Designing a Jack and Jill Bathroom and How to Reduce Conflict between Users

Have you ever heard of the term Jack and Jill bathroom? It is one part of space design that has been quite popular since 1960.

Jack and Jill is a bathroom that is accessible for residents of two rooms at once. Each room generally has a connecting door to get into it.

Until now more and more people are using it at home. People love it for various considerations that are considered positive, one of which is to save space.

However, the use of a Jack and Jill bathroom also does not always bring good things. This shared space might invite conflicts and confusion among users.

But do not worry! You can still apply some more private Jack and Jill bathroom designs and steal many catchy ideas. Hence, consider the following reviews to the end.

1.   What is Jack and Jill Bathroom?

What is Jack and Jill Bathroom


As explained above, the Jack and Jill bathroom is indoor plumbing, which is accessible for two connecting rooms. Thus, homeowners might utilize it with their next-door neighbor.

Every Jack and Jill bathroom has several doors, each connected to a different room. Generally, it involves only two bedrooms, but you can also create more.

a.   Why is it called a Jack and Jill bathroom?

Why is it called a Jack and Jill bathroom


Not only you, but many people are also curious about the origin of this design name. The inspiration for this term is a traditional British song about two siblings, Jack and Jill.

They are always together doing daily activities. Like Jack and Jill, users of connecting rooms are people who do everything together, including using the bathroom.

b.   History



The Jack and Jill song appeared in the 18th century and came with a new version in the 19th century. Meanwhile, the tradition of using a connecting bathroom became popular around 1950.

The popularity sign of this design is the appearance on TV shows, like The Brady Bunch. This program was so popular in the 1950s-1960s, whose whatever aspect was always an inspiration.

One of the things that remain on the minds of many people is the connecting restroom design. Since then, Jack and Jill bathroom has appeared in many residences.

The connecting bathroom itself is the impact of the well-known use of indoor plumbing at that time. Many people feel more comfortable placing a restroom in their room for privacy reasons.

But building it for each room will cost a lot, especially for large families. Therefore, using a connecting bathroom, which later has known as Jack and Jill, is the right solution.

c.   Characteristic features

Characteristic features


After reading the explanation of Jack and Jill bathroom above, of course, you can begin to imagine what the design look likes. But if you are confused, here are some characters:

A part of indoor plumbing

Jack and Jill bathroom is a restroom connected to one or more bedrooms. However, some people also connect it to the hallway or other parts of the house to facilitate guests.

Having two or more doors to enter

Because of its connected position to several rooms, a Jack and Jill bathroom certainly has several entrances.

Not part of the master bedroom

Even though it has several doors, a Jack and Jill bathroom is not commonly-connected to the master bedroom. The reason is, this room usually has its restroom and has a high level of privacy.

Talking about the Size

Jack and Jill bathroom size is not a matter. This facility is a shared space that is accessible to several rooms.

Therefore, large sizes are not necessary. You can build it with standard dimensions but with several doors.

2.   Jack and Jill Bathrooms Reviews: Pros and Cons

Jack and Jill Bathrooms Reviews, Pros and Cons


It is undeniable that Jack and Jill bathroom is unique but also comfortable to use. Many people use it for various reasons.

However, you cannot simply build and use them at home without any consideration. As another design concept, the Jack and Jill bathroom has several pros and cons.

The following are some positive and negative points of using a connecting bathroom. Study it carefully before deciding to use it at home.

a.   Advantages

Many people love this room design as it gives privacy and a comfortable feel. Apart from that, various other things keep their existence popular from time to time. Here are some of them:




In recent decades, indoor plumbing has become a culture. By having direct access to the bathroom, occupants will feel more comfortable, free, and private.

But building a bathroom in every bedroom is certainly not always the right way as you may not use it all the time. Thus, placing indoor plumbing will probably only take up space.

Therefore, it will be easier if the bathroom is accessible to other people. By placing several doors leading to several rooms, you can enjoy privacy without having to waste space.

Of course, using it will require a bit of strategy. You might find situations where other residents use it when you want to go to the bathroom.

Privacy in an economical way

Privacy in an economical way


Apart from allowing space savings, you can also save a lot of money. However, this does not interfere with your privacy at all.

Instead of building a bathroom installation in each bedroom, it will be more economical to install an access door from the bathroom to several rooms at once.

You only need to pay for one bathroom (plus several connecting doors). However, it is up to you to place some private furniture to avoid conflict among users.

Suitable for large families


The purpose of using indoor plumbing is to provide comfort and privacy. When you wake up in the morning, it will be easier to go to the bathroom or wash your face without leaving the room.

However, this kind of comfort will not be right for those who live in large families. Of course, installing indoor plumbing in each room is not the right choice.

If you want to enjoy indoor plumbing, then Jack and Jill is the solution. Direct access to the shared bathroom will make it easier for you in a variety of situations.

Strengthen relationships

Strengthen relationships


The more often we do activities in a private room; the relationship with family members will be more tenuous. It will get worse if all residents use indoor plumbing.

Therefore, Jack and Jill bathroom is a solution. You use a shared restroom with direct access to your room.

That is why you will still try to maintain cleanliness and consider the comfort and interests of others. What positive privacy, right?

Many designs to apply

Many Designs to Apply


Another advantage of the Jack and Jill bathroom is the diverse design. Along with increasing popularity, more and more models now exist.

Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of going out of style or failing to find the right Jack and Jill bathroom house plans. Try to do browsing and you will find some great ideas.

You can also consult with experts to build a Jack and Jill bathroom that suits your needs and tastes. But of course, you have to do a discussion with other residents.

b.   Disadvantages

There are advantages, but also disadvantages. Not always, Jack and Jill bathroom layout will make your home perfect. The following are some of the negatives that may arise.

The potential for conflict

the potential for conflict


Using a room with other people always has the potential for conflict. For instance, when some members want to use it simultaneously.

Therefore, you should make agreements with other residents. Prioritize who has more pressing interests.

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem that may arise. You may feel uncomfortable with the habits of other residents when using the bathroom.

One person may not have a clean habit, while another wants the bathroom neat and tidy. Besides, there may be disagreements about how to use furniture and appliances.

However, this is not insurmountable. The right Jack and Jill bathroom layout will help reduce conflicts between fellow users.

Isolated bathroom

Isolated Bathroom


As is known, Jack and Jill bathroom is only accessible by residents whose rooms have access to it. The rest, no one from outside could use it.

Hence, this room type may be isolated and not accessible to outside guests. But you will still overcome this if your Jack and Jill bathroom has a door that leads to the hallway.

Short-time use

Short-time use


Because of its isolated location, not everyone can use it. If the access owner no longer occupies the connected room, then the Jack and Jill bathroom will no longer in use.

Therefore, just in case, you should add a door that connects the bathroom to the hallway. Thus, there is still a possibility that other people can access it.

There is an unusable spot

There is an unusable spot


When you enter the room and see someone else there, you will feel awkward. Besides, you will feel uncomfortable when you are there.

For the sake of privacy, most Jack and Jill bathrooms will have an elbow room. It is the space behind each connecting door.

With the elbow room, you will not go directly to the bathroom. You can use it to see if there are other people in it.

However, the existence of an elbow room also appeared to have unused space. If this section is too small, you cannot even put anything in it.

Resale Value Effect

Resale Value Effect


Using the Jack and Jill bathroom will be fun for families with small kids. They will have no problem using the bathroom with the family.

However, problems may arise if the family no longer chooses small children. Instead of using a shared bathroom, they tend to prefer the private one.

This fact is, of course, also a consideration when someone intends to buy a house. Maybe not everyone is interested in purchasing a residence with a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Therefore, selling a house with a bathroom may not be as easy as a home with private indoor plumbing. It might give an impact on lower bids.

Those are several factors to consider if you will use Jack and Jill bathroom in your home. Study carefully and adjust as needed.

3.   Designing Private and Comfortable Jack and Jill Bathroom

Designing Private and Comfortable Jack and Jill Bathroom


As discussed above, the use of Jack and Jill can lead to conflicts between users. There may be a mismatch that arises and causes discomfort.

But you don’t need to worry. It is not an insurmountable problem. With the right arrangement, users can minimize conflicts that arise when using a shared bathroom.

In this discussion, we will discuss several tips so that your Jack and Jill bathroom remains private in the space of sharing. Here are some things you can do:

a.   Make it double

Make It Double


One of the things that make it awkward is when two or more people want to use the bathroom facilities at once. How to solve it?

Many people use double fixtures in Jack and Jill bathrooms. For instance, try to put two vanities in it. Thus, you do not have to use them interchangeably.

Likewise, it is true for other objects, such as storage cabinets. Of course, you do not want to put their items in the same place as other users.

Each door also needs to have its lighting. Apart from being a sign that someone is in the bathroom, you can also use it to light the way and the elbow room to the restroom.

However, this may not always be applicable. The reason is that some Jack and Jill bathroom sizes are sometimes too small. Hence, it is not possible to accommodate many fixtures.

But do not be sad if that happens. Currently, there is a lot of mini furniture and suitable for narrow spaces. Remember to add more references.

b.   Security at all doors

Security at all doors


To avoid unwanted things, such as wrong doors, try to provide adequate security at all entrances. Each must have their lock system to maintain privacy.

It becomes a simple matter, but not to ignore. Experience shows that a breach of privacy is a bad thing to do. So be careful with this point.

c.   Take advantage of the elbow-room

Take advantage of the elbow-room


As explained earlier, the elbow room is the space behind the door. Its function is as a private spot so that the user does not directly face the bathroom when opening the door.

This section may not be too big, but people may use it for different things. For example, you can place storage to place items.

To save space, you can use wall-mounted storage or a minimalist wardrobe. If possible, you can even use it as a space for a water closet.

d.   Connect with hallway

Connect with hallway


To avoid Jack and Jill bathroom becoming useless in the future, you can add a door to the hallway. That way, in an emergency, other people can still use it.

Even so, you do not have to use this door. Keep it locked up except in an emergency. The reason is that you have to maintain the privacy of users whose rooms have access to the restroom.

4.   Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas to Steal

Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas to Steal


After reading the explanation above, maybe you already have a consideration of whether you want to implement this design or not. If interested, then continue reading this article until the end.

Here are some Jack and Jill bathroom layout ideas that are simple but quite effective in using space. Try to look. Who knows which can inspire your room design later.

a.   In the Small Space

In the Small Space


Small space is a classic problem in every spatial arrangement. Nowadays, lots of great designs are available.

In case you want to use a double fixture, it is better to use minimalist furniture. Thus, you can maximize the available space without losing privacy.

b.   All in White

All in White Jack and Jill Bathroom


To maximize the aesthetic value in space design, play with hues. One of the most popular choices is white because it gives it a luxurious, grand, and clean feel.

Using perfect white will make space feel wider too. That way, you will not feel claustrophobic even though there are many shared items in the bathroom.

c.   Private Water Closet

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Private Water Closet


One way to maintain your privacy is to use a private water closet. Most people consider this fixture to be so personal that it is uncomfortable to share with other people.

But you have to place it strategically so that it is not visible to neighboring rooms. In this case, you can take advantage of the elbow-room.

d.   Nothing But Blue Jack and Jill

Nothing But Blue Jack and Jill


Apart from white, many color choices will bring special nuance to your Jack and Jill bathroom. Try to present the dominance of blue tones to display a calm impression.

You should not use the same shade on all sides. Combine several different tones to produce deep nuances when carrying out activities in it. But do not forget to consider harmony.

e.    Large and Lux Bathroom

Large and Lux Jack and Jill Bathroom


Lucky for you to have a large enough space for the bathroom. Then, it is possible to use any design to enhance the atmosphere in it.

With a large space, you will also not hesitate to use lots of fixtures and furniture to maintain your privacy. Opt for the most beautiful decorations possible.

Now, it is time to consider. Weigh the pros and cons of using Jack and Jill bathroom before choosing. Are you going to apply it at home or decide to abort? The choice is yours.





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