35 Cool Penny Tile Floor Ideas for Any Bathrooms

Undoubtedly, bathroom is one of the most important areas in your home. Installing a penny tile floor will be a brilliant move for sure.

Therefore, you should choose tiles that are both stunning and durable.

Penny tiles are enjoying a big comeback because they look lovely in every bathroom style. Before integrating them into yours, have a look at these ideas.

1. Penny Tiles for A Small Bathroom

When it comes to the penny tile floor, some people avoid installing tiles in pure white. This is certainly a misconception.

This modern shower space, for example, boasts plain white penny tiles. Hence, they open up the room while spicing up the simple decor.

Moreover, to obtain a striking look, we recommend using a charcoal grout. It will beautifully offset the white penny tiles and deliver a bit of depth.

Kick it up a notch by covering the walls with gray subway walls of different sizes. Not only do they infuse a sophisticated feel but also carve an impressive juxtaposition.

2. Penny Tile Floor Installation


This compact-sized bathroom looks spacious, thanks to pure white subway tiles. Also, they inject a contemporary touch into space.

Black hex tiles on the floor keep the whole bathroom from being clinical. In addition, they contrast with the walls gorgeously and add some drama.

Talking about the penny tile floor, you should know that the installation is challenging. Furthermore, the price of the material per square foot is about $4.

3. Real Penny Tile Floor Ideas


Since you are into the penny tile floor, why not use real pennies for a unique feel? This idea might sound bizarre. However, once done, it will certainly attain everyone’s compliment and attention.

First of all, create the template. Then, attach the tile sheets of pennies to the mesh. After that, prepare the floor and lay your penny tiles.

Although you have placed the pennies carefully, there is still a small gap. Thereupon, grouting them is so crucial. Next, clean those pieces and seal the floor.

4. Penny Tile Flooring Ideas for A Modern Bathroom


This bathroom feels open with the presence of white walls. Besides, the subway tiles come in the same shade. They blend almost invisibly into the area.

Despite its clean and airy ambiance, the bathroom still lacks visual interest. The gray penny tiles work as a border. They infuse some sophistication, too. Meanwhile, the white ones keep things simple while carving a textural look.

5. Black and White Penny Tile Floor


Searching for penny tile bathroom floor ideas? Thus, we recommend giving this example a shot. It shows that two neutral colors are always better than one.

You definitely can create any creative pattern by mixing penny tiles of different colors. Here, the black and white pieces on the floor instantly embellish the bathroom.

Besides adding interesting patterns, the black and white penny tiles make the bathroom feel stylish. Meanwhile, the brass accents brighten the area up.

6. Penny Tile Flooring Ideas for A Vintage Bathroom


As we said before, penny tiles are wonderful. They can work really well in any bathroom, including the vintage one.

Here, dark green penny tiles deliver a touch of boldness to the bathroom. Additionally, they generate a retro vibe in no time, while their glossy finish instills a glamorous air.

White grout allows the forest green tiles to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, the wall and vanity make the bathroom feel united.

7. Contemporary Bathroom with Black Penny Tiles


Now, we are talking about the penny tile floor and decor. If you love all things contemporary, this bathroom will win your heart for certain.

This contemporary bathroom features black penny tiles. The homeowner installed them all over the ceiling, floors, and walls. Hence, they effortlessly make the space look single.

The black penny tiles create a trendy decor. Additionally, they bring in a lovely texture and luxurious touch to the bathroom.

Frosted glass windows, white toilet, and freestanding tub prevent the bathroom from being dingy. Meanwhile, wood accents infuse much-needed warmth into the area.

8. Penny Tile Flooring Ideas for A Neutral Bathroom


If your bathroom is small, going neutral will be the safest bet. Then, you can create a mesmerizing look by using rich wood tones and different tile shapes.

This bathroom boasts wood-like tiles that adorn the tub and accent wall. They lend a bold touch to space instantly.

The white tiles on the wall contrast with the metallic fixtures. Moreover, they maintain the bathroom’s clean and fresh feeling.

Furthermore, the light gray and white penny tiles blend into the bathroom nicely. Not only do they inject an interesting texture, but also make the area more stylish.

9. Ingenious Penny Tile Ideas


Just because your bathroom is not expansive, it does not mean you cannot make out of this area. Try getting creative with a penny tile floor.

You can create mesmerizing patterns out of penny tiles. Another option is integrating a tile phrase or two into your bathroom.

This space features a gray tile phrase that says fresh. It will uplift your mood when you enter the area.

The white penny tiles highlight the tile phrase and evoke cleanliness. Meanwhile, the black ones generate a chic statement and drama.

10. Blue Penny Tile Shower Floor


Whatever shade you prefer, try sticking to your bathroom decor theme and color palette. For a seaside vibe, using colors like blue and white is a must.

This shower room, for example, features plain white subway tiles. Then, they cover the built-in bench and walls nicely while creating a clean appearance.

Further, penny round tiles on the floor come in different blue shades. Not only do they jazz up the shower room but also capture a coastal ambiance.

11. Copper Penny Tile Floor Ideas


This modern industrial bathroom is such a perfect personal hideaway. The curvy minimalist tub offers comfort to the homeowner while injecting an aesthetic flair.

Polished concrete tiles on the walls denote simplicity. Meanwhile, black intricate details bring in a luxurious feel and Victorian vibe to the bathroom.

The copper penny tile floor looks both refined and stunning. In no time, the metallic tiles impart a welcoming ambiance.

For a cohesive look, the use of copper penny tiles continues in the niche. Meanwhile, glass shower doors keep the space from feeling too busy.

12. Penny Tiles with A Border Pattern


White flooring can make any small bathroom larger. For visual interest, we recommend using tiles of different shapes. Therefore, your space will not look monotonous.

Lay the white rectangular tiles on the wall in a horizontal grid pattern. They will lend the bathroom a neat look.

Moreover, penny round tiles and grout come in white too. Apart from being textural, they exude a feeling of spaciousness.

Red round tiles make for an impressive patterned border. It breaks up an otherwise plain penny tile floor without overwhelming the bathroom.

13. Multi Gray Penny Tiles for Bathroom Floor


Neutral color scheme and furniture with tapered legs are the hallmarks of mid-century modern style. Everything remains elegant and simple.

This bathroom undoubtedly represents a modern flair. It is not only charming but also uncluttered and inviting.

The gray speckled penny tiles on the floor exhibit a serene vibe. Furthermore, they infuse texture and create eye-catching accents.

14. Penny Tiles in Stripes


Your bathroom looks dull. Why not give it a refresh? Thus, all you need to do is laying black and white penny tiles on the floor in alternating stripes.

Needless to say, black and white penny tiles are rather simple. However, with a creative arrangement, they can make the bathroom so cute and trendy.

The stripes will lend a volume to space. For a jazzy appearance, we suggest using bright-colored penny tiles.

15. Blue and White Penny Tiles for Bathroom Floor


You might not like geometry in school. However, we believe these hexagon penny tiles surely captivate your heart.

White penny tiles and contrasting grout make the floor instantly look textural while creating an uber-modern feel. Meanwhile, the blue ones add color to the monochromatic bathroom.

16. Large Penny Tile Floor Ideas


As you see, this attic bathroom is small. Fortunately, white shiplap paneling and window keep it from appearing cramped.

Large penny tiles in black embellish the floor. They infuse both drama, texture, and interest to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the wooden vanity contrasts with them immensely.

17. Marble Penny Tiles for Bathroom Floor


This is one of the terrific penny tile floor ideas. If you have a neutral-toned bathroom, it is definitely worth copying.

Here, marble penny tiles lend a glamorous look and timeless style to space. In addition, they accompany the porcelain pedestal sink.

The marble hexagon tiles embrace a modern theme. Meanwhile, the sink and metallic fixtures generate a classic flair.

18. Flower Patterns Made Out of Penny Tiles


Mix different tile colors to create lovely patterns or accents. In this bathroom, black and white penny tiles make for fabulous flowers.

The flowers on the floor steal the attention. They also emanate a unified look. Meanwhile, the showerhead and lamps preserve the bathroom’s retro flavor.

19. Cream Penny Tiles with A White Rug


You will not go wrong with a neutral color scheme. Whether your bathroom is small or big, it is always a good choice.

In this light bathroom, cream penny tiles embellish the floor. They carve a cozy and tranquil ambiance.

Cream penny tiles not only produce a textural look but also make the crisp white rug more visible. Meanwhile, gray grout delivers a visual contrast.

20. Penny Tile Ideas for A Mid-Century Modern Bathroom


This bathroom has a mid-century modern flair. Then, the vanity and mirrored cabinet stash away personal items. Since those furniture units come in white, they also open up the area.

The space looks airy, but it lacks interest. Thereupon, the homeowner covered the bathroom tiles with multi-colored penny tiles. They transform the whole space immensely.

21. Nautical-Inspired Penny Tiles for Bathroom


You have a great love for the sea. Why not include these navy penny tiles in your bathroom? They will surely make the shower space more attractive.

Likewise, blue penny tiles bring a feeling of carefree playfulness to the bathroom. Unlike the previous idea, this one features a grout in the same color for a seamless look.

22. Penny Tiles in a Kids’ Bathroom


Kids’ bathroom should be both adorable and welcoming. If you want to make your children smile, steal this idea.

You can create an octopus on the shower floor using penny tiles of different colors. It does not only add a touch of fun but also inject a texture.

It seems like the octopus is swimming happily in the sea. Furthermore, the gray subway tiles and white grout balance the look.

23. Classic Penny Tile Bathroom Floor


Here is another amazing black and white penny tile floor. This example clearly embraces the classic style.

Black and white tiles on the floor carve a striking contrast as well as a bold statement. With a smart tile layout, you can turn a boring bathroom into a beautiful oasis.

24. Neutral Penny Tiles for A Tiny Bathroom


Since your bathroom is small, we suggest installing white subway tiles on the walls. In no time, they will offer a sense of space.

For the floor, using multi-colored penny tiles will be a great move. They bring the contrasting elements together. Meanwhile, the red shower curtain gives the room joyful vibes.

25. Chic Penny Tile Ideas


This bathroom boasts a rustic charm with a rough granite countertop. Likewise, it perches nicely on top of the plain white vanity.

Penny tiles match the countertop nicely. They add a warm feeling to the floor too. In addition, those pieces infuse an extra layer of texture into space.

26. White Penny Tiles with A Black Grout


Simple white penny tiles can make your bathroom striking. Be sure you use the contrasting grout to fill the gap between them.

Here, white shiplap panels highlight the penny tiles. The accent pieces in various blue shades jazz the bathroom up, while fresh flowers offer a lively lift.

27. Penny Tiles for Farmhouse Bathroom Floor


Big fan of farmhouse style? This is one of the penny tile floor ideas to try. The shiplap wall panel, galvanized metal basket, and weathered wood table instill cozy vibes.

White penny tile floor features a charcoal grout. The striped rug beautifully lies on it while adding visual interest.

28. Black Penny Tiles for A Glamorous Bathroom


This eclectic bathroom is such a dreamy place for unwinding. The clawfoot tub and white flowers lend an elegant look to it.

Large black penny tiles allow the hammered silver stool to grab attention. They also inject some drama, while the striped roman shade creates a unified feel.

29. Master Bathroom with Penny Tile Floor


As you see, this contemporary bathroom feels expansive, thanks to white walls. Meanwhile, the slim wall lamps flanking the round mirror evoke a stylish vibe.

Small white penny tiles and gray grout add interesting details. Moreover, they quickly make the bathroom look united.

30. All-Black Penny Floor Tile for Bathroom


If the bathroom is not spacious, avoid furnishing it with lots of stuff. Therefore, your space will not become too busy. This area only features a toilet, a sink, and a medical box.

Both grout and penny tiles wear black. They generate a dramatic look. Meanwhile, the photo frame complements them perfectly.

31. Stylish Penny Tile Floor Ideas


This penny tile floor belongs to an entryway. However, you can also implement this wonderful idea in your bathroom.

Here, the floor boasts penny tiles of two different shades. They do not only lend the bathroom a volume but also add a wow factor.

Despite their neutral colors, the pieces are able to make the area shine.

32. Blue Penny Tiles and Wood Accents


Crazy about all things modern? This idea is for you. The sleek units give the bathroom a trendy look. Blue penny tiles beautify the floor and backsplash.

Wooden accents instill an inviting vibe. Two cylindrical lamps provide adequate lighting while conveying a sense of cohesiveness.

33. Customized Penny Floor Tile


Penny tiles can unleash your inner creativity. Besides, they let you create any outstanding pattern on the floor like the one pictured above.

The customized black and white penny floor tile titivates the bathroom. It looks like a large artwork from afar. Meanwhile, the clear shower curtain with cool black symbols completes the look.

34. Penny Tiles for Industrial Bathroom


Black penny tiles undoubtedly go well with the monochromatic bathroom. In addition to adding some depth, they lend the area a masculine touch.

The black shower door frame and metallic fixtures carve an industrial flair. To keep your bathroom from looking cold, add wooden units and hanging plants.

35. White Penny Tiles with Blue Grout


If you have a compact-sized shower room, going bold will not be a great option. However, there’s nothing wrong with using colored grout.

Here, both penny and subway tiles come in plain white. They enlarge the bathroom, while the blue grout makes your space feel more attractive and expensive.

Those awesome penny tile floor ideas do wonders in any bathroom regardless of its size and style. They also prove that even small tiles can make a major impact. Which idea do you love the most?

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