29 Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Ideas to Inspire You

So you are interested in having a mid century modern coffee table as a focal point of your living room. Fortunately, it can be one of your best decor decisions ever. 

The term mid-century modern is highly popular among interior enthusiasts. Nowadays, you can find this phrase includes nearly everything that is fashion-inspired. 

Indeed, this design was initially created between 1945 and 1975, emphasizing something simple and neutral. While many years have passed, it still becomes one of the most favorable designing styles. 

Without a doubt, this 50’s beauty still makes many homeowners fall in love even today. Moreover, if you are one of them, read on to find some ideas on how to implement this style in your living space. 

Good Reasons to Have a Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table


It is no secret that a modern coffee table that comes with the right dose of mid-century style can steal the spotlight of any decor. 

Thus, this never goes out of style and is very flexible to complement a wide range of designs. 

A mid century modern table is popular for its unique characteristics that are relatively straightforward. As a result, it typically goes well with anything. 

Also, its neutral color makes it easy for you to pair the coffee table with a wide variety of colored items. 

With the right mid-century coffee table, there is no doubt that your living room will turn out to be more elegant, chic, and fashionable. 

29 Ideas of Stylish Mid-Century Modern Coffee Tables 

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table


Are you not convinced yet with the above reasons? Then, the following example of a coffee table in mid-century modern style may change your mind. 

Since there are a huge variety of coffee tables here, you must be able to find one that suits your style. Without further ado, let us check them out!

  • Sturdy Metal Legs

Sturdy Metal Legs Coffee Table


When it comes to a mid century coffee table, a combination of wood and metal is something popular. For a small touch of rustic, the above picture might inspire you.

It has sturdy legs that expand to the tabletop. Then, to balance the aesthetic of this piece, there is a rug that looks like animal skin underneath. 

  • Small Space’s Darling

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table at Small Space


If a storage solution does not matter, you can take this small round coffee table into account. Likewise, its short legs match the height of the sofa and armchair, making it easy to grab your drinks. 

For an additional seating area, you can add a wooden and steel stool that matches the design of the table. Hence, consider including a small side table as well if you need an extra surface to put things on. 

  • Nesting Beauty

Nesting Beauty Mid Century Coffee Table


Do not have much space for a big mid-century modern coffee table? Then, you should take this nesting desk into account.

Without a doubt, nesting coffee tables are popular for their space-saving ability. Thus, they let you save some rooms so that there is no need to give up other pieces of furniture.

Further, just like this mid-century modern nesting table that allows you to have the comfort of having enough sofas for everyone. 

  • Innovative Piece with Baskets

Innovative Piece with Baskets


If you are into something innovative and exceptional, this coffee table must be likable. Besides, it features a modular style in charming blue ocean color. 

Despite the extraordinary design, it still offers plenty of space for placing a variety of things. Meanwhile, a pair of wicker baskets become a centerpiece along with the outstanding indoor plant. 

  • Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk Coffee Table


Instead of something very innovative, you probably prefer a mid century modern coffee table that provides plenty of storage.

In this view, you will love this black trunk coffee table as it doubles as a storage solution in the bedroom. So, simply open the trunk to store books, magazines, or other small items that fit in. 

Furthermore, coming with wheels, you can easily move this coffee table to another room or keep it away when not in operation. 

  • Charming Glass Table

Charming Glass Table


Keep your small living room feel more open and airy by introducing a coffee table that comes with a glass top. 

Likewise, this glass coffee table makes a good example if you are remodeling a mid-century modern living room. 

Just like the other mid century modern coffee table ideas, this one will enhance the style of your living space instantly too.

  • DIY Table with Hairpin Legs

DIY Table with Hairpin Legs


Looking for another way to incorporate natural wood in the living room? This coffee table can complete the mission without making your modern space looks dull. 

Then, with hairpin legs and a black accent on its side, this coffee table comes as a beautiful focal point in this living area. 

Further, it offers enough tabletop for serving more guests and makes a nice complement to the other furniture.

  • Matching Yellow Legs

Matching Yellow Legs


This mid century modern coffee table increases the liveliness of this vibrant space. Also, along with the colorful sofas, it comes to add style to the room.

The yellow legs not only match the sofa but also offer a pop of color against the white rug. Meanwhile, the white tabletop keeps the balance of the scheme by being neutral. 

  • Petite Coffee Table

Petite Coffee Table


Made of thick wooden slabs, this coffee table introduces a touch of warmness to the all-white living room. 

Its petite design matches the white low sofas very well. Together they create a modern home design that appears like a miniature. 

Moreover, what you will find interesting about this table should be the shape of its tabletop that is super delightful.

  • Vintage Charm

Vintage Charm


To match the concrete aesthetic, you can introduce a mid century modern coffee table that comes in a soft grey color.

Therefore, this trunk coffee table makes a great example with its distressed finish and vintage charm. 

With a vertical garden as a room divider, you do not need to put a notable centerpiece on the table. Instead, a small glass of mini indoor plant is perfect. 

  • Small yet Mighty

Small yet Mighty


Although this coffee table may only be 30 inches in size, it is still a mighty piece of furniture that offers function and aesthetic value. 

The design of its tabletop resembles a serving tray that sits on wooden legs. So, if you have a narrow living area, match this mid century modern coffee table with a medium-sized sofa.

  • Black Coffee Table

Black Coffee Table


This black wooden coffee table is combined with a navy round ottoman to add style to this all-white living room. 

While offering space for your morning tea or coffee, this coffee table also completes the contemporary look of the whole space. 

  • Round Wooden Coffee Table

Round Wooden Coffee Table


With a vibrant sofa and cushions, you will need a neutral coffee table that blends well with the entire design. 

For instance, you can take advantage of around mid century modern coffee table that comes with a glossy black finish as shown above.

Furthermore, it gives you plenty of surface space on the top and introduces interesting texture with its plaited legs.

  • Casual Seating Area

Casual Seating Area


For a casual living space, this round coffee table provides the style you need. Its white tabletop complements the black steel legs. 

Additionally, this table offers plenty of legroom. For a splash of color on its sleek white top, you can add a couple of centerpieces. 

  • Reliable Focal Point

Reliable Focal Point


This is another mid century modern coffee table that can give you the right amount of style in your living room. 

Interestingly, it can be a display table if you want to add some decorative pieces like sculpture and house plants.

Further, the construction is very well-built to support the round wooden tabletop so that it does not sway or wobble when used with heavy items. 

  • Extraordinary Bamboo Table

Extraordinary Bamboo Table


If you want to have a mid century modern coffee table that is different from others, this picture shows a great example. 

Since bamboo furniture can withstand everyday use, it makes a good option for outdoor living rooms as well.

More interestingly, this unique bamboo table is more resistant to damage when compared to conventional hardwoods. 

  • Distressed Finish

Distressed Finish


For a mid-century modern living room that has a neutral backdrop, you can feel free to add a rectangular coffee table with a distressed finish like this.

Hence, it gives out the right amount of vintage vibe without making the living room less clean and elegant. 

Then, you will love how this mid century modern coffee table blends perfectly with the grey sofa, chair, and rug.

  • Outstanding Wood Cut

Outstanding Wood Cut


Classy, exceptional, and sophisticated are some of the best words to describe this coffee table. Looking like a big woodcut, it offers a warm natural appearance for the living room.

Use this coffee table indoors or outdoors. Besides, it can blend flawlessly with neutral-colored furnishings. 

However, just make sure to keep it away from moisture so that you can enjoy this piece of furniture longer.

  • Three-Piece Coffee Table

Three-Piece Coffee Table


A nesting desk is indeed perfect for a narrow living room. However, if you want to go to the next level, combining three coffee tables at the same time will not hurt. 

Furthermore, it allows you to have more room to serve your guests and their different height can help to add dimension to space. 

  • Natural Vibe 

Natural Vibe


This charming mid century modern coffee table is completely made of solid wood. It settles on three wooden legs that give out structured support and an unfussy aesthetic. 

Besides, its circular top provides you with an ample surface area and a modern mood. Colors and other designs will blend effortlessly in this home; thanks to the neutral focal point. 

If you want to update this table’s aesthetic in the future, simply spray paint or stain the piece with a new color.

  • Plywood Beauty

Plywood Beauty


Without a doubt, plywood is one of the most favorite materials in mid-century designs. This coffee table is particularly made of this material for your best interest. 

With this in mind, it can perfectly suit your home design as a mid century modern coffee table

Then, to support the plywood tabletop, there are black steel legs that also provide a perfect accent to your mid-century modern style. 

  • Simple Round Wood 

Simple Round Wood coffee table


This coffee table looks like it is transported right from the woods. From the design to the color, you can see how natural it appears. 

Interestingly, you can pair this coffee table with other pieces of furniture and décor items. Its subtle and neutral aesthetic plays a big role here.

Furthermore, make sure to protect the surface from spills by taking advantage of coasters and do not use too much water while cleaning the furniture.

  • Matching Coffee Table and Stool

Matching Coffee Table and Stool


To pair the orange sofa, a set of matching chairs and a coffee table are added to this living room. Altogether, the furniture gives your space an original and old-school kind of mood.

This mid century modern coffee table is perfect for a small space as it gives you a lot of room for creativity in terms of other decoration. 

Also, you can utilize this coffee table for other seat varieties thanks to its flexible design.

  • Long Coffee Table

Long Coffee Table


As black and white are like the sacred colors of mid-century modern design, you should not hesitate to introduce a dark stained coffee table in this style.

Just like this black-stained coffee table that blends flawlessly against the white backdrop, you can also have one that appears the same.

Also, it has a very simple design that allows you to go with a DIY route. 

  • Ottoman with Toy Storage

Ottoman with Toy Storage


Do you want to have a mid century modern coffee table that also doubles as a functional storage unit for your kids’ toys?

This black ottoman can be a great example with its hidden storage. Hence, you can simply tug your kids’ toys on the coffee table when a guest is coming. 

In addition, another great point about this ottoman is that it introduces a classy texture and pattern to your décor.

  • Raw Finish

Raw Finish


Instead of the usual black and white combination, you probably prefer to have a natural statement in your all-white scheme.

In this view, this elegant coffee table will help to achieve your goal thanks to its beautiful raw finish. 

Additionally, pair this mid century modern coffee table with a plaited bamboo pendant light to elevate the natural beauty of this room. 

  • Build-in Open Shelves

Build-in Open Shelves


Made of solid, enduring wood, this coffee table is all you need to complete your mid-century modern design.

It offers a pair of build-in open shelves that provide plenty of space for storing your magazines and books. Also, utilize the space for displaying décor items.

If you are interested in a fun DIY project, its straightforward design allows you to replicate the piece pretty easily. 

  • Mushroom Design

Mushroom Design Table


This mid century modern coffee table has an exceptional mushroom-like design that suits a wide variety of styles.

Its neutral scheme and flexible design make this coffee table a subtle statement in every living room. The unique look of this item makes a great addition to the straightforward backdrop too.

  • Fancy Coffee Table

Fancy Coffee Table


Are you looking for something more extraordinary to complete your living room? This fancy coffee table makes a great alternative with its boat-like design. 

To emphasize the design, it comes with a glass top that also gives the table a bit of class.

If you match this mid century modern coffee table with neutral hues, it will stand out and evoke a personalized feeling. 

Tips to Pick the Perfect Mid-Century Coffee Tables for Your Home

Perfect Mid-Century Coffee Tables


Whether your living room has mid-century modern style or not, introducing a coffee table in this design is something worth a try. 

It will not only be a stylish complement for your living space but also the busiest furniture there. Therefore, choosing the right one should your priority. 

You can use the following points to decide on your best choice. 

  • Determine what shape you will pick

Shape Mid-Century Coffee Tables


If you are furnishing a narrow living room, an oval or rectangle is the most sensible table shape to choose. In case you require additional space, a nesting table should be great. 

In a living room with a lot of seating, like sectional sofas, you will want to have a round or square mid century modern coffee table. Then, make sure that its height is similar to your sofa seats for the best. 

  • Consider how you will use the coffee table

transitional style Coffee Table


The way you want to use the coffee table will have something to do with your best choice. 

When shopping around, ask yourself whether a storage solution is crucial or not, if you may need drawers to put things easily, and if you want it to be minimalist. 

For instance, if minimalism is your cup of tea, you should consider having a mid century modern coffee table that comes with a glass top and wooden legs or base. 

The Bottom Line

Minimalist Mid Century Coffee Table


All in all, going with something simple yet elegant is the most favorable way to incorporate a coffee table in a mid-century modern style. 

Further, put various neutral hues into your mid century modern coffee table as this was the primary theme of the era. Happy decorating!

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