35 Japanese Bedroom Ideas from Different World Cultures

A Japanese Bedroom design is one of the most popular things in recent years. Therefore, this style can be an easy choice for you to apply in your house.

The fact that designing and planning the master bedroom is a bit tricky, bringing in some culture can be a good solution.

In this article, we are going to focus on providing you, our reader, plenty of inspiring Japanese-style designs for your bedroom.

Likewise, this Asian concept should be something that resembles its Japanese lifestyle.

However, it does not always look like a traditional Japanese house with all the windows and tatami stuff. This style is more like bringing in the feel and vibe with a strong characteristic.

1. Neutral Scheme in Japanese Bedroom


If you are looking for a bedroom that offers relaxation and calm, this one should be on your list. Therefore, the main focus of this room design is a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can see the garish wall colors with flower-patterned wallpapers.

That really elevates the Japanese style of this bedroom. Also, the neutral, earthen colors add more lights. You can aim to have the ones like off-white, creams, beige, and light grey.

2. Modern Bedroom with Huge Windows


Natural light is quite important in embracing the Japanese feel into your bedroom. Then, the thing that makes the space most comfortable is the teachings of Zen.

So, it is a must to fill the space with natural lights.

A huge window is quite necessary to gain as much natural light as possible. Also, to add the character to space, you should have the elements like lamps in a paper lantern or wood-based ones.

3. Shoji Sliding Doors in Bedroom

The term shoji refers to the design of the sliding doors. It uses transparent wood or sometimes paper screens.

Likewise, this item is the usual Japanese way to let outdoor lights enter the bedroom.

That shoji sliding door is truly the highlight of this Japanese Bedroom. Besides, it provides shade and visual cover to set up the perfect ambiance of culture in the room.

4. Japanese Bedroom with a Lot of Bamboos


Bamboo is a traditional Asian way to add texture to the interior. Then, this bedroom has a great amount to display in the background.

As you can see, the wall is full of real bamboo. Therefore, it is such a big impact on the bedroom.

Additionally, in designing a room with the teachings of Zen, you have to emphasize the balance of fabrics, materials, colors, and textures.

5. Warm Interior Design in Japanese Style


Folding screens is one of the main elements in Japanese-style rooms. Also, it is often used to make good privacy to space, especially a room that has two functions.

Most Japanese bedrooms do not only contain a bed. So, a partition is needed to separate from the others.

Additionally, the domination of windows on the wall and the tatami provides great warmth to the whole area.

6. Japanese Bedroom with Modern Vibe


This modern bedroom contains some normal furniture which is used for the workstation. A simple chair and built-in table are being separated from the sleeping area.

The bed itself is in a traditional Japanese style of bedding. Further, all of the elements in this bedroom could be the perfect modern choice of this style.

7. Tatami Room for Two

This is a bedroom design that is ideal for siblings. It has an en suite interior vogue that would impress them.

Then, just add a couple of simple and minimalist mattresses. It is suitable for this kind of concept.

The tatami floor is the one that defines the authenticity of this bedroom’s concept. Apparently, there is only a small window available.

Therefore, the homeowner decided to cover the lack of natural lights with a lot of white in the room.

8. Simple Japanese Style with Concrete Floor


Even though it does not really make a big impact on the space, all the Japanese elements seem to be in the right portion.

Moreover, the low bedding, folding screens, and several houseplants are all the bedroom needs to express the culture’s vibe.

9. Mid-Century Japanese Bedroom


If simplistic and minimalistic is all you need for your bedroom, check out this mid-century interior design. The concrete ceiling and lots of wood elements provide a natural atmosphere for space.

Thus, if you love to be minimalist, this idea is just perfect. The room only contains four things, a table, a bed, a plant, and a chair. That is it.

10. Japanese Room for Kids

The application of Japanese style in a kid’s bedroom is not so hard. You can just get all the furnishings from IKEA.

Then, to complete the ambiance, add a nice picture or painting of Cherry Blossoms. It is what the Japanese is all about.

11. DIY Bamboo Bed Frame

It is one of the ways to add the vibe of Traditional Asian style into any bedroom. As said before, Bamboo is one of the main selections to add zen to an interior.

Thereupon, if you are crafty enough, build the frame on your own.

12. Vintage Japanese Painting on Wall


It is obvious that the huge painting on the background wall is the focal point of this bedroom. Hence, the vintage image is really making a strong impact on the Japanese characteristic of the space.

Additionally, the low bedding and small floor table are just being functional in this bedroom. One more thing, the random geometric style on the windows has a unique approach to the theme itself.

13. Industrial Minimalist Full of Concrete

The color of concrete will never be a disappointment to minimalism. Thus, as you can see, the natural ambiance offers a great feeling of relaxation and calm.

Furthermore, having this Japanese bedroom, a fan of industrial minimalism would not ask for more. The low bed is very suitable for the concept since it does not take much visual space.

14. Low Bed with Storage


A low bed is not just suitable for minimalist style but also Japanese. A lot of wood elements and huge windows can indicate the teachings of Zen.

Thus, the designer of this bedroom is surely looking for a relaxing and comfortable place to sleep with all the calm color scheme.

Moreover, the room becomes more alive thanks to the houseplant in the corner right beside the bed. It is a simple way to infuse nature into the bedroom for a more healthy environment.

15. Modern Japanese Bedroom with Wall Decor


There are some geometric elements on the wall of this bedroom. It is something that makes the space more alive.

Then, take a look at the bed design. It matches with the rest of the furniture. It seems to become one package.

Besides, with a bit of whimsy on the edge, the furniture showcases the cultural characteristic of the Japanese. The colorful abstract painting on the wall is surely giving out the colors to space.

16. Modern Asian Bedroom with Screen Divider


It feels like a spa bedroom. Having a screen divider in a room will define every area inside the room. Hence, you could decide each area to have different purposes.

Additionally, check out the structure of the bed. It looks like an arrangement of several wood planks.

Some of the legs are supported by a double bench. Also, each bench has storage for any necessity.

17. Accent Wall in Bedroom with Asian Vibe

The wood pattern on the accent wall makes the space become more alive than before. Thus, it sets up the mood for the entire environment.

As you can see, it also has a headboard that makes a statement of its own.

Meanwhile, the wooden bed design including the headboard indicates the Japanese vibe for space.

18. The Vivid Red in Japanese Bedroom


There is nothing wrong with implementing such bold colors in the middle of the Japanese style. Likewise, this bedroom has a vivaciousness of red right in the center of attention.

However, the Asian vibe is still standing tall with that houseplant and background wall decor.

The red bedding is not the only one. Besides, it matches with the wall that has a sun-filled window.

Further, you might check out the light fixture. Both on the ceiling and the side table, it shares a similar design to connect both worlds, upper and lower.

19. Wood Worked Bedroom Concept


Check out this dreamy Japanese bedroom design. It is extremely full of wooden material.

Indeed, this is one of the best interior styles of Japanese. The mahogany bed delivers clean lines and sleek appeal.

Also, the accent wall on the back is like a frame for this masterpiece of bedroom design. Then, add some decor items on the side table without being worried about the symmetry.

20. Minimalist Bedroom for Small Space


Have you ever visited a real Japanese house? If you have, every room would look a lot like this one.

Thus, you can apply this authentic concept of the bedroom to your modern house. Obviously, the style would require a lot of effort but the idea is worth it.

Moreover, some Japanese-style hotels or hostels have this kind of design in their rooms. It is simple, minimalist, and of course, comfortable.

21. Simplicity in Japanese Design


For a fan of simple style, Japanese design is the right choice to have. Wherefore, the culture in Japan always thrives on minimalist designs.

Indeed, this bedroom offers a peaceful and relaxing serene for a quality sleeping experience.

Meanwhile, the paper screen on the wall gives as much as you want. With minimal furniture, it makes space feel more spacious and that is so comfortable.

22. Bed Frame with Built-In Shelving Unit


As you see in this bedroom, the bed construction becomes one with the shelving unit in the background.

However, you do not have to fill all the shelves with stuff. Just add a few things and keep the empty space alone. Thus, it is one way to strengthen the Japanese vibe.

In this case, the shelving unit makes a great headboard up to the ceiling. Also, a few graphics of Japanese culture and typical floral design create a special character to the bedroom.

23. Low Bedding in Master Bedroom


Sometimes, you do not even need a bed frame to set up a comfortable master bedroom. So, just put the mattress on the wall and cover it with nice bedding. Then, you are ready to enjoy sleeping.

Indeed, this master bedroom has gorgeous walls with a neutral cream color. It balances the rich wood on the floor.
Further, it is important to keep the wall natural to gain more attention to other details.

24. Little Nook in Japanese Bedroom

Japanese-style bedrooms are not all about the low bed that is close to the floor. Also, pay attention to other furniture, wall color, and minimalism.

This simple bedroom has a minimalistic side that would work for everyone.

Also, it has a nice desk for a little nook to journal or read. Those three elements, chairs, desk, and bed are enough to be called a complete bedroom.

25. Japanese Bedroom Design with Textures

Another approach you could use to design a Japanese interior is using textures. There are some specific textures that would showcase the Asian vibe for your space.

Furthermore, the headboard is one easy example. It is quite representative of the culture.

26. Beige and Brown in Japanese Interior

A neutral color scheme is a perfect choice for the Japanese style of Interior. Thus, it really delivers the minimalistic side that you want.

Well, it is what the designer of this bedroom wants to provide. The beige and brown combination plays an important role to keep the calm feeling in the space.

27. Orange and Purple in Japanese Bedroom


The combination of orange and purple in this bedroom looks okay. However, it would decrease the minimalistic power that a Japanese style should have.

Additionally, a massive graphic of trees on the wall is so artistic. That is what makes this bedroom special. Also, the low bed is still there to define its Japanese style.

28. Japanese Bed Frame for Napping

Sleeping or Napping, having a mattress above a Japanese bed frame would always be comfortable.

The bed frame used by this bedroom is simply traditional. Then, the simplicity of the design looks authentic.

Indeed, this room setup is quite ideal to be called a Japanese interior.

29. Asian Bedroom Style with Antique Vibe

The combination of elements in this bedroom is so stunning. If you are into antiques, you will love this atmosphere.

Also, the Japanese-style platform bed has an attractive headboard. Those wall decors look like ancient pennies which strengthen the antique vibe.

Besides those elements, there is nothing much to explore about this bedroom. The homeowner seems to focus only on the bigger pieces.

30. Japanese Bedroom For Women

Looking at the pieces included in this bedroom’s design, you can see that the decoration has a feminine feel.

Apparently, this Japanese room is designed for women. Wherefore, the designer built a quiet romantic ambiance with the presence of red pieces and warm lighting.

Meanwhile, take a look at the headboard. It showcases the authentic culture of Japanese people. That really defines the space at its finest.

31. Japanese Bedroom with Fabulous Green


Adding such green tones in Japanese or minimalist interiors is quite tricky. Therefore, you can take this idea as an example.

This bold color is brought as the representation of nature. The addition of house plants is very important in this case.

In order to make the green tones blend well with the neutral colors, orange is added to the wall. Hence, it is such a clever thing since that color goes well with dark brown in the middle.

32. Floating Bed Platform Floor to Ceiling


If you are looking for a Japanese-style bedroom that is designed for men, check this one out. The structure, arrangement, and color scheme really showcase masculinity.

Also, it has a nice-looking platform for the bed which becomes a special spot for the furniture.

33. Single Bed Only for Bedroom

As we know, the bed is the main piece of furniture in a bedroom. For minimalist lovers, that would be enough.

Moreover, a bedroom is a place for sleep, a bed is all you need. Thus, it will comfort you to enter your dream world. On each side of this bedroom, there is a door for the wardrobe and other rooms.

Even though the design is so minimalist, it does not mean you cannot have decorative items. At the background wall, there is a monochrome traditional picture hanging.

Additionally, on the ceiling, a simple chandelier is present.

34. Statement-Making Platform Bed

A platform bed should be the main attraction for Japanese bedrooms. So, it is very important to get a design that makes a statement.

Thus, as you can see, the bed in this room contains a touch of whimsy on each end of the form.

Besides, all the things surrounding really support the traditional charm for the entire space. The paper screen seems to be all over the wall. That creates a perfect corner for placing the bed.

35. Bedroom in Super Compact Spaces


This image comes from a tiny apartment in some place. It shows how efficient a small space could be.

Further, the perfect idea to make a small or tiny space comfortable is to live a minimalistic life. If you have minimal furniture, decor, and stuff, you will feel peaceful and the room will be spacious.


Apparently, there are so many modern and traditional ideas to choose a perfect Japanese Bedroom. choose the style you love most for a comfortable sleeping experience.

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