How to Paint Behind a Toilet Like a Pro: 31 Ideas to Try

Knowing how to paint behind a toilet fast and properly will be a great blessing for any homeowner. You could not agree more since doing so often requires much time and energy.

Further, it is no secret that maintaining the cramped room behind the toilet is nothing easy. You will find any difficulties to repaint or even dust the space.

The case can become more troublesome if your tank does not sit flush against the wall.

Luckily, there are some options and ideas to paint behind your toilet without too much fuss. So, let us check them out below!

What to Know and Prepare before Paint Behind a Toilet

Before discovering a few ideas on how to paint behind a toilet, you should know what to prepare and some essential tips to start the project.

First, start it by choosing the right primer and paint. Since your bathroom is exposed to a lot of wetness and moisture, consider selecting one that can hold out the issue.

Then, you can take paint with anti-microbial additives into account or one that has a high- or semi-gloss finish. This feature is well-known to repel moisture better than matte paints.

After that, do not forget to begin with a high-quality, humidity-resistant paint primer as well since it will help to prevent water damage and peeling for years to come.

Necessary Supplies to Prepare for Painting behind a Toilet

Any manual regarding how to paint behind a toilet will recommend you to prepare protective gear for yourself and the area.

For your protection, get a mask, a pair of gloves, and an old t-shirt or clothing. You will not like to spill paint into your favorite cloth, indeed.

To protect the area, you can prepare painter’s tape and a plastic tarp. However, it is possible to switch the canvas fabric with a big garbage bag if not possible.

Furthermore, a paint roller and paintbrush are the other things to prepare for the project. You probably need to get a fan and paper towel as well to complete your gears.

Tips on How to Paint Behind a Toilet the Right Way

One of the best ways is to cover the toilet with a trash bag so that you can work without being afraid of messing up the bowl’s surface.

This method is perfect if you are repainting the whole bathroom or the entire wall where the toilet sits.

Also, another suggested technique is to use a commercial sponge stick or a special painting tool that can slide into the narrow space behind your toilet.

Then, you can usually use this stick to correct discoloration after repainting your wall or to make sure a flawless paint result.

The other tip on how to paint behind a toilet is to start with cleaning up the area. Use a mild cleanser to get rid of dust and hair build-up around the wall and floor.

After that, you can use terry cloths to dry the surfaces thoroughly. Then, cover them with a plastic sheet or tarp to avoid unintended paint spills from staining your precious floor.

To reduce paint drying time, you should get rid of the shower curtain, hand towels, floor rug, and other things that can retain moisture in your bathroom.

Moreover, if there are windows in the bathroom, make sure to open them for proper ventilation. You can switch on a small circulating fan for the same purpose.

30+ Ideas to Paint Behind Your Toilet

Now that you already know how to paint behind a toilet properly, it is time to determine the way you will spruce up the area with that right technique.

However, please note that you should apply paint primer around the shape of your toilet before brushing your chosen paint.

Then, wait for the primer to dry first. For your information, the drying time may vary depending on the bathroom’s humidity level and temperature.

In the meantime, let us check out the following ideas on how to paint behind a toilet!

1. Lightest Shade of Gray

The lightest shade of gray will be a perfect alternative to the usual white bathroom. Besides, it can work well with any type of flooring.

Depending on how much space your contractor or plumber leaves between the toilet tank and the wall, you typically need different painting equipment.

Likewise, if your contractor left a standard amount of space between your wall and the tank, using a 4-inch mini roller makes a good choice to get the job done.

2. Soft Beige Elegance

Another idea on how to paint behind a toilet is to repaint the area in a color that can boost up your bathroom’s elegance.

You can try this soft beige to make your bathroom feels more serene. Furthermore, consider placing some indoor plants on top of the tank to liven up space.

3. A Cute Little Space

Repainting becomes the best solution to update the look of an exposed brick section on the area behind this toilet.
For a very little space like this one, you require a tiny 1-inch paintbrush for painting the area.

Additionally, you need to cover the entire toilet with a plastic bag and secure it with tape to make sure your new paint does not smear on the porcelain white surface.

4. Earthy Touch

If you are wondering how to paint behind a toilet in a simple way, this idea is probably of interest with its soft earthy touch.

Although the toilet bowl sits flush against the wall, you should mind the floating design that leaves such a narrow space underneath.

5. Standard White Shiplap

Despite its all-white scheme, this small bathroom looks so much beautiful and elegant. Thus, it makes a good idea on how to paint behind a toilet for those who have bright shiplap walls.

Instead of painting the half wall in other daring colors, you can go with a neutral white one and bring enough indoor plants for a touch of nature.

Furthermore, if you are working on a total remodel, try to switch your boring floor into this checkered style for a unique upgrade.

6. Soft Pink Appeal

This picture will be a great idea on how to paint behind a toilet, especially for those who have a floating design.

In addition, the soft pink wall can slightly contrast your white toilet, making it perfect if you do not want a daring line between the palette.

7. All-White Bathroom

With a toilet that sits flush against the wall, you just need to carefully paint the wall and leave the area behind it untouched.

The idea on how to paint behind a toilet this time is to keep all the walls white and use the section in the shower area as an accent.

8. A Small Calm Retreat

To contrast the floor-to-ceiling white marble tiles in the shower area, the space behind the toilet is painted in soft beige that matches the floor.

If you wonder how to paint behind a toilet that has a little space like this, a narrow roller is an answer to apply the prime.

Roll with the metal frame on the outside so that you can get as nearby the covered toilet tank as possible.

Meanwhile, coat behind the toilet. You can switch to a 3-inch-wide foam brush and apply the paint in small strokes.

9. Wonderful Flower Paint

Bring the beauty of the flower garden into your bathroom by repainting the space behind its toilet as shown in this picture.

This idea on how to paint behind a toilet is pretty complicated, so you can consider leaving the half in its existing color.

10. Beautiful Teal

If you are tired of an all-white scheme, simply repaint the wall behind your toilet or bathtub with a contrasting color like teal.

Also, you can mount a few pictures or paintings on the wall for additional interest. To save some floor space, get a couple of towel rails instead of a bathroom cabinet.

11. Broken White with a Twist

Having a small space should not stop you from getting everything necessary for the bathroom.

Therefore, when it comes to how to paint behind a toilet, use a flat 1-inch brush to cover the area little by little. For additional storage, you can put a wall-mounted shelving unit above the toilet tank after repainting.

Further, rather than a glass divider, consider using a matching shower curtain to split up your toilet and bathtub area. Besides, it can lend your bathroom an appealing twist.

12. Darker Shade Appeal

Instead of tiling the wall in a darker shade, you can simply paint the area in the same color for contrast.

Therefore, if you find it hard to paint the area under the floating toilet, purchasing a pole extender can be a good choice to get the job done.

13. Luxury in Narrow Space

Make your narrow bathroom seems luxurious by duplicating this idea on how to paint behind a toilet. Hence, you can even extend the repainting project to other areas for the better.

Moreover, located at the corner of the bathroom, it can be pretty difficult to repaint the small area around the toilet.

14. A Splash of Orange

The wall behind the toilet in this bathroom is painted in light olive to match the existing earthy tone.

For a splash of color, some bathroom essentials and accessories are in orange colors. Then, to keep the balance, one of the walls features dark-colored tiles that match the wooden vanity.

Additionally, if you need an idea on how to paint behind a toilet in a farmhouse-style home, this picture must inspire you the most.

15. Enchanting Sea World

Give your bathroom a breezy mood of the beach and sea by painting the wall behind its toilet ocean blue.

Likewise, to match the ocean blue wall, you can get a matching shower curtain in the theme of sea world like shown above.

Not only the shower curtain, do not hesitate to bring a character rug and other bathroom accessories that support the theme.

16. Painted Exposed Wall

Your attic bathroom deserves a perfect remodel too. By knowing how to paint behind a toilet, use this picture as an inspiration to repaint an exposed brick wall in your industrial-styled space.

17. Fancy Bathroom Remodel

This idea on how to paint behind a toilet will be perfect for those who already have an all-white bathroom.

Thereupon, to update the look, you can stroke some lines of the black plant in the area behind the toilet to create an abstract geometrical shape.

Otherwise, if you dare to make your bathroom appear more extraordinary, just expand the black lines to other sides of the wall.

18. The Trendy Old Look

With this type of toilet, repainting should be less difficult as you can freely stroke your brush behind the bowl.

Although you will want to remove the tank first, the next painting steps should not be that hard. However, covering the bowl with a plastic bag is still necessary.

Furthermore, in case you did not conceal the lid completely and stain it unintentionally, try to swap it with a wooden cover like shown above.

19. Floor-to-Ceiling Shiplap in Lavender

This is another idea on how to paint behind a toilet that is not located too close to the wall. Thus, you just need to take the plumbing installation into account when applying the new coating.

With a floor-to-ceiling shiplap wall, this bathroom appears so enchanting in lavender. The gold fixtures and sconces make the space even more sophisticated.

Besides, it will make an ideal alternative to the common all-white shiplap bathroom.

20. Seashore Gateway

Turn your bathroom into a seashore gateway by painting the wall behind the toilet blue. Then, use the above picture as the inspiration to get the correct shade.

However, if you opt for a complete remodel, try to apply bluish tile on half of your wall to support the idea. For a hint of sand, get floor tiles in sandy color.

Do not forget to include a source of natural light in your design to keep the bathroom feel airier.

21. Cotton White and Green

This idea on how to paint behind a toilet is perfect for any homeowner who is tired of white but cannot afford a more daring color.

With a cotton color, you can still expect to make your bathroom feels larger without going all-white.

For the statement, introduce a green freestanding vanity like this bathroom. Hence, you can consider repainting your current furniture if the color is too subtle.

22. Dark Gray Bathroom

Bright colors are not the only option when you are looking for an idea on how to paint behind a toilet with a small space.

Wherefore, if you have a wealth of natural light like this bathroom, repainting with dark gray color makes a nice option.

However, you should make sure to get the right painting tool that can access the area behind your toilet bowl and tank.

23. Elegant Cottage Bathroom

Knowing how to paint behind a toilet will make it easier to spruce up your cottage bathroom into something more appealing.

Then, add a subtle interest in your bathroom by repainting the area behind the toilet in soft gray. Do the same to the cabinet door for a match.

24. Black Accent Wall

A porcelain white toilet sits flush against the pony wall in this small bathroom. Thanks to the design, the homeowner can place a pot of indoor plants that enliven the space.

In addition, painted in a matte black color, the wall behind the toilet doubles as a fascinating accent wall that adds a statement to the whole room.

For additional interest, the wall-mounted shelves and wall decoration are in the matching gold color.

25. Creative Makeover on A Budget

It is no secret that understanding how to paint behind a toilet makes a great investment when you want to remodel on a budget.

This helps you to update the appearance of your bathroom without costing too much.

Then, you can repaint the area behind the toilet in the same color as before or simply use another one for a completely new look.

Use this picture as inspiration with its combination of the white and soft blue palette.

26. Dark Green Accent

If the previous inspiration on how to paint behind a toilet is not your style, you probably want to try this bathroom remodel idea.

Likewise, you can copy the idea by applying dark green paint or use another color you like.

27. Sophisticated Powder Room

Paint the wall behind your toilet like this and get your guests amazed with the creativity.

With the soft peach color and the abstract white lines, this powder room deserves to be a starter for every conversation.

28. Awesome Moss Gray

Update the look of your white shiplap wall with this moss gray color. So, apply the idea behind your toilet and extend it to other sides of the walls.

29. Serene White Bathroom

For your master bathroom, you probably want an idea of how to paint behind a toilet that suits everyone’s style. In this view, this serene bathroom features a broken white color scheme that will make a good idea for you.

30. Gray and Navy Combo

Who does not love the elegance of this master bathroom? Besides, the light gray wall works very well as the backdrop for the existing navy vanity.

31. Functional Recessed Wall Shelves

In addition, to repaint the wall behind your toilet, you will love to have an additional storage unit that does not take so much space.

Moreover, these recessed wall shelves can provide you enough storage for many decorations while adding color to your small powder room.

Finally, you already know how to paint behind a toilet and some ideas to execute the project. Good luck!

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