Best Living Room Lamps That Make a Statement in Your Space

Living room lamps are something you should never overlook when remodeling your home. They are pretty crucial as they can both practical and decorative at the same time.

Therefore, it is always important to design your living room with proper illumination in mind as this piece can affect the space’s overall mood and look.

So, to help you get started on the journey of finding the right living room lighting, the following article has covered everything you need to know.

7 Best Lamp Types and More Ideas for Your Living Room

In general, there are three kinds of living room lamps, including task, ambient, and accent. Within these types, you will be able to find boundless options to choose from.

Ambient lighting typically takes the form of a primary light along with any natural illumination from skylights, windows, or doors.

Meanwhile, task lighting is particularly practical if you plan to use your living room as a place to read your favorite book or as a home office.

Furthermore, if you want to illuminate plants, souvenirs, artworks, pottery, and other things around the living room, accent lighting should not be missed.

1. Chandeliers

A chandelier can double as ambient and accent lighting in your living room. It can be a wonderful focal point that gives the right amount of illumination.

When shopping around for these kinds of living room lamps, keep in mind that sizes will matter the most if you want the fixture to work as it is supposed to be.

Then, the general rule of determining the right chandelier’s size is to add the width and length of your room and convert that figure to inches.

  • Simple yet stylish

If your living room already has a lot of bold statement pieces, a simple chandelier as shown above is typically more effective.

This is true since incorporating too many starlets in your living room may create unnecessary drama.

Moreover, with checkered floors and some colorful artworks, this living room features a simple chandelier to keep the balance.

  • Sculpture chandelier

In case your room decoration is more minimal, choosing a beautiful sculptural chandelier will be a good option. It can be a significant point in your living area while setting up the overall mood.

You can steal the look of this living room that showcases minimalist style. Likewise, its white sculptural chandelier makes a statement against the light grey accent wall.

  • Highlighted seating area

When it comes to these living room lamps, you can feel free to situate the fixture in any location.

Keep in mind that it is not always necessary to center your chandelier in the living room. The above picture makes a great example if you want to highlight a particular part of your décor with it.

Instead of blocking the beautiful carved ceilings on the center, the chandelier is placed on the side to illuminate the seating area.

  • Luxurious gold finish

With its gold finish, this chandelier can perfectly complement the charming light blue backdrop in this living room.

Further, to make the most of it, the additional lighting fixtures are all in a gold finish as well. Together they create a statement in this coastal-style living room.

  • Modern affair

If you want to keep the minimalist charm of your modern living space, try to incorporate this contemporary chandelier.

This one of the living room lamps offers the right amount of style while distributing enough light to the whole space. Do you like reading? Simply place a fancy floor lamp as task lighting over your sofa.

2. Pendants

For good distribution of light, pendants make a perfect option as ambient lighting. Besides, its huge variations will help you to find the best match easily.

Pendant lighting is capable to turn your dull space into something more daring and stylish. Just make sure to pick one that comes with the right size to make the most of it.

  • Double cage-like pendants

When you decide to have cage-like pendants that are on the smaller side to illuminate your living room, do not hesitate to use multiple fixtures.

Just like this living room that features a pair of outstanding wicker pendants, you can also give your space the same natural vibe.

Additionally, consider hanging them in different lengths for a twist and style.

  • Collective pendants

If you want to have something more dramatic, try this collective pendant lighting to adorn your living room while providing adequate light.

This kind of living room lamps matches the style of the space very well thanks to its earthy shade and lantern designs.

Besides, you can use a metal rail to hang the pendants over your living room.

  • Classical black pendant

Similar to chandeliers, you better pick a simple-looking pendant when there have been a lot of statements in your living room.

While the room already has a colorful rug and chairs, you can balance the look by incorporating this black pendant light. Then, its dark color will appear exciting against the all-white backdrop.

  • A mix of natural beauties

Do you want to bring the beauty of your outdoor space indoor? This idea of living room lamps should give you some sparks of inspiration.

In addition to the pair of pendant lights, this living room also features several hanging potteries for various indoor plants.

Aside from the pendant lights, this room also comes with task desk lighting to let the homeowner enjoy relaxing reading time.

  • Vintage flair

For your rustic living room, you may like to incorporate a pendant light that shows a vintage flair like this one.

Otherwise, if your living room is wider than the above, you should consider hanging more than one pendant of the same size to provide adequate lighting.

3. Spotlights

Another good option for living room lamps is spotlights as they can distribute light properly. This type may not be as decorative as the others, but it will lighten up your space perfectly.

Instead of using them as ambient lighting, you can also place them in the living room as a task light to illuminate your side table.

  • Rich of illumination

While a good source of natural lighting will brighten up this white and brown living room all day, there are ceiling-mounted spotlights to give rich illumination at night.

By scattering enough ceiling-mounted spotlights, this living room can skip having needless drama. Instead, it can highlight the warmth of the color palette and natural growing plants.

  • A lighting collection

Indeed, you can always mix your favorite living room lamps as long as they work well together. Then, take a look at this picture as a good example.

In addition to the black chandelier and white floor lamp, there are LED spotlights scattering on the ceiling, offering extra lighting to this wide space.

  • Emphasized special décor

Spotlights make a good accent light too as they can be situated to highlight design features like artworks and alcoves.

Hence, you can combine it with hidden LED light to emphasize the beauty of your architectural lines as well.

4. Floor Lamps

If you want to make your living room look brighter and more dimensional, a floor lamp is something to take into account.

Floor lamps can provide extra illumination in every corner of your space without sacrificing any décor rule and style. Moreover, they make a good choice if you need a reading light next to your sofa or armchair as well.

  • Adjustable floor lamps

These living room lamps are pretty popular nowadays as you can easily adjust the height and position to suit your need.

For a living space that combines beige and lightwood, opt for something pretty daring like this copper finish.

As for the stand, you can keep the color neutral so that the floor lamp can blend flawlessly with its background.

  • Notable brass finish

Along with the bold sofa, the brass finish of this floor lamp has become the signature of this white and cream living room.

You just need to set the bottom of the lampshade at around your eye level when seating to make it the best spot for reading a good book.

  • Neutral shade

If you prefer to let other décor pieces as a focal point, try to get a floor lamp that comes with a neutral shade like this.

Its angled stand is exceptionally lovely and you can feel free to redecorate the shade when needed. Besides, it still gives your oversized indoor plant the spotlight.

  • Tripod stand

Without a doubt, these living room lamps are pretty popular as they can sit flush at the corner of your space without looking out of place.

Likewise, this tripod floor lamp comes with a wooden stand that works as an accent color. Meanwhile, the shade matches the broken white backdrop, offering a harmonious vibe.

  • Two-head floor lamps

Do you want to have living room lamps that can be a general and reading light? This lighting idea will give you the best of both worlds.

Placed beside the individual sofa, this two-head floor lamp will be able to illuminate the whole room while being a task reading light.

If you have a bigger room, do not hesitate to find a two-head floor lamp that has a larger size or incorporate other lighting sources.

5. Table Lamps

Table lamps are one of the most stunning décor choices when finishing a living room since they can be functional and stylish at the same time.

You can use these living room lamps as a statement piece, as a practical task light, or both.

When shopping around, make sure to pick a table lamp where the end of its shade is at your eye level as you are sitting or resting.

  • A pair of beauties

If your walls and floor are more to the darker side, consider opting for table lamps that have light-colored shades.

Moreover, you may need to install additional ambient lighting like a chandelier to keep the room feel bright and lively.

Incorporating a mirror into the décor will be a good choice as well. You can get one that has a matching frame to the overall tone of the living room.

  • Splash of orange

This is one of those living room lamps that will make a statement with its bold-colored stand. Also, it is pretty big to illuminate a small area.

Its orange stand and curved shape exceptionally stand out. Meanwhile, the shade matches the soft color of the wall and tabletop.

  • Industrial touch

With its matte black finish and steel material, this table lamp introduces a touch of industrial to the modern setting.

Placed on a white side table with an open shelf, this lamp acts as task lighting for reading or working with the laptop.

  • Gold and white combo

In addition to the oversized white shade, this one of the living room lamps looks even more charming thanks to the glossy gold finish.

The globe-like glass accessory on its stand also makes this lighting fixture appear exceptionally stylish without distracting the existing look.

Its clean white shade also offers you an opportunity for a DIY project when it seems to be boring to stay neutral.

  • Crystal-like beauty

If you are into something luxurious, this table lamp is probably of interest with its crystal-like shade and carved stand.

Thanks to its small foot, it is possible to display other décor pieces beside the table lamp. Its neutral tone makes it flexible to beautify a wide range of interior styles.

6. Wall Sconces

A list of living room lamps will not be complete without wall sconces. As for the other rooms, they are available in a lot of different styles and shapes.

Even though this lighting fixture is not as popular as the others when it comes to living room decoration, it still makes a good choice, especially if you need a beautiful accent light.

  • Soft illumination

If you want to use your living room for resting, consider adding living room lamps that can give soft illumination like this wall sconce.

It has beautiful patterns and makes a nice accent when turned on. Additionally, you can add a few matching wall sconces for a more dramatic view.

  • Industrial affair

Introduce an industrial flair to your living room by adding metal wall sconces to the décor. They can illuminate architectural lines while being an accent.

For a touch of intimacy in your living room, you can pair the wall sconces with low pendant light as well.

7. Arch Light

Despite being mounted on the wall, arch lights may act like pendant lighting in the living room. They can hang in the heart of your space, offering a more focused light underneath.

Arch lights make a wonderful choice if you plan to zone your living room without completely rewire the overhead lights as well.

  • Floor arch light

Aside from wall-mounted style, you can also have a floor arch light to lighten up your living room.

This one of the living room lamps can make a cozier space with its low, more focused illumination. Besides, its glossy chrome finish will make your space look modern.

Tips to Pick the Right Living Room Lamps

Before shopping around for your favorite lamp from the above ideas, it will be better to get more informed and plan.

It is no secret that your living space will look its best at night when it has a layer of lighting fixture. Thus, you probably need to combine two or three of the mentioned lamp types.

Consider natural daylight

When planning your living room lamps, it is always crucial to consider how much the area gets natural daylight.

While north-facing spaces may receive a minimum of daylight all day long, south-facing rooms are typically bright from morning to evening.

Use this general knowledge to make the most of natural daylight as your primary illumination and start from there to plan the lighting scheme.

Take your room’s proportions into account

Your room’s proportions and dimensions will highly influence the need for lighting sources. Therefore, the height of your ceilings will affect your best choice for living room lamps as well.

Light-colored flooring, walls, and furniture can help to diminish the need for artificial lighting as they can bounce light around. The same thing happens to mirror and mirrored decorations.

Lessen dark spots

You should take natural dark spots into account as well. This can happen when you are planning a living room extension and some space in the deepest part of it may lack natural light.

Additionally, in this view, you may need to install extra living room lamps around this space for illumination throughout the day.

Determine when you will use the room

What time of the day do you usually use the living room? This question can help to plan how you need to integrate lighting into the design.

It can determine how much ambient light your living room requires to be relaxing and functional. Then, you can decide what kind of task lighting needed from this too.

Moreover, do not forget to take other family members into account as they may need targeted lighting, directional floor light, or others.

Highlight specific features

Once you have done with the principal living room lamps like ambient and task lighting, attempt for a more creative move by adding an accent light.

Further, you can use accent lighting to showcase the features of your living room like illuminating inner spaces, under cabinets, joists, or along with architectural details.

All in all, living room lamps are something crucial when decorating any home interior. Therefore, do not forget to use the above ideas and tips to make the most of these essential pieces.

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