35 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Bookshelf Ideas for You

Some people might think that a mid century modern bookshelf is dull and ordinary. In fact, this style offers a trendy look as well as an elegant feel. Let’s delve into these fabulous bookshelves!

As a true bookworm, you surely have loads of books. Therefore, consider giving them a nice home, so space will always be mess-free.

So, continue reading to find some marvelous mid-century modern bookshelf ideas below.

1. West Elm Mid-Century Modern Bookshelf


Sleek furniture is the hallmark of mid century modern style. Thus, if you want to infuse the stylish vibe into your home, try investing in a simple bookshelf.

This wooden ladder-style bookshelf from West Elm features beveled edges and slim legs. Due to its unique shape, it lends the area a visual interest.

Also, the open shelves host both family heirlooms and books.

2. Mid Century Modern Bookshelf with Decorations


This pastel blue bookshelf looks terrific against the gray wall. Besides, it matches the farmhouse dining chair immensely.

The clean-lined edges of the bookshelf deliver a mid-century modern touch to space. Meanwhile, metallic tapered legs represent industrial minimalism.

Further, speaking of mid-century modern bookshelf decor, you can place textured vases on the shelves. We also suggest using potted succulents for extra adornment.

3. Modern Vertical Bookcase


This tall neutral-colored wood bookshelf is definitely suitable for a compact-sized room. Wherefore, it does not require a lot of space, thanks to its slim body.

The bookshelf teams awesomely with the floor. Not only does it evokes a warm ambiance, but also adds an extra layer of texture.

As you see, the room looks organized with the presence of the bookshelf. Additionally, the bright cushions make it more lively.

4. Wooden Mid Century Modern Bookshelf


This vertical bookshelf only features wood components. Likewise, it blends invisibly into the floor and creates a wonderful camouflage.

Since this bookshelf is compact, it certainly fits most areas in your home. Also, the stuff infuses a feeling of warmth into the room.

The open shelves display various books. Additionally, they become a perfect home for the framed artwork, potted houseplant, and head statue.

5. VintageWooden Bookshelf


This bookshelf has a wooden body and silver legs. Hence, the smart combination of man-made and natural materials develops a mid-century modern flair.

Furthermore, the slim legs and simple open shelving give the bookshelf a vintage vibe. Although the unit is chic, it does not grab the attention too much.

Therefore, the bright glass and vases are able to steal the show.

6. Small Mid Century Modern Bookshelf


If you only have several books, buying a small bookshelf would be the safest bet. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect fit for many areas.

This mid-century modern bookshelf is cute and charming. Besides, it brings in a bold look to the room instantly. The two open shelves hold personal items and books.

Moreover, top your bookshelf with a few adorable pieces. Just in case you buy more books, stack them on the floor next to it.

7. Large Mid Century Modern Bookshelf


You have an open-concept living room. Why not add a huge bookshelf to it? Thus, the unit will offer plenty of storage space for your massive book collection.

Here, the mid-century modern bookshelf extends up to the ceiling. It keeps things organized while working as a space divider.

In addition, the family pictures and books perch on the open compartments nicely.

8. Floating Bookshelf Ideas


This wall-mounted bookshelf is totally ideal for your small home office. As you see, it does not occupy any floor space.

The wooden bookshelf boasts a drawer, open shelves, and closed cabinets. There is even a small surface to place your personal computer on. Then, it lets you work in a standing position.

Also, the plain white wall highlights the wooden bookshelf. Moreover, it allows the colorful book covers and embellishments to catch the eye.

9. Shelving Unit for A Mid Century Modern Room


The white wall and light wood floor create an airy ambiance. Meanwhile, the rug and woven basket inject a snuggly feeling into space.

Instead of the regular bookshelf, the homeowner furnished the room with a shelving unit. For a seamless and clean look, it has to come in the same shade as the wall.

Indeed, the mid-century modern shelving unit is super stylish. It showcases a storage box, monochromatic works of art, and books.

10. Modern Bookshelf Ideas for Bedroom


If you love reading before bed, give this mid-century modern bookshelf idea a go. By doing so, your favorite books will be always within arm’s reach.

This tall bookshelf sits right next to the bed. It bears books in different genres. There are also small decorative items that call the shelves their home.

Wooden tapered legs of the bookshelf bring the outside in. Meanwhile, the houseplant and stones complement them nicely.

11. Mid-Century Bookshelf with A Drawer


We love this mid-century modern bookshelf. Despite its understated design, it still becomes a showstopper, thanks to the stunning wood grains.

Likewise, the dark-colored wooden bookshelf features a drawer for storing personal items. As the image shows, the light-toned knobs immensely match the tapered legs.

This bookshelf is such a perfect amalgamation of function and form. Besides, it looks rather lightweight, which fits many spaces.

12. Black Bookshelf Ideas


Mid-century modern design always has room for juxtaposition. Therefore, you should not be afraid of using different materials and colors.

In this home library, plain white walls convey openness. Also, they make the area feel bigger and airier instantly. Meanwhile, the leather armchair sits on the wooden floor.

Black open shelves look stylish on the white walls. In addition, they house lots of books without consuming any floor space.

13. Black and Gold Bookshelf


This mid-century modern living room only has an armchair, a table, a floor lamp, an artwork, and a bookshelf. By using essential furniture pieces, the space looks uncluttered.

Further, the slim bookshelf features a brass frame and black accents. It makes the room feel cohesive. Meanwhile, the dark-toned wood shelves accommodate stacks of books.

Black and gold hues create a striking contrast in this room. Moreover, they lend a sumptuous ambiance to the otherwise dull area.

14. Modern Bookshelf with Four Legs


No mid-century modern style is complete without geometric elements. As you can see here, this room embrace them really well.

The bookshelf comes with square and rectangular boxes. Those open storage units allow it to be a room divider without appearing bulky.

Then, four tapered legs ensure that the bookshelf has great stability. Meanwhile, the patterned rug spices up the floor and exudes a modern feel.

15. DIY Modern Bookshelf


If you love this wall-mounted bookshelf, why not make it yourself? Of course, the handmade stuff is much cheaper than the similar store-bought product.

Here, the handmade bookshelf looks so trendy and unique. The wood boards of different sizes add interest to the room. Besides, they feature ample storage space.

Additionally, white brackets contrast with the wood shelves enchantingly. Meanwhile, the pastel gray background makes the bookshelf more noticeable.

16. Mid Century Bookshelf with Drawers


In terms of size, this wooden bookshelf may be small. However, it can hold various items such as books, decorative bowls, and statues.

Unlike the previous bookshelf, this furniture includes some drawers. They allow you to categorize different personal items.

Black metal drawer pulls come in a weathered finish. Not only do they add rustic charm, but also create an appealing look.

17. Mid Century Bookshelf with Desk


Decorating a compact-sized room can be challenging. However, that should not stop you from being creative.

You can incorporate a multi-functional furniture into either your bedroom or home office. It does not only save some space, but also makes the more open.

Here, the wall-hung bookshelf features a cabinet space and open shelving. Moreover, it doubles as a desk. Just add a mid-century modern chair to complete the look.

18. Two-Tone Modern Bookshelf


Who says you cannot create a statement with a bookshelf? Bring this piece to your residence for an instant facelift.

This bookshelf clearly denotes a mid-century modern style. Take a look at its slim legs and sleek design. Hence, it will be an incredible fit for any space.

Wooden frame and pure white shelves offer a fresh look. Meanwhile, the wicker basket brings more style as well as interest to the area.

19. White Bookshelf


Do you find this white mid-century modern bookshelf catchy, right? It comes with two open shelves for storing your headphone and books.

The picture, potted plant, and light blue vases adorn the bookshelf. Meanwhile, the closed storage compartments enable you to hide unsightly items.

Also, wooden legs of the bookshelf match the wicker planter. The fiddle leaf fig boosts the mid-century modern vibe while sprucing up the room.

20. Metal and Wood Bookshelf in Mid-Century Modern Style


If you dislike the idea of mounting the bookshelf on the wall, opt for the freestanding unit. Since it has a simple design, your room will not feel heavy.

Metal bookshelf frame and white brick wall inject the area with a masculine touch. Meanwhile, the wooden floor and shelves offset them, so the space still feels inviting.

Also, the geometric table lamp illuminates the bookshelf. It generates an eye-catching look while accentuating the mid-century modern style.

21. Mid Century Modern Rustic Bookshelf


Unquestionably, the furniture has a major impact on your residence. Therefore, you need to make sure that it fits the existing color scheme as well as decor theme.

In this room, the solid wood bookshelf becomes a statement piece. It does not only produce an intriguing look but also oozes rustic charm.

The books and ornaments sit on the shelves. Besides, the indoor plant and patterned ottoman prevent the entire space from becoming lifeless.

22. Decorative Bookshelf for Mid Century Modern Room


Many books definitely require much storage space. If you have such an enormous book collection, then this idea is worth to copy.

The bookshelf features open shelving for an airy atmosphere. Apparently, it does not only keep the room mess-free but also makes the basic space look aesthetic.

Moreover, this wood bookshelf infuses some warmth into the neutral space. The unit also offsets the bright white wall in a very elegant manner.

23. Modern Bookshelf with Lower Drawers


The leather armchair comes in dark brown. Not only does it impart a luxurious vibe, but also brings an industrial flair to the space.

Furthermore, to make the living room feel united, the neutral wood bookshelf is added. Its open compartments showcase keepsakes and books.

Too much visual clutter on the open shelving can create a messy appearance. Therefore, you have to choose a furniture with closed storage units like this solid wood bookshelf.

24. Mid Century Bookshelf with Cabinet


Here is another mid century modern vintage bookshelf. As you see, it includes three open shelves. They display your favorite decorations and books.

The ebonised black frame carves a stylish vibe. Furthermore, it injects a bit of depth and drama into the predominantly white room.

On the other hand, under the lower shelf are closed cabinets. Investing in a bookshelf with a cabinet space is a great choice. It is classic for any mid-century modern spaces.

25. Mid Century Modern Low Bookcase


You do not have many books. Buying a mid-century modern low bookshelf will be a nice move for certain. Also, it makes your dwelling feel cozy instantly.

Unlike the previous idea, this low bookshelf boasts no doors. Therefore, you must avoid displaying tiny decorative accessories.

This white bookshelf evokes cleanliness and spaciousness. Meanwhile, the blue and turquoise accents infuse a coastal ambiance into space.

26. Stunning Bookshelf


You should take the size of your into consideration. If it is not expansive, a simple bookshelf would be sufficient.

Here, the 4-tier wood bookshelf exhibits a mid-century modern flair. Moreover, its sexy curves balance out the sharp edges of the shelves.

This bookshelf lends the room a distinctive look. In addition, it only takes up a small footprint while offering ample storage space.

27. Modern Tall Bookshelf Ideas


Showcase all of your ornaments, books, and pictures on this unique bookshelf. In total, it features 10 storage areas.

This tall bookshelf has two cabinet doors. You can use them to cover your unsightly pieces. Moreover, the open shelving is a home for thick books.

Black cabinet doors and tapered legs go well with the rest of the bookshelf. The pastel ceramic jars and flowers round out the space.

28. Bookshelf with Round Curves


Who says mid-century modern bookshelf cannot be catchy and charming? This furniture piece perfectly breaks the stereotypes.

As you see, the tapered legs support the body of the bookshelf. In addition, they make it feel so mid century modern.

The open shelves hold books of different sizes and genres. Meanwhile, round curves create a soft appearance and cozy atmosphere.

29. Bookshelf with Cabinets and Drawers


Getting rid of clutter is an easy way to create a mid-century modern vibe. Instead of using a few units, you can incorporate a smart furniture.

This mid-century modern freestanding system is complete with drawers, open shelves, and closed cabinets. The weathered metal pulls look great against the wood background.

30. Dark Wood Modern Bookshelf


This dark-toned wood bookshelf is simple yet funky. It will certainly blend into most spaces in your home easily.

The closed cabinets and shelves provide lots of storage space. Both white floor and walls let the wooden bookshelf become the centerpiece.

Meanwhile, the houseplant accentuates the mid-century modern flair.

31. Orange Mid Century Modern Bookshelf


When it comes to decorating a room in mid-century modern style, do not be afraid of going bold. Paint your bookshelf in bright shades like yellow and orange.

This orange bookshelf infuses a punchy touch of color to the area. Also, it features closed and open storage spaces for a mess-free look.

32. Modern Bookshelf with Glass Doors


Your home library is spacious. An oversized bookshelf will surely be a remarkable addition to it. Moreover, the unit can accommodate lots of books.

This wooden bookshelf includes glass doors. They prevent the room from feeling heavy. Thanks to them, you do not have to dust the books and shelves so often.

33. Teak Bookcase with Display Cabinet


This bookshelf is quite different from the previous one. It features cabinet doors which will be useful for stashing away your precious personal items.

The glass covered compartments let you see your book collection. They also keep the unwanted dust away. Thus, this bookcase is ideal for those who do not like dusting the furniture every time.

34. Gold Mid Century Modern Bookshelf


Pictured above is a mid-century modern rectangular bookshelf. Unlike most bookcases, it features angled shelves for visual interest.

The metal bookshelf comes in a brass finish. It offers the space a trendy look and glamorous feel while enhancing the mid century modern flavor.

35. Mid-Century Modern Corner Bookshelf


This bright colored wooden bookshelf warms up any space in your residence. The unit also comes with a revolving bar which makes it more appealing.

Needless to say, this bookshelf is such a rare and ravishing furniture piece. It keeps your corner space from going to waste too.

People typically use a mid-century modern bookshelf to store their books. The unit can work as either a centerpiece or room divider, so will you copy any of our ideas?

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