Achieving Steampunk Decor and Everything You Need to Know

Steampunk Decor is one of the interior designs for your house. This type of idea is pretty uncommon. Therefore, many people do not know about this special architecture concept.

We will get you to know about this idea of decor style. Then, have your steampunk concept at home. It seems to be a unique approach to interior design.

Furthermore, the first thing that may come to mind about the word “steampunk” is the Victorian Era and everything related to that period. Well, it is not exactly what we are talking about there.

What is Steampunk Decor?

What is Steampunk Decor

Nowadays, people would attribute the steampunk style as the cosplay thing.

You can describe it as an attractive woman who is wearing a leather corset and a crinoline that carries a barrel gun and pilot googles. Thus, it is how to describe beyond the average term in architecture.

This new, yet elusive style begins to involve in the world of interior design in this era. Some people also refer to it as old products for the future.

Moreover, the simple definition of steampunk design is the combination of elegance and machinery.

New Kind of Styles

New Kind of Styles

In the world of interior design, you may know it as Gothic-Victorian decor. This style combines the industrial revolution with Gothic fashion.

Therefore, that combination really creates a new kind of style that you will not find anywhere else.

If you have this style in your house, it may not be easy to explain to the guest what your design concept is all about.

That is because this style is rarely explained in public generally. After reading the whole thing, you will understand.

Without a doubt, steampunk décor ideas for the interior will provide a new look for any space.

Further, in this era of interior design, it is going to be hard to find pieces of furniture, wall art, and other elements on the market. So, you can achieve the steampunk style of your own.

What to Know About Steampunk Interior Decor

What to Know About Steampunk Interior Decor

There are a lot of things to know before you choose the right style for the house. Hence, this useful information would be very helpful to decide which one meets your needs.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

It is important to choose the right shades of colors for the steampunk style. So, you will understand the proper portion for a specific room. Usually, a dark hue is the first choice for this concept.

Creating the Color Scheme

Creating the Color Scheme

To create the color scheme, you may wanna deal with features like copper, bronze, metallic tones, dark wood, and leather.

Likewise, all of them will give a strong accent to your space. Let us take an example.

When you design a living room, a steampunk style should be a combination of leather chairs and Victorian pieces. Then, add metallic bookcases or cabinets to take it to the next level.



Speaking about furniture, it is the big feature which can turn the space upside down.

Thereupon, if you want to have the pieces for overall steampunk feel and look, consider the ones with salvaged machinery, salvaged woods, and rusted metal.

Also, it is important to know that several furniture designers are specializing in creating pieces with steampunk style. You should find one near your place.

Accessories and Other Details

Accessories and Other Details

An old map on the wall is a recommended idea for steampunk decor. It is often treated as murals with dated looks hanging.

There are other accessories and details you should consider. Some various machine parts, lamps, and steam-powered machinery have to on your list of decor items.

Additionally, you can look for all the steampunk-themed products online easily. Get the plastic mock-up ones to save a lot of budgets.

Decor Trend on Steampunk

Decor Trend on Steampunk

Sometimes, people compare the steampunk design style with the inner workings of machinery or technology.

Indeed, for those who have interests in applying this style to their house, they might prepare to become accustomed to rusted metal and mechanical things.

For instance, a steampunk house would have its living room’s fireplace in rough and industrial finish naturally.

It is such a great feature to accentuate the motif of steampunk in the space. Besides, another element you may consider is incandescence.

Use incandescent light bulbs as the decor item. Pair them with portly processed and partly polished metal, exposed bricks, and wood with a rough finish.

Thus, it is the main feature to add when you are dealing with steampunk bedrooms.

Achieving Steampunk Design for Interior

Modern Industrial Living Room Design With Steampunk Accessories

If you want to achieve this uncommon style in full form for your interior, here are some tips you should pay attention to.

1.     Use Neutral and Muted Colors

Use Neutral and Muted Colors

If you want to have steampunk decor as the main attraction of the room, consider using these colors. These designs become the most popular ones in this style of interior.

  • Cream
  • Sepia
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Metallic colors

Furthermore, with those color choices, you can combine as many as you would like to achieve the perfect steampunk interior design for the house.

2.     Used Refurbished Pieces for Furniture

Used Refurbished Pieces for Furniture

Using refurbished items is quite a trend lately. These pieces give a unique touch to space as well as they are budget-friendly.

Hence, there is no need to purchase newer pieces when you can find the old ones and refurbish them.

If the pieces are from the Victorian era, just clean them up and they are ready to complete your steampunk interior.

3.     Make Use of Exposed Brick

Make Use of Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a great feature for steampunk decor. If you have one in the house, leave it like that. Treat this part as a natural pattern of the wall that would attract attention.

However, if the wall is not possible for brick exposure, use wallpaper instead.

The fake feature of exposed brick may also be a good choice to create a genuine industrial Victorian style.

4.     Old Maps on the Wall

Old Maps on the Wall

Hanging old maps on the wall is the most common thing for steampunk-style interior decor. Besides, you can have them as lampshades.

If you are planning to include this particular item, keep in mind that the older it looks, the better it will be for space.

For a maximum design effect, place the maps nearby the steampunk desk. Thus, it would be visually attractive and an attention stealer.

5.     Add a Terrestrial Globe

Add a Terrestrial Globe

This one is a popular item for steampunk interior decor because of its antique appearance.

So, if you want to add this into the layout, find the one that looks old to accentuate more on the specific features of the room.

Moreover, kids would love to play with the globe. They will enjoy spinning it over and over again. Just like the maps, but the globes on the desk are for a comfortable setup.

6.     Leather Furniture as Focal Point

Leather Furniture as Focal Point

The leather-style furniture in the living room becomes the focal point of this area. You need to showcase the pieces to maximize the vibe.

As we know, this material is one of the most crucial ones that people use in the modern steampunk design style.

Indeed, the furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs are the ones that must be covered in leather. At the end of the day, this is not entirely about achieving the steampunk decor.

Also, leather would improve the luxury level of the house.

7.     Hanging the Hats

Hanging the Hats

During the Victorian era, hanging hats in the space was very popular and classy. Therefore, this idea would work well with the steampunk style.

Moreover, your stylish steampunk-themed room would get a touch of class with the top hats and bowlers as decoration. It is the way to impress the guest.

8.     Kitchen with Steampunk Décor

Kitchen with Steampunk Décor

The living room is not the only space that can handle steampunk decor. This kitchen can also go that way.

For example, you can adorn lots of metallic hardware and details in the cooking area. Apply the steampunk features and pattern, the space would get even more unique.

9.     Steamer Trunks for Table

Steamer Trunks for Table

If you can find a steamer trunk, this item would be a great coffee table in a living room. Also, it works great for your bedroom. If it is not possible, use an old suitcase as an alternative.

10.  Use Exposed Framed Herbariums

Use Exposed Framed Herbariums

Decorate the framed herbariums to welcome the guest at the entrance of your house. It is an important part of the steampunk building. Hence, this feature can accentuate even more of the style.

Besides, the frames are a great idea to fill up your empty plain wall and make the look more steampunk as you like.

Whether the framed herbariums are in the walkway or living room wall, they will make the room beautiful and more sophisticated.

11.  Sepia Photos as Decoration

Sepia Photos as Decoration

As said before, sepia is one of the most common colors for steampunk design. Using antique photos with sepia color is a great idea for typical this style.

Also, get to the flea market and find some random sepia photos. Search them on the internet. They could be a picture of a popular celebrity or cartoon character or any drawings.

Moreover, just edit a family photo with a sepia filter.

12.  Utilize Textural Contrast

Utilize Textural Contrast

The combination of different textures is something you should consider when designing a steampunk interior.

For example, combine leather with lace material and see what happens. Combining the masculine and feminine elements would bring a more attractive view to the area.

13.  Gear Decoration

Gear Decoration

When it comes to vintage machinery, gears are the most important element. Thereupon, they become the must-have items in the steampunk culture. So, do not miss them out as a decoration.

Further, the popular form of steampunk gear decor is the wall clock. This interesting item will obviously make a great statement on the wall.

Besides this particular theme, you can just have it as an industrial art piece for any room’s style.

14.  Exposing Technical and Anatomical Drawing

Exposing Technical and Anatomical Drawing

This is an interesting way for steampunk design to add some details to space. Instead of having sepia photos, you may wanna consider hanging some framed sketches on the wall.

Additionally, it will be a great piece of decor for the workspace or desk area.

Likewise, it would be perfect when the homeowner is an engineer. The drawing would even more special.

15.  Adding Some Antique Items

Adding Some Antique Items

As a pure decoration, you can choose to have some antique items like typewriters, barometers, and telescopes to get showcased on the table or shelf.

Go to the flea market or antique shops. Just pick suitable old pieces. Although they are all not functional, that is okay because you just want to showcase them.

This kind of decoration can give a strong impression to the steampunk interior.

16.  Victorian-Era Stuff

Victorian-Era Stuff

The dress, canes, or helmets represent the Victorian era. Expose the costume as part of steampunk decor. Hence, it would be a great addition, ready to make a big impact.

Besides, canes and helmets are great choices too. Some people think that this one is a creepy idea. However, that depends on the design of items.

17.  Have Some Small Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Have Some Small Wooden Jewelry Boxes

A wooden box is such a great idea. Simply, anyone can turn items made of wood into something that fits the steampunk decor.

Then, get some metal piece that looks like gears from the hardware store.

After that, just stick them to a wooden box. You will have a wooden steampunk item within a few steps.

18.  Old Book Collection Display

Old Book Collection Display

Displaying the old books you have in the past can make a great steampunk decor. The books should have a hardcover but it is okay to have some with paperbacks.

Besides, you can have the old notebooks that come with leather covers get into the mix.

The key is on the holder design. So, ensure that the item works well together. Using a rustic wood or metal material would be a great choice.

19.  Victorian Patterned Wallpaper

Victorian Patterned Wallpaper

There are a lot of patterns you can choose to fulfill the Victorian vibe you need in your steampunk decor.

Choose the one that is in the suitable color and graphics. However, if you do not like it to be in the full pattern, you can decide to have a painting on the wall.

Furthermore, this would be an easy decision for you who has painting skills. Paint some interesting creatures or mechanical things on the wall. You can ask your skillful friends or professionals to do it.

20.  Making a Metal Pipe Shelf

Making a Metal Pipe Shelf

This is one of the DIY projects to do for the steampunk interior. Metal pipe structure is very popular for industrial style.

Thus, it is a stylish and interesting way to display a book collection and other decor items.

This steel pipes concept is so easy to handle. Therefore, try to recycle the old things in your house. If you want to get more information or even tutorials about this, search for the article.

21.  Steampunk-Themed Photo Frames

Steampunk-Themed Photo Frames

Another interesting addition to the Steampunk interior, this small photo frame can be perfect on the wall and table in your bedroom or living room.

Because of the old gears and pieces of steel, it adds a nice steampunk aesthetic to the mix.

It could be a cool DIY idea. However, there is always an easier path to get a similar impression. Just purchase the already designed photo frames from the online stores.

22.  Chandelier or Light Fixtures

Chandelier or Light Fixtures

Having a chandelier is recommended for rooms with high ceilings. It brings a little luxury and comfort into space.

Make sure the look and elements of steampunk are on the horizon. It can be the base of the steampunk element hanging from the ceiling.

23.  Painting a Metallic Wall

Painting a Metallic Wall

Choosing a color scheme for a steampunk interior is not a difficult thing to do. Make sure it is muted and neutral, you will be fine.

However, the decision to have this item as uncommon as it is supposed to be may need some consideration.

This color scheme is just like gray. Moreover, it has some rusty and glossy accents to fulfill the steampunk vibe.

You can go further by installing metal panels or tiles on the wall. Well, that would be the stylish submarine look that you should look for.

24.  Metal Ceiling Fan for DIY Projects

Metal Ceiling Fan for DIY Projects

One of the iconic items of steampunk style is metal fan blades. It will be quite risky to work with it. So, you can use a regular ceiling fan as an alternative.

Also, it gives the same impression and image to the interior.

To improve the steampunk power, you may paint it with rust and metallic paints. As a result, it would look like real metal fan blades.

Instead of having a functional ceiling fan, just combine it with a chandelier.

25.  A Ship Wheel as Coffee Table

A Ship Wheel as Coffee Table

A coffee table in a living room is like the main attraction of the space. That is because the furniture piece is so functional.

Besides, this item locates in the center of everything. So, it is easy to get attention when you have the table in steampunk style.

A repurposed old ship wheel would make a great steampunk coffee table. Let the distressed surface of the material be exposed just like that.

Instead, you can have the wheel hung on the wall for decoration.

26.  Installing Copper Sink for Bathroom

Installing Copper Sink for Bathroom

Consider having the sink in the bathroom and kitchen in copper style. However, this stylish item will be an easy feat. It does provide a powerful steampunk vibe.

Further, to improve the steampunk image, add some kind of piping in copper material.

Instead of having a white color scheme, it is good to have the room in a dark gloomy atmosphere. That is what the room really needs.


When it comes to applying steampunk decor ideas, you have to go all out on it. So, the result would be fantastic and out of this world.

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