Gothic Living Room Ideas That Turn the Dark into Lux

When you hear the term Gothic living room, maybe you will think of a dark themed room with creepy nuances. The old objects in it will make the atmosphere tense.

Your opinion may not be completely wrong. For several centuries, Gothic has had a dark reputation with the predominance of dark colors.

Moreover, many people identify it with the character Dracula or a vampire. However, you need to know that the concept of Gothic is not as scary as you think.

The gloomy image probably emerges because of its existence in the middle of the industrial revolution. But over time, the negative impression slowly disappeared.

Since the 19th century, people no longer consider it dark. Even today, this concept is gaining in popularity as a breakthrough in the concept of space.

One that is quite interesting is the Gothic living room ideas that are starting to emerge as a trend today. Many people get interested in it.

Even though you use black dominance, you can create a luxurious Gothic living room without a spooky feel. Here are several styles you can emulate:

1.    Modern Gothic Living Room

Modern Gothic Living Room


The main element in a modern concept is a concise use of space. If you want to apply this style, you have to choose the furniture carefully to prevent a crowded nuance inside.

To combine these two concepts, you have to do a strategy on the things you put inside the room. Manage the Gothic furniture with the space you have.

In choosing the furniture, multifunctional objects will be better. Forget about those coaches or cabinet which promote aesthetics but lead to the crowded atmosphere.

Having enough space to move around will also provide an advantage. Your Gothic living room will be a comfortable and pleasant spot with guests or family.

2.    Modern Gothic Living Room TV Stand

Modern Gothic Living Room TV Stand


Enjoying time in the living room will be even more perfect while watching TV shows. However, do not let the presence of this object make a mess. Thereupon, you should choose the right TV stand.

If you are adopting a Gothic concept, then many recommendations can help you save space. Most people place it on top of storage or use a wall-mounted TV stand.

Whatever you choose, pay attention to room conditions before deciding on a design. Not only aesthetics, but you also need to pay attention to comfort while in the living room.

3.    Victorian Gothic Living Room

Victorian Gothic Living Room


If there are styles with a lot of similarities, then the answer is Victorian and Gothic. The two of them appeared for the first time in different regions, but almost at the same time.

This resemblance eventually led people to spark Victorian Gothic in the 1740s. The hallmark of this concept is heavy, large, ornamental furniture. Do not forget the dark colors that are still a mainstay.

The concept of Gothic and Victorian living room emphasizes aesthetics so that users do not mind the narrow space. Magnificent and luxurious nuances are also the main characteristics.

4.    Neo-Gothic Living Room

Neo-Gothic Living Room


The reason why Gothic sticks with dark shades are the lack of windows. This style generally uses features that seem high and magnificent but less in lighting.

To make it brighter, people started to combine it with neoclassical architecture, which had wider windows. This combination became popular in the 18th century.

This Neo-Gothic living room itself will have a brighter tone due to the presence of the window. The ceiling is high and curved to impress the luxury inside.

5.    Roman Gothic Living Room Kitchen Combo

Roman Gothic Living Room Kitchen Combo


The living room is supposed to be a relaxing space for everyone. Not only wasting time, but this room must also have close access to a place to grab snacks.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with implementing a living room kitchen combo. In this case, you can combine two concepts at once, namely Roman and Gothic.

A Roman symmetrical living room with shape will give you a luxurious and cozy feel. Meanwhile, the Gothic kitchen with dark colors will disguise the messy impression in the cooking area.

6.    Bohemian Gothic Living Room

Bohemian Gothic Living Room


The combination of Gothic and bohemian can also be an option. Even though both have different characters, you can still combine them beautifully.

The thing that stands out from the Bohemian style is the vintage features that are rich in ornaments and ethnic stuff. It is possible to combine it with Gothic concepts that prioritize aesthetics.

Use Bohemian furniture but with a darker color for your Gothic living room. A little warm tone can also be a sweetener so that it still displays a warm impression.

7.    Medieval Gothic Living Room

Medieval Gothic Living Room


Combining several architectural concepts is indeed a formidable challenge. We have to reconcile the differences of each style. One question, is it possible to unite Gothic and medieval designs?

The two of them have different characters. While Gothic is attached to haunting and dark nuances, this medieval bore in the Middle East carries a religious side.

If you want to combine them, you might use Gothic colors for the room but with a dominating medieval style, for example, by using dome-shaped decorations or Middle Eastern ornaments.

8.    Southern Gothic Living Room

Southern Gothic Living Room


The southern architecture emphasizes the beauty of the room with lots of plants. Meanwhile, a Gothic-style room is generally closed so that little light enters the room, except the lights.

However, do not worry about this different concept. Your Gothic living room still looks as beautiful as a house in the Southern area if you add a window to the room, allowing sunlight to enter.

Otherwise, utilize fake plants as home decorations. You can also add lights to give a little bright nuance to the room.

9.    Gregorian Gothic Living Room

Gregorian Gothic Living Room


Combining Gregorian and Gothic concepts is no big deal. Both of them come from European family so there are still similarities to combine.

Gregorian itself is synonymous with church nuances. Rooms with natural colors, domes, and majestic nuances are things we always encounter.

If you want to combine it with Gothic, you need to adjust it with the tone. Decreasing the darkness degree will make your room more Gregorian.

Instead of natural tones, you can replace the room color with a darker one. Do not forget to set aside antiques in the living room to give it a classic impression.

10.  Dark Gothic Living Room

Dark Gothic Living Room


All rooms with this style, living room, kitchen, even Gothic bedroom will certainly display dark tones. However, it does not mean that homeowners have to use black in all parts.

It has a variety of colors, including dark red, maroon, gray, and emerald green. There are no specific standards. When the chosen tone gives a shaded impression, then you have created a Gothic feel.

Besides that, using several colors at once is possible. For example, you can put a red Gothic couch in a room whose wall is black, with a gray wardrobe in it.

11.  Black Gothic Living Room Ideas Apartment

Black Gothic Living Room Ideas Apartment


The arrangement of space in the apartment may be different from a house. However, you can design a Gothic concept in the living room.

If you live in an apartment with a not-too-large space, then provide a partition for your living room. Thus, you can design according to the Gothic concept you want.

You are free to use any tone, including applying black to most of the room. To evoke a neutral look, remember to add a few other colorations.

12.  Fancy Gothic Living Room

Fancy Gothic Living Room


Apart from dark nuances, luxury is one of the characteristics that emerged from the Gothic concept. You can get this through luxurious furniture.

One option that you can try is a red Gothic living room. With these colors, it not only gives a grand but warm impression.

Vivid colors are suitable for gathering places because they will give a comfortable and peaceful impression. Do not forget the comfortable furniture to make anyone feel more at home.

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13.  Gothic Living Room Triple Mirror

Gothic Living Room Triple Mirror


When watching the Dracula movie, you might be able to see how various furnishings are in the vampire’s house. One of the things that give off a creepy impression is the triple mirror.

It is a feature that can reflect three shadows at once. This thing still exists in modern days, it is just that people have modified it so that it does not seem scary.

The use of antiques is also a common thing in applying the concept of Gothic. Some people also consider that the triple mirror is one of the objects that reflect this style.

Usually, the triple mirror is part of the dressing table. In ancient times this object was useful for noblewomen because it helped to see shadows from three sides at once when dressing up.

14.  Cozy Gothic Living Room

Cozy Gothic Living Room


Apart from the dark nuances, the Gothic-themed room also prioritizes comfort. It makes adherents place many large items in the hope that they can freely carry out any activity.

One common item you will find is a large sofa that allows you to lie down comfortably. Apart from that, you may also find various features that give a warm feel, such as fur rugs, pillows, and so on.

To make it even cozier, you can also add a television that will accompany you to relax. Do not forget the fireplace that will keep you warm in cold weather.

15.  Casual Gothic Living Room

Casual Gothic Living Room


Everyone has their taste regarding space design. Even fellow lovers of Gothic concepts may also have their views in determining the style of their home.

If some people like a cozy atmosphere, others may prefer to decorate it casually. The choice of simple furniture and relaxed decorations might make the occupants comfortable.

For millennials, the casual style is indeed more acceptable because it reduces the hectic and formal impression. Therefore, you might be able to add a little bright color to the living room.

16.  Elegant Gothic Living Room

Elegant Gothic Living Room


The elegant nuance is what you find in most Gothic concept rooms. Dark colors like gray, emerald green, or maroon do give anyone a classy impression.

The elegant atmosphere can come from the furniture you choose. Ripe colored armchairs give off a warm yet classy impression. You can also apply it to tables, carpets, or room decorations.

17.  Semi Gothic Living Room

Semi Gothic Living Room


Over time, people do not carry a pure concept anymore. The combination with various styles gives interesting results in spatial design.

Even if you want to present a Gothic feel, you can insert other elements, for example, Gregorian, rustic, and others. But you have to be good at blending so as not to damage the art in each concept.

18.  Light Gothic Living Room Décor

Light Gothic Living Room Décor


The Gothic concept that appears in various houses and buildings today is no longer pure. Many homeowners tend to mix it with other cultures and styles to enhance the aesthetics.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you find a room with a Gothic concept, but use wooden furniture with a rustic design. This combination is also worth trying when developing a living room.

You do not need to be too strict because everything will change as time goes. You may never need antiques in the living room again.

Apart from that, you might make lots of adjustments. So, explore your creativity and enjoy the process.

Playing with Gothic turned out to be quite fun. This theme is not as scary as you might think because of the many alternatives that can be applied.

It is a great idea to mix up the Gothic living room with other decor concepts. Now, are you ready to redecorate your house?

19.  Gothic Living Room Sets

Gothic Living Room Sets


To build harmony in the room, sometimes you need to place uniform items. Although not the same, this regularity will create an aesthetic in your Gothic living room.

To present a uniform appearance is also not difficult. Currently, the furniture store provides furniture sets with various styles and designs.

A Gothic living room set will generally consist of a couch, a table, and an additional bench (optional). The dark colors in this furniture will make the room atmosphere classier.

20.  Gray Rustic and Gothic Living Room

Gray Rustic and Gothic Living Room


Who says rustic and Gothic are impossible to unite? These two concepts can merge into an amazing unity.

You can combine the rustic style with wooden components with one of the elements of Gothic color. One way is to use gray wood.

Gray wood furniture or decor blends in with the grandeur of the Gothic concept. It makes your living room a pleasant place.

21.   Gothic Living Room with White Lace

Gothic Living Room with White Lace


When designing a room, most people only focus on selection and placement. The decoration is sometimes the last thing to consider.

Decoration also plays a crucial role in spatial planning. Try applying white lace to your Gothic living room, and it will magically bring out an angelic feel.

Some people think that lace is synonymous with women. You should know that an attractive arrangement will make this feature give beauty to residents, both male and female.

22.   Gothic Living Room Rug

Gothic Living Room Rug


Again, the choice of furniture will create a big impact on the look. Have a look at each detail item of the room. Then, how do you choose a Gothic living room Rug?

When referring to design, the best advice is to choose a color that fits the concept, such as black or red. The rug motif in your room cannot be arbitrary.

You should consider the harmony with other furniture. For example, if you have a Victorian couch in the room, then you should put a rug with the similar concept

For a fancy room, gray or red can be a recommendation. Black will also disguise a dirty impression on the floor but give it a spooky feel in some situations.

23.   Gothic Living Room with White Walls

Gothic Living Room with White Walls


Who says Gothic style should always use dark colors. Try to mix it with any tone, including white. Why not try to paint your wall white inside the living room?

You do not need to worry about your Gothic living room being less fierce because of the white walls. You can experiment with furniture and decorations.

One more thing, you can emphasize dark shades on objects in the room, but not completely black. Put the other tone to make it warmer.

The white wall gives a neutral and warm atmosphere to the room while eliminating the spooky impression. That way, your Gothic living room will not look scary.

24.   Gothic Living Room with Fireplace

Gothic Living Room with Fireplace


The living room must indeed provide a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for whoever is in it. Therefore, you need to add various features that will make you feel comfortable.

A fireplace is a prominent component in a room. When it is cold out there, you need something that can warm the atmosphere.

Above all, there are no specific rules regarding what kind of furnishing is suitable for the Gothic concept. Place any item wherever you want, as long as it allows you to relax.

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