Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas to Liven Up Your Cooking Time

Have you ever felt lazy to go to the cooking area? In your imagination, this place looks gloomy, dirty, and full of germs. If so, try applying sunflower kitchen decor.

Neither magic nor myth, the use of sunflower kitchen decor can have a tremendous impact on a person’s mood. It has to do with the yellow color it emits throughout the room.

Sunflower itself is quite a popular flower for various purposes, including flower buckets and wall hangings. Its bright colors and catchy appearance make it easy to grab anyone’s attention.

Using it as a room decoration is also a brilliant idea. The Sunkist tone that radiates seems to remind us of a cheerful summer. This aura is what might help you feel excited while in the cooking area.

With a little creativity, you can take advantage of sunflowers, either in the form of plants, stickers, flowers, and so to be an effective energizer.

In the following discussion, let us review some ideas for creating a cheerful atmosphere using sunflowers. So, please check out the reviews until the end!

1.   Cheerful Sunflower Kitchen Wall Decor

Cheerful Sunflower Kitchen Wall Decor


The wall is the part that is most easily seen when we enter the kitchen area. Decorating this spot is definitely an effective way to attract attention and raise spirits.

You might try some ways to give the perfect decoration to the kitchen wall. Then, explore creativity and use the methods below:

·    Put the Graffiti

Put the Graffiti


If someone in your house likes painting, why not use it to make sunflower kitchen decor? Apart from being a hobby, you can also enjoy this work any time.

However, you need to know that making graffiti also needs careful consideration.

You must choose the most appropriate location so that its appearance is easily visible without disturbing the view.

Sunflower tones are warm and cheerful. If you like bold and striking patterns, it is okay to apply sunflower kitchen decor with bright colors and dense image patterns.

Otherwise, if you are a person who prefers minimalism, place a simple graffiti in a strategic corner. Too flashy appearance is not necessary as long as it is comfortable on the eyes.

·    Wall Decal

Wall Decal


Unfortunately, not everyone likes graffiti on the walls. Moreover, many consider the paintings on the walls to make it difficult to tear down if you are bored.

Therefore, the safest way is to use stickers. You can paste various kinds of pictures on strategic parts of the wall. Try to use repositionable and removable decals so you can easily replace them.

Getting stickers for walls is also not difficult. If you do not want to go to a store that sells decorating supplies, you can buy them online.

Do not hesitate to do exploration. Check out some sunflower kitchen decor Amazon shown on its website for references.

But like putting graffiti, you cannot do it carelessly. The sunflower kitchen decor with a decal requires calculations regarding the appearance and the location you choose.

·    Make Use of Display

Make Use of Display


Some people may not like dirtying the walls with paintings or stickers. If you are of this type, then the most appropriate choice is to use a sunflower display.

Thereupon, apply various types of displays to enhance your room. You can choose paintings or crafts and stick them on the wall.

You can get sunflower decorations either by buying them at the store or making them yourself. Choose the most beautiful design to raise the spirit of cooking.

Those are some ways to bring a bright and enthusiasm with sunflower kitchen decor on the wall. Besides, there may be many more ways to beautify your space.

2.   Beautiful Sunflower Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful Sunflower Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinet can also be a medium for sunflower kitchen decor. In this case, you can try many ways to do it.

The first way, you can place a sunflower sticker or paint it directly on the storage surface in the kitchen. Any image you see will certainly give it a vibrant feel when you look at it.

The second way, you need to give some simple knick-knacks in the cabinet. One example is replacing the opening handle with a sunflower-themed knob.

This method is quite simple but produces sweet results. A minimalist decoration not only gives you cheerful nuance but also elegance.

The third way, put the sunflower decoration in the cabinet. Generally, this method applies to open storage that has no cover.

3.   Country Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas

Country Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas


The fans of the country concept should try sunflower kitchen decor at least once in a lifetime. Among the many themes, it can do boosting mood so that you carry out your activities cheerfully.

Country-themed sunflower kitchen decor is also less of a hassle. Generally, people place sunflowers in a vase and display them in a visible place.

However, you have to explore creativity to create the perfect sunflower display. Often looking for references is something you have to do.

4.   Rustic-themed Decoration

Rustic-themed Decoration


When it comes to decor, country and rustic have a lot in common. Therefore, you can apply sunflower kitchen decor, which is almost the same for both.

Both of these decor concepts use natural materials to beautify the room. It is just that, on rustic-themed, you will find it on a higher level.

Not only a display, but the sunflower you have will also combine with other furniture and decorations adopting natural materials and colors as a whole.

5.   Touch the Sunflower

Touch the Sunflower


Like the rest of the house, the kitchen certainly has parts that you always touch. The handles, such as on doors, cabinets, and drawers, as well as knobs, are the part you frequently interact with.

Even though you often do not realize it when you touch it, there is nothing wrong with adding sunflower kitchen decor to the surface. The simplest way, of course, is to use stickers.

Decorating small parts such as handles and knobs has proven to make these parts easier to notice. That way, you or someone else can find it easily. Do not forget to choose catchy colors and patterns.

6.   Sunflower Kitchen Curtains

Sunflower Kitchen Curtains


Many people put up curtains to sweeten doors and windows. Besides, many also use it to protect the privacy of the residents behind it.

The use of curtains will make outsiders unable to see what happens in the house, particularly if you use glass. Apart from that, it also helps ward off unwanted things from out there.

Some unpleasant things such as wind, animals, and so on may harm anyone behind. But the curtains will block it to not immediately enter the house.

Now, you can even use it to maximize the application of sunflower kitchen decor in your kitchen. A curtain with a picture of sunflowers hanging there is certainly an eye-catching option.

You can choose a variety of attractive designs that may be in various stores both online and offline. Choose the one that suits your needs, both from the material and motif.

7.   Flowery Decoration

Flowery Decoration

People who like flowers will not let every corner of their house look innocent without any petals adorning it. You can do the same. Why not?

Placing flower arrangements is an effective way to turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. You can pick or buy fresh sunflowers and arrange them with other decorative plants.

Besides, you can even beautify it with various vases that carry the sunflower kitchen decor theme. Vases with interesting pictures will make a significant contribution to the beauty of your kitchen.

Sunflower themed or illustrated vases are now widely available in various stores. Besides that, you can also make it yourself by attaching a sticker or painting it. What a cheap way to take, right?

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8.   Sweet Kitchen Utensils and Holders

Sweet Kitchen Utensils and Holders


You can use all parts of the room to create sunflower kitchen decor, starting from the walls, floors, and even furniture. Then, let us do the same with the cooking utensils.

You can put a sticker in such a way to make it look interesting. The cookware with a sunflower theme will help radiate warm energy and a bright atmosphere. Then it will evoke a positive vibe in the room.

However, be careful while installing stickers. You certainly cannot put it in a place where the stamp breaks quickly. For instance, if you adhere it to the frying pan, stick it to the handle.

To maximize your sunflower kitchen decor ideas, you can apply the same image theme to several utensils at once. Apart from the utensils, applying the theme to cooking holders is also a great idea.

It will make your cooking tool look exclusive, attractive, and most prominently make you even more excited. This will trigger you to do your best in the cooking area.

9.   Knitted Sunflower Kitchen Collection

Knitted Sunflower Kitchen Collection


Apart from cooking equipment, you also need things like placemats, rags, and other fabric-based equipment in the cooking area. You can also use them to support the sunflower kitchen decor ideas.

Instead of using boring designs, why not try the knitted ones? With the sunflower shape, along with its warm color, you will present a fun atmosphere while in the kitchen.

You can create your own and explore as much creativity as possible. Make as many as you can, and you will get a tremendous burst of energy every time you use it.

However, if you have limited time to make it by yourself, get the knitted collection of sunflower kitchen decor in various online and offline stores.

10.  Accessories-based Decoration

Accessories-based Decoration


It turns out that there are many creative ways to display sunflower kitchen decor. Use all objects and corners in the cooking area to get summer vibes from the colors and motifs.

You can also use various accessories to make it look even cuter. The following are some items to use as supporting stuff of this decoration:

·    Tablecloth



This thing may not matter in the kitchen. Its existence is merely to beautify the room. But choosing the right design will change the appearance of your room.

Placing sunflower-themed tablecloths in the open will make them stand out. The beautiful designs and energizing images will give anyone who looks at them a positive energy injection.

Apart from that, using a tablecloth also provides benefits. You can cover the various shortcomings that your kitchen furniture may have and replace them with a fun appearance.

·    Kitchen Mitts

Kitchen Mitts


Gloves or other fabric-based equipment will also play a role in building an atmosphere in the cooking area. You also apply sunflower kitchen decor to these items.

You can find sunflower-themed items at stores that sell kitchen supplies. Or another way, create some DIY sunflower pieces at home with the help of a sewing machine.

The better the fabric-based equipment you use, the more excited you will be to create quality things. Get creative as well as possible to present the most beautiful themes in the cooking area.

·    The Other Kitchen Aids

The Other Kitchen Aids


Many things in the kitchen have the potential to be decorations. A plate holder, spoon container, even a pot hanger will make your kitchen look alive if you arrange it beautifully.

For example, for a plate, you can use a shelf decorated with sunflowers. On Amazon or Walmart, you can even find hangers with this theme.

Of course, many products will not make you go out of style. Do not forget that every little touch means a lot to the ambiance of your room.

If you cannot find a design that suits your taste, now there are many ways to bring this nuance to your kitchen. Try to learn the DIY, which we will discuss at the almost end of this article.

One thing, find lots of references to see how far you can explore sunflower kitchen decor. There might always be new things that you can try to beautify your area.

11.  Welcoming Mats

Welcoming Matts


You can even apply sunflower kitchen decor to the floor. One of them is to use floor mats that carry the theme.

Getting in the shop is very easy. You can find a sunflower kitchen decor Walmart shown on its display or see it in another location.

By displaying the sunflower kitchen decor to the floor, of course, you can maximize the warm atmosphere it emits. It will make you excited about doing activities in the kitchen.

12.  DIY Sunflower Kitchen Decor

DIY Sunflower Kitchen Decor


There are many ways to bring warmth to the summer atmosphere through sunflower kitchen decor. You can use strikers, paintings, or other displays as we discussed above.

However, presenting this beauty does not need to be expensive. You can even do DIY to create beautiful accessories for your kitchen. Check out the following ideas that might inspire you.

·    Happiness in the Glass

Happiness in the Glass


Making a room decoration doesn’t need to be too complicated. You can even create masterpieces in just 1 minute.

One way you can do this is to place the sunflower, be it real or plastic, in a mason jar. Then, arrange some pieces to create an attractive look. Remember to decorate the outside of the glass.

You can make several decorations at once and place them as part of the sunflower kitchen decor. Its beauty will make you feel at home longer in the kitchen.

·    Cardboard Sunflower Kitchen Decor

Cardboard Sunflower Kitchen Decor


If you can make your sunflower decorations, why spend the money to buy them? There are lots of materials to opt for, one of which is cardboard.

Instead of having your house full of unused cardboard, try turning it into a sunflower shape. You can cut the material according to its form in nature then combine it with glue.

As a finishing, you can use paint to color it. When finished, you can stick, hang, and place your sunflower kitchen decor where you want it.

For the record, avoid utilizing used cardboard. Other items such as plastics, straws, paper, and so on can also be perfect works of art for your sunflower kitchen decor.

·    Dried Flower Everywhere

Dried Flower Everywhere


Among the many ways, the easiest to bring a sunflower kitchen decor is to put it down. In this case, make full use of dried flowers.

If you are using dried flowers, try using chemicals to preserve them. Otherwise, skip this step if the decoration uses fake flowers.

You can place several flowers in various locations, for example, in a cabinet, to enhance your appearance. Another option, you can also arrange it into a beautiful decoration in the kitchen.




The one reason for choosing sunflower as a part of the decoration is because of its bright color. People believe that this nature offers a great impact on the surrounding.

Meanwhile, you have learned many sunflower kitchen decor ideas in the discussion above. Generally, you can use any object to beautify the cooking area.

Efforts to beautify the kitchen will have a positive impact on you. The warm aura that radiates will help you get excited again. Thus, you will no longer be reluctant to go to the kitchen.

This sunflower kitchen decor will also help get rid of the dirty and gloomy impression that usually arises when imagining this area. Beautiful colors will make it one of the fun places in your home.





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