36 Amazing Loft House Ideas To Elevate Your Interior

A loft house, room, or apartment is the perfect chance to elevate and expand the design aesthetic of your interior.
Indeed, the lofted space can be used for a variety of things such as a lounge area, sleeping compartment, office, or library.

Besides, the loft can be an ideal room for guests. They can enjoy the cozy abode you set in the sky. The homeowner can even set an inviting setting for everyone to enjoy.

In this article, we will provide you with a lot of ideas to design your interior with a loft house concept.

Whether you want to have a personalized retreat or an attractive spot for gathering in your house, these ideas would surely give you inspiration for that.

Moreover, it is going to be a great opportunity to punctuate the unique style of yours with a final flourish.

1. Sleeper Loft for Limited Space

This is probably one of the most used loft concepts in a house. That is because a sleeper loft is a great way to save floor space.

As you can see in this house, there is very limited space. Likewise, a place for sleep right above the closet seems to be the only option for comfort.

However, this is a perfect idea for a tiny apartment that does not have a lot of space left for privacy. Sleeping right above everything could be the most comfortable thing you can have with this concept.

For the record, this one is a container house designed by Architects that gives the province’s laidback surfer vibe.

2. Industrial Loft Style House

With the combination of brick walls, wood accent, and concrete finishes, this loft house goes strictly to industrial style.

Also, the neutral color scheme supports the space to be on the right path. Space upstairs has all the privacy it needs.

In addition, if you are a fan of industrialism, this is such a perfect choice for your interior design. The amount of concrete is just in the maximum level of charm.

Further, there is some stainless steel element that keeps within the design theme.

3. Beautiful Tribeca Loft House

Check out this beautiful loft. It is an industrial-style on another level. Additionally, it is a great idea for a modern interior.

Also, this inspiring two-floor loft apartment creates so many attractive spots to enjoy.

Then, the atmosphere on the first floor is full of excitement. From that solar system wall decor to the amazing steel stairs. This Tribeca loft is located in Moscow.

You can see the panoramic windows which really provide the view you would not know you need. All the elements seem to be properly used in every inch of the space.

4. Tiny Single-Living Loft House

If you are planning to build a loft space in your tiny house, consider how you are going to use it. Then, you can continue to plan about the other things.

For the record, small lofts should be for a single living since the space is very limited. Then, you can have the loft for a bedroom or a home office for only one person.

Interestingly, the great thing about this concept for your tiny house is that the homeowner can make the most out of it even though the space is small.

5. Brown Wooden Staircase for Loft House


Having a wood cabin house with a loft-style design would provide a lot of space. You can build everything that needs privacy upstairs.

The brown wooden staircase locates in the center of the open space. It definitely becomes the main attraction for anyone who enters the house.

Set a sofa right beside the wooden stairs. Thus, the color makes a great blend together.

6. Fantastic Industrial Brooklyn Loft


As you can see in the loft area, the characteristic and unique element is the huge black windows with mullions. That is what makes this industrial Brooklyn house so special.

There are some elements to support that such as the tall plants, big pictures, and large furniture. The Brooklyn style of a loft is always gonna be spectacular.

Furthermore, the black steel element really adds industrial character to the scheme.

7. Mid-Century Modern Loft House in Seattle


This loft house took place in Seattle. The concept that the designer wants to deliver in this house is bringing the outdoors in.

Then, there is a huge window on the wall that provides a view of nature. It looks so inviting. Meanwhile, in the loft area, there will be a lot more glass walls.

Otherwise, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the panorama of the outdoors. Space might be limited but for the view, the sky is the limit.

8. Tiny Loft House with Floating Ladder


The very first you would notice about this house must be the ladder. It meets the minimalist concept that everyone would love in this small space. Unlike the others, this one would be easier to climb.

However, it does not have portability like many ladders. The floating concept is just the right choice by the designers.

Although this area is narrow, the ladder makes the space visually spacious. Indeed, the crucial thing is the material. Make sure it is strong enough to step on a lot.

9. Tiny House with Double Loft

It is another inspiration for a tiny house with a loft area. Well, having a really small building does not mean you can have a double loft.

In the loft area, there is enough space to build two multifunctional rooms. For example, the homeowner can have a two-bedroom.

Otherwise, just have one space for sleep and another area is for storage. Design the area according to your needs.

10. Outstanding Open Space with Loft Bedroom


From this point of view, the tree wall decal really makes a great impact on the theme. It seems like the designer wanted to mimic the playfulness of a treehouse.

Further, the bright light from the sun makes a perfect scene of the staircase.

The room features a 4-meter-tall ceiling that is enough to hang that gorgeous pendant lamps. It has beautiful copper accents that look outstanding from above and below.

Additionally, the loft bedroom space seems very spacious. It has some shuttered doors that allow the light and view to be seen while getting the needed privacy.

Right under the loft area, a kitchen set stands still. The white color scheme of the space makes the space so relaxing and comfortable.

11. Apartment Ideas with Loft System


This apartment has a loft system that provides 2 bedrooms for space. The fact that the ceiling is elevated really saves the comfort of the sleeping area.

However, it might just for the upstairs. The space under the loft would in a low ceiling. Thus, it could be uncomfortable for some people.

Moreover, the stainless steel element makes a good combination with the wood. However, it is not going to be something that everyone would love.

12. Hanging Loft Design for Home Office

It is a kind of unique idea to get inspired with. The hanging concept looks so interesting for a loft system.

Likewise, the style feels more like a decoration than a functional space. However, using it as the home office would be a great idea too.

Meanwhile, this loft house has a logwood ceiling that is already filled with character. The hanging loft design really adds more color to the wall.

13. Round Loft with Flowing Floor Plan


Check out this modern rounded loft. The living space really flows continuously from space to space. Hence, all the rooms in this house are well-connected because of it.

As you see in the background, the wall beside the wood staircase has a built-in, brick-pattern shelving unit made of wood.

Therefore, it adds amazing uniqueness and rough quality to the scene. In addition, the concrete elements keep their earthy and contemporary aesthetic together.

14. Wooden Tiny House Design with Loft

Designing a tiny house without a loft system would be a sin. It is the only way to make use of all of the space available. Thus, you can make one space into one and a half because of this concept.

The homeowner does not use the loft area of this tiny house as a bedroom or living space, it is a freaking kitchen. Besides, there is a cooking space upstairs. It is such an interesting way to make use of the loft.

15. Tiny Loft House with Double Bedroom

The double bedroom right on top of everything is a stylish idea to have. Indeed, it must be the popular choice for a house with two people.

Thereupon, there is no need to share the bedroom when you can set your own privacy.

16. Living Room Loft for Tiny House

Since loft-style is perfect for a tiny house, there will be more design ideas for it. This wooden building uses a loft area like a living room. It would be an inviting way to welcome anyone who comes to visit.

Furthermore, some people cannot handle sleeping up high right under the ceiling. This loft house idea would be a great one for them.

17. Funky Loft House Concept

Want to feel like living in a tiny cabin right in the middle of a forest uphill? This one is just perfect. The hanging bench provides sofa-like furniture.

Likewise, the rustic feel that comes from the wooden material, the rope, and the pendant lamps are astonishing.

Up in the loft area, there is only a bed for sleep. Most of the activities would be outdoors.

18. Small House with Industrial Loft Stair

As you can see, the loft area in this house has a wooden barrier which also functions as shelving for decoration. Besides, you can put a few of your collectibles or attractive decor items.

Moreover, the semi-floating stair itself is already making a big impact to be the center of attention.

19. Master Bedroom with Loft Area

This loft house idea is quite a simple addition to a bedroom. Hence, any large or medium size bedroom can have this concept.

So, if you want to make use of the whole space of your bedroom, try to add a loft on top of another room.

20. Loft Area as a Bed Canopy


There is a loft room right above the bed which is looking like a canopy. It provides another functional space for the bedroom.

Additionally, it can be used as a private home office, living space, or entertainment area.

21. Loft House with Bookcase All Over


As you can see, all the loft room in this house is filled with books and the cabinets. The purpose of having the stairs and loft space is for the walkway to reach the book collection comfortably.

Otherwise, it is nothing about creating more room for other functions.

22. Loft Area with Spiral Staircase


The combination of open floor and loft system concepts looks great in this house. Thus, many people may be more focused on the spiral staircase in the middle.

The minimalist feel in this space is strengthened because of the empty wall. Also, the homeowner decides to have all the books arranged on the floor instead of on the wall with bookcases or shelves.

23. Loft System for Two Living Rooms

It looks like this loft house has two living rooms. As you can see, the homeowner does not set any entertainment in the main living room.

Meanwhile, there is a TV up there to provide entertainment for anyone who is up to it.

24. Contemporary House with Loft Room

There is a lot of light that goes inside the house through that huge window. It makes the interior with a neutral scheme appear to be brighter.

Then, the height of the window reaches the loft area above the kitchen overlooking the living space.

25. Attic Style Ceiling In Loft House


The attic-style ceiling of this house seems to be perfect for having a loft bedroom. It is placed right above the bathroom. Also, the design scheme is like a log cabin in the middle of a jungle uphill.

Apparently, this house has its main bedroom. The loft one becomes the second choice.

26. Metal Loft System in Apartment

This unique system of metal loft looks sophisticated in every way. The steel construction of this place is designed to create a more functional space.

Furthermore, the glass panel on the roof is a perfect way to make the area more attractive and brighter.

27. Mezzanine Ceiling Design in Tiny House


This tiny house is a complete set of living spaces. The limited room does not mean you cannot have it incomplete state.

Additionally, there is a living room and dining area combined on the main floor. For a bedroom, you can have two in the loft area.

The Mezzanine ceiling design really makes the tiny house more special. It adds interest to the scene. Further, you can even make the room more dramatic by adding a few lightings on the ceiling.

28. Glassed-in Loft in Small Apartment


Instead of having a loft railing, the room in this apartment uses glass to cover the entire area.

The homeowner uses it as the see-through wall that keeps the room open while having the needed privacy. Hence, that loft space can be a great bedroom or other kinds of private area for the owner.

29. Amazing Loft-Style Decor in Small Apartment

This one is a cool-looking loft style in an apartment that offers simplicity and functionality. The modern minimalist style allows the homeowner to have everything in effective shape and design.

Therefore, all the area is well-used with all the needed storage. Also, the thin staircase does not take much space in the apartment.

30. Hanging Style Loft Bedroom


It is such a great inspiration you can have to save space in your small apartment. However, setting up a bedroom on the main floor is not necessary.

Then, the sleeping area needs to be away from the floor. Just have it hanging above everything.

31. Coastal Loft-Style Bedroom

It is such a beautiful coastal bedroom that has a lot of space for any activity inside the room. Thus, this place serves more excitement through the loft system.

Furthermore, a simple ladder is designed for everyone to climb up to the loft area without wasting space.

32. Contemporary Loft Apartment


Adding a loft system into any lounge would be a great idea. Hence, it makes this room more space-effective and stylish.

33. White Loft Bar in House

White color is all over the place in this house. Thus, the loft area becomes very useful to get out of the brightness for a while.

34. Small Apartment With Stylish Loft System

Check out this small apartment. Otherwise, it is packed with a stylish loft system right above the kitchen overlooking the living room.

35. Modern, Tiny, and Clever Apartment Design

Take a look at the way this loft apartment is presented. Indeed, it already has everything while still having a comfortable space for the walkway.

36. Stylish Studio with Sleeping Loft

This studio took place in Greenwich Village. Then, the loft design allows the owner to have a more spacious and comfortable living room.


Finally, those 36 loft house ideas would surely inspire you to create the living space of your dream.

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