Japanese Living Room Ideas, More Than Just a Design

A Japanese living room is not just about interior design. Having such architecture inside the house is not all about trends.

Also, a sense of culture and history become a very central thing about it. Understanding the concept and purpose seems to be very essential.

Thus, for those of you who are here to search for some Japanese living room ideas, well it is just about the place. Not just that, you will also learn more about it.

If you think most houses in Japan are narrower than the Western styles, it is probably because of the density of the Japanese population.

Therefore, space becomes a premium aspect of their life, especially in property.

Japanese people are masters at designing any space to match their needs in the home. That is why the design of decor and furniture is a very crucial part of a traditional house of Japanese.

The Japanese living space is like the heart of the house. It is the place for the family or person to eat, sleep, and get some entertainment. Besides, the space is quite adaptable to meet the needs.

Japanese People, Nature, and Their Living Space

Japanese People, Nature, and Their Living Space

Source: matcha-jp.com

In designing a Japanese living room, we also need to think about the culture of the people.

Japanese would consider light to be a very important element of the house. A good amount of natural light is highly needed.

All of the parts and elements inside the traditional Japanese house is made to be suitable for lights to flow into the rooms thoroughly.

Besides the light, nature is considered to be an integral element to the people. Japanese loves the view of nature. Then, they would choose a house that comes with a view over the one without it.

Otherwise, for a house that does not have a view, a garden would be fine for them. It is not just about the plants that you care about outdoor.

Thereupon, some indoor plants are also highly desired. They love having gardens.

Further, you may take some simple research to take a look around most living rooms of Japanese people’s houses.

You might see that they add a lot of plants that are placed and tended carefully. The location and arrangement also come with purposes.

Indeed, you can see that the prominence of wood in the building material of the Japanese house. That is how these people love nature so much.

Out of Clutter

Out of Clutter

Source: agoda.com

Compared to the western, Japanese people do not want to cherish and hold onto things whatever the values are.

Thus, they do not want to do clutter in their living rooms. Thereupon, you will see the areas are sparse by style.

The people of Japan believe that having clutter will avoid a clear mind. They are not able to think with so much stuff around them.

Moreover, for Japanese people, creative thinking comes when the space is clean.

Japanese Living Room Furniture

Japanese Living Room Furniture

Source: pinterest.com

According to the information above, you know how to deal with the Japanese living space. It does not require a bunch of chairs, sofas, tables, and many others.

Likewise, just have a room according to its space and the flexible area it needs.

The furniture in this living room tends to be light and made of wood. Then, the weight will allow the homeowner to make space whenever they need it by moving the furniture around.

Modern Japanese Living Rooms

Modern Japanese Living Rooms

Source: pinterest.com

Well, all of those explanations before are about a very traditional Japanese living room. So, how about the modern ones. Are they similar?

Today, there are some changes made in Japanese interior design. It tends to have an approach with western style furnishings.

Wherefore, you might see more “clutter” which means more furniture like sofas.

As a result, you will get the very Japanese sense of style that comes with the prominent minimalism and natural elements.

Even though this room has a modern type, it does not mean that we cannot have some traditional aspects of Japanese living area.

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Features in Japanese Homes

Features in Japanese Homes

Source: amazon.com

Traditionally, Japanese homes are unique. They tend to have everything that seems temporary based on construction materials. Nowadays, some more modern materials come into play.

However, the aspects of traditional elements are still being used today that also blend well with today’s builds.

Furthermore, these are the elements that indicate the authentic Japanese home interior design.

Tatami Flooring

Tatami Flooring

Source: web-japan.org

These floors are the most common element in Japanese homes. It is something that reflects the culture of Japan perfectly.

Likewise, the Tatami mats are comfortable that function as both sleeping on and sitting. They are made of rice straw which is hard-wearing soft.



Source: reddit.com

Traditionally, a Tokonoma is used to place artwork o sculpture in the house. It is actually a raised area that is built next to the wall.

Furthermore, in Japanese culture, the existence of this element is pretty significant.



Source: pinterest.com

The dynamic structure in Japanese home makes Fusuma is a relevant element of the house. They are panels that act as both doors and walls that slide.

Additionally, in the modern home, you do not need the panels since they were obviously impractical in the room. However, if there is a large open space, fusuma is just great.



Source: hgtv.com

The mechanism of Shoji is similar to Fusuma. As you can see, it slides to open and close. This traditional panel is made of wood with paper.

Further, this special paper lets the light through without giving away the ability to see through it. This strong Japanese style element should be your pick.

Chabudai & Zabuton

Chabudai & Zabuton

Source: aliexpress.com

This is what you can find in every traditional Japanese living room. Chabudai is a table with short legs, like a coffee table.

Meanwhile, Zabuton is the thin cushion that people sit on. In this furniture, they do many activities such as dinner.

Japanese Living Room Ideas

After having some knowledge about the culture and many others, now it is time to explore some of the best Japanese living space ideas we could find.

As we know, the style of Japanese homes including the living room becomes the best idea to design a space with a tinge of Eastern peace. Here are the ideas for you to explore.

1. Japanese Style Living Room

Japanese Style Living Room

Source: houzz.com

Check out this Japanese-themed tea room. It is located in San Fransisco. It has a strong Japanese decor and structure with a touch of modern style.

In addition, window treatment is used for both the functions and decorations.

The shoji provides a strong Japanese style which also gives you protection from drafts. The minimal furniture and Tatami floors are just a complete surrounding to enjoy a cup of Asian tea.

2. Japanese Living Room Furniture

Japanese Living Room Furniture

Source: pinterest.com

Even though you are incorporating the Japanese style in your living room, it does not mean that you cannot have furniture.

In modern Japanese interior design, you do not need to have all the elements in traditional style. Just have a few things to incorporate.

Further, make sure they are significant enough to make an impact in the living room like this one.

For instance, a regular gray sofa matches the carpet and fireplace. The long natural wood coffee table looks perfect to be in line with the traditional decoration on the wall.

3. Traditional Japanese Living Room

Traditional Japanese Living Room

Source: pinterest.com

The whole thing in this living room is in traditional Japanese design. It has all of the elements, shoji, tatami floors, fusuma, tokonoma, and the furniture.

Then, when the sliding door is open like that, the space becomes so bright.

You can enjoy the meal during the day while enjoying the light or view from the outside. The unique thing about this living room is the cute balls hanging from the ceiling.

Moreover, the lighting fixture provides the light you need during the night.

4. Modern Japanese Living Room

Modern Japanese Living Room

Source: agoda.com

Check out this modern Japanese apartment space. The concept feels like you are in a traditional house. Also, the carpet, thin cushion, and short-legged tables are enough to incorporate the style you need.

Otherwise, this modern Japanese living room is very small since it is in limited space. The simplicity and minimalism are the highlights of this design.

5. Japanese Living Room Design

Japanese Living Room Design

Source: orientalfurnishings.com

This Asian living room is a great example of a mid-sized space in Japanese style. It comes with a zen formal and loft-style design with modern tonewood flooring.

It has got no fireplace and entertainment since that is just what you need.

Who needs electronics when you can have a relaxing space to enjoy with a view from the window. The white walls brighten up the entire space.

Further, there is a special cushion with something to lean your back.

6. Japanese Living Space Decor

Japanese Living Space Decor

Source: feinmann.com

The decoration is an important element of any room. Without decorative pieces, the space would feel empty.

It is just the same as the Japanese interior design. Thereupon, with some traditional pieces, you can turn an ordinary living room into something with zen.

In this special room, you can see some traditional Japanese shirts are hung on the wall. It is like giving a special treatment to fulfill the traditional architecture.

Besides, you can see some light fixture with a rail to lighten up space in style.

7. Japanese Apartment

Japanese Apartment

Source: resources.realestate.co.jp

This Japanese style living room is just a perfect idea for an apartment. Having an area with limited space?

That is just what this architecture is designed for. Besides the spaciousness, it will save a budget on furniture.

Indeed, it is just a great idea for an apartment. In this sweet space, the concept of sitting on a cushion with a tatami floor is just perfect.

Then, take a look at the wall decals. That brings an exciting view of nature that goes with the houseplant.

8. Japanese Living Room Table

Japanese Living Room Table

Source: pinterest.com

Actually, any table with short legs can be good Japanese style furniture for your living room. It is the most common one in Japan.

However, the typical traditional furniture of this architecture is like the one in the picture. When it comes to a coffee table for modern homes, various designs are available to choose from.

Just choose whatever design you like and you can deal with the other furniture and Japanese decor items later. Make sure it is made of natural wood to incorporates the Japanese style.

9. Japanese Living Room Set

Japanese Living Room Set

Source: pinterest.com

Take a look at this traditional Japanese living room set. It would make an exceptional private space for meditation.

The room has an authentic Tatami mat with some Asian antique pieces of decor and that cool Shoji screen.

Having this Japanese living room set of design would create a peaceful haven right inside the house. The furniture used in this space is not like the real traditional piece.

Additionally, the table is smaller and the cushion is larger. It is kind of a unique approach for the style.

10. Japanese Living Area with Red Black Lacquered

Japanese Living Area with Red Black Lacquered

Source: wabisabi-kashiwaya.jp

Introducing some darker colors to a Japanese room design is an uncommon thing in Japan. They tend to have it in a neutral color with a lot of lights.

Well, there is always a chance to make a special concept for your own space. This red-black lacquered design is one example of creating an elegant space with a Japanese style.

Additionally, one important element that you must have in this concept is, of course, the lighting. Make sure it is bright enough.

11. Japanese Living Room Low Coffee Table Minimalist

Japanese Living Room Low Coffee Table Minimalist

Source: mobilia.ca

The tiny legs of this coffee table express the sense of minimalism in this living room. It makes a perfect Japanese style interior.

Indeed, the design of the furniture is exactly the same. You might sit on the fur rug or on that very low seating.

Even though this room is not essentially a Japanese home-style, this space has every element that it needs. The decoration and other elements make good zen for space.

12. Japanese Living Room Ceiling Light

Japanese Living Room Ceiling Light

Source: Amazon.co.uk

The ceiling light is a crucial part of a living room in Japan. It provides brightness during the night. In broad daylight, the sliding doors would give it away to space.

Besides being the light provider, this traditional wooden lighting fills up the ceiling, making the area more interesting. It adds texture to the above space and goes in line with the entire design.

13. Japanese Living Room 3 Panel Divider

Japanese Living Room 3 Panel Divider

Source: ebay.co.uk

If you need a strong decoration that defines a Japanese living room, consider having a 3-panel divider like this one.

This traditional room divider screen is designed with a touch of Japanese flair. It looks good from any angle.

Then, it is perfect to place just around the living room. Even though you are having a modern style of interior, adding this 3-panel divider is just about enough to introduce zen to space.

14. Japanese Living Room With Cherry Blossom

Japanese Living Room With Cherry Blossom

Source: aliexpress.com

A cherry blossom is a big part of Japanese people’s life. They have a special season to celebrate the flowers.

Having it as part of the decoration theme could make a big impact on your living room. You can choose to have it in a form of artwork or stickers on the wall.

Otherwise, you can make the cherry blossom the main attraction to your Japanese living space, just like what you see in the pictures.

Furthermore, it has wide panels that are full of pink flowers and the big tree itself indoors.

15. Japanese Living Room Heater

Japanese Living Room Heater

Source: japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp

Besides table and cushion, during cold seasons, Japanese people add a Kotatsu. It is a traditional heater in Japan.

They warm up their body in soul with it. It is a part of the furniture set. So, they can keep themselves comfortable waist down.

Besides seating, it can also provide a space for sleeping. You can have fun with the pattern of the blanket to match the design and color.

16. Traditional Japanese Living Room Sitting

Traditional Japanese Living Room Sitting

Source: pixabay.com

Something traditional and authentic is just what you need to incorporate the true Japanese living room. This one is the real deal. It provides all aspects that create an outstanding set of interior design.

Take a look at the sitting. It seems to be very comfortable to enjoy while having dinner or eating the meal. The layout and decoration around the room are somewhat very peaceful too.

17. Japanese Living Room Tv

Japanese Living Room Tv

Source: pinterest.com

Enjoying dinner or watching TV is just what traditional Japanese people do in their living room. So, adding a TV in the space will provide the entertainment it needs.

Furthermore, as you can see, this living room has a lovely accent wall that provides an amazing interior for the rest of the space.

18. Zen Japanese Living Room

Zen Japanese Living Room

Source: www.kmrnews.com

It does not have to be having floor seating in the Japanese living room. This one has an ordinary style of furniture but it comes with a Zen.

Thus, with just a little amount of significant decor, you can create such an impact.

19. Small Japanese Living Room

Small Japanese Living Room

Source: thenateshow.com

Any Japanese living room would be amazing even the space is small. You cannot have a fusuma in such a tight place.

However, do not worry, you can still have the rest of the main elements. Those are enough to make an impressive room.

In conclusion, you have to remember that implementing a few things that indicate the Japanese culture and design is just enough.

It does not have to be recreating the whole traditional Japanese living room with all authentic elements. In modern space, that is just what you need.




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