Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Fire Pit

During cold weather, nothing better than warming you by the fire while hanging out with close people. But while doing outdoor is impossible, it is time to use an indoor fire pit.

Although many doubt its safety, indoor fire pits are increasingly popular in various circles. There are many conveniences and comforts that you can get.

Want to know more about this fixture? Let us read this discussion to the end.

What is a Fire Pit?


It is a part of the warming system, which involves a container or hole that prevents fire spread around. You can enjoy the moment of a bonfire with lots of people.

Initially, this fixture was only for outdoor purposes because it required complicated installation. But over time, many instant fire pit products are practical and allow you to place them indoors.

How does it Work?


The way a fire pit work is quite simple. In older times, people used to build a hole lined with refractory material. It should be of sufficient depth so that no sparks can injure people around.

Previously, people lit the fire with the help of certain fuels, such as coal. But over time, fire pits have become more practical because they are available in portable form.

Now we can use gas, propane, and wood material to make the flame.

The Fuel

For the perfect flame, on a small or large scale, you need fuel to put in the fire receptacle. So far, there are three commonly used by fire pit lovers.

Each fuel has different characteristics, so choose the one that fits your needs. They are wood-burning, propane, and natural gas.

All three materials have advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief overview.

1. Indoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

This method is the most conventional and will provide a pleasant campfire sensation. Wood is a cheap and easy-to-get available material. Plus, you can keep them for some time to stock up.

However, using wood as fuel is quite troublesome. In addition to starting a fire is not an easy thing; you have to clean the rest of the burning ash.

In addition, this material also produces smoke and odors during combustion.

2. Charcoal

Coal is a well-known fuel since ancient times. Compared to wood, its use does produce a stable and long-lasting flame. However, many people choose the others.

Although there are many of them in nature, their burning creates annoying smoke and increases global warming. Plus, coal contains radioactive substances. In addition, this leaves ashes that will make it difficult for you to clean.

3. Propane

Wood is perfect if you like big fires. But if you want to enjoy a beautiful spark while warming yourself up, then propene can be an option.

It is a mix of isopropyl alcohol, water, salt, and binders. No trash, no ash, everything is practical.

The beautiful flame will bring warmth at all times. Besides, the size of the fire is adjustable. Unfortunately, you may need to spend a lot of money to enjoy it.

4. Natural Gas


Many people think gas is the best choice for outdoor and indoor fire pits. It costs much less than propane but has the same benefits. No smoke, no ash, and this fuel are even cleaner than burning propane.

Installation and operation are also simple. You do not have to bother making fire like in wood-burning, but you get better quality and cheaper than propane.

5. Bioethanol

If you are a person who cares about the environment, then bioethanol is the right choice.

It is an indoor smokeless fire pit that uses renewable resources as fuel, such as rice, sugarcane, grapes, grain, corn, and other appropriate plants.

You can get this material in gel and liquid form. There is no odor or ash produced, making your indoor and outdoor moments safer and more comfortable.

6. Electric Indoor Fire Pit


In addition to the fuel above, another easy alternative to using a fire pit is to use electricity. Like the electric fireplace, this method is also much more practical because you do not need to buy other materials.

Although very simple and produces the desired flame, the use of electricity will affect the bills. In addition to installations that run into thousands of dollars, you also have to consider the monthly fees.

Fire Pit vs Fireplace


Ideally, the fireplace is an indoor fixture, while the fire pit is an outdoor one.

However, with the development of technology, you can swap the location of both. Of course, there are some adjustments that you will need.

The difference between them is the structure. The fire pit allows many people to surround, make the heat is evenly distributed.

Meanwhile, the fireplace is usually attached to the wall and only provides warmness on one side.

Why Should You Use an Indoor Fire Pit?

Ideally, a campfire activity is an outdoor activity. However, with the development of technology and lifestyle, and indoor fire pits are the better choice. The following are the advantages that you get.

  • Warm and cozy atmosphere in a private room
  • The price can adjust to the budget
  • A variety of beautiful designs and suitable for home decoration
  • Easier to start a fire
  • Easy installation

With those benefits, there seems to be no reason to refuse an indoor fire pit at home.

Is It Safe?

Given that even the tiny fire can pose a fatal hazard, starting it indoors would make many people think twice. In fact, with proper setup and use, an indoor fire pit is perfectly safe for everyone.

But like starting a fire in the kitchen, the danger is always there. If you are negligent and do not operate it properly, then a spark can affect and cause injury to people in the house.

How to be Safe


As mentioned above, an indoor fire pit is safe because the manufacturer has considered various factors that may arise. However, using it unsupervised is not recommended.

Danger will arise if you ignore the safety rules. In addition, the wrong installation can also have an unfavorable impact. To be on the safe side, pay attention to the following points.

1. Adjust to Floor Conditions

When operating an indoor fire pit, of course, the fixture will affect the floor of the room. Therefore, you need to make sure that the material you use is adequate to withstand the heat.

Avoid flammable materials such as wooden flooring, vinyl, and others to avoid a potential hazard. If it is impossible, then place the base to make the fixture do not come into direct contact with the floor.

2. Ensure Ideal Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is also an important safety factor. Make sure the top of the house is not too close to the indoor fire pit. The distance that is not ideal will increase the risk of suffocation and sparks.

In addition, the heat from the indoor fire pit generally tends to rise to the top. If the distance is not ideal, then this could damage the roof, causing other potential hazards.

Otherwise, if conditions do not allow it, you should put the fixture outside.

3. Provide Adequate Ventilation

If you use wood as fuel, smoke can fill the room. This material is very dangerous because it will interfere with breathing. Therefore, make sure you have adequate ventilation.

Even if you use non-smoky propane, the heat can cause chest tightness. If you do not have adequate ventilation, you can leave the door or window open.

4. Keep Away from Flammable Objects


As we discussed earlier, a flame looks harmless but has the potential to be dangerous. The little spark could hit something and cause a fire or fatal incident.

Therefore, even though the fixture already has a protector, it is a good idea to keep it preventive. Keep all flammable items away from the burning area.

5. Do not Leave It Alone


Although it looks harmless, a small fire can trigger danger. Therefore, you must give your full attention while the indoor fire pit is on. Never leave it unattended.

If you do have to be away long enough, make sure everything is safe. It is best if you turn off anything before going or before going to bed.

However, if not, make sure someone is watching it awake.

Best Indoor Fire Pits for Home Purpose


Nowadays, enjoying an indoor fire pit is easy because many best products are ready to provide warmth and comfort. However, you must understand the description of the product before purchasing.

To avoid the wrong choice, here are some reviews of the best indoor fire pit products to get. With advanced and environmentally friendly technology, you can enjoy classy moments with close people.

1. Stix Ethanol Fire Pit

This indoor fire pit has the same design as a traditional bonfire. Several logs seemed to surround the fire as if they were the fuel. It is a portable fixture that will not soil the floor.

Stix does not require electricity or gas during use. Because it does not produce smoke, this will be one of the best indoor fire pits to accompany gatherings with close people.

2. Mix 850 Fire Bowl

It is another best indoor fire bowl option that combines traditional and modern pottery. The design looks beautiful with black glass charcoal decorating around the fire.

Despite the big size, this lightweight fire bowl is easy to move.

The Mix 850 Fire Bowl produces an aesthetically pleasing flame. Indeed, the manufacturing company has used high technology and ensures its use is environmentally friendly.

Interestingly, the fire can burn for up to 11 hours.

3. Pod 30 Ethanol Fire Table

Although small, sparks can hit the furniture around the indoor fit. Hence, it is better to have a little protection around this item.

And the right product for your needs is the Pod 30 Ethanol Fire Table. It has handy fixing brackets around.

It is a kind of indoor smokeless fire pit that produces low burn. Also, you do not need a chimney for ventilation. Further, it is safe for indoor purposes and available in two sizes so that you can choose following your needs.

4. Mini-T Ethanol Fire Pit

This indoor fire pit is the answer to all your needs. Safety, comfort, and beauty are the main attractions of this bioethanol-based fixture. The design looks beautiful with a glass visor that prevents sparks.

Moreover, the bottom of the Mini-T Ethanol Fire Pit is stainless steel which will ensure complete combustion. It is one of the best fire pits for indoor that will provide warmth for up to 11 hours.

5. Ark 40 Ethanol Fire Table


Do you always like the warm atmosphere in a room with close people? A warm drink will make the atmosphere even more perfect, especially if you have this indoor fire coffee table with you.

The excellent burn time of up to 11 hours will make it unforgettable.

It is an Eco-Smart Fire that applies Fluid Concrete Technology. Amazingly, you can use several fuel options in one fixture, namely natural gas, propane, and bioethanol.

Furthermore, this fire table is weather-resistant, and you can also put it outdoor.

Some Indoor Fire Pit Designs

If you want to find the indoor fire pit reference, here are some ideas you can take:

1. Square Indoor Fire Coffee Table

While indoors, the best location to gather and enjoy the warmth of the fire pit is in the living room. So that you can walk around and enjoy your time together, putting the flame on the table will be nice.

For this, you can choose a mini fire pit design that is currently circulating in stores. It is simple and practical. You can choose the appropriate fuel for your gathering.

2. Ordinary Indoor Fire Bowl

The most common design for an indoor fire pit is the bowl. Apart from being an ideal shape for storing fire, this design also has a high aesthetic value. You can also move it if you need to.

Also, the bowl-type is generally very light despite its large size. To get it, you can buy it at various stores that sell household fixtures. Do not forget to adjust to the needs and conditions of the room.

3. Cook on It


Enjoying barbecue moments at home is also very possible when you have an indoor fire pit. For this, you do need a larger size, or at least enough to make your food cook quickly.

For cooking, you should use wood to get the best results. It is possible to use other ingredients, but they do not produce enough fire to add flavor to your dish.

4. The Round Table


Besides bowls, round indoor fire pits are also quite popular. You can choose this style as a perfect coffee table. Of course, you have to adjust it to the shape of the room and the furniture.

Some designs present a flame large enough to give the sensation of a bonfire like an outdoor one.

If this is the case, the fixture will usually have a heat-stabilizing device to avoid damage to the roof and surrounding objects.

5. A Mini Fire Pit

If an indoor bonfire is too much for you, why not try the mini version. Currently, this fixture is remarkable as a light as well as decoration in the room.

With a size that is only the size of a coffee cup, this view will be beautiful. Now you can arrange a candlelight dinner without smoke and melted wax. Do not forget your Marshmallow.

6. The Round Glass

If you want to make an indoor fire pit as part of the decoration, of course, opt for a beautiful design. One that you can choose is the round glass above.

Besides having a beautiful design, the fire pit also uses environmentally friendly bio-ethanol fuel. You can make it as a decoration in the room.

7. Make It Fun


Some people like designs that are unique and a little playful. Do not worry, because you can also find the right style when looking for references about indoor fire pits.

The design of this fixture is not all boring, but some use colorful containers and motifs. It will be the right companion for children who are playing and learning together in the living room.

8. Surrounded by Glass

Although small, sparks are sometimes still dangerous. Therefore, it is better to use a protector around the coals. However, the protector should not hinder the beauty of the bonfire in front of you.

Fortunately, today is the advanced technology that can accommodate all of that. You can use an indoor fire pot with heat-resistant glass that will radiate beauty in your room.

9. The Chimney-oriented

This concept is not new and has been going on for hundreds of years in traditional houses. To avoid excessive heat and sparks, the pit has a chimney above it.

However, the chimney for the modern house already has a high aesthetic value. With charming shapes and colors, you can bring a warm feel at any time.

10. Multifunctional Fire Table


According to the concept of modern spatial planning, every object should have more than one function.

You can also find a reflection of this principle in an indoor fire pit. A piece of furniture can be a table as well as a bonfire.

Instead of putting the fire in the middle, which limits us from placing snacks, the pit is on one side.

It is a good idea, but this fire table has drawbacks. Those who are far from the fire will not get enough warmth.



After reading the explanation above to the end, surely now you know more about indoor fire pits. This fixture is relatively safe as long as you meet safety standards and don’t neglect to use it.

So, there is no reason not to use it at home. If outdoor is too mainstream, now is the time for you to switch to an indoor fire pit.

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