20 Best Mid Century Modern Dresser Ideas: Keep Stylish in Vintage

If there is furniture that will never go out of style, then the mid century modern dresser is the answer. 

It has a stylish everlasting vintage as if never knew the word ‘out of date’. Then, how to get this style? Here is the complete explanation.

A. What is Mid Century Modern Concept?

Mid Century Modern Dresser


Building a house and designing a room is not just a matter of taste and need. It also concerns culture, art, and other very complex aspects. 

The existed concepts, such as modern, mid century, and else affect how one chooses furniture.

Mid-century and modern are two different concepts but appear sequentially. The two of them have distinctive features that turn out to be very attractive when combined. 

Moreover, the following is an explanation in detail.

1. Mid Century Concept

Mid Century Dresser


This interior style emerged in the 20th century or medieval era. The architecture became a trend around the 1950s to 1960s and is known for its timeless features. 

It is no wonder the mid-century concept still exists today.

Some of the characteristics that you usually find include the use of wood and stone elements, warm colors, and light elements. 

You will also be familiar with the geometric patterns that appear on the furniture in it.

2. Modern Concept

Modern Dresser


The ​​modern concept was first coined by Louis Sullivan, when introducing his building designed, Chicago World Fair, in 1893. 

After that, more and more of these architectural pioneers emerged and matured them until several decades later.

This concept prioritizes simplicity in various aspects, from the shape of the building, spatial planning, to the selection of furniture. 

The purpose of this design is to present an atmosphere that looks spacious and efficient.

3. The Combination

Combination Mid Century Modern Dresser


Although there are several differences, in the end, we can combine these designs into an interesting unity. 

The use of geometric patterns with wood materials is a hallmark of mid-century modern design. Apart from that, you will also find natural colors, such as brown, yellow, black, or white. 

In choosing furniture, you will also find storage efficiency, which you can see from the number of drawers or storage.

B. The Characteristics

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Set Dresser


In short, it is a crafted dresser that adopts a modern mid-century style. Generally, this furniture uses solid brown wood as the base material. 

However, most of them have a warm chestnut brown color, or darker, as finishing. 

Most mid century modern dressers have dark to black colors. However, some products display brighter colors, such as white. 

This furniture always has a lot of storage even though the size is small.

C. Mid Century Modern Dresser: Pros and Cons

Solid Wood Mid Century Modern Dresser


The mid-century modern style became remarkable because of the Mad Men series, which aired from 2007 to 2015. 

This show features a unique home setting that instantly makes many people fall in love.

Over the years, this has inspired many people to adopt the style to the real world. One item that has become popular is the mid century modern dresser with a vintage nuance but still elegant.

Why People Love It

Mid Century Modern 4-Drawer Chest with Door White


As we discussed above, this style has a vintage feel that is old-fashioned but still timeless. In addition, this object has form efficiency. 

It will be very appropriate for today’s society which has a lot of space problems.

A mid century modern dresser usually has some storage so that it allows you to place various items and avoid getting messy. 

Beautiful and elegant designs will also make it easy for you to combine them with other furniture.

But Some People Do not Like

Mid Century Modern Teak Dresser


The use of mid century modern dressers, however, reaps the pros and cons. Even though many fans still want to make it part of the interior design of the house, some people consider it out of date.

Not surprisingly, a mid century modern dresser has to compete with more recent materials, including chrome, glass, and metal. 

Besides, the monotonous design sometimes makes people sinful. However, everything is about taste.

D. How much it costs?

7 Drawer Milo Mid-century Modern Dresser


This furniture is indeed quite expensive because it uses solid wood. A mid century modern dresser ranges in price from $ 300 to $ 1500, depending on quality and size. 

The price does not include delivery, but sometimes some stores give it free. 

However, you can also get a mid century modern dresser under $200 in some offers. For example, a white Walker Edison drawer dresser has a price of only $ 191.99, and it is solid pine wood-based.

E. List of Mid Century Modern Dresser Ideas

Mid Century Walnut 9 Drawer


In the discussion above, you already know what a mid century modern dresser is and its characteristics. 

With prices as mentioned above, you can enjoy classic and everlasting designs in your home.

However, before adopting this style, you need to look for many references to determine which design is suitable for your room. Here are some models that can inspire you.

1. Vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser

Vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser


Most people judge anything with a vintage feel to be beautiful, rare and has a high artistic value. Therefore, a mid century modern dresser still has fans today.

The standard form of this design consists of a cabinet with several storage spaces for clothes, jackets, and other items. 

Sometimes this kind of dresser has legs, but sometimes it stands directly on the ground. It is rare to find a wall-mounted model even though this method is part of the modern concept.

2. Vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser with Mirror

Vintage Mid Century Modern Dresser with Mirror


While most dressers have patented designs, why not make your room different from a mirror? You have to make sure that the clothes worn today are perfect, right?

However, mirror selection cannot be random. Because a mid century modern dresser generally carries a vintage element, of course, you have to use the appropriate glass. 

A little ornament will make it look perfect.

3. Original Mid Century Modern Dresser

Original Mid Century Modern Dresser


As stated above, an original mid century modern dresser is furniture with solid wood material that has a classic shape, complete with several drawers and storage space. 

Most of the designs are simple because they prioritize use value rather than art.

This classic and simple design contains an appeal because of its adaptable nature and can match any furniture. 

In addition, a dresser will also be a storage system that helps organize things so they do not get messy.

4. Classy White

Classy White Dresser


The mid-century concept carries natural colors, for example, brown, yellow, or black. This tone goes well with the wood being the material because the notion does not change naturalness.

However, there is nothing wrong if you do a little exploration using white for your mid century modern dresser. This color will make the room feel more magnificent, spacious, and brighter.

5. Black Mid Century Modern Dresser

Black Mid Century Modern Dresser


Black is part of the mid-century concept because it is close to the tone of trees or soil. This color depicts a mysterious yet dynamic and unpredictable nuance. It can also be a choice for your space.

The mid century modern dresser black is generally not too thick and contains shades of brown with tree veins decoration. 

Because of the dark tone, sometimes the motive is hidden. Thus, you need to get closer to be able to observe it.

6. Natural Wood-Colored

Natural Wood-Colored


Most of the mid century modern dressers available display natural colors as they are. The finishing is only to protect the original pattern or change to another appropriate tone.

Natural colors themselves are the main attraction of this concept. However, the tone that is displayed always looks beautiful and can bring beauty to your room.

7. Playing with Color

Vintage Hand Painted Color


Apart from the natural color carried by most mid century modern dressers, you can choose other colors that are different. 

Apart from white, as discussed above, other tones such as yellow, blue, or green can also be options.

One thing you should pay attention to when choosing a color is the suitability of the room shape and other furniture in it. Colors that are too colliding will sometimes make you uncomfortable.

8. Second Hand Mid Century Modern Dresser

Second Hand Mid Century Modern Dresser


It is undeniable that buying a new mid century modern dresser is sometimes very expensive. Getting good quality wooden furniture costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Then, why not look for a cheaper one?

Try to find a mid century modern dresser second hand-market offered online and offline. Sometimes, you will get the best deal for high-quality furniture and priceless art value. Have you tried it?

9. DIY Mid Century Modern Dresser

DIY Mid Century Modern Dresser


Do not be sad if you fail to fall for the mid century modern dresser IKEA offered on the website. Furniture is an art, and it depends on a person’s subjective opinion. 

It is okay to reject the designs that do not fit you. However, you can get your beloved dresser by DIY.

You might design the best version of your furniture freely. Even if you cannot do the DIY project, ask a craftsman to do the job. Remember that sometimes your choice shows the real you.

10. Canadian Styled

Canadian Styled


A mid century modern dresser Canada made is almost always a favorite of many people because it has high-quality materials and fairly fine furniture. 

The designs that you can get are also beautiful and will make your room more comfortable. 

To find the best furniture with this style, you can visit any mid century modern West Elm dresser shown on their website.  Find the most stylish design that fits yours.

11. Antique Mid Century Modern Dresser

The Antique vintage venetian dresser with mirror


Even though the concept we are carrying out emphasizes simplicity, that does not mean you cannot explore with art. There is nothing wrong with placing antiques that invite awe of human work.

Antique objects, of course, have a limited number. As long as it can properly-functioned, this mid century modern dresser will be the best choice for decorating your room.

12. Long Mid Century Modern Dresser

Long Dresser


The mid-century furniture features a design that extends to the side. Its goal is to increase storage space. Further, the designs are diverse with beautiful colors.

But the problem is, the long dresser may not be appropriate for those of you who live in tight spaces. Unless it had sufficient storage space efficiently, it would take up too much space.

13. Tall Mid Century Modern Dresser

Tall Solid Wood Dresser


If the long dresser does not suit the conditions of your room, then why not try the tall one. This furniture has a high design but not too long to the side. 

Additionally, this mid century modern dresser does provide efficiency for space and is suitable for narrow space. 

But you have to pay attention to the height so that it remains affordable and does not hit the ceiling.

14. Mini Lockers

Mini Lockers double dresser


A locker is a large cabinet that has many drawers of the same size. Usually, this furniture is in offices, hotels, shopping centers, or other locations that allow many people to come. 

Although it is very efficient, it is used at home very rarely because it is too big.

Even so, you can adopt the concept of locker storage in a mid century modern dresser. A cabinet with several drawers of the same size will help you organize your things at home.

15. Engraved Mid Century Modern Dresser

Engraved Mid Century Modern Dresser


Using wooden furniture feels incomplete without adding carvings that show an ethnic impression. It is possible if you use a mid century modern dresser in your home. 

Natural colors and beautiful ornaments can be a part of your daily life. Do not forget the drawer handles that make everyone feel like living in the Middle Ages.

16. The Pedestal

The Pedestal mid century dresser


With its various limitations, amid century modern dresser can also become furniture that beautifies the room. 

One of them is Paul Evans Style, which uses a pedestal at the bottom so that the cabinet does not roll over easily.

Uniquely, this Canadian dresser also has sweet carvings on its surface. The maker has done it very nicely to complement your room with a stylish natural feel.

17. A Very Small Dresser

Mid Century Modern 2 drawer


Choosing furniture should be according to your needs. If you do not need a lot of storage space, why should you buy one that is too big? Sometimes, smaller is better.

Some mid century modern dressers choose simple designs with small sizes. It is because some people do not have many items to organize them. By using a small dresser, you can save a lot of space.

18. The Layered Dresser

The Layered Dresser


If you think that the mid century modern dresser design is all that is it, then try to look at the photo above. You can see that there is a layer that looks like there are two cabinets in the stack.

In fact, over the past few decades, many furniture designs have developed according to the times.

People are not only fixated on one concept but combine several styles at once to produce new nuances.

19. The State of Geometrics

The State of Geometrics


As we discussed above, geometric patterns are one of the components in the mid-century concept. 

It is not surprising that the ornaments that appear on the furniture also display many forms that are similar to natural objects.

Interestingly, you might use this as a decoration. Thus, the appearance of your mid century modern dresser will not be monotonous. 

This pattern will also make each unique look unique from one another.

20. Distressed Furniture

Distressed Furniture


If you are a fan of outdated objects with artistic value, then distressed furniture can be an option.

Some ways to get this kind of dresser include reuse, remodel, and repair. You can use old items but with a few adjustments.

Even if you do not have old items to remodel, you can get various distressed furniture designs at many stores. Because manufacturers realize that many people like obsolete objects.

F. Tips

danish modern dresser


Choosing furniture is each person’s taste. But for your interior design to be perfect, you still have to have a strategy. 

The reason is, minor mistakes, for example, a matter of color, can make your room look messy.

Considering that the mid-century dresser might be different from the current millennium trend, and then you have to understand the tricks in exploring design. Here are some things you can do:

1. Choose a Neutral Tone

Mid-Century White Pine 3-Drawer Dresser


As with any growing trend, furniture also has a period of its own. Someday, there will be parts of the house that need renovation or remodeling. 

By choosing a neutral tone, you do not need to overhaul everything at once to create the perfect scene.

Neutral tones are not only adaptable to other furnishings or room changes. It avoids color collisions that will affect the homeowners’ mood.

2. Make sure you stay on the open-plan path

Chest Of Drawers For Storage


If you want to stick with the modern mid-century concept for a long time, then make sure you stay on the open-plan path. 

The purpose of this design is to present a room that looks spacious and not crowded.

Therefore, make sure you use simple furniture and do not take up space. Avoid giving too much room divider so that the view looks free. 

Do not forget to add large glass windows to make you close to nature.

3. Keep It Simple

Simple Modern Dresser


Choosing simple furniture is the key so that you can last a long time and feel comfortable with modern mid-century nuances. 

Instead of neglecting decoration and beauty, the function value of objects is the main thing.

If you have to use decorations, choose one that looks simple and does not display a claustrophobic impression. 

Nowadays, you can use things like books, water jugs, and even fireplaces as part of the decorations.

G. Conclusion

3-Drawer Solid Wood Walnut Dresser


Considering that furniture is not an item that you can buy every day, the selection must be full of consideration because it will affect your comfort for the next few years. 

In this case, you have to consider the suitability of shape, color, and size.

Above all, the mid century modern dresser is settled and classic in designs but can survive through the ages.

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