27+ Rattan Chairs That Maximize the Style of Your Spaces

It is no secret that rattan chairs have been a popular piece of furniture since many years ago. They are particularly favorable items for outdoor spaces.

Rattan furniture not only becomes one of the hottest trends in the world of outdoor decoration but also appears to be a lovely addition to your interior design.

Furthermore, if you want to invest in a rattan chair, keep on reading to find a good reason to proceed and some ideas to get inspired from.

Good Reasons to Incorporate Rattan Chairs in Your Decor


As the name suggests, this chair is made of rattan vines that are woven together for a unique and functional furniture piece.

When it comes to rattan furniture, chances are the piece is made of natural material or synthetic polyethylene.

Indeed, depending on their nature, your rattan chairs may have dissimilar characteristics. However, in general, here are the benefits of incorporating this piece of furniture into home decor.

  • Durability

In terms of durability, rattan furniture is very sturdy, especially if it is made of high-quality synthetic material.

Thus, you can rely on rattan chairs to deal with all types of weather, even the extreme ones. In addition to weatherproof, they are also waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor uses.

  • Style


If you are looking for something stylish, rattan chairs are indeed one of the best choices due to their charming and chic look.

Likewise, the classic texture of woven rattan is very sophisticated and highly decipherable. Adding this piece to the decor can guarantee your home to look on-trend for years to come.

Besides, a rattan chair can perfectly blend into your decor and instantly add a touch of elegance to any space either inside or outside the doors.

  • Lightweight


Compared to wooden furniture, a rattan chair is pretty lightweight, making it easy to move the piece around.

As a result, you can easily shuffle around the chairs when needed or experiment with your space with their placement.

Although it is not as heavy as hardwood, you can still count on the durability of rattan as well.

  • Suitability

Rattan chairs are more popular as outdoor furniture, but they can make a great addition to your interior decor as well.

Hence, more homeowners are now bringing this furniture indoors to get a more contemporary look.

Then, you can easily pair them with natural colors of browns, grey, and black to make an elegant, soothing, and timeless statement.

27+ Smart Ideas to Integrate a Rattan Chair for a Maximum Style


Now that you already know some good reasons to get a rattan chair for your space, find out the best way to incorporate this furniture around your house.

Therefore, to help you get started, here are some of the best ideas to integrate rattan chairs in any part of your home.

1. Pair with flower pot


This rattan chair is exceptionally sophisticated thanks to its petal-like back. Thus, it makes a good piece for your living room both functionally and decoratively.

The throw pillow not only helps to make you feel more comfortable but also offers additional color and pattern to the décor.

Further, steal the look of the oversized flower pot as well since it can perfectly complement the design of the chair.

2. Add fluffy cushions


With fluffy cushions both on the back and seat, your rattan chairs will make a perfect focal point in the living room.

You can get one that is long enough as a bench and turn it into a comfy sofa by adding several cushions. Then, pair the chairs with a wicker coffee table and round rug for an additional natural touch.

3. Create a hanging living space

This idea is calling all urban dwellers who want to turn their empty balcony into a fully functional living space.

Instead of the usual seating sets, bring your idea to the next level by incorporating a pair of hanging rattan chairs.

Also, use sturdy cloth threads to hang the chairs and add some complements to them.

4. Bring tropical vibes indoor

Those who have a neutral-colored living space will love to integrate their rattan chairs this way.

Adorn your rattan chair with tropical-themed cushions that match the patterned curtains and rugs. Then, expand the material to the flower planter for a balance.

Besides, you can swab your wooden desk with a rattan pedestal table to emphasize the natural mood even more.

5. Create a personalized spot

Do you want to have a dedicated spot for reading or relaxing? Whether it is inside your bedroom or around the living room, incorporating a rattan chair in the décor will not hurt.

So, get a half-egg-styled rattan chair and a throw pillow in your favorite color for the seating area. Do not forget to add a floor lamp as reading lighting as well.

6. Blend with earthy colors

Your rattan chairs and furniture will work perfectly against earthy colors like beige, soft olive, and most green.

You can use this porch as a reference to play with your rattan furniture. Simply infuse the color of your choices through the cushions, throw pillows, and area rugs.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to incorporate lots of natural pieces like flowers and plants to emphasize the theme.

7. Go with boho style

Rattan furniture is indeed perfect to convey boho style as it allows you to incorporate an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and patterns.

This living room has a great approach to introduce a personalized bohemian décor with its rattan chairs, coffee table, and macramé wall hanging.

Moreover, a mix of natural materials and living plants make this living room even more beautiful.

8. Pair with rattan wall decor

Decorating your outdoor patio with a rattan chair and wicker flower pot makes a good choice as its natural color will make the space livelier.

To match the furniture, you can hang a collection of rattan plates on the wall. Also, consider picking some pieces that have different sizes and patterns for an exceptional twist.

9. Make a cozy corner


Turn your empty corner into everyone’s favorite spot for snuggling by incorporating a stylish rattan armchair.

Then, occupy the armchair with a seat cushion and some throw pillows to make sitting more relaxing.

After that, complete the space by adding a simple floor lamp that can have enough light for relaxing reading, sewing, and any other thing.

10. Get wooden coffee tables

If you tend to entertain your guests in your study room, do not hesitate to place a couple of rattan chairs in this space.

Otherwise, to make your space look more stunning, a pair of log coffee tables will suit your natural rattan furniture. Also, a few indoor plants can tie the décor together in a natural mood.

11. Add a splash of color


Rather than the usual rattan chair that is entirely made of the same material, you can experiment with a wooden combo.

While the seat is made of rattan, this chair has a wooden back and legs that are colored in a brighter shade of blue. Thus, it is eccentric in a good way, right?

12. Use matching table

None can deny that rattan furniture is something perfect to complete any outdoor space, including your poolside!

Additionally, this pair of synthetic rattan chairs will be able to endure the daily tear and wear. Thus, you can enjoy your relaxing time in the pool longer.

Moreover, put a matching rattan table in between the chairs for a functional complement.

13. Complete your outdoor patio

If you have an outdoor patio, do not leave it empty, especially if there is beautiful scenery to enjoy outside.

Therefore, simply put a set of rattan armchairs and a stained wicker table to make the most of your outdoor patio. It will turn out to be your favorite spot to enjoy a cup of warm tea in the morning.

14. Décor with a throw blanket

Instead of cushions or pillows, you can also take advantage of a throw blanket to adorn your rattan chair.

For an extra texture, consider choosing a furry throw blanket that comes in beige or other neutral colors. Besides, you can layer it with other decorative clothes for a twist.

15. Create indoor gateway


This is another hanging rattan chair that can make a statement in your space. Likewise, it comes with a half-egg design and has a dark pillow and faux fur blanket.

Further, it makes a good addition to your living area and bedroom as this rattan furniture can take up that empty corner in the room.

16. Create a perfect coastal theme


The beauty of the coastal living room is always enchanting. Hence, with a unique rattan chair, this space can appear more natural and charming.

While the other décor represents the ocean with its crisp blues and whites, the rattan chair can be the sign of the sand with its light sandy color.

Furthermore, pair it with a white sofa and a clear glass coffee table for a great balance.

17. Face the greenery


If you have a garden-facing porch or balcony, do not leave it empty as it can be a perfect place to get relaxed and enjoy the company of your loved one.

Move a set of rattan chairs and a small round table to this outdoor space. Thus, you will have an instant vacation gateway right outside your home.

18. Pair with a round pedestal table


Rattan dining set can be a good choice for your home interior as well. Therefore, make them surround a round wooden table for a more intimate feeling.

As suggested, you can complete the look of the dining area with a glass centerpiece and a beautiful pendant light with a brass finish.

19. Combine with wooden storage


Your outdoor patio will turn into a welcoming living space once you include set-off rattan chairs and wooden furniture.

In addition to the rattan armchairs, this outdoor living room also features two benches that are made of the same material.

Additionally, with the sectional seating cushions, the rattan benches appear like a modern sofa.

20. Integrate into a kitchen nook


Rattan chairs are indeed flexible as you can easily integrate them in any space around the home, including a kitchen nook.

This corner kitchen nook has an L-shaped built-in bench and a set of rattan stools. Also, a round pedestal table complements the space along with its charming centerpiece.

Further, the checkered pattern of the chairs is exceptionally outstanding against the dark and light combo.

21. Set up with string lights

When it comes to outdoor spaces, you can never go wrong with string lights. So, set them up over a comfy rattan chair for a beautiful, relaxing corner.

Then, complete the chair with a broken white seat cushion, a patterned pillow, and a throw blanket. Do not forget to get a rattan side table as well to store your glass, book, or others.

22. Complete with a patio umbrella


A set of rattan chairs can always turn your boring outdoor patio into something more charming and practical.

With an additional patio umbrella over the furniture, you will be able to enjoy a convenient stay in this outdoor living area.

Moreover, for a complement, bring a few wooden side tables, a round ottoman, and some oversized terracotta pots into space.

23. Infuse a modern tone


Synthetic rattan sets allow you to have a piece that is different from others. Likewise, this stained furniture comes with a more modern color tone.

Thereupon, find yourself a set of rattan chairs in the light shade of grey and pair them with a matching table, a patterned rug, and a couple of floor lanterns.

In addition, to enliven the space through the night, do not forget to integrate a string light or fairy lighting around the patio.

24. Enjoy with your loved one


The best spot in your home should be enjoyed with the loved one. Thus, to accommodate this, get a pair of rattan living room chairs and a cage-styled coffee table.

With a padded seat and a throw pillow, enjoying the garden and the warm summer with your loved one will be even more perfect.

Further, keep the décor minimalist if your home is more into the modern side.

25. Complement with patterned rug

Who says you cannot have a beautiful patterned carpet outdoors? Hence, use this picture as a reference if you want to complement your rattan chairs with a flower-pattern rug.

Then, set up the furniture against the greenery of your garden for a nice view. Do not forget to prepare for dedicated storage to keep the pieces away when extreme weather hits your region.

26. Set around a long table

Rattan chairs make a great addition to your built-in kitchen with dining spaces as well. If you have a big family member, they can act as extra seats along with the long bench.

To match the rattan chair, you can incorporate wicker pendant lights over the table. Also, a burlap runner will make a perfect accessory for the white tabletop too.

27. Get a set of rattan stools

If you can afford the luxury of having a bar counter with stools, do not hesitate to get a set made of rattan like shown above.

Combining natural and synthetic rattan, these stools appear so much stylish. Besides, they work well against any color thanks to the neutral tones.

28. Use as accent chairs


For an open-floor design, using a wide range of materials around the room will help to keep the space appear more interesting.

Also, adding rattan accent chairs in your living room will be a good choice if you already have wooden seats in the dining area.

Quick Tips to Look after Rattan Chairs the Right Way


Investing in a beautiful rattan chair without knowing the proper way to maintain it is not wise at all.

Since this piece of furniture can be a big investment, you want your chair to stay beautiful and functional for years.

Moreover, you can use the following tips to look after your rattan chairs so that they can provide you with comfort and beautify for a long time.

  • Clean it if necessary


Fortunately, both synthetic and natural rattan is very straightforward to clean. You can simply wipe it down with mild soapy water.

Make sure to wipe your chairs off with a dry cloth to avoid water damage. If you need to get into the crevices and grooves, take an unused toothbrush to make it easier.

Further, do not forget to clean off right away if your rattan chairs get any stain as it can be hard to remove afterward.

  • Keep it from the sun and rain


Since it is less weatherproof, natural rattan furniture is best kept indoors.

In case you want to place it outdoors, do not forget to prepare a shed or storage room to keep this furniture when extreme weather hits your area.

Otherwise, if you want to skip this burden, consider putting a furniture cover over your piece or simply swap your natural rattan with the synthetic alternative.

  • Get a cover


Invest in a cover if you want to make the most of your rattan chair and to give it extra protection against rain, general tear and wear, and dust.

By covering your rattan pieces, you do not need to perform heavier clean-up, especially after bad weather. Besides, a cover can avoid the development of possible stains in your piece as well.

The Bottom Line


All in all, rattan chairs are more than capable to boost up the style of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Therefore, for an instant touch of beauty in your home, do not hesitate to invest in these pieces.

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