35 Ways to Use A Kitchen Island with Trash Bins

Everything should have its own place, including the garbage can. To prevent it from being an eyesore, you definitely need a kitchen island with trash bins.

Moreover, an organized cooking space certainly makes your life feel easier.

Here, we would be showing you some awesome storage solutions, so the garbage cans will not spoil your kitchen’s look.

1. White Kitchen Island with Trash Bins


You definitely dream of a neat space with lots of storage. Therefore, to make your darling kitchen look uncluttered, hide the trash bin in a pull-out drawer.

This kitchen, for example, employs a plain white island. Then, the wood top contrasts delightfully. Meanwhile, the big pull-out drawer holds the garbage can nicely.

2. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island


Stashing away your trash bins is certainly a wonderful idea. So, if you are searching for inspiration, take a look at this kitchen.

This space features a wooden island with a marble countertop. Also, it provides plenty of storage to make the cooking space look very organized.

The pull-out drawer accommodates two white garbage cans well. Thus, they allow you to separate trash from food wet waste.

3. DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Bin


If you have great woodworking skills, build this small kitchen island with trash bins yourself. Then, paint and style it to match your house style.

This DIY blue kitchen island offers the space a bold touch of color. Wood details produce an inviting vibe, while the wheels enable you to move it easily.

Further, the open compartment can be a nice home for the trash bin.

4. Wood Kitchen Island with Trash Bins


A very ugly trash bin can ruin the appearance of your kitchen. Then, why not use an island to stash it away?

This solid wood kitchen island boasts a lower cabinet and upper drawer. Besides, they provide storage for spices, herbs, small appliances, cooking tools, and garbage cans.

The white door-mounted trash bin resides in the cabinet. Additionally, you can empty the waste very easily with the presence of a steel bracket.

5. Kitchen Cart with Tilt Out Trash Bins


We know you love the kitchen island with trash bins. However, it might not work nicely in your compact-sized cooking space.

Hence, you need to invest in this tiny pastel blue trolley with a garbage can. The tilt-out waste bin is both comfortable and functional.

Furthermore, the wood top provides an extra surface for cutting food. Meanwhile, the wheels ensure easier movement.

6. Kitchen Island with Under-the-Sink Trash Bins


Here is another fantastic kitchen island with trash bins. Otherwise, different from the previous idea, the unit features a slide-out drawer right under the sink.

Further, putting the other dead space under your kitchen sink to use is a great move. As you know, the homeowners typically stash their trash bins in this location.

In addition, the sink cabinet features separate garbage cans. They allow you to create general garbage, recycling, and compost areas in it.

7. Gray Kitchen Island with Hidden Trash Bins


This contemporary kitchen island has smart hidden trash bin storage. Likewise, its pull-out drawer accommodates large black garbage can really well.

Meanwhile, the cutting board provides extra counter space. Talking about the cleanliness of trash bins integrated into drawers, it only requires a bit of elbow grease.

You only need to change your garbage bags every night. Then, wipe the pull-out drawer with disinfectant every week.

8. Kitchen Island with A Slide-Out Trash Bin


As you see, this pure white kitchen island boasts a pull-out drawer for the trash bin. It does not only keep the ugly garbage can out of sight but also generates a chic look.

The large slide-out drawer with a garbage can is suitable for any kitchen. Moreover, the family-size trash bin can house packaging, paper, or other dry materials.

Furthermore, install the drawer pull at waist height, so it will provide easier usage. You do not have to open the cabinet doors and then slide the garbage cans out.

9. IKEA Kitchen Island with Trash Bins


If you want a neat and inviting kitchen, hiding your trash bins inside the cabinet is a must. Thus, this under-sink garbage can set-up is worth implementing.

The dark wood kitchen island warms the cooking space up. Also, it comes with pull-out trash bins that are covered by cabinet doors and sit on the white compartment.

Additionally, having different slide-out trash bins is crucial. It allows you to separate your recyclables like bottles and tin cans from food compost.

10. Tiny Kitchen Island with Double Trash Bin


This moving island might be tiny. However, it makes a big visual impact. Thus, the unit enlivens the culinary space in a jiffy.

The unfinished wood countertop lends the kitchen a rustic feel. Besides, it contrasts with the chartreuse yellow island immensely.

Two slide-out trash bins dwell on the kitchen island. They let you sort the garbage easily. We suggest taking out the inside regularly, so your space will not have an unpleasant smell.

11. Kitchen Island with Trash Bin Drawers


Without a kitchen island with trash bins, your space can be messy. Therefore, we highly recommend applying this fabulous idea.

Unlike the previous one, this white kitchen island features two slide-out drawers. Each of them houses a large white trash bin which is great for any space.

Likewise, the two trash bins allow you to segregate household wastes with ease. Remember that wet and dry garbages must be recycled differently.

12. Kitchen Island with Cube Shelves and Trash Bin


Tilt-out trash bins are convenient like their slide-out counterparts. Hence, if your kitchen is not big, we recommend stashing the garbage can away inside the tiny island.

As you see, this crisp white island with a wood top accommodates a white trash bin for wet household waste. The metallic drawer handle exudes a vintage vibe.

Meanwhile, the cube shelves hold spice jars and knives.

13. Kitchen Island with A Freestanding Trash Bin


We all need a kitchen island with trash bins in life. However, if you find the integrated garbage can smelly and gross, give this idea a go.

This freestanding metallic bin sits right next to the island. Thus, the unit does not need hiding since it looks stylish.

Further, the trash bin features two compartments. They let you separate dry garbages from wet ones without problems.

14. Kitchen Island with A Hanging Trash Bin

Make cooking more fun by adding a kitchen island with trash bins to your space. Also, it ensures great food waste management.

So, hang this modern white trash bin on the island. Since the stuff comes with a hidden scraper, you can clean up the garbage without using your wet hands.

Unlike the built-in garbage can under the sink, it keeps you from closing and opening the cabinet door constantly. Therefore, slicing things get easier.

15. L-Shaped Kitchen Island with Trash Bins


If you have a spacious kitchen, consider incorporating a large L-shaped island into it. Then, design a smart cabinet for garbage cans.

In this example, the built-in garbage can does not reside under the sink. Hence, it allows you to do the dishes while others put the trash in it.

The metallic slide-out rack bears a white trash bin and paper tissue rolls. Meanwhile, the small concealed drawer provides a nice space for kitchen towels.

16. Kitchen Island with An Open Trash Bin Shelf


We really love this DIY kitchen island with trash storage. Unlike the in-cabinet bin, the garbage can perch on the open shelf under the drawer.

Thereupon, it is such an unobtrusive but accessible spot for certain.

You can store your garbage bags in the drawer above the trash bin shelf. Then, put the cleaning supplies in the other closed compartments.

17. Kitchen Island with A Trash Compactor


You do not agree with built-in garbage cans. Why not integrate this freestanding trash compactor into your kitchen? It does not only look stylish, but also reduces the volume of household waste.

This trash compactor could be a great idea for your wet household waste. Besides, it cuts down on bad smell at its best.

18. Island with Compost Drawer and Trash Bin


As you see, this cabinetry features a trash bin. Since we are talking about the kitchen island, the idea can be applied to it too.

Here, the slide-out drawer supports a small trash bin. Wherefore, it is the home for the recyclables such as milk cartons, bottles, cereal boxes.

The additional compost drawer lets you separate organic wet waste from dry trash. Then, just put the fallen leaves, uncooked food, and spoiled fruits into it.

19. DIY Kitchen Cart with Trash Bins


Waste sorting is truly important. Basically, it means separating dry and wet household garbages. Therefore, you can compost the organic wastes and recycle the inorganic ones.

Pictured above is a DIY kitchen cart with wheels. The weathered metal frame and wood top lend it a rustic look. Meanwhile, the lower shelf accommodates two family-size trash bins for waste segregation.

20. Kitchen Island with Drawers and Trash Bins


Do not let the garbage can create unwanted clutter in your space. Therefore, you should buy this kitchen island with trash bins and add it to the room.

The tilt-out compartment keeps the trash bin out of sight. Also, it saves precious floor space. Meanwhile, the tiny drawers allow you to store some garbage bags neatly.

21. Kitchen Island with Garbage Hole


Everyone certainly wants a large kitchen island with trash bins. However, the small one is totally fine. It will fit your compact-sized cooking space very nicely.

This island features a pull-out trash can inside. Moreover, it includes a trendy garbage hole at the top for different wet wastes.

As the picture shows, there is an available space under the sink. You could use it to organize your cleaning supplies or garbage bags.

22. Kitchen Island with Garbage Hole and Cutting Board


Not everyone has an expansive kitchen. If you happen to have a small culinary space, then copy this amazing idea.

The navy kitchen island with trash bins is an awesome addition to this kitchen. Likewise, it perfectly hides your unsightly garbage cans.

The pull-out drawer also features a light-toned wood cutting board. You can dice and cut things comfortably. Additionally, the garbage hole makes cooking cleanup quicker.

23. Custom-Made Kitchen Island with Garbage Hole


If you cook often, it is important to keep your culinary space clean. Thereupon, the area will look welcoming which will lead to a better mood.

Unlike the previous kitchen island with trash bins, this one boasts a garbage chute in the top. You can close and open it depending on your needs.

24. Contemporary Kitchen Island


Your cooking space seems uninviting and messy. Therefore, we recommend integrating this small kitchen island with trash bins.

The tilt-out trash bins make your kitchen uncluttered. Also, they free up valuable floor space. Moreover, the units allow you to segregate waste nicely.

The plain white kitchen island develops an airy ambiance. Meanwhile, the dark-toned wood top emanates a cozy vibe.

25. Black Kitchen Island with Trash Bins


If you need an extra work surface, extending your current counters is a wonderful idea. Thus, consider adding a usable farmhouse island like this one.

As you see, the black island with butcher block turned out great. The distressed finish gives it a shabby chic look instantly.

The black trash bin dwells in the til-out storage compartment nicely. Furthermore, the wicker basket sits on the open shelf.

26. Wood and Gray Kitchen Island


This tiny island comes in pastel gray. It matches the color scheme of the cooking space really well.

Likewise, metallic knob and pull exhibit an industrial flavor. The tilt-out drawer houses a large pastel blue trash bin.

Moreover, the small drawer above the tilt-out bin provides extra storage space. You can stash away your kitchen towels in it.

27. Revolving Kitchen Island with Garbage Storage


Do you have a compact kitchen? If yes, integrating this small blue revolving island into your culinary space would be a nice move.

The island features a compartment for a kitchen appliance. Besides, you can find a pull-out trash bin drawer under the sink. Meanwhile, the bottles look great on the corner shelves.

28. Kitchen Island with Rotating Trash Bins


We love this minimalist kitchen island with trash bins. It boasts a practical and hygienic garbage can system which enables the lids to open automatically.

The trash bins are made of high-quality plastic with super-smooth sides, so you can clean them with ease. They also allow for waste segregation.

29. Kitchen Island with A Smart Trash Can


We believe you are drooling over this sleek stainless steel trash bin. It has a motion sensor mechanism. Thereupon, just wave your hand to activate the system.

This smart trash bin also features a soft-close system to maintain the kitchen’s peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, it pairs with the white island stylishly.

30. Tilt-Out Trash Bins Inside An Island


If you have a farmhouse kitchen, give this incredible idea a chance. Here, the island wears pure white. Furthermore, the black metal handles contrast with it immensely.

Additionally, the island features two tilt-out trash bins. They create a neat look without taking much space. You can use one side for recycling. Meanwhile, the other holds wet waste.

31. Kitchen Island with Wheels and Trash Bin


Do you have a big family? If yes, try using this kitchen island to solve your waste management issue. Also, it includes a large slide-out trash bin.

The island sits on the swivel casters for easy movement. Besides, it holds tissue rolls and cooking utensils.

Moreover, the drawers and open shelves accommodate various things, from plates to spice jars.

32. Kitchen Island with A Compost Bin


This large island resides in the middle of the kitchen. It comes with a light wood top for a rustic vibe. In addition, the metallic hardware carves a stylish appearance.

The compost bin was built into the wooden counter. Hence, you can take it out with ease. Furthermore, the stainless steel lid produces a united look.

33. Kitchen Island with Pedal Trash Bin


If your kitchen island cannot accommodate the trash bin, do not despair. Just place it on the floor in a strategic spot. Therefore, all family members can reach the unit easily.

This step trash bin stands right next to the pwhite island. It lets you put the garbage in, while someone is washing the dishes. Moreover, the unit offers great comfort as well.

34. Minimalist Kitchen Island with Dustbin


This hanging white dustbin is so simple yet functional. As the image shows, it mounts seamlessly over the drawers and doors of the kitchen island.

Further, you can easily dispose of waste while either preparing food, baking, or cooking. Consider adding a utility cart with trash bins to hold more garbage cans.

35. Red Kitchen Island with Garbage Can


This small kitchen island comes in bold red. Not only does it spruce the dining zone up, but also quickly stimulates the appetite.

The island features a tilt-out garbage can, so the kitchen does not feel cluttered. Three rattan baskets perch on the open shelves. They work as drawers while adding a textural look.

The kitchen island with trash bins plays a pivotal role in any cooking space. Choose the design that brilliantly works for you, either dress up or hide the garbage.

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