Pedestal Table Guide: How to Integrate It in Your Decor

Thanks to its excellent eye appeal, a pedestal table has been the darling of many homes and other properties for many years.

In addition to the breakfast room and kitchen, this kind of table is also preferable when it comes to decorating a gaming area or complementing an awkward corner in the living room.

If you are interested in this table and wonder how to incorporate it into your home décor, the following information should help. Hence, let us check them out!

The Pros and Cons of a Pedestal Table

As the name suggests, you will have your tabletop supported by a pedestal rather than legs. Likewise, this unique feature can come in either single or double, depending on the style you choose.

A square or round table will typically have a single pedestal as the base. Meanwhile, an oval or rectangular one may come with double support for the tabletop.

Then, what are the pros and cons of a pedestal table that you should keep in mind?

Pros of Pedestal Tables

The biggest benefit of this table is the fact that it comes with no legs. As a result, you can have more usable room around the furniture.

Moreover, a pedestal table also frees up space in your corners. Thus, it is possible to bring in more chairs around the table.

If you frequently host a family or colleague dinner at home, this table is indeed one of the best options available.

Further, another advantage of pedestal tables is the large selection of solid wood bases to choose from, so you can easily find one that meets your taste.

Whether you are looking for one that gives an industrial or a more formal look, there is always one for you.

Then, a pedestal table also offers a more luxurious touch than the legs of the traditional one. When you like to add a statement, this furniture makes the right choice.

Cons of Pedestal Tables

In spite of all the above benefits, you should be aware that this table is typically more expensive compared to the traditional harvest tables.

The extra time and effort of creating the pedestals become the main reason for this higher cost. Therefore, you should invest at least $600 to get this furniture.

Furthermore, a pedestal table can be less stable than harvest tables, especially if you are trying to push down on the end of the furniture.

Indeed, you can count on the proper support of pedestal tables, but it just does not offer the same level of stability as a harvest table.

Tips to Choose the Best Pedestal Table

If you believe that the upsides of pedestal tables outweigh the downsides, knowing the way to choose the right piece will make the most of it.

Before investing in this piece of furniture, make sure to take the size, quality of construction, and your available space into account.

  • Size and shape

When it comes to size and shape, you have several options including round, square, and rectangle.

Even there can be a wider range of choices if you pick square or rectangle pedestal tables, the round one is usually more preferable for dining spaces.

Now that you are on it, do not forget to determine how many people can conveniently sit at your table as well.

A 90-inch pedestal table typically can accommodate six people to sit comfortably. Thus, if you want to seat more people, consider a wider piece.

  • Available space

It is also important to consider how much space you have before purchasing a pedestal table of any shape or size.

Generally, pedestal tables work perfectly in rooms with narrow space. Otherwise, to make the most of this furniture, make sure to allow 3 to 4 feet of space around it.

Also, you can use a tape measure to physically map out the dimension of the ideal pedestal tables for your space.

  • Construction quality

While purchasing pedestal tables, make sure to shop around one that has sound and simple construction.

Do not forget that the best piece will come with a finish that can ensure everyday use without noticeable signals of wear.

Moreover, make sure to check the pedestal table for gaps, cracks, or bent screws. You should be certain that the piece is wobble-free as well.

Last but not least, you should never commit to one that does not fit since it is an expensive piece of investment.

21 Pedestal Tables That Make a Statement in Your Home

To get a better idea of the best pedestal table for your home, you should not miss the following list.

It is no secret that you can find a lot of pedestal tables in different styles out there. Besides, it is even possible to have a customized piece that suits your preference.

For some inspiration, you can refer to these pedestal tables that can offer maximum style in any home space.

1. Beautiful glossy finish

This rectangular brown pedestal table is made of wood that has a glossy finish. Also, it can accommodate three people and work well even in a narrow space.

The black metal pedestal makes this table perfect for introducing an industrial touch to your home.

So, pair it with a set of earthy-tone chairs and you will have a piece that stands out the most in the dining area.

2. Unique wooden pedestal

Keep your room feel warm and neutral by integrating a lovely table in a combination of beige and brown as shown above.

Then, it comes with a unique pedestal that offers more comfort to your feet compared to the traditional style.

Thanks to its pedestal design, the table can seat six people without making them uncomfortable due to the obstructing legs.

3. Natural touch for the room

If you want to emphasize the beauty of nature in your dining room, do not hesitate to have a wooden pedestal table like this one.

Instead of the usual round tabletop, it comes with an exceptional cut that highlights the raw beauty of wooden grains.

Additionally, in a modern setting, you can pair the table with contemporary styled black chairs and extraordinary linear pendant lighting.

4. Beige charm

Along with the modern wireframe coffee table, this pedestal table adds a lovely charm to the living room.

Besides, these tables allow you to have more people to seat without making the room feel cramped. Not to mention the additional surface to display your piece of décor.

If you prefer something more standout, consider painting the table in a bright, daring color for a pop of color in this neutral scheme.

5. Round dining table

Looking for a way to add a dining table without making your narrow space feel overcrowded? This piece of furniture can help you.

With a round tabletop and pedestal leg, this table can seat more people without using too much floor space.

Further, it makes a good choice if you want to have a dining area in your small kitchen or a simple breakfast nook that does not take much space.

6. Simple yet Charming

If you need a pedestal table that matches your modern décor, this simple wooden piece should be one of your best choices.

It comes with a very simple design yet appears so charming in this all-white setting. However, to make the décor seem livelier, you can pair the table with matte black chairs.

Do not forget to complete the look by hanging a pendant lamp with a black shade and a straightforward centerpiece.

7. Exceptional pedestal and black chairs

There is something enchanting about this dining area. It features a beautiful round table and a few functional black chairs.

The round table has an exceptional base that makes it appear like a wooden cage. Meanwhile, the black chairs have a matte finish that blends perfectly with the dark backdrop.

Moreover, for a splash of color that does not overwhelm the scheme, a white pendant is hung over the dining table.

8. A touch of luxury

No one can deny how lovely this pedestal table is. With a glossy finish and sturdy bases, it becomes a timeless piece that gives a luxury affair to your space.

Additionally, a pair of soft pink chairs with golden legs complements the bright wooden table flawlessly. The modern pendant also completes the look with its soothing color.

9. Gold base and glass top

Indeed, a list of pedestal tables will not be complete without this sophisticated piece that features a glass top and gold stand.

You can pair the table with a set of matching chairs that come with neutral black cushions. In addition, to keep the room feel airy, consider having a glass vase of flowers as the centerpiece.

Rather than some matching chairs, you can also pair this table with your classic set.

10. Teak wood root

This is another pedestal table that comes with a glass top. The teak wood root base is particularly outstanding thanks to the clear tabletop.

To balance the classic style of the pedestal, you can pair the table with a set of modern dining chairs with stainless legs and grey cushions.

Otherwise, if you like a traditional classic style better, do not hesitate to incorporate a set of vintage pieces around the table.

11. Hourglass gold pedestal

In case the above gold base table is too big for your small space, this piece can be a wonderful alternative with its stylish hourglass pedestal.

Adorned in gold, the cinched cage base gives your dining area a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, with a glass tabletop, you can count on this pedestal table to complete your narrow dining space.

12. Contemporary affair

If you need a stylish side table that suits your contemporary interior, do not miss this piece that can bring the room to the next level.

This couple of pedestal tables not only offers a charming modern affair but also doubles as a functional piece to sit your table lamp or other things.

13. Grand dining table

There is something grand about this dining table. The sculptured style pedestal makes this piece of furniture a perfect focal point in the room.

Also, the clear chandelier over the table matches the glass top very well. Meanwhile, the oval back chairs complement the classic design of the pedestal.

With a matching beige area rug and subtle wall decorations, this dining room seems so inviting despite the luxurious affair.

14. Minimalist black pedestal

Introduce a touch of minimalist art in your dining space by incorporating this black pedestal table. It provides you with an instant focal point that is highly practical.

Besides, its dramatic dark base and tabletop can easily draw everyone’s attention. Situated against a neutral white backdrop, this table will indeed make a statement in your home interior.

15. More people to seat

If you have to seat more people in your room, this rectangle pedestal dining table makes a great option.

You can easily pair the table with a long bench as well as a set of wooden chairs to offer enough seats for everyone.

This table makes a good choice for those who often host a family dinner or who have a big member to begin with.

16. Oval wood tabletop

Do you need a reliable piece of furniture to complete your kitchen banquette? This oval wood pedestal table can be one of the best choices.

It works well with the surrounding bench and allows you to bring in some extra chairs when needed. Besides, the design of this table will not obstruct the mobility of everyone in the area.

17. Stylish marble tabletop

If you want something beyond the wood and glass tabletop, try this pedestal table that features a stylish marble top.

The glossy finish makes this piece stand out against the concrete floor. Then, to complete the table, a set of black Bertoia chairs is included in this décor.

For a pop of color, you can complement the chairs with colorful cushions. Do not forget to steal the look of the chopper pendants too!

18. Octagon vase pedestal

Not only work well in a modern setting, but pedestal tables also make a great statement in rustic home décor.

This octagon vase pedestal table is one of the best examples if you need a piece to match your rustic or vintage decoration. With its dark brown wooden top and black pedestal, it will be perfect for the purpose.

19. Cream and black charm

Thanks to its swooping curves and dramatic dark stand, this dining table can directly draw the eye. Placed on a light-colored floor, the piece offers an instant focal point in the room as well.

In addition to the beautiful pedestal, this table also features an easy-to-clean tabletop as it is made of marble.

20. Antique gold finish

Without a doubt, a pedestal with a gold finish is highly popular as it offers an instant touch of luxury in any room.

If you want to add function to your kitchen but do not have much space for a traditional dining table, this piece should be the perfect alternative.

21. All-white scheme

This white pedestal dining table makes a nice statement against the darker floors. For balance, the chairs are also in a dark shade of brown.

There is also an extra seating area around the nook that allows you to have an option of where to enjoy your breakfast or tea time.

Smart Ways to Add a Pedestal Table in Your Home Décor

With beautiful pedestal tables as listed above, there is no doubt that you can totally transform the whole look of your space with the piece.

However, if you do not know how to integrate this furniture properly in the dedicated space, it will appear old-fashioned and off the intended style.

Therefore, you can follow these genius tricks to incorporate a pedestal table into your home décor.

  • As a breakfast nook

This is one of the most favorite ways to include pedestal tables in your home décor. One with a round tabletop is particularly preferable as it does not take much space.

If your breakfast nook has a neutral white scheme, consider buying one with a gold base to make a statement.

When shopping around a table for your breakfast nook, do not forget to get one that corresponds to the style and colors of the existing space.

  • As a side table

Another smart way to incorporate this piece of furniture is by using it as a side table. Its design makes it possible to fit in your entryway, living area, study room, and other spaces.

You can use the table to display everything, including potted greenery and flowers, books, seasonal stuff, or other things you like.

  • As a dining table

In addition to a breakfast nook, this furniture also makes a trendy dining table. You just need to find one that is bigger and matches the style of your room.

From industrial and modern to vintage and rustic, there is always a beautiful pedestal dining table that can beautify your space.

  • As a coffee table

It is also a good idea to use this piece of furniture as your coffee table. For this purpose, you can even find one that comes with some drawers to store something inside.

The Bottom Line

In short, pedestal tables can be a perfect piece for your home décor. They allow for easy access to the wall side and do not have four legs that may prevent you from having more chairs.

To make the most of a pedestal table, just make sure to pick the right one that suits your style. Happy decorating!

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