37 Ideas for Styling Large Round Mirror in Any Room

Adding a large round mirror to the wall would never fail to make any room feel bigger. It is a decor trick that homeowners must try.

Therefore, this element can really transform a space to be airier and brighter. Then, why does the size should be big? Well, bigger is better.

Having a large mirror in a room gives the interior a statement piece to provide a stunning chic factor wherever you place it. Thus, you can have it in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, entryways, etc.

Furthermore, the decorative aspect that a circular mirror can offer is from the frame options. You can choose to have it vintage, brassy, sleek, or chic according to the design and material.

Well, check out how designers present this element in rooms.

1. Mirror On Bold Floral Graphics

The presence of a round mirror on the wall would surely make a statement even though there is already bold graphics.

Likewise, it overlays the floral image with style. However, the wallpaper is still the real star of this living room.

Further, the mirror in this room has a matte black frame that offers clean lines without trying to compete with the eye-catching graphics on the back.

2. Funky Round Mirror for Entryway


It is a great way to welcome the guest with such funky wall decor. Also, that mirror on the wall has a nice asymmetrical shape which would steal everybody’s attention immediately.

Apparently, the frame uses the same rich material as the door. It blends well with the other elements.

This sleek, modern entryway would be a perfect checkpoint before anyone step out of the house. Meanwhile, the large houseplants become a good balance to the rest of the furniture.

3. Black-Framed Mirror of Bathroom Vanity

The monochrome concept in a bathroom is one of the ideal ones to apply. A neutral combination of colors can handle any kind of room.

Further, the domination of white is just what a bathroom needs. Black would make a perfect accent for a bright room.

As we know, the white wall can easily reflect light which makes the space a lot brighter than before. In this case, the thick black frame of the large round mirror gives a nice accentual touch to the scene.

Additionally, the black cabinet of the vanity is an effort to lower the brightness a little bit. As you can see, it is pretty successful.

4. Organic Decor in Playroom with Round Mirror

The large round mirror in this playroom has a streamlined sideboard that blends well into the wall. As you can see, there is a lot of plants involved in this decoration.

Moreover, the decorative brass pipe is wrapped with vine. It gives a great touch to top all the things below.

Besides, some potted plants and flowers are on top of the modern cabinet. So, it seems like all the plants are surrounding the mirror moments to be the center of attention.

5. Large Mirror High Up On The Living Room’s Wall


The soaring ceilings initially become an attractive part of this large living room. However, that condition would be very challenging for a lesser designer.

Apparently, the best way to embrace it is to add a huge floor-to-ceiling wallpaper panel.

In addition, you can include a towering tropical tree into the mix. Then, attach a large round mirror to the right spot.

Thus, the goal is to embrace the high ceiling that this room has. So, having the mirror up high is very suitable in this situation.

6. Gold-Framed Mirror for Kitchen Bar

Take a look at the way a mirror is presented in this kitchen. Honestly, that is a cool-looking home bar. Indeed, the combination of soft colors in the scheme gives a perfect space for a big mirror to shine.

Also, the use of a gold frame for the circular mirror is the right thing to add glam and sparkle to the scene.

Furthermore, the floating shelves in this home bar look so impressive. Meanwhile, some colorful bottles and stuff make a perfect backdrop that gives Insta Cheers moments that will impress everyone.

7. Appealing Round Mirror with Overlapping Rings

If you are interested in adding an eye-catching statement piece to your house, this accent mirror is a great piece, to begin with.

Likewise, this mirror obviously offers useful reflection to space. It would straight to become the focal point of the house.

Its round silhouette is framed by overlapping rings made of iron. This frame instantly gives a nice appeal to anything nearby.

Further, it would turn any bare wall in your house to be making a bold statement.

8. Ventura Modern Metal Round Mirror


It is one of the signature products from Nova of California. This classic silhouette is designed to give an open space and create depth to any space.

Likewise, the contemporary and unique design is so simple. That makes this Ventura mirror perfect for a minimalist room.

9. Dement Shell Inlay Coastal Mirror

It is such a perfect round mirror for the coastal-inspired interior theme. If you have that style in your house, then this is a must-have element.

With this coastal mirror, you can create a dazzling focal point on the wall. This exquisite decor item is surrounded by iridescent shell tiles.

Hence, this is surely an element that is made for decoration with a reflective function.

10. Sabion Flower Medalion Mirror

It is another decorative large round mirror that should be on your shopping list. This item will definitely accent any space in its shimmering style.

The beautiful floral-inspired overlay becomes a great choice of wall decor for any spot on the wall inside the house. Also, it has a sage green and cream finish. The frame design is the one that makes the mirrorless functional.

However, this piece will be an amazing decor item for the wall.

11. Hanging Bathroom Mirror with Rope


This black and white bathroom has a well-rounded appeal. It comes from that hanging mirror above the sink.

Indeed, the mirror functions as part of the vanity in this room. The minimalist concept seems to be the perfect match for the item.

Besides, choosing rope as the complementing element for the mirror is an interesting way to give a rustic vibe into the mix.

Apparently, the exposed rope goes together with the rough wood door for the flair. It makes a good contrast in this sleek and modern bathroom.

12. Vintage Flair with Brassy Hue and Clean Lines

This is an entryway setup that offers the needed functionality to welcome the guest. A vintage table really dominates the entire vibe of this scene.

Therefore, the appearance of that large round mirror is one way to include clean lines and brassy hue into space.

Thanks to the white wall that complements the charm.

13. Huge Round Mirror for EntryWay

This entryway offers a huge reflection when you start opening the front door. Thereupon, some Feng Shui experts would say that this house would be having a lot of luck because of that.

Indeed, the large size of the mirror would probably give too much brightness or reflective surface to space.

So, the homeowner decided to add a dramatic floral placement right in front of the mirror. That is one way to reduce the extensive reflection a little bit.

14. Minimally Manicured Office Nook with Mirror


If you think there is no need to have a home office setup with executive size, just say no to that.

You still have an option to have everything comfortable and efficient. Thus, this office nook can be a nice drop-in zone to calm any nerves and enhance your focus.

Furthermore, the placement of a large round mirror in front of the table gives a balanced look to the scene. Making space feel more calm and relaxing.

15. Stylish Giant Mirror for Master Bedroom

This is an interesting way to complement your master bedroom credenza. That giant mirror provides all the reflection you need.

Also, it is decorated with a colorful floral arrangement and sleek modern lighting.

16. Fancy Mantle Mirror Above Mantle


One of the easy ways to include a large round mirror in the living room is to place it right above the fireplace mantle.

This eye-catching item has an etched pattern and mercury glass, whereas the stunning mosaic tile of the mantle defines the real focal point of the room.

17. Bold Wallpaper with Powerful Punch

Adding a large mirror in this kind of room has a chance to be invisible. That is because all attention would go straight to the bold graphics of the wallpaper which is so hypnotizing.

Fortunately, the creamy mint color of the paneling and vanity provide quite a relief for the eyes.

In this case, the addition of a mirror is to strengthen the existence of the wallpaper by reflecting it even more.

18. Gold Foil Frame on Round Mirror

This is a great choice of mirror design if you aim to add a touch of glam to the wall. The item is from Martha Steward which is called Eden Gold Foil Ginkgo Mirror.

Additionally, this beautiful accent piece is just a perfect choice for home decor.

19. Miniatur Cymbals as Frame for Round Mirror


This mirror is available in many stores you can find. It has a miniature cymbals frame which makes the piece so unique.

Likewise, the dramatic feel that this 3D art piece has to offer makes it a perfect eye-catching accent for any wall. As you can see, the brass antique coloring really elevates its quality.

20. Oversized Mirror Inspired by Framing Paintings

This artistic piece of decor is called Nimbus Mirror. It is surrounded by bronzed brass that levels up its charm.

Also, this is a clever way to frame a mirror without bothering its beauty. The combination is actually very simple but it is pretty powerful.

21. Mosaic-Textured Frame with Artsy Flair

Mosaic is the way to go when a homeowner or designer wants to include a decorative accent. Thus, it is an easy choice to have.

Additionally, it is the same as a large round mirror in a mosaic. For a stronger charm, this one has great depth and texture that would surely make a big statement.

22. Round Mirror with Rope

The combination of rope and glass can offer a nice natural vibe to any space. This dining room has a concrete wall and floor.

Therefore, it is perfect to have such a large round mirror. This item is hanging on the wall like a medallion that spruce up space.

Moreover, the mirror gives a great complement to any house with coastal or Scandinavian home decor. So, you can try having it in your bathroom.

23. Boho Large Mirror with Coconut Shell


The use of Coconut Shell as the material for the frame is very clever. Hence, it makes an attractive-looking decor piece on the wall.

In this case, space is already filled with a lot of patterns. However, that boho-style frame will be shining on its own.

24. Coastal & Rustic Frame for Mirror

That distressed wood material as a frame for the large round mirror is an effort to induce a cottage appeal to space.

It feels cozy and chic at the same time. Meanwhile, the coastal rustic style will dominate the scene of this corer. The mix of white, aged teal, and tan is just very supportive.

25. Frameless Mirror with LED Lighting

Instead of having an actual frame, there is an option to have it in a form of lights. Check out this modern round LED mirror.

The frosted glass edge gets illumination from LED lighting. As a result, it highlights the whole diameter of the mirror.

26. Huge Mirror for Good First Impression


Having a large mirror in the entryway is a must for many people. This style is an elegant way to welcome their guests. If you agree to that, you can even take it to a higher level with this idea.

For a chic, minimalistic home like this one, the giant piece really adds drama to the scene. Further, adding a little greenery and decorative patterns would make it complete.

27. Sunburst Round Mirror

This mirror design is one of the most favorite options for home decor. It looks so decorative on any wall.

Indeed, a sunburst appears to be the perfect name for this frame concept. The impressive design with its mid-century glam makes it become a perfect selection for modern style

28. Iron Leaf-Shaped Mirror Frame

Once again, the frame is the key to a decorative mirror. This stunning leaf-shaped design of this mirror is very unique, especially with that distressed iron finish. Therefore, it becomes so impressive.

29. Big Round Mirror on The Floor


If you are a fan of Bohemian Decor, you should take a look at this idea. It includes an oversized mirror as the focal point of the space.

The homeowner decided to put the mirror right on the floor and leaning it to the wall. That is what a Boho style is all about.

30. Elegant Entryway with Reclaimed Wood Mirror


Want to make a bold entryway? Have a contrasting color combination with some accent pieces.

This space consists of a black console table, a round frame mirror, and dark blue panels. Also, the reclaimed wood frame adds more elegance to the scene.

31. Modern Living Room with Oversized Circular Mirror

In order to balance the brightness and reflection on the wall, the homeowner adds two large pieces into the mix.

Wherefore, it is pretty successful to avoid having too many mirror moments. That kind of floral is a great pick, by the way.

32. Gray Mosaic Tile Wall with Mirror

In this part of the bathroom, the purpose of the frameless large round mirror is to control the dark mosaic tile.

Thus, the mirror prevents the scene from being too dark. The mirror is simply adding light to the scene. It is quite similar to the reason why that potted flower is there.

33. Huge Mirror for Minimalist Bathroom


The choices are available whether you need a huge size or just a large one. Well, it is according to how much brightness for the space.

Moreover, since this bathroom is minimalist, adding a huge mirror is just like creating more visual space.

34. Industrial Bathroom with Concrete Wall


This bathroom really shows stunning industrialism. With all the materials, natural scheme, and decor items, it becomes a complete set of industrial space.

Well, the inclusion of a big circular reflective piece is to strengthen the style.

Then, have a look at that marble slab vanity. The natural finish complements the concrete wall effectively.

There is only one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Thus, it showcases the minimalism in this bathroom.

35. Mirror to Balance Monochromatic Dining Room


It is quite interesting that this dining room has one section of wall in black paint.

Obviously, it goes with the chair color. A big reflective circle on the dark wall becomes the one that balances all the schemes easily.

36. Colorful Round Mirror


Check out this unique masterpiece. The wooden frame is filled with a colorful pattern that makes a decorative scene for any wall. Then, the creative pattern is actually a printed artwork.

37. Removable Metal Leaves for Mirror Frame

There are two styles you can have on your wall with this one mirror. The first one is, of course, the decorative leaves that give a traditional accent to the wall.

Otherwise, the second style is just the beveled edge of the round mirror.


Adding a large round mirror on the wall would give an edgy touch to the decor. Besides, those mirrors reflect lights and decorative frames.

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