30+ Indoor Hot Tub Ideas To Provide Relaxation In Private

Enjoying an Indoor Hot Tub is surely a perfect way to de-stress yourself. For those of you who work hard and get tired, submerging your body into warm water would definitely make you feel better.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a hot tub or a Jacuzzi inside the house, you might explore some inspirations.

So, you will know what design to choose for your own space. Some homeowners would decide to have it in the backyard, outdoor or semi-outdoor.

Meanwhile, others may need more privacy and relaxation. So, a tub placed inside a room of the house would be more comfortable for a lot of people.

Furthermore, they can enjoy soothing warm or hot water with no worries.

1. Cabin Style Hot Tub Area


The first idea you may check out is this special area for a spa experience. It offers a cabin-style room just for enjoying the hot tub. Also, this area provides a relaxing bathing experience in your own house.

Moreover, this area is filled with wood material and windows. That combination provides a good amount of warmth to space. You will feel like taking a bath in a private spa.

2. Indoor Tub Beside Outdoor Living Space


The large size of this indoor hot tub is a perfect spa experience for all members of the family. Likewise, this small swimming pool inside a house can fit in with 8 people.

Check out the seating area right beside the indoor space. There is a comfortable living space to enjoy the outdoors. After a warm bath, you can continue enjoying the warmth of sunlight on the outside.

3. Hot Tub Beside Swimming Pool


Speaking of swimming pools, a hot tub can also be placed right beside an actual indoor pool like this one.

This room is part of a private residence on St George Hills. Likewise, this elegant modern house provides you choices of where you want to dive in.

As you can see, there is a huge marble wall on the right side of this space. Also, the dark surface really gives some sophistication to the pool area.

4. Indoor Jacuzzi in Living Room


It feels like a classic living room design that has an Indoor hot tub area. Then, the transitional seating area in this room has a lot of amazing features.

Furthermore, check out the wine cellar. It is the entertainment of the space, just like that amazing Jacuzzi.

A wide-open glass window on the wall is a complement to the tub. While enjoying the soothing warmth, you can also watch some TV. It is a real source of entertainment.

5. Indoor Tub Area with Tropical Feel

It is obvious where the tropical feel comes from. That bamboo wall looks so amazing.

Besides, the bamboo becomes an accent wall that is completed with hanging air plants. The amount of lighting from the glass wall also takes part to elevate the natural touch of the decor.

Unlike the previous room design, this one has a seating area that is separated by a glass wall that can be opened. It seems very nice and you can access the tub right from the seating area.

6. Hot Tub Inside The Solarium

Having a hot tub outside the house does not always mean it is right under the sky uncovered. In this case, the tub is sheltered in the outdoor space.

Then, the homeowner has some kind of greenhouse kit. The shelter aims to keep the tub from various elements.

You do not have to be afraid of leaves, dirt, dead bugs, and animals disturb your lovely Jacuzzi. Even though you are inside, you can still enjoy the great view of the outdoors in full scale.

7. Asian-Inspired In Floor Tub

It is such a unique approach to an indoor hot tub area. Also, this relaxing bathroom has a special space that contains a floor-to-ceiling wooden platform.

On the floor, a circular hot tub is planted. Additionally, it creates a beautiful touch to enjoy the bathing.

Based on the design, the in-floor tub seems to be perfect for indoor conditions. It needs to be clean every time. Therefore, you have to keep the perfect condition to be ready for the next bathing.

8. Black Bathroom with White Hot Tub

The enchanting charm of black and white will never be a disappointment. This is a simple idea to style your hot tub or Jacuzzi area.

Have the platform in all black color. Then, you can just have a white tub planted in it.

Moreover, this bathroom offers a spa-like experience. As you can see, the minimalist double vanity back there. It really creates the feeling.

9. Indoor Hot Tub with Glass Covering


This house is so cool. There is a building right beside the pergola outside of the house. Indeed, the homeowner builds it only for an area to enjoy the hot tub.

The metal structure with glass covering really deliver an amazing industrial feel. Otherwise, it would feel like there is no wall.

10. Personal Gym with Hot Tub

The indoor hot tub idea in this space is near the personal gym area. It offers a relaxing way to calm your body after exercising.

Thus, submerging your body after an exercise would definitely give you the greatest feeling. However, the tub does not need to be too large. It can be just small and oval like this one.

You can have the tub according to the space you have. It is going to be a perfect thing to do right after the gym.

11. Large Portable Indoor Tub


If you aim for portability, a sunken or planted tub will not be a good recommendation. You may need to get an above-ground one.

Thereupon, you will be able to move it to another place every time you make a remodel or renovation to space.

Indeed, the bathroom is a popular spot for a portable hot tub. It is a great choice for you who do not have other rooms for the hot tub area.

Furthermore, you can aim to have a small version of the tub fit in a smaller bathroom.

12. Small Nooks for Hot Tub

Having a special nook for a hot tub in the bathroom is what many homeowners choose for space. It separates the tub area from the rest of the elements.

Additionally, it would make the bathing comfier and create a relaxing moment.

Also, this nook concept would be a great option for a loft or studio apartment. In this case, you can see the elevated nook just beside the bed. It makes the indoor hot tub has full privacy to enjoy.

13. Contemporary Bathroom with Beauty of Nature

This contemporary bathroom is packed with an inset tub which is in the perfect spot of the space. Hence, it gives a little bit of space in between the window.

Facing the view outside the window, you can enjoy the panoramic scene while feeling the soothing warmth of the tub.

Then, check out the accent wall design that combines wood and stone. It exposes the contrast look for a decorative purpose.

Besides, some plants on the corner elevate the natural feel of this bathroom.

14. Open Glass Wall for the Lights


A window is a big part of the indoor hot tub area. Planning the perfect position for it is important. The ideal result would be having the panorama as well as the lights.

However, in this bathroom, the concept is quite different. There is this giant glass wall from floor to ceiling.

It opens the entire outdoor view. Unfortunately, there is nothing to see since the wall blocks the surrounding.

This idea is not bad because it is probably for privacy. Additionally, more lights are coming into space.

15. Indoor Hot Tub Nook in The Corner


Without the tub space in the corner, the bathroom would feel so empty. Then, adding such a big element, the empty corner would elevate the quality of this bathroom.

Therefore, the wide-open windows serve what the tub needs. Further, the addition of that nook makes the bathroom more functional.

Now, it is not only a room for a hygiene car. Also, this area becomes a space to have a rest and relax as long as you want.

16. Classic Sauna Space for Hot Tub


Hot Tub and Sauna are best friends. It is the right decision to enjoy the tub with a concept just like in Sauna place.

Besides, the domination of wooden material in rich color offers a quiet relaxation to anyone. As a result, this combination pulls double duty.

Hence, a hot tub in a hot room could really define relaxation for some people.

17. Steam Bath and Long Soak


This is a steam space that offers another type of relaxation. It would be such a great thing to have in your house.

You can enjoy a steam bath or long soak in one place. The log-cabin style looks perfect in this space. In addition, the gravel flooring and stone table seem ready for adventure.

18. Circular Hot Tub with Custom Built Seating


The first thing you would notice in this image is that additional seating. It is a custom-built addition to your Jacuzzi spa.

Likewise, it has a simple design and material that goes well with the tub itself.

Further, the tub gives more space to relax other than being inside the tub. You probably just want to dip your leg for a while.

19. Mosaic Platform for Hot Tub

This round indoor hot tub is surrounded by a mosaic platform to protect its body. It offers a peaceful soaking oasis for the center space.

This warm and inviting bathroom would be a perfect place to enjoy the soothing warm water.

Additionally, having the tub platform filled with mosaic tile bring so much interest. It complements the rest of the neutral scheme.

20. Steam Rooms with Middle-Eastern Vibe

This steam room has an impressive spa interior design. All the texture and pattern make the relaxing space more alive.

People will enjoy staying in the tub after an intense workout. It would make their body feel the stress release.

21. Modern Sauna Place with Hot Tub


If you want your indoor hot tub area to have a more authentic feeling of a sauna, why do not you just take inspiration from such a place?

Search for some pictures from the internet. Also, this one can be an option.

22. Open Air Gazebo and Skylights with Hot Tub

Having a hot tub in this open-air space is a great way to protect your spa. Also, it offers a view of the outdoor, backyard, or garden during the day.

While enjoying the hot tub, the people can get their eyes on the night sky. There will be thousands of stars to be seen, thanks to the skylights.

23. Big Hot Tub in Large Bathroom


It is a complete set of a bathroom. There is a walk-in shower to rinse yourself clean. Likewise, the big chunky hot tub for soaking away tension after working hard all day.

Additionally, the blue mosaic accent wall is really an attention stealer, right?

24. Semi-Outdoor Hot Tub with Bohemian Feels


This semi-outdoor backyard has a bohemian theme for its decor. An element that makes this area not indoor is the roof design.

It is designed to cover what is below but still giving out the way for sunlight.

That indoor Jacuzzi is a complete satisfaction being in this bohemian backyard. Thus, you will enjoy relaxing your body.

25. Indoor Hot Tub with Beautiful Beach View

An indoor tub area is not just about what is inside. Also, it is about what the outdoor has for you. In this space, there is a huge window you can open to watch a beautiful view of the beach.

When the time and position are right, you can even witness sunrise or sunset while submerging your body in bubbling warm water.

26. Inviting Cabana With Hot Tub


This special space for enjoying the hot tub looks so inviting from all sides. The combination of natural light and warm water is just perfect in this scene.

Meanwhile, the rich wood platform looks like a stage for a performance. The open roof installed in this bathing space is something else.

27. Indoor Hot Tub Space in Penthouse Apartment


This Mediterranean bathroom has mid-sized Tuscan master mosaic tile as the decorative items. Also, the beige wall and brown tile make a pretty good base for the scheme.

Furthermore, the hot tub in this bathroom becomes the main element to dominate the space.

28. Royal Modern Bathroom with Large Hot Tub

This indoor hot tub idea is suitable for a large modern bathroom like this one. Likewise, it has an open room concept where there is more than one area.

Thereupon, it looks like the room with a tub becomes the main attraction of this space.

Additionally, the pebble tile and beige floor fill the entire room with a lot of lights. Even during the nighttime, you can see that it has a perfect brightness. This area looks tremendous.

29. Traditional Beige Bathroom with Hot Tub

Instead of having a bathtub, a small circular hot tub would fit better in this traditional bathroom. It provides a great relaxation spot just for one person.

Moreover, the classic vanity table by the window creates a vintage and fancy setup for the room.

30. Natural Stone All Over The Tub Area


The inspiration of this indoor hot tub is like coming from the stone age. There are so many natural stones arranged in the vertical space.

Further, the rustic atmosphere serves you with a different kind of relaxation. Since the interior of the house has the same design, this bathing area will not be out of place.

31. Mesmerizing Indoor Hot Tub on Wooden Floor

The wooden floor and a garden just outside the room match perfectly. Also, it would create a serene atmosphere to support your relaxing activity.

As you can see, this space is designed only for that Jacuzzi.

32. Mini Hot Tub for Two Person

Check out this small indoor hot tub. It is the choice you should go when dealing with a small bathroom. Just place this item right beside the shower area.

Furthermore, it is like the substitute for a bathtub, a better one. As you can see, the tub fills an empty area of the bathroom with functions.

33. Indoor Pool and Hot Tub Space


Another idea with a combination of a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. You can have both if there is a spacious area.

However, it does not have to be a full-scale pool. Just the slim version like this one. Moreover, this indoor pool does not require a lot of space. It is very special.

34. Indoor Jacuzzi with Woven Coverings


It is a Junious suite room of Cascabana Hotel. You can have this style as an inspiration to design your bathroom.

Indeed, this bathroom is a complete set. The jacuzzi in the middle is just a cool service you need to have. As you can see, the tub has a woven cover that matches the rug.

35. Backyard Hot Tub Inside a Cave


Designing an indoor hot tub space like a cave is quite extreme. It is at the top level of interior design for a space that needs a serene, calm, and natural ambiance.

Thus, the relaxing vibe you need is obviously right there.


There are a lot of possibilities you can go with when it comes to choosing the right indoor hot tub to serve you. One of them must be on the above list.

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