Toilet Sink Combo: A Smart Way to Save Everything

Most people have problems with tight spaces. Thus, the room is not enough to accommodate adequate items. If this happens, then it’s time for you to move on to the toilet sink combo.

At first, many people found this idea strange. But over time, this fixture that combines the toilet and sink provides many benefits, especially if your room is not too big.

Besides, using this toilet sink also saves everything. You might save money, space, and water at once. This fixture also still allows you to use various conveniences, including hot water.

What exactly is a toilet sink combo? What are the functions and benefits? How does it work? Check out the following reviews until they run out for a better arrangement of your space.

What is Toilet Sink Combo?

What is Toilet Sink Combo


Based on the name, of course, you immediately know that this fixture is a combination of a toilet and sink. Even so, most people may still be wondering how the two came together.

In brief, a toilet sink combo is a water closet and a place for grandchildren in one fixture. The concept is similar to vanity, which implements a multi-functional system, but with different components.

This toilet sink consists of some components, such as a handwashing container, a water closet set, and a water faucet. However, most users also insert storage in it.

The toilet and sink in this fixture have the same drains. Thus, if you wash your hands, the water will be stored as a rinse while using the closet.

Even though the concept is quite simple, you can find various attractive designs complete with luxurious nuances in them. Of course, a beautiful model will make your bathroom even more enjoyable.

History of Existence

History of Existence


Toilet sink combo is not a new thing in layout design. This kind of fixture model has appeared in Japan since the 1950s and is a culture today.

If you visit restaurants in Japan, you will see these ideas everywhere. Try visiting the toilet, and you will find a unique view that may not be familiar with your home country.

Japanese toilets are generally small in width. The space inside only accommodates a water closet with little room to move around. However, the arrangement is concise.

Hence, it is a fixed choice for such a type of space. In addition to the water closet and sink above the tank, owners usually place a tissue roll feature next to the fixture.

Apart from the culture of using this fixture, Japan is known for its various applicable innovations. They have implemented many strategies to accommodate prominent objects in one narrow room.

Apart from implementing a toilet sink combo, this country is also the originator of space-saving capsule rooms. They continued to spawn regular wild innovations after World War 2 ended decades ago.

Meanwhile, when the idea of ​​this fixture first appeared, many people from outside Japan found it strange. But over time, the world finally agreed to make the toilet sink a space utilization strategy.

Now, the use of toilet sink combo is not only remarkable in Japan. This idea has expanded, not only for space-saving purposes but also for aesthetics.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work


Based on the explanation above, you must be able to imagine how it works. Combining a toilet and sink in one fixture means combining the system inside.

In simple words, the fixture design is to place the sink in a higher place than the toilet. Apart from making it easier to use, this is also related to the flow of water used.

When opening the faucet on, you will get clean water for washing hands and face along with various other activities. But after going to the drain, the liquid is not immediately wasted.

Dirty water from the basin will fill the water closet tank. The liquid will stay in it until you use and flush the toilet.

Thus, you will flush the toilet with dirty water from the activity in the sink. It will help save water because you do not need to use clean water to fill the loo.

You can say that this system is simple but excellent. This system will provide benefits in many ways. Saving water will also affect the bill you have to pay every month.

However, not all toilet sink combos are multilevel. Some custom designs build this fixture as if it were separate but have connected water channels.

Why Should Use a Toilet Sink Combo?

Why Should Use a Toilet Sink Combo


After reading the brief explanation above, of course, you will begin to know the reasons why this fixture is becoming increasingly popular.

It is undeniable that its use is increasingly widespread in many parts of the world. For several homeowners who are still reluctant to use it, this section may explain.

Several benefits of using a toilet sink combo are as follows. This explanation is important for consideration:

1.      Space-saving



For the sake of effective-use of space, many people are starting to implement vertical designs. This concept is remarkable in the construction of skyscrapers that prioritize height over land area.

As explained above, these fixtures generally have a compact design. Placing the basin over the water closet tank is a great way to save a lot of space.

With a vertical concept, you can use the empty spot for other purposes. For those who have narrow space, this will allow you to get more freedom of movement.

Besides, some toilet sinks also have additional features, such as storage cabinets and tissue hangers. You can also get a fixture design with a warm water system in it.

Thus, you certainly agree that using a toilet sink combo is a smart idea for a healthy and comfortable life.

2.      Water-saving



In the previous discussion, you have learned how the toilet sink combo works. The concept is to reuse dirty water discharged from the sink basin.

Once on the move, you may not use a lot of water. But try to calculate how much wasted water if you do it many times a day?

We have to wash our hands frequently in a pandemic situation with clean water. Therefore, it requires more liquid to use.

Without you knowing it, water usage will increase your electricity bill. It will get worse if you flush with clean water.

Flushing does not need to use clean water because what you are doing is draining the sewage. You will not even make direct contact with air flushing.

Instead of wasting clean water, use the remaining water to wash your hands and face. It is no wonder the toilet sink combo is a favorite of many environmentalists.

The use of this fixture is very environmentally friendly. With a toilet sink combo, you will save a lot of water so that the bill won’t swell.

3.      Money-saving



If you manage to save gallons of water in a month, of course, it might give an impact on your bill. Less water consumption means less monthly payment.

That way, you can use your remaining money for more useful things. No wonder it is wrong for many people to say that the fixture is a way of investing in the naked eye.

Apart from paying bills, you can also make savings in terms of shopping for furniture. Once purchased, you can get two benefits at once.

The toilet sink combo price may feel more expensive at first. But if you calculate it, the benefits you get are even more than buying them separately. Here are some considerations:

  • You can get two or more benefits by only buying one fixture. It sometimes also has additional features, including storage.
  • Save installation costs. The toilet sink has one drain, so you do not have to pay twice for a separate installation.
  • The water bill will go down. It will not count because you are using the recycled liquid from the sink.
  • Save on maintenance costs because it is one unit.

Those are some economic considerations related to using a toilet sink combo in your bathroom. Apart from the things above, maybe there are many more savings that you can make.

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4.      Beautiful Designs to Choose

Beautiful Designs to Choose


The good news you can get from the usage of the toilet sink combo is that there are many choices. Never worry about facing monotonous models.

The decorating companies have designed it according to the needs and desires of consumers. They have engaged the experts to do it well.

Do not think that it is just a multilevel fixture with a boring multilevel design. Try looking for references in various ways, and you will find how many different models you can find.

The installations also vary widely, ranging from standard to wall mounted. Some models even look like separate toilets and sinks but have hidden drains that stick together.

But before choosing, you should look for lots of references and adjust to your needs and desires. Choose carefully to avoid ineffective fitting.

5.      Aesthetic Reason

Aesthetic Reason


Many people always want to be different in many ways. If you are eager to show something unique in your bathroom, then this toilet sink is the right choice.

As explained above, it is on the market with various models. Therefore you do not need to be afraid to die in style.

There are many attractive designs for those of you who are always hungry for aesthetics. So why do not use it as a part of your decoration?

Those are some common reasons why you should use a toilet sink combo in the bathroom. After reading the reviews above, now you have to decide whether to use it or not.

Where to Buy Toilet Sink Combo?

Where to Buy Toilet Sink Combo


For some, the toilet sink combo is a new idea. Currently, its use is widespread in various parts of the world.

Therefore, you may not have trouble getting it. This fixture is already circulating in stores that provide home utensils.

Interestingly, you also order it online. Try looking for references with browsing, for example seeing the toilet sink combo Amazon shown on its website.

You may find designs with different features on each store and website. Study it carefully and choose the one according to your wishes and room conditions.

If you are lucky, you can even get a toilet sink combo for sale at the various shops and websites you visit. When else to get a high-quality fixture at a discount?

Toilet Sink Combo Ideas to Steal

Toilet Sink Combo Ideas to Steal


Before installing, you must pay close attention to its advantages and disadvantages. Compare the fixture with room conditions to avoid the wrong product.

Therefore, you have to make more references about the appropriate product models and features. Here are some toilet sink combo ideas that might inspire you:

1.      Toilet Sink Combo with Hot Water

Toilet Sink Combo with Hot Water


The existence of this fixture helps you save everything. But maybe you want to enjoy facilities that can pamper you in the bathroom.

Well, do not think that the combined toilet and sink does not use advanced technology. You can still enjoy warm water while washing your hands and face in this fixture.

2.      Tiny Eco-toilet for Small Space

Tiny Eco-toilet for Small Space


Space-saving is one of the purposes of using this fixture, especially if you live in a tight space. Therefore, a small and compact design is the right choice.

A series of water closets and sinks arranged vertically will make space use more efficient. For the rest, you can use the wall as wall-mounted storage.

However, a fixture with a sink just above the toilet like this may be uncomfortable for some. It is because of the water closet that blocks your activities to wash your hands and face.

3.      Separated Toilet Sink Combo

Separated Toilet Sink Combo


The toilet sink combo has many unique and attractive designs. The model does not always have to be vertical to save space. You can also find fixtures that appear separate from each other.

It is because these two features are not in the same place. The two are in a different location but have the same channel. There is a hidden water pipe that is part of the installation.

4.      You Can Also Put a Countertop

You Can Also Put a Countertop


You do not need to worry about having trouble choosing a cool design. You can still combine this fixture with other features, such as countertops.

Some people need this feature, for example, to put down toiletries, cell phones, or other objects. With a sleek design, your bathroom will be perfect too.

5.      Two Directions

Two Directions


Placement above the toilet sometimes creates new problems because you cannot use the sink comfortably. On the other hand, there will be a solution for every difficulty.

You do not need to place it parallel and in one direction. A two-way fixture like the image above will enable you to do any activities comfortably.

6.      The Combo with Storage

The Combo with Storage


If you have a tight space, you should select the proper furniture. The installed fixture should be able to accommodate all your needs.

Try choosing a toilet sink design with storage. Of course, you need a place for various kinds of equipment such as soap, tissue, towels, and so on. However, remember to keep space in mind.

7.      Wood Combination

Wood Combination


Do not get hung up on monotonous designs. The fixture in your bathroom does not have to be standard and boring like most people find in various public places.

You can combine it with various decorations, for example, wood. Place various ornaments and patterns that can liven up the atmosphere.

However, consider the material so that it is not easily damaged when exposed to water. Remember that wood and water are not good friends.

8.      DIY Toilet Sink Combo

DIY Toilet Sink Combo

Ultimately, anything custom is best. You can even make your toilet sink to suit your tastes, needs, and room conditions.

If you intend to do DIY, the way is simple. You just have to make your sink and add the water installation at the desired location.

After that, try to connect the sink drain with the toilet bowl. You should not make it yourself if you find it troublesome. There are plumbers available to help.

Toilet Sink Combo around the World

Toilet sink combo around the world


As it is well known, the toilet sink is not only part of Japanese culture. Many countries have started to use it in their respective places of residence.

You will probably find different applications in each country. Each region may have a different notion regarding the design of the space, including the bathroom.

You will not find models and styles like those in Japan when you visit other places. Likewise, the toilet sink combo USA has will never be the same with others.

However, currently, most public places around the world have used the standard restroom, where the toilet seat and sink are the main components.

In the end, the toilet sink combo puts it all right. With this kind of uniformity, of course, everyone will be more comfortable when traveling and using a restroom anywhere.

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