25+ Oval Dining Table Ideas That Make a Powerful Focal Point

An oval dining table makes a perfect alternative when you cannot decide between a round and rectangular-shaped one.

This table offers the linear layout of rectangular tables with the flexibility and intimacy of round tables. Therefore, you easily place it everywhere around your home.

Moreover, the rounded edges of this table introduce curves into your dining room, letting you disintegrating angular lines and softening the scheme.

If you are not convinced yet, the following article will help to find a good reason to get an oval-shaped dining table for your home.

Top Benefits of Having an Oval Dining Table


The biggest advantage of oval tables is for optimizing spaces as their extended shape accommodates the sense of visual amplitude.

Hence, oval tables can take up less room in your dining room since these pieces typically feature a central pedestal or a single leg only.

This little detail is not only the upside of an oval table, but you can also find other good reasons to include it into your home décor.

  • Exceptional Design and Personality


Different from other table shapes, the oval piece is not very common. This becomes a great thing as having it in your room can make the decoration gaining more sense of personality and originality.

Besides, an oval dining table tends to have a more daring design that emphasizes contemporary styles. Thus, incorporating this piece in your interior project should not go wrong.

  • Flexible to Use in any Environment


Because its design is a mixture of rectangular and round shapes, an oval table can adapt well to a wide range of room configurations.

Whether your dining room is rectangular or square, an oval table will appear perfect in that environment.

However, it is more recommended to use this table in medium to large dining areas since a rectangular or round table will suit a very narrow room better.

  • Available in Various Models


Similar to other shapes, an oval dining table is also available in various models. More interestingly, you can find it to meet the most diverse styles and tastes.

Furthermore, this dining table is available in MDF, stone, metal, and lacquer. Also, you can select its type of base to match your project.

Whether you prefer something made of wooden, one with a glass top, or other preferences, there is always a good option to choose from.

How to Pick the Best Oval Table for Your Dining Room


Since you already know what kind of shape to choose, you can continue to consider the table’s size, comfort, material, style, and design.

Moreover, those several factors are typically the most important to consider while picking the best oval dining table.

For the details, you can refer to the following points.

  • Take the material into account


When it comes to material, you should take your existing furniture and décor into account. Therefore, make sure to pick a dining table that blends perfectly with the style of your room.

Your choice of oval dining tables typically includes glass, wood, marble, and metal. While each material has its pros and cons, you can check them ahead before investing in one.

However, for a daring, eclectic theme, you should not hesitate to do some mix and match.

  • Consider the size


To make you and the others sit comfortably in the dining room, try to pick the right size for your table.

Thus, if you want to use your oval dining table for four to six people, pick one that has a dimension of 76 x 152 cm.

In case you have a family of six to eight people, consider selecting a dining table that is 91 cm wide and 103 cm long.

  • Think of the style and design


Your overall home style is another crucial thing to take into account while choosing a new dining table. For instance, if you have a vintage interior style, mixing an old and new decorating piece will be ideal.

Thereupon, you can try to pair a wooden dining table with curvy chairs that offer a modern flair.

Oval Dining Table Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Style


Do you need a more practical idea to integrate this dining table into your home interior? Hence, browsing through the following list may help.

This list covers a variety of ideas to try, so there must be one of them that is your cup of tea. Without further ado, let us check them out.

1. Contrasting beauty


If you like a décor style that includes a contrasting color scheme, try this in your dining room.

Then, get a white oval table and pair it with a set of light grey chairs. For a contrast, serve your dishes on a matte black tablemat.

Further, choose a chair in a darker shade and place it among the lighter pieces. This will help you to get an additional contrasting beauty.

2. Super white pedestal


Placed against a soft pink background, this oval dining table appears more stunning with its sleek white color.

It comes with a pedestal in a matching color, offering a more uniform look. Meanwhile, the chairs are also in a matching scheme except for the wooden legs that add a unique charm to the palette.

Besides, you will love the faux skin rug as well that highlights the dining area.

3. Marble top with black edge


This dining table has an oval shape and comes with a unique marble top. What makes it exceptional is the matte black edge that is rarely found out there.

Also, the heart-shaped tablemat matches the black edges, offering a more consistent look in this space. Additionally, the chosen chairs feature a soft earthy color that suits the marble top too.

4. Natural dark wood


Find yourself an oval dining table that is made of natural dark wood to steal the look of this simple yet enchanting room.

Pair the wooden table with a combination of light green and beige chairs. Then, expand the color combo to the area rug for a more unified feeling.

Also, you can include dark green centerpieces on the table to emphasize the color palette.

5. High chair set


This is another white dining table with a pedestal that can give your room a maximum style instantly.

It works perfectly against the light-colored floor and makes a good focal point for the high dining chair set. Thus, if you are into an all-white theme, this table should be a good option.

Aside from being a dining table, it can double as a breakfast nook for your family.

6. Powerful patterned rug


With the glossy finished tabletop and the black metal stand, this oval dining table has ruled the space. Also, it offers the right amount of style while being fully functional.

You should not miss the patterned black and white rug under the dining table that also makes the design even more powerful.

7. Round woven rug


Different from the previous idea, this one features a beautiful round rug that lends natural beauty to the all-white dining room.

Furthermore, adding a warm sense to the dining room is the wooden oval table. The flower centerpiece and the overhead pendant light make the design look even more charming.

Additionally, to match the all-white theme, you can opt for a white dining chair set.

8. Clear glass top


If you want an oval dining table that keeps the room feel airy and open, one with a glass top should be on the list.

This glass dining table makes a good example with its clear tabletop and minimalist leg designs. Meanwhile, its see-through style is particularly fun since you cannot hide anything under the piece.

Besides, this oval table also allows you to have more people to sit with. Thus, it will be a perfect choice for a house with big family members.

9. Rustic dining table


Do you need a perfect table to complete your rustic dining room? Then, one with an oval shape and made of dark-colored wood as above will be an ideal choice.

Pair it with wicker pendants and a few grey chairs for a more vintage look. Otherwise, if your floor is more to the darker side, try to introduce a light-colored rug to complement the dining set.

10. Serene blue scheme


Give your all-white backdrop a beautiful twist by introducing some shades of blue into space.

You can start with the chairs that surround the oval table. Then, infuse a serene blue color through the cushions and the curtains.

Pick some flowers in the matching color as a centerpiece. Besides, you can use dishes that have a similar tone to make your dining room appear more colorful when in use.

11. Unique two-tone rug


In an open-floor dining area, incorporating a rug is somehow crucial as it can help you to divide the space without obstructing the flow.

Likewise, for an oval dining table, you can take advantage of a two-tone rug that has no particular shape like this. Hence, the rug highlights the modern vibe and makes the furniture above it look even more powerful.

12. A pop of color


Adorn your white oval table with red-colored glasses and dishes to introduce a new splash of color to the dining room.

This makes an ideal approach for a farmhouse dining room that features a neutral palette of beige, broken white, and soft blue backdrop.

Indeed, the oval table comes with an open rack on its legs, offering storage space for displaying accessories or storing magazines.

13. Matte black charm


It is always a great idea to have something black in a room with a fairly neutral scheme. Also, this dining room makes a perfect instance with its matte black oval table.

Paired with rattan chairs and a classic area rug, this oval dining table comes as a chic focal point in the area. Besides, it has a busy surface with diverse centerpieces and a few recipe books.

14. Oversized centerpiece


Looking for a way to make your dining table the darling of the room? Try to decorate it with an oversized flower centerpiece to draw the eye.

The oversized centerpiece offers a remarkable statement in this dining area with its white orchids and some greenery. Further, you will love its vintage-looking planter that adds a subtle touch of nature.

15. French country style


A white oval table will be an ideal focal point for a French country-style dining room too. This picture proves how effective the piece to promote intimacy in the area.

With a distressed tabletop, this piece should make a great addition to any rustic dining room as well. Thus, adorn it with a vintage flower vase for an elegant flair.

16. Double as a kitchen island

If you cannot afford a kitchen island because there is no enough space in your home interior, try to get the best of both worlds by integrating an oval dining table in the center of your cooking area.

Doing so allows you to use this furniture as a practical island without diminishing its primary function as a dining table.

Moreover, consider selecting one that comes with hidden storage so that you will have extra room for storing kitchen essentials.

17. Black and white combo


The monochromatic style that this dining set brings is ideal for a room that applies a pastel palette like this one.

The white oval table can accommodate four to six black dining chairs, offering enough space for everyone to sit with comfort in this room.

For a twist, introduce some decors in gold or brass finish. Then, tie the design together with a unique sculptural pendant.

18. Simple decor


You can never go wrong with a simple décor style. With an oval dining table, this approach will be easily executed with minimal effort and budget.

Three different sets of chairs surround this dining table, offering a style without making the room look overcrowded.
Meanwhile, the rattan table runner and a small vase of flower complete the simple décor perfectly.

19. Charming modern line


This oval dining table enhances the style of the room with its charming wood grains. Its shape makes it possible to have a set of beautiful centerpieces without taking up much space.

While the chairs are of the same design, the seat cushions come in several different colors, promoting an exciting mood for the whole room.

20. Outdoor dining room


Not only indoors, but an oval wooden dining table will also make a great addition to your outdoor patio.

Just like this outdoor dining area that features a wooden oval table and a set of grey chairs, you can have a fun space to spend with your family right in your garden.

21. Built-in storage


Coming with two curved legs and an oval tabletop, this dining table makes a grand appearance in the room.

Also, it features a hidden storage unit in the form of an under-the-top shelf that allows you to keep cutleries or other dining essentials.

Then, pair it with matching chairs that have traditional-styled backs to make the most of this classic table.

22. Craftsman dining room


This craftsman oval dining table gives the room a more personalized and customized style, making it perfect for those who want to add a unique piece to their home interior.

Complemented with matching wooden chairs and a vintage-styled chandelier, this dining table will be one of the most favorable spaces around the house.

23. Boosted intimacy


It is no secret that an oval table can give a stunning personality in your dining area without lessening the intimacy.

Despite its small size, this oval wooden table can seat seven people in comfort. You can even add some adornments to the center of the piece for a style.

In addition, to match the black chairs, hang an industrial-styled chandelier right over the table.

24. Pop of orange

When it comes to a white oval dining table in the matching backdrop, you will have so many ways to incorporate some daring colors in the room.

You can use this dining room as a reference to include a set of orange chairs and wall sconces. Pair them with a bluish-green individual sofa to enliven your space even more.

25. Chrome pedestal


Both the chairs and table in this dining room come with a chrome-finish stand that hints at a contemporary home design.

Likewise, enhancing the modern style of this dining room is the table that comes with an oval glass top.

A pair of black and white chairs makes the room appear simple yet elegant. On the other hand, the table is kept minimal in terms of décor for a minimalist style.

26. Sophisticated olive bench

This dining room has a stylish light grey pedestal table with an oval top. When the two chairs come in the matching color, there is an olive bench that gives a fun twist to space.

Besides, the chandelier hung over the oval dining table is particularly charming with its chrome finish and petal-like shades.

For a splash of color, the centerpiece is a combo of a basket of oranges and a vase of greenery.

27. Small space with high functionality


If you have a narrow space, try to replicate this dining room that utilizes an oval dining table and a few wooden chairs.

This dining set will not take much space, so you can easily integrate it into your kitchen. Thus, skip creating a dedicated room for the furniture as well.

The Bottom Line


All in all, oval dining tables are something versatile as they can be both space-saving and decorative at the same time.

You can use the above ideas to find your best oval dining table and integrate it into your home interior. Good luck!

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