35 Teal Kitchen Decor Ideas to Transform the Space

Many people are looking for teal kitchen decor ideas since it becomes a trend lately. Therefore, if you are a big fan of deep cyan-green color, this style will be your great choice.

Indeed, some use the word turquoise instead of teal but they are basically the same.

For those who want to know about how to transform a kitchen using teal and the best color to go with it, we have got you covered.

This page would provide you with many decor ideas to help you in deciding what is best for your space.

1. Darker Teal Cabinets

Darker Teal Cabinets


As you can see in the picture, you might realize how beautiful a dark teal could be in your kitchen. In this cooking area, the color is only on the kitchen cabinet.

Then, it comes with a marble countertop to connect with the white-patterned wall.

The dark hardwood floor is what makes the teal hue becomes a perfect choice. Hence, it is there to balance both wall and floor.

Furthermore, add more interest to the cabinet with the flower vase right on the corner.

2. All-Teal Kitchen Design

All-Teal Kitchen Design


Giving the kitchen all-teal elements will not give you any issue. But, you need to give some accents for space to breathe.

As you can see, the countertop is filled with a wooden surface combined with the white apron sink in the middle.

Otherwise, there are a few gray elements that come from the oven, faucet, and the clay pots in the corner. Also, the rest is filled with teal all over the kitchen.

Because this style is not a type of harsh color, it is going to be good.

3. Classic Teal Kitchen Decor

Classic Teal Kitchen Decor


If you are seeking a classic way to apply teal kitchen decor, this could be a nice one, to begin with. As you can see, the brass shelf looks so outstanding in between the teal elements.

Thereupon, it obviously dominates the entire space.

Some other brass elements, the hooks, and the handles, also play an important role to support the main brass attraction.

The wall tile is somewhat giving a great connection to the marble kitchen island with a built-in sink. Meanwhile, the teal cabinet stands by itself being out of touch.

4. Elegant Dark Teal Beauty

Elegant Dark Teal Beauty


Another dark scheme for the kitchen is a great idea to take a look at. The white wall, ceiling, and backsplash are just perfect to balance the light in this space.

In addition, the glossy backsplash stands in the middle to control the scene. This is a great way to keep the elegance in enough portion as the brightness.

What about the wooden floor? There is no other choice to goes well with the set-up layout.

5. Teal Kitchen Island

Teal Kitchen Island


Check out this bright and white kitchen. It is already filled with all the lights you need. Many people would agree to have a bright cooking area.

Thus, it supports the food prep and cooking becomes so comfortable.

However, it is so wrong if you do not introduce or add another color into the mix. A kitchen island should be the one that standouts in the room.

Therefore, paint the item with teal, it will not take the comforting and relaxing atmosphere away. Instead, this stylish piece adds more variation to the scene.

6. Teal Kitchen Decor on the Wall

Teal Kitchen Decor on the Wall


It is a bit different from the previous one. This time the wall is in teal while the rest of the elements are in a bright neutral color.

Likewise, the cabinets, floating shelves, kitchen island, flooring, and most decor items, are all in basic mode.

Indeed, that is a great way to showcase the teal color in your cooking area. The contrast on the white creates a stunning look for the entire kitchen.

Further, it is better to keep the wall minimalist. So, its color has a great chance to shine.

7. Light Teal Kitchen Decor

Light Teal Kitchen Decor


This is going to be an ideal choice when your kitchen has a lot of cabinets and storage. Just paint them all with light teal color.

Then, it becomes more and more beautiful especially when the lights hit the space.

In this situation, yellow works well to accentuate the teal. Have it on the countertop. However, a mosaic backsplash will not do much for the scheme but it is a great touch to add.

8. Yellow and Orange Kitchen with Teal Cabinet

Yellow and Orange Kitchen with Teal Cabinet


The combination of yellow and orange in this kitchen is so energetic. This color scheme will not make any space boring at all.

Moreover, the addition of teal in the mix brings life to the room. Besides, the exposed brick delivers the natural color of orange.

Then, the orange cookware and wooden elements complement the hue. Thus, the teal cabinet is just making the kitchen more colorful and it brightens up the mood.

9. Yellow and Teal Combo with Softer Shades

Yellow and Teal Combo with Softer Shades


The combination of yellow and teal seems to be the favorite path people like to go with. Well, this one could be a nice idea to try for your kitchen.

Each color has the same portion in this layout. Also, it gets balanced with the white backsplash, ceiling, and light wood flooring.

The existence of a window extends the energy of this kitchen. However, no need to go bold or dark for the accent if you do not want to.

10. Teal Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Teal Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash


Having Mosaic tile as a backsplash is quite common. Having it for the entire wall size is something pretty uncommon.

That is because the wall could suck up the entire attention for your kitchen design.

If that is part of the plan, you can check this one for an idea. The amazing teal kitchen decor would impress anyone who enters the cooking space.

It is a 3D wall tile with a mosaic pattern. There are two tall windows with well-patterned blinds to give a little balance to the scene.

11. Brown, Teal, White, Teal, White

Brown, Teal, White, Teal, White


The unique color combination in this kitchen is served in clean lines. This brown color comes from the nature of wood flooring.

You get the teal from the entire cabinets and wall. Meanwhile, the bright white comes from the marble backsplash countertop and the ceiling.

It seems like the designer wants to keep the decoration minimal. So, the colors are being visually showcased even more.

12. Subway Teal Tile and Copper Chairs

Subway Teal Tile and Copper Chairs


The copper chairs are the star of the show. Then, the glossy item would surely attract attention. Although the fact that the material is a copper metal, it is even more special.

As you can see, there is a teal color on the bottom part of the kitchen island. It comes in a form of subway tile. Hence, incorporating the teal tile with a copper steel chair is just out of this world.

13. Teal in Modern Kitchen

Teal in Modern Kitchen


In a modern kitchen, teal is not the top one on the list. However, this is the color you might have.

So, pair it with the white base and wooden items. Then, the teal element will become an incredible sight in space.

You cannot go wrong with the white, brown, and teal combination. Otherwise, do not forget to play with the decor both on the teal and white surface in the kitchen.

14. White Kitchen with Teal Backsplash

White Kitchen with Teal Backsplash


The teal in this kitchen comes in a form of subway tile for the backsplash. It stands in between cabinets.

Even though the backsplash is only having a small portion in the space, people would still name it as an amazing teal kitchen decor.

Moreover, the teal decor in this kitchen provides a big impact on the space. It is only a simple addition though.

15. Light Teal and White in Coastal Kitchen

Light Teal and White in Coastal Kitchen



To make a brighter scene for a kitchen, a combination of white and lighter shade would always be great. In this fantastic cooking area, you can see that the teal is still in the focal point portion.

Meanwhile, the entire white cabinet provides a perfect background for the rest.

Check out the top part of the cabinets. It has got its interior in teal color. Thus, that is a cool way to present impressive decor in your kitchen.

Additionally, the teal interiors are for all the cabinet storages including the open ones on the right.

16. Teal Island with Teal Dinnerware Sets

Teal Island with Teal Dinnerware Sets


This amazing teal kitchen decor is a great idea to promote the accent color. As you can see, the island has a white countertop which is perfect if you have the dinnerware in teal color too.

As you can see, the lighter shade of the teal is right at the back part of this image. It is an effort to balance with the white. So, the contrast will not be at a negative rate.

17. Teal Paint on The Wall

Teal Paint on The Wall


This kitchen has all the cabinets in natural wood color. Some people would recommend you to have the tail paint on the entire cabinets. However, if you do not want the teal to dominate, use it as an accent.

Since the wall is not that wide, you do not need to buy a lot of paints for that. Indeed, a teal wall goes well in contrast with the wooden cabinets.

18. Teal All Over Cabinets

Teal All Over Cabinets


Unlike the previous idea, this is how it looks like having the entire cabinets in teal paint.

Covering them with teal is a great way to add this hue to the kitchen. Thus, it is such a nice idea to redesign your current space.

Just repaint the furniture in teal. White is a good color to go with the item, so have it for the rest of the surface except for the floor.

19. Teal and Monochrome Patterned Wall

Teal and Monochrome Patterned Wall


Check out that pendant lights right on top of the marble and teal kitchen island. It adds a lot of interest to space.

Additionally, the patterned wall makes all the teal elements so full of excitement. Some dark accents from other elements give a nice impact to the whole scene effortlessly.

20. Teal Chairs for Kitchen Island

Teal Chairs for Kitchen Island


Instead of having the main elements of the kitchen in teal color, you can just change the seating.

In this case, the teal kitchen decor comes in a form of chairs. They look comfortable and minimalist. Just place them facing the island.

Then, you and the guests could enjoy the meal and entertainment right from the seating. Chairs and kitchen island are the best friends. Hence, the teal would easily blend with the scheme.

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21. Teal in Bohemian Cook Space

Teal in Bohemian Cook Space


It is such an interesting idea. A cheerful bohemian style makes pair for teal kitchen island and wood combination.

The wooden countertop plays an important element to support the bohemian decor. Whereas, the lighter color of the wood makes a great material for open shelving and countertops.

Check out the furry cushions right on the seating. That is enough to highlight the boho vibe.

22. Beautiful Teal Tile Backsplash

Beautiful Teal Tile Backsplash


To create such a dreamy teal kitchen decor design, you do not have to rely on paints. Therefore, use a different approach with patterned tiles.

As you can see, the only teal element in this kitchen is on the backsplash. The homeowner wants to keep the sight right in the middle of the scene.

23. Teal Cabinet in kitchen Full of Texture

Teal Cabinet in kitchen Full of Texture


As you can see, the backsplash tile goes on the entire wall in the kitchen. It provides a great amount of texture for space.

That includes the island’s tile. They are all making quite a statement in the cooking space. However, the teal cabinet is still getting its portion on this striking visual.

24. Fancy Teal Kitchen Decor Design

Fancy Teal Kitchen Decor Design


This kitchen design is proof that teal cabinets will not take the entire attention. That would go well when the designer is good at his job.

However, there are still other elements to take the center stage too. As you can see, in between the storage, there is a statement-making backsplash.

Besides, the black and white tile backsplash looks so eye-catching. The floating wood shelves and all the ware provide a nice accent to the pattern.

25. Darker, Moodier Teal Shade

Darker, Moodier Teal Shade


From this point of view, the cabinet seems in the green shade when it is a teal color. Choosing the right shade is also important to give the exact result you want.

You can mention this shade of teal as the darker and moodier version of it. Some also know it as the more saturated teal version.

Thereupon, having it painted on your kitchen cabinet would make the space looks classic and cool.

26. Black and Teal Combination for Drama

Black and Teal Combination for Drama


To add more drama into space, you can pair the teal cabinet with some black accents. White tile provides a contrasting background to showcase all the accents on the wall.

Otherwise, the Black steel faucet and wall light fixture give a strong appearance to the items.

27. Dainty and Luxurious Kitchen with Teal

Dainty and Luxurious Kitchen with Teal


The teal cabinets provide an amazing visual to the kitchen. Also, the lines, texture, curves of the gold elements are so outstanding.

Meanwhile, the addition of chandelier is a such a nice touch from the ceiling to join the fun.

28. Sleek Kitchen with Dark Teal Cabinet

Sleek Kitchen with Dark Teal Cabinet


These cabinets look perfect when going with the white walls, wooden shelves, light wood floors, and stainless appliances.

Thus, it seems to be the ideal combination of the kitchen’s color scheme. Besides, the open shelves allow you to display the dinnerware collection and turn them in accents.

29. Dark Teal with Marble Backsplash

Dark Teal with Marble Backsplash


If you are aiming to have a dark teal shade of your modern kitchen cabinet, it would be perfect to pair the furniture with the marble backsplash and countertop. The combination of both elements looks gorgeous.

30. Vibrant Teal Kitchen

Vibrant Teal Kitchen


This kitchen has a narrow space on the floor which means a limited area for workflow. Having a neutral color scheme is the right decision to make. That is what keeps the cooking space in a comfortable mood.

Further, the addition of teal color for the kitchen cabinet brightens up the small area. The room becomes more cheerful and fun.

31. Teal Dish Rack on Countertop

Teal Dish Rack on Countertop


It is a simple way to add a teal element to your kitchen. You can place this item on the countertop next to the sink.

Indeed, it would be better if the surface is in white. So, the teal element would become a nice accent to the scheme.

32. Kitchen Rug in Teal Color

Kitchen Rug in Teal Color


One other accessory you might have for your kitchen is the rug. This extra item would be very useful to support the workflow in the cooking area.

Having it in teal color is another way to add a splash of color on the white floor.

33. Teal Microwave

Teal Microwave


A pop of teal color can come from one of the appliances in the kitchen. For example, you can have a microwave like this one.

Just put it on the island or one of the counters. Even though the size is small, it could give a big impact.

34. Utensils Holder with Teal Color

Utensils Holder with Teal Color


An even smaller addition with a teal color you can have for the kitchen would also be a good way to add that cheerful shade of blue. Fill the holder with wooden spoons. That would be nice.

35. Teal Curtains for Kitchen

Teal Curtains for Kitchen


Sometimes, a kitchen with windows does not need to get a cover. Well, it is great to have a nice one though.

It would give you a chance to add a splash of color to the wall in a stylish way. Teal curtains would be a nice idea.


Turquoise comes from a combination of green and blue which result in a fresh and calm color. So, having those teal kitchen decor ideas would inspire you to refresh your cooking space right away.

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