


Do you want to bring a rustic flair to your modern home? Then, this wall-mounted TV console should be one of your favorite ideas. 

Its color makes the piece look like a part of the wooden wall accent on the background. Meanwhile, the extended length introduces you to another focal point in this living room.

8. TV Stand with Crates

TV Stand with Crates


If you do not have much time to create your wood TV stands, this idea may give the best inspiration.

By using wood crates, you just need a few minutes to create a unique TV stand that adds a rustic touch to your living room.

Aside from the gorgeous look, this DIY TV stand also has an adequate storage solution to keep your magazines, indoor plants, and others.

9. Pallets and Hairpin Legs

Pallets and Hairpin Legs


It is no secret that pallets are multipurpose and affordable, making them all-time favorites of any DIY enthusiast out there. 

When you call for DIY wood TV stands, these materials allow you to unleash your creativity to build a fantastic piece.

So, just like the above idea that can add a rustic touch to your living area, this one is no exception. 

10. Wood and Industrial Pipe

Wood and Industrial Pipe


The versatility of reclaimed wood matches the sleek and clean look of industrial pipes. Hence, bringing both together create a sophisticated TV stand as the picture shows.

Moreover, this DIY project will match any decoration style and can easily fit in a small space. 

11. Repurposed Dressers

Repurposed Dressers


This is another one of the wood TV stands that will bring a vintage aesthetic to your living room. 

By repurposing an old dresser, you can have a beautiful, functional TV stand with minimal tools and costs. 

Then, feel free to customize it with new handles and coats to make the most of its appearance. You can even remove the existing doors to have some open shelves. 

12. Minimalist Wood TV Stand

Minimalist Wood TV Stand


If you cannot afford a grand TV stand, this idea allows going all out without costing too much.

Likewise, this small TV stand is a simple yet fashionable piece of furniture that does not need much space in your home.

It will fit in the corner of your room and allows you to have extra foot space nearby. Also, this will be a perfect choice if you plan to have a TV in a bedroom.

13. Floating Wood TV Stand

Floating Wood TV Stand


It is no secret that floating furniture appears expensive and complicated due to its elegance. However, it happens to be an affordable DIY project that you can execute during a weekend.

You can use the above floating TV stand as an example for your project. Besides, its beauty outweighs a lot of store-bought out there. 

Additionally, you will find it more satisfying to see the piece every day as you created this piece from scratch. 

14. Full Wooden Media Wall

Full Wooden Media Wall


Instead of the usual wood TV stands, you will want to have this media wall as an alternative. 

It allows you to have more media to keep thanks to its plenty of storage. Likewise, your gaming consoles, DVDs, CDs, and other devices will sit flawlessly there.

Do not worry since a wooden media wall is not as intimidating as it sounds. You can create it from recycled wood and get the amazing result within a weekend.

15. Barn Door TV Stand

Barn Door TV Stand


Offering a rustic yet consoling vibe, this DIY barn door TV stand will bring the warmth of the countryside to your home.

Further, this one of the wood TV stands can be created in a range of different dimensions. Interestingly, it is pretty easy to find various tutorials to do this project on the internet. 

16. Corner TV Stand

Corner TV Stand


Make smart use of your awkward corner by creating this simple TV stand. It not only saves some space but also helps to update the look of your home.

Besides, its position can also bring an additional layer of dynamism and an extra illusion of depth to your space.

Not to mention how simple these wood TV stands to pull off!

17. Farmhouse-Style TV Stand

Farmhouse-Style TV Stand


The aesthetic of farmhouses  will remain fashionable for the time being. No wonder that many DIY enthusiasts bring the ultimate design and plants to build an elegant furniture piece in this style.

If you need more reasons to pick this idea, just keep in mind that it can double as a side table and many more.

18. TV Console from an Old Door

TV Console from an Old Door


Now that you replaced your old doors with new ones, do not throw them away as they will make good material for a TV console.

Then, you just need to have some basic carpentry tools and creativity to repurpose an old door into a functional wood TV stand. 

Besides, this idea is cheap and eco-friendly for a practical piece to complete your living room. 

19. Wheeled TV Stand

Wheeled TV Stand


Wood TV stands with wheels are highly superior as they are functional, charming, and pretty easy to re-arrange. There is no need to worry about back issues.

If you love the unique look of industrial living space, let this wheeled TV stand inspire you. It may seem minimalistic, but highly fashionable at the same time. 

Moreover, you will not find this project hard to execute as well. 

20. Concrete Block TV Stand

Concrete Block TV Stand


This is another one of the wood TV stands that bring an industrial aesthetic to your room. Also, it is sophisticated and so effortless to pull off.

The grey cement lends the industrial and minimalistic style, whereas the wooden board gives out that simple yet elegant look. 

Without a doubt, it will be an effective way to improve the appearance of your entertainment area.

21. Mid Century TV Stand

Mid Century TV Stand


You will see the minimalistic beauty and sleek lines of mid-century style in this TV stand. With such features, this DIY project is bound to be a perfect addition to any home out there. 

Its elegant, angled design makes it capable to steal the spotlight of your living room. More interestingly, you do not have to start the project from scratch. 

Instead of building a new one, you can get a mid-century dresser and turn it into a beautiful TV console like this.

22. Stripped TV Stand

Stripped TV Stand


Some decor instruments never go out of style and stripes are one of them. If you wonder how to implement these into your furniture, think about painting molding this plain piece.

Indeed, this one of the wood TV stands will add a timeless, chic touch to your home. Since it does not require much experience and is relatively affordable, you can do the project within a weekend.

23. Bricks and Wood TV Stands

Bricks and Wood TV Stands


Instead of concrete blocks, you can build your TV stand with some bricks. Just make sure to arrange the materials properly so that they will not fall during use.

You can steal the look of the above idea to arrange yours. Thus, consider coating the wooden boards to match the floor.

Varnishing can also be done to prevent your wood TV stands from staining. Doing so allows you to clean its surface easily as well. 

24. DIY TV Stand with Built-in Lighting 

DIY TV Stand with Built-in Lighting


Make your TV stand the darling of the living room at night by installing a built-in lighting fixture behind it.

Designed like a piece of vanity, this DIY project lets you hang the TV on the board rather than sits it on the tabletop.

As a result, you can utilize the tabletop to store other media essentials or pieces of décor. 

25. X-Legged TV Stand 

X-Legged TV Stand


This is one of those wood TV stands that will introduce a rustic touch to your living area. Likewise, the surface is left untreated to stress the pastoral vibe.

However, if you want to turn it into something that looks completely store-bought, consider painting the piece matte white or in other popular furniture colors.

Do not miss the X-legs that bring the design of your piece to the next level. 

26. Vertical Wood TV Stands

Vertical Wood TV Stands


If you like something different, try this vertical TV stand that will not take much space yet offers plenty of storage solutions. 

With three levels of open shelves, you can easily keep your game consoles, speakers, and other media collections. 

Furthermore, this one of the wood TV stands will be a great solution for those living in urban areas with limited space.

27. Floor-to-Ceiling TV Stand

Floor-to-Ceiling TV Stand


Instead of the usual TV stand, you probably love to have one that doubles as a brilliant accent wall.

Made of unfinished pallet boards, this DIY project is not as daunting as it sounds. You can dedicate your weekend to finish it without a fuss.

For storage, this TV stand features a floating cabinet and some wall-mounted open shelves. 

28. TV Wall Design

TV Wall Design


Different from the previous wood TV stands, this one is not mounted floor-to-ceiling. It sets on its own with a unique built-in cabinet underneath. 

In addition to the wood planks, you can see metal pieces included in the design. Along with the other instruments, this will make a sophisticated statement in your home. 

29. Glossy Finished Wood TV Stands

Glossy Finished TV Stand


This is another DIY TV stand that comes with fabulous X-legs. Besides, the glossy finish makes this piece even more attractive against the neutral background. 

Additionally, the two-tier open rack provides enough space to store various things.

For a style and neater look, you can consider organizing your small items in a wicker basket instead of displaying all of them frankly. 

30. Wood TV Stand with Sliding Doors

Wood TV Stands with Sliding Doors


Make yourself a DIY piece that looks like store-bought by using this idea of wood TV stands

With a pair of sliding doors, this TV console allows you to have your things covered while showcasing the others. 

If you decide to mount the TV on the wall, do not forget to spruce up the tabletop with a few decors that go well with the scheme.

31. Reclaimed Wood TV Stands

Reclaimed Wood TV Stands


Bring the beauty of a mid-century design and reclaimed wood together for a gorgeous TV cabinet like this.

With its black pipe legs and varnished finish, this one of the wood TV stands will suit any décor style including industrial and modern. 

Furthermore, to complete the look, a unique table lamp and a pot of indoor plants are put on its top.

32. Artistic Wood TV Table

Artistic Wood TV Table


Do you need a simple TV table that makes a great place to store your book collection too? So, get this picture to inspire your upcoming project.

Its minimalist look makes the piece works well in a wide range of home designs. Besides, the raw finish allows you to revamp it easily with a new color when needed.

33. Portable Wood TV Stands

Portable Wood TV Stand


There is something practical about creating wood TV stands that feature wheels. Hence, you can easily move the piece to another room and change its arrangement for an update. 

Further, with a storage solution and wide surface, this portable table has everything you need for storing a TV, audio equipment, CD or DVD collections, and many more.

34. Farmhouse TV Stands

Farmhouse TV Console


This farmhouse-styled TV stand will not be too difficult to pull off. Just prepare some times on the weekend and you may be able to finish it in less than a month.

Its farmhouse beauty makes this console a charming statement in the modern living room. Meanwhile, the natural wooden color adds the right amount of warmth to this space.

35. Repurposed Old Table

Repurposed Old Table


Introduce a rustic touch in your living space by repurposing an old table into wood TV stands. The above picture makes a good example of how to execute this idea.

Moreover, get the table inexpensively from a nearby thrift store and simply repaint it for a facelift. To make the most of the tall shelf, you can get some wire baskets to organize your things. 

36. Petite Corner TV Stands

Petite Corner TV Stand


Do not let your small space prevent you from being creative in adding a variety of furniture pieces. When it comes to TV stands, this idea should be on the list.

This furniture is relatively small, but it has everything you need for a functional TV stand. While it lacks some racks, you can still have a wicker basket on its feet to organize your collection. 

Finally, have you found your favorite wood TV stands? With a bunch of brilliant ideas above, you probably need time to pick the ultimate choice. Good luck!

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