Extraordinary Ways To Have Gothic Decor For Your Interior

For those who are searching for ways to design with gothic decor, this article would help you with that. In addition, there are also a bunch of ideas we have gathered here to be explored.

Therefore, let us learn how to incorporate gothic style in your interior design. Here are things you need to know.

1.    Gothic Decor

Gothic Decor

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As we know, gothic culture is known to be full of dark and gloomy elements. However, homeowners might apply this design as part of their home decoration.

Further, having a gothic theme definitely will not turn space to become spooky or sinister.

Indeed, the gothic style is about old-style elegance. It offers you the dark and ornate stuff that makes an opulent look of Victorian.

So, there are a lot of ways to incorporate such home decor into your house interior.

Moreover, the traditional or Victorian is not a must goal for the decoration. There is a lot of chance to have it with various modern designs such as a vampire or romantic themes.

Do not worry, this article would provide you the ideas for those who are stuck.

2.    Elegance


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Speaking of elegance, the gothic style has a bold impact on the look. The design has an essential role in it.

Then, the first thing to understand about this design is the effect it has on the look of the house.

Further, you would be dealing with bold pieces and high-end fabrics. However, it is not an easy job for beginners. The style of furniture needs to be complex with bold details.

Moreover, this kind of style is designed for you who value elegance above all. Thus, it is definitely not for everyone.

That high-end drama look may be uncomfortable for some people. Thereupon, the budget and individual taste should be the consideration.

3.    Lighting


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Candle lighting is very important in the world of gothic home. Then, it makes a great accessory to give an authentic castle-like atmosphere.

However, do not rely exclusively on it to light up the entire space of the house during the night. Just have them as an accessory or decoration.

Furthermore, you can choose the scented or the unscented one. With candles, the homeowner would be able to create a superb effect to incorporate gothic style.

Besides, there is a various lighting solution that would match the gothic decor. Well, you should try to focus on lamps that are more ornately carved.

Additionally, the one with a sturdy wrought-iron structure seems to be a perfect choice.

4.    Architectural Features

Architectural Features

Source: home-designing.com

There are some architectural features in the gothic style. The main idea is to show off the primal qualities of every element of design.

Then, the details in moldings, arcs, and others have to deliver a design to become a castle-like atmosphere such as pointed arches and ribbed vaults.

Likewise, designing walls to be a part of the gothic architectural feature needs a special aging treatment. It is a way to give a look that resembles the medieval period.

You can get the look from the faux painted stones. So, the combination of gray and shades should be in the mix with blacks as the outlines.

Besides, you can use wallpapers instead to have a more dramatic look. If you choose this way, you need to have some intricate patterns and velvet texture to balance.

In addition, the “pointy” look becomes an essential feature of this architecture.

The look can be obtained from various elements of decor. Hence, do not forget about the balance and pay attention to the symmetry.

5.    Colors


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Speaking about colors, it has been said before that a gothic room would need plenty of black hues. However, do not use too many of that color.

You may have a stereotypical dark mansion as a result. Therefore, you need to choose some other shades with a rich and dramatic look.

The colors that you can choose to mix with blacks are emerald green, ocean blue, and burgundy.

Also, the essential thing to keep is the dark look. Balance it with the earthy shades that you can get from brick and wood materials.

6.    Fabrics


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Dealing with gothic decor means you have to deal with high-end fabrics. It is something you cannot miss in this style.

So, focus on getting materials like velvet, satin, and silk. Moreover, the impressions you are searching for are decadence and glamour.

Velvet or silk would make a great imposing statement while the satin material can make nice pillows and bedding.

Additionally, in the Victorian gothic house, you may see so many tapestries because it has all the elegance you need in the space. To make it successful, tall walls are needed.

7.    Accessories


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The key to having a gothic decor is the ornate pieces with intricate embellishments. Then, the items that are made of heavy wrought-iron needs to get the emphasis.

Besides, use some wood and stone to complete the style.

Further, for an extra fancy look, get some expansive rugs and ornate statues made of stone. You can also have some houseplants to indulge a bit of romantic flavor into the mix.

Make sure the plant of your choice is appropriate to contrast the shade. Besides, the white flowers would be perfect.

8.    Drapery Designs

Drapery Designs

Source: rhythmofthehome.com

Choosing fabrics for drapery is not so difficult. Aim for the long and heavy drape panels to give a more majestic atmosphere to space.

In the Victorian era, homeowners have such long curtains in order to make sure the drafts do not get penetrating inside the house.

These days, such a problem is no longer a threat. Moreover, having such a long curtain would also serve as a room divider.

For more details, you can choose the drapery design with opulent looking with tiebacks and tassels. Then, that style would be so dramatic.

9.    Lancet Windows

Lancet Windows

Source: metmuseum.org

This feature represents a common part found in churches with gothic style. So, if you are planning to have this window in your house, prepare to be amazed by the effect.

Indeed, a lancet window is a narrow and tall feature that comes in an iconic shape that you can integrate into the interior walls.

Otherwise, it does not have to be a window. You can have some other decor items that mimic the design such as mirrors and artwork.

An authentic lancet window is probably to find. So, you may switch it with the modern mirror with a design that looks similar.

10.  Moldings


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If you are on your way to working a gothic decor, details are a very important part of this style. The designer needs to have it more intricate.

In designing a Gothic home, people tend to rely on moldings to add some elegance and texture despite the dark color scheme.

On the edge of the ceiling, aim to have the molding lings with a majestic design. Further, it could create a magnificent impact to complete the style.

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11.  Gothic Decor Ideas

Gothic Decor Ideas

Source: houszed.gumlet.io

After getting to know about the ways to incorporate gothic decor into the house, it is time to explore the beautiful and stylish ideas that are all about drama and elegance.

a.    Gothic Wall Decor

Gothic Wall Decor

Source: pinterest.com

Check out this gothic wall decor that gives you a goosebump at first and is impressed after that. Having a wall gallery is a good choice to make a big statement in your gothic home.

Furthermore, focus on getting all the old and unique pictures or artwork in a monochrome scheme.

Also, the choice of image is very important. There are random pictures on the wall. Each of the images represents a massage that only a gothic person knows about.

Then, take a look at that oval ornate mirror in the middle. It is the focal point that gives you the texture and detail you need to complete the gothic feelings all over the wall.

b.    Modern Gothic Home Decor

Modern Gothic Home Decor

Source: padstyle.com

Looking at this gothic interior design is just amazing. The element of Victorian and contemporary style are well combined.

The candle lightings seem to be the highlight of this house. It is got many of those in various designs. Check out that beautiful chandelier that consists of a wrought-iron frame with faux candles.

Moreover, some gothic light fixtures are also attached to the concrete wall which becomes a nice decor to fill up the vertical space.

Right on the bedside tables, this room also has the candle feature. With that big picture of a gothic woman, this majestic room becomes complete.

c.    Victorian Gothic Decor

Victorian Gothic Decor

Source: pinterest.com

The combination of gothic and Victorian style is just what you need. It offers you a classy, vintage, and glamorous design.

It is something you cannot get if you just have a gothic theme. Likewise, Victorian decor requires a lot of texture and pattern. That really brings up the beauty in such dark rooms.

d.    Gothic Bathroom Decor

Gothic Bathroom Decor

Source: pinterest.com

The gothic decor is not always about the living room or bedroom. You can have it in any room including a bathroom. Check out this black and white space.

This black bathroom has some white accents to provide enough brightness although, it is still looking dark.

That interesting artwork on the wall strengthens the gothic style of the space. Besides, checkered flooring takeover the lower part. The black subway tile is the key to the atmosphere.

e.    Gothic Kitchen Decor

Gothic Kitchen Decor

Source: novocom.top

If you plan to make a gothic house, a kitchen might be a challenging room to deal with the theme. Well, this one can be a good example.

Thus, you can put aside the texture. Just focus on the dark color and its elegance.

After that, you can add some centerpieces that represent the gothic feeling but in a different way. As you can see, the red roses seem to be out of place.

However, it is actually the focal point of the kitchen. Besides, those giant balls above the dining table are surely enough to make a statement.

f.     Gothic Halloween Decor

Gothic Halloween Decor

Source: decoratorist.com

“Spooky” is the word that stands behind the gothic style. Well, that is why it would make a great theme for Halloween.

So, take a look at this setup. The skull and crow accessories blend well together. It pours out the scary feeling to fulfill the festivity of Halloween.

As you can see, there is a white framed picture in the middle. It is there to make a balance for the dark stuff around it. So, it could make a point.

g.    Gothic Living Room Decor

Gothic Living Room Decor

Source: pinterest.com

If you do not have the intention to apply a high-end type of gothic room, play with accessories. The space in this living room is not as big as the previous examples.

Also, such a small living room also deserves to be in the gothic style. As simple as playing with the decoration on the wall, you can turn any space into a gothic space.

Additionally, gather all the accessories you have and put them in one spot.  It sure makes a great background for the sofa.

On the sofa, some gothic patterns or images as the pillow covers would be enough to connect the entire space.

From the photo, you can feel that it looks like a room where a fortune teller is waiting for you.

h.    Gothic Apartment Decor

Gothic Apartment Decor

Source: pinterest.com

This gothic decor can be a good inspiration for your apartment. As you can see, one wall can change everything.

The apartment space has a lot of stuff attached to the wall. Then, the majority of the color is black that goes against the white wall.

That is enough to create an impressive gothic look. In addition, some creepy gothic dolls become a great point of this space.

So, if you have a collection of any girly doll, gather them in the same spot. Obviously, they would give a significant impact on the atmosphere.

i.     Gothic Bohemian Decor

Gothic Bohemian Decor

Source: pinterest.com

Besides Victorian, the gothic style also works beautifully with Bohemian. Check out this magnificent bedroom.

Furthermore, it is so small and limited in space. The traditional design of the bed structure becomes the focal point that takes control of the entire atmosphere.

Wherefore, it gets balanced with all the pattern surrounding it. On the ceiling, you can see that it looks like a green carpet. That table lightings are so powerful to brighten the space in a such stylish way.

j.     Wall-Patterned Gothic Decor

Wall-Patterned Gothic Decor

Source: wallpapersin4k.org

This majestic living room looks very spectacular. That floral black-white pattern on the wall becomes the main event of the space.

Also, the lighted circle in the middle becomes an astonishing frame to the TV. It interestingly set the focal point of the area.

Besides, the chandelier appears to be balancing the pattern with its colors and textures. The black rug and drapery complete the authentic gothic decor of the living room.

k.    Gothic Style with Striking Features

Gothic Style with Striking Features

Source: pinterest.com

Striking features are important in bold style like gothic. This space is filled with so many antique accessories.

Some rustic elements also make a big statement in this specific room. Further, the aged wallpaper looks perfect in becoming the base of the design.

Next, the rustic fireplace mantle is just something that makes the gothic stronger. The dark scheme is what brings this space to the goth club.

l.     Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom

Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom

Source: houzz.com

Gothic decor can make an ordinary bedroom gorgeous. The black color that is used for the bed and wall really gives enough drama to the space.

Check out that red cotton cord chair. It is something that gives a surprise factor in the room.

Moreover, the unique lighting right on top of the chair creates a significant impact on the space. The candle style lamp is an effort to mimic the essential gothic style.

In addition, this bedroom is probably too dark for you. For some people, it becomes the level of comfort they want.

m.  Gothic Living Room with Earthy Tones

Gothic Living Room with Earthy Tones

Source: pinterest.com

The black furniture with detailed texture and dark drapery is what this living room has to offer.

Besides, the existence of the candle lightings emphasizes the ambiance with gothic features. You can find it in almost any space in this room.

The candle feature is on the coffee table, corner space, and of course the ceiling. Meanwhile, the chandelier looks so magical.

Furthermore, there are two mirrors on the back that are ornately carved. The existence of mirrors reflects the coffee table surface.

n.   Gothic Interior with a Pop of Color

Gothic Interior with a Pop of Color

Source: pinterest.com

Yellow is the perfect choice of color to be the only one in this living room. Therefore, the concrete wall, gray flooring, and antique chest coffee table indicate the gothic style.

The tufted chair comes with a classic structure with all the texture needed.

Also, there is a printable goth poster to strengthen the theme. You can also see the yellow light fixture right on the background wall. That is one way to connect the yellow sofa to the concrete wall.

o.   Haunted House Gothic Style

Haunted House Gothic Style

Source: pinterest.com

If your way of gothic style is the haunted house thing. Check out this spooky decor theme. It does not give you the texture, details, and fabrics.

On the other hand, This one offers you elegance and scary accessories. Well, if you are in the area, it would make a wonderful station right in the corner.


Choosing gothic decor as the main theme of your interior design? You need to realize the impact and atmosphere it has to offer.

If you understand what you’re dealing with. Then, you have to go with its majestic texture, elegance, and beauty.

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