20+ Entryway Cabinet Ideas to Liven Up Your Front Door Area

When you come home from a trip and start entering the house, you probably have a lot of things that you want to get rid of immediately. Then, you need an entryway cabinet so bad.

The problem is, entryway cabinets are prominent furniture that is rarely getting attention. Many people place it at random, or even not at all.

As a result, the front door area becomes messy and uncomfortable to look at. Therefore, it will create a negative impression, especially when someone first sets foot to visit.

So that this does not happen, you must have the best entryway ideas to apply. Thus, let us read this article from beginning to end.

Why is Entryway Cabinet So Important?

It is a storage area that you put in the entryway. This furniture can be in the form of a cupboard, table with storage, or a combination of both. Here are some reasons why you need to have this furniture:

  • Make it easier to put the things you use before and after traveling.
  • Messy items in the door area will lower the mood; you need an organizer to keep it tidy.
  • Make a good impression when someone visits your place.
  • A good arrangement will make it a beautiful decoration.

Those are some reasons why you need to place an entryway cabinet around the door. Apart from those mentioned above, there may be other benefits you get.

Before You Choose an Entryway Cabinet


After bringing a few reviews above, you may start to agree that this furniture is indeed prominent and needs enough attention. However, as we have discussed above, the selection cannot be arbitrary.

There are several things you need to pay attention to so that its existence does not cause new problems, they are:

1. Room Size and Shape

Paying attention to the suitability of the size of the room is crucial. The smaller the room, the more efficient you need to be.

Hence, it is important to choose multifunctional furniture that is mini in size but has maximum use-value.

To make it easier, you can pick any entryway cabinet IKEA shown on their website page. Many designs will be a solution to your space problems.

2. How Much Space Are Available


Sometimes size and shape are not the main benchmarks in determining the right furniture. Something to consider is how much space is available once you place other items in the room.

The cabinet is not the only thing you put. You also have to consider space for other objects, such as entryway tables, seats, and so on.

3. Who are the Users?

Children, adolescents, and adults have different needs and habits. Therefore, you have to adjust what kind of furniture is the best for the residents or whoever uses it.

The number of users also determines the type of furniture. Thus, the more people, the more you have to provide a larger entryway cabinet to accommodate all.

Entryway Cabinet Ideas


Now you understand that the entryway cabinet is prominent and that you can do more exploration on it.

You also already know what considerations you need to think about before determining the most suitable one.

It is time for you to start increasing references about the most suitable designs for your room. Here are some entryway cabinet styles that might help you make your choice.

1. Modern Entryway Cabinet

If you have limited space, there is nothing better than a modern entryway cabinet. Furniture with this concept has a multifunctional design that allows you to use it for various purposes.

In addition to lots of storage, some cabinets also function as tables and chairs. If you are still using something less use-value, now is the time to do entryway cabinet modernization.

2. Farmhouse Style


Are you among those who like the peaceful feel of the countryside? No need to move to remote areas because you can get them at home. Why not use nature-themed furniture in your home?

Placing a farmhouse entryway cabinet is one way to make it happen. Storage bins with wood grain motifs will make him feel back in the village. Do not forget to provide supporting decorations.

3. The Rustic Lover

The farmhouse and rustic concepts do have similarities in many ways. But if you prefer unfurnished furniture with its entire natural beauty, that means you are a fan of the second style.

Wood is the material of the most rustic entryway cabinets, along with its original shape and motif. However, some designs only adopt the style of the material but with a modern appearance.

4. The Handcrafted


Although furniture companies have issued many luxurious-look designs, many people prefer to be simple. A handmade entryway cabinet still has many fans today.

These entryway cabinets are usually customized, where someone asks a carpenter to make furniture by order. However, not a few people do DIY with simple tools and materials that are around.

5. Relaxing Beach Theme

Everyone must have their pleasure, so make it happen in the design of the residence. You can also do the same for your entryway cabinet.

One remarkable example is the beach theme which is reminiscent of the sound of the waves and the swish of the wind.

If you are interested in applying this entryway cabinet concept, the way is to give water motifs and colors related to the beach.

Do not forget to place decorations that make you feel like you’re in the coastal area.

6. Unique Small Entryway Cabinet


For those who have space problems, small entryway cabinets are indeed the most appropriate choice. However, you cannot just choose it.

Also, pay attention to the use-value and aesthetics. Mini storage with an artistic look will be a good idea.

In this case, you can place antiques. In addition to being an organizer, beautiful objects near the door will also help you build the mood and give a good impression when a guest comes to visit.

7. Narrow Entryway Cabinet


Despite many people prefer to have furniture with lots of storage, that does not mean the narrow one is useless. Indeed, for various reasons, this model still has many fans.

The reason is that most of this kind has a compact design. Sometimes people do not have a lot of things to store, so using large storage will only make the room crowded.

8. Narrow Entryway Cabinet with Drawers

Although many people like furniture with lots of storage space, that does not mean the narrow one is useless. In fact, for various reasons, this model still has many fans.

Not without reason, this thing generally has a compact design. Sometimes people do not have many things to store, so using big-sized storage will make it inefficient.

9. Tall Entryway Cabinet


If you live in a building with high ceilings, then short furniture will make the room look awkward.

You need something towering to offset the view. It also applies to the arrangement of the entryway cabinet.

There are many advantages to placing tall entryway cabinets, including increasing storage space. This object is also suitable for low-ceiling houses; it’s just that you might have difficulty moving it.

10. Tall Narrow Entryway Cabinet


In addition to small entryway cabinets, another solution to space problems is to use tall narrow furniture.

The slim design will save you space without reducing the storage area. This kind of thing will also be a place for placing a winter coat or other warm clothes.

Even if you do not have long clothes to store, you can partition the space inside into sections.

Place the most needed items within reach, while the less necessary ones can be on the upper part of the storage.

11. Slim Entryway Cabinet

In the millennial era, almost everyone likes slim designs, from electronics to household furniture. You can also apply it when choosing an entryway cabinet.

A slim design is not only suitable for narrow spaces but also has a high aesthetic value. Thus, it is also great for spacious areas.

You can place this cabinet very flexibly because it is more adaptive to room conditions.

12. Entryway Cabinet with Shoe Storage


An entryway that is not well-organized will look messy and uncomfortable to stare at. Among the many scattered objects, of course, you will find a lot of footwear.

Therefore, it is necessary to place shoe storage in this area.

Instead of filling the entryway with too much furniture, why not choose one with shoe storage? There are beautiful designs to pick at online and offline stores.

13. Entryway Cabinet with Glass Doors

In the world of interior design, glass also plays an important role. This material gives a classy feel and can make the room seem spacious.

Therefore, choosing an entryway cabinet with a glass door is also an alternative.

Apart from its beauty, using glass as part of the interior also invites risks. In addition to the possibility of breaking, the transparency also makes the messy things inside vulnerable.

14. Glass to Display

It is a matter of taste, but it is undeniable that some people prefer to put something unique in the entryway.

For example, you are a fan of antiques and tend to display them to welcome the guest. And then, a glass cabinet will be the best for you.

This view is generally in the foyer. You can choose whether you want to pick the surrounding is glass or only part of it.

But whatever it is, the glass display cabinet should have more attention so that it does not break due to various reasons.

15. Metal Organizer

If you want furniture that has high durability, then the metals will be one recommendation. The texture is sturdy and has a variety of designs.

You can choose a model that suits your needs and room conditions. Metal entryway cabinets are suitable for lovers of industrial design concepts.

However, many modern-style pieces of furniture use this material and modify it to be lightweight and easy to move.

16. Classy Wooden Furniture


Many people say that there is no better furniture material than wood. It is true that most of them do have high durability, can withstand various conditions, and certainly have a beautiful appearance.

In addition, wood is also easy to shape. Thus, you can get a variety of beautiful designs for your room. You can choose the level of quality according to your needs and financial conditions.

17. Make It Simple with Rattan

Wood does give a classy and luxurious impression to the room. However, rattan is also not bad.

Many designs are no less attractively available in various stores and will give a natural feel that is no less beautiful.

Rattan is also a lighter material than wood. It has a wavy texture because of the woven that contains extraordinary beauty. It is a simple but charming design for those art lovers.

18. Black Entryway Cabinet

Regardless of the dark shades that appear, black is always an option in various decor concepts. This color is neutral and can blend with many furniture and room shapes.

With the right decoration and design, black accent cabinets also make the room feel classier. This tone will also minimize the impression of being dirty due to accumulated dust or dirt.

19. All in White


In contrast to the black, white entryway cabinet gives another nuance through its bright colors.

Although many people are reluctant because it looks easily dirty, they also are mesmerized by its elegance and luxurious impression.

You can find many white colors in modern decorating concepts because it gives the impression of a spacy room.
Additionally, many people believe that bright tones will help build the mood of the householder.

20. Red to be Bold

Besides black and white, another color that is quite popular in the design world is red.

Although a little out of the box, the bright nuances are great enough in building an atmosphere and create a mood. Plus, currently, there are many models to steal.

The existing designs are also very varied, ranging from tall, small, narrow, and many more. It will be better in a sunny room.

To support its beauty, you can also combine it with furniture of the same color.

21. Playful Cabinet


In addition to classy and elegant designs, many people also prefer to display something playful with flashy colors.

Generally, this kind of design will attract the children’s attention, so it is suitable for you to live in a house with kids inside.

However, many playful designs are part of extraordinary works of art. Let us say that there is an abstract painting on the surface. It will brighten up your entryway with the touch of art.

22. Wall Mounted Storage


In addition to using a slim entryway cabinet, the wall-mounted design is also nice to try. it will save you a lot of storage space. Plus, there are many beautiful designs available to be part of your home.

But before choosing wall-mounted, you have to do a survey first whether the condition of the wall is enough to withstand the load.

After knowing the potential and risks, you can choose which design is appropriate. Do not forget the decoration too!

23. Decoration Only

While most entryway cabinets have a function as a place for traveling equipment, many also do not care at all. Instead of the cabinet, they put jackets, gloves, socks, and so on in different places.

In this case, an entryway cabinet is a display object, either because of its unique shape or because the item has something to display in it.

It is okay, as everything you put along the entryway must be beautiful and build the mood.

Tips and Hacks


Room decoration is sometimes a little complicated because the condition of the room is not always what you want.

Therefore, you need to learn some space management tricks to keep it organized and efficient without neglecting beauty.

The following are some tips, tricks, and hacks that you can do to overcome various decorating obstacles or to beautify the room. You can simply do everything.

1. Put Some DIY Decoration

Even though you’ve chosen the best entryway cabinet design for the front door area, that does not mean you cannot add decorations.

Greenery or other pretty decorations might make it look even more charming.

Place decorations if there is available space around the entryway cabinet. If not, you can also add DIY storage space, for example, in the form of an additional shelf or hanger.

2. Use Baskets

Even though you have used a cabinet, there are times when you are confused about placing easy-scattered small things.

In addition, you are also unlikely to put socks and gloves in one place because it will be a hassle.

To solve this kind of problem, you can provide small baskets on the entryway. Each has a function to store different items. It will help keep things looking neat.

3. Add Extra Storage


Do not just stick to the entryway cabinet you have. Besides, add extra storage in addition to what is already available. For example, create additional shelving units in some locations.

Alternatively, you can also place hooks in strategic locations. Use it to hang things such as keys, jackets, hats, or others to avoid scattering. The manufacturing process is easy and does not cost much.

4. Take Advantage of the Used Goods


Sometimes you do not even have to pay to get beautiful furniture. For example, to store shoes in large quantities, you can also use used no-longer-used bookshelves.

To keep it beautiful, you can also repaint or add decorations to the surface. Uniquely, you can even turn it into a seat to rest for a while before entering or leaving the room.


That is our discussion. Choosing an entryway cabinet can be an exciting activity to do. You can do a lot of exploration to show the beauty in the area around the foyer and front door.

By now, you must have started to think about how to design your area with an entryway cabinet. Before choosing furniture, pay attention to the tips and hacks above, too!

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