25+ Square Coffee Table Ideas You Would Love to Take Home

No matter how busy you are, providing time to relax is a must. Apart from a cup of warm coffee to create the mood, you also need to design a pretty corner. What about a square coffee table at home?

The Philosophy of Square Coffee Table

Square Coffee Table


It is more than a shape and style. In psychology, a square consists of rigid lines that suggest rationalism. 

However, its fixed edge also gives the impression of being stable, safe, peaceful, and secure. It will affect the mood of people.

A square coffee table provides many fun nuances when you spend time with family, friends, or alone. 

Straight lines, clear borders, captivating designs, and calming colors make the atmosphere more relaxed.

Deciding the Square Coffee Table Dimensions

Modern Dark Oak Small Square Coffee


Like other furniture, a square coffee table has a variety of sizes. Choosing the appropriate width is an important step that you should consider before picking a design, buying, or even doing the DIY.

It is necessary to do to make the coffee corner you have provides the comfort it should be. Of course, you do not want to place the too-big furniture that makes everyone uncomfortable moving.

The Standard Size and Placement

Small White Square Coffee Table


Ideally, a coffee table should be 16-18 inches high or 1-2 inches lower than the sofa. Additionally, it must be two-thirds of the length of the seat in your room. 

Besides, it is better to put it at a distance of approximately 12-18 inches from the sofa.

Standard rules are necessary for the convenience of users. The distance or size that is too close will make you not move freely. 

On the contrary, you will have difficulty reaching the square coffee table if the seat is too far away.

Which Is Suitable for Your Room?

clontarf square coffee table


If your need is for a few people, then the 48″ square coffee table will be enough. This piece is the most common standard for a living room. The cute size will not take up space that it fits in a narrow area.

But for those who have too large a room or spend time with many people, a 50-inch square coffee table can be an option. 

When placing this coffee table, also pay attention to the ideal distance from the sofa to make it comfortable. You can also choose a larger size if possible.

List of Square Coffee Table Ideas

Clear Glass And Chrome Frame Coffee Table


The choice of square coffee table design is not just art. Being in a room with square nuances will give you a suggestion to feel more stable, relaxed, but still productive. 

That is why a lot of office furniture uses this theme. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with applying the feel of a square coffee table in your own home. 

A relaxing room with an attractive design will be a perfect escape, both for unwinding and working. Here are some options to steal:

1. Standard Square Coffee Table

Standard Square Coffee Table


Some people like everything standard and not too much improvisation. If you are one of them, then this kind of furniture will be the best choice. All you need to do is adjust it to the size of your room.

A standard square coffee table will be close to modern design, where the appearance does not involve much decoration. 

This table looks more like a box with or without legs, and the user uses it according to its function, namely a surface to place something.

2. The Hidden Drawers

The Hidden Drawers


In a modern concept, good furniture has maximum use-value. That is why every design always has many gaps for storing or placing items. One way is to put the drawers.

There are many ways to place storage, one of which is to disguise the location of the drawers so that they are not visible at first glance. When you scroll, you will find hidden places that are very useful.

3. The Rotating Tops

The Rotating Tops


The times have indeed succeeded in creating various unique designs. You can even find a way to make a fixed shape like a square coffee table into a unique piece of furniture by making it rotated.

This design is inspired by the modern concept that always has a hidden storage location. Initially, you will see the shape of a box as usual. 

After rotating the table, you find that there are secret rooms in some parts of it.

4. Stacking Coffee Table

Stacking Coffee Table


The variety of coffee table designs makes us realize that the box is not always stagnant. We can turn it into something beautiful and have high artistic value. 

One is a stacked style that is aesthetically pleasing and allows for additional storage space.

Although the idea is to pile up some parts in an irregular arrangement, you can see how this design can provide beauty in interior design.

5. Large Square Coffee Table with Storage

block coffee table with storage


Using a large square coffee table means that there are more and more possibilities of placing drawers or storage into your design. There are various styles to make the furniture more useful.

Storage can take the form of small open gaps or drawers located in strategic locations. You can use it to place small items to help keep the room tidy.

6. Low Square Coffee Table

Low Square Coffee Table


For the sake of convenience, a square coffee table is supposed to be lower than the sofa. Therefore, it is common for this furniture to be short. This style is also very popular with many people.

For this design, you can choose whether the square coffee table has legs or a concrete-like style. Sometimes people also love it with some storage and drawers.

7. Square Coffee Table with Glass

Square Coffee Table with Glass


The use of glass in coffee table designs is also well-known because this item gives a classy ​​and clean feel. You can also use it for the beauty of your living room.

People love it when the coffee table combines glass and other materials, such as chrome, wood, or else. 

So that the glass does not break easily, you have to choose the appropriate thickness or replace it with a tempered one.

8. All Glass Coffee Table

All Glass Coffee Table


Besides combining it with other materials, an all-glass coffee table can also be an option for your modern house. Its use does provide a classy feel for large spaces and a spacey feel for narrow rooms.

Even though this all-glass table looks beautiful for space, the use of glass for furniture does reap the pros and cons. 

Many people consider this furniture is unsafe, especially if they have children in the house. Yeah, it is about taste.

9. Supported by Chrome Legs

Pyramid Coffee Table Glass and Stainless Steel Chrome


Another option for your cute square coffee table is those with chrome legs. The simple design and the futuristic colors will give a comfortable, peaceful, and luxurious feel to your room.

Many people prefer to combine chrome with glass because it looks similar. However, other materials such as wood or plastic are suitable, depending on the design, style, and color you are carrying.

10. Modern Square Coffee Table

Modern Square Coffee Table


Without you knowing it, you have been applying modern concepts almost every day. 

Does your house have furniture with storage space? How many times have you made choices on objects that have a minimalist style?

Well, these criteria are parts of the modern style. The essence of this concept is to use the smallest possible space and use the most storage-efficient furniture. Also, the square shape is a characteristic.

11. The Concept of Farmhouse

The Concept of Farmhouse


If you want the feel of a different living room with a back-to-nature atmosphere, then the farmhouse concept can be an alternative. 

It is not necessary to make your own, as you can choose any of the square coffee table IKEA offered on their website.

But to further enhance the rural atmosphere of a farmhouse, you should also add appropriate decorations, for example, wicker, rattan, grass, and others.

12. Ottoman Style

Ottoman Style


In general, the ottoman is a small table that functions as a footrest, an additional seat, or a coffee table. Because it has several uses at once, the surface of this furniture is usually a soft cushion.

Today, more and more people are using this item as a coffee table because it has designs with high aesthetic value. You can also make the furniture a part of interior design.

13. The Rattan Lovers

The Rattan Lovers Square Coffee Table


There are many materials that you can choose for a square coffee table. One that is quite economical and has high artistic value is woven rattan. 

In addition, the material is light enough that it is easy to move.

If you use rattan on all parts, the furniture is strong enough, but maybe it will be too light. Therefore, many people combine this item with other materials or add glass on the top.

14. Wooden Table with Style

Wooden Table with Style


Of the many materials, wood is the best choice for furniture. A wooden square coffee table will also be an attractive decoration for your room. 

You can choose various types of designs according to your needs.

Wooden square coffee tables generally have high durability, are not easily damaged, and have high aesthetics. Use the item for various concepts and combine it with many other pieces of furniture.

15. The Reclaimed Wood

The Reclaimed Wood


Maybe you have an old wooden box that you no longer use. Well, that pile could be a treasure trove. Instead of wooden boxes lying in vain at home, why not turn them into a square coffee table?

You can clean, repaint, or add additional features to create great furniture. Sometimes you do not even have to pay a fortune to create a beautiful atmosphere in the house.

16. Metal-based Furniture

Metal-based Furniture


Although wood is a mainstay in the manufacture of much furniture, it does not mean that other materials have no quality. One that you should try is the metal square coffee table

This material has high durability and is relatively light. The charming designs will beautify your living room. 

However, you should pay attention to maintenance because it is easy to get rusty due to various factors.

17. A Classy Stone Table 

A Classy Stone Table


There are many coffee tables with valuable materials that you can use to beautify your room. To give a luxury and grandeur impression, some people love to use stone, including marble or granite. 

This material can display beauty even with a simple design. Plus, you can combine it with any furniture and get a classy atmosphere without any effort. Just feel like living in a palace.

18. Mirror on the Table

Mirror on the Table


Using glass material does provide an opportunity for in-depth exploration of design. Currently, one that is unique is the square coffee table with a mirror. You will feel sparkling every time!

This design presents a futuristic and majestic feel. However, you should always keep it clean because the dirty glass will make you uncomfortable. Dare to try?

19. The Simple Concrete Square Table

The Simple Concrete Square Table


The room design does not need to be too complicated with lots of decorations and improvisations. Sometimes simpler is better, like a concrete-like cube coffee table.

Its shape is quite simple, similar to solid bricks but has a beautiful color. The materials also vary, ranging from wood, glass, rattan, and else. 

Even though it only looks like an ordinary box, many people choose this design because of the simplicity.

20. Upholstered Set

Upholstered Set White Leather Coffee Table


Upholstered furniture is indeed quite popular for art enthusiasts. Leather material becomes much classier with beautiful padded covering. Then, why not use this style for your square coffee table?

To make it more sturdy and beautiful, you can add stone or wood material to the surface. Some people also cover the entire area with upholstery so that it is similar to ottoman-styled furniture.

21. An Additional Table

Lift Top Square Coffee Table


If you live in tight spaces, then efficiency is crucial. One idea that you can do is combine a work desk, coffee table, and storage in one piece of furniture at once.

It is possible if you use a square coffee table with a surface that can go up and down. When the top is lifted, you will get a flat surface with storage underneath.

22. Teak-supported Glass Table

Teak-supported Glass Table


What do you think of a square coffee table glass on the teak stand? Well, rustic lovers will love this idea. Instead of using trunks, the legs consist of several branches joining randomly.

In this case, we do not care about the smooth shape because we make everything appear as it is. One thing that you consider is that it makes the glass stable and does not move easily.

23. Circular-Square Coffee Table

Circular-Square Coffee Table


Square should not be alone. In one coffee table unit, you can combine it with other shapes, for example, circular, to emit positive energy that appears.

It will provide an opportunity to explore designs to make them even more unique and beautiful. You can use glass, wood, or other materials. 

Generally, the square part is at the upper, and the circular can be the co-surface or the stand.

24. The White-themed

The White-themed


In addition to exploring shapes and materials, you also choose the right color. In this case, white is one of the most neutral options and can adapt to other rooms and furniture.

White also gives off a clean, luxurious, majestic, and serene feel. However, the downside of this tone is getting dirty easily, so you need to clean the surface often and make sure it is in good condition.

25. Serving Tray on the Top

Serving Tray on the Top Table


Often, the table surface is exposed to spilled drinks and food, which makes it dirty quickly. Therefore you need to add a feature that can prevent dirt from damaging the table layer.

We should be thankful that designers have addressed this concern by adding a serving tray as part of the design. Thus, you have a section that is ready to get dirty so that the table is well-maintained.

26. Luminous Square Coffee Table

Luminous Square Coffee Table


For various reasons, not all rooms are well lit. If you are one of those in this position, it is a good idea to use a square coffee table with LED to illuminate your area.

Of course, it depends on taste. However, many people agree that using a table with LED lights can help improve mood. The beautiful glow of the bright light will give off a positive aura.

27. Aqua-table

Aquarium Coffee Table


Aquariums have been a mainstay of decoration for centuries. Watching fish swimming in a glass box is fun, and now you can make this view as a coffee table.

This idea is a bit crazy but beautiful. You put the aquarium on the floor and then place a glass surface on it as a table. Intend to try?

28. Outdoor Coffee Table Ideas

Outdoor Coffee Table Ideas


Placing an outdoor coffee table has the same concept as indoor. It is just that you need to pay attention to the resistance of furniture to bad weather effects.

Using glass is not possible. You can use wood or rattan, but provide adequate care so that the furniture does not get damaged quickly. The wisest way is to protect it.

29. Beautiful Woven Table

Beautiful Woven Table


Apart from rattan and wood, you can also use other materials for room decoration. One option is to use a woven textured top coffee table that provides a natural feel every time.

The craftsmen twisted the ropes of the same color on the table surface and attached them with the help of glue. However, you cannot place this furniture outdoors because it will get wet and damaged.


Square Coffee Table in Acrylic or White Glass


No matter how small your house is, providing a place to relax is a must. You can design your living room with cute and beautiful furniture to make you feel relaxed. 

Pick the best design so you can feel comfortable in it. 

For that reason, the use of a square coffee table can be an option. Because besides leaning on the sofa, of course, you need an easy-to-reach place to place coffee, snacks, or other things you need.

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