35 Unique Lighting Ideas for Many Purposes

Lights are a thing to consider in the room arrangement. But apart from its function, this object is also often an attractive decoration. Therefore, using unique lighting ideas in interior design is not wrong.

The good news is, now you can find a variety of beautiful designs for you to apply in various rooms, from the garden to the most private part of your home.

Are you looking for a reference? Here is some unique lighting catalog to follow.

1. Light Your Shelf


Generally, the lamp is a stand-alone feature that you install in the corner of the room to provide lighting. However, try a different thing such as making furniture as a light source.

One unique idea that you can do is to place a lamp on a shelf in the room. Generally, this is not too bright but sweet enough to beautify the residential spot.

2. Chinese Lanterns


This Chinese lightning has long fascinated the world because of its unique and beautiful shape. In addition, there is a philosophy inside; it is related to the religious beliefs of the people.

Usually, lanterns carry a bright red tone with typical Chinese motifs as decoration. However, the other color will also be a good idea. Indoors, you can hang these flashes of lightning of different sizes.

3. Illuminated Logs


This unique lighting idea will be perfect for outdoor activities. Imagine you are enjoying the natural atmosphere accompanied by light from the wood. Hence, it feels like in fairyland.

However, placing it as part of Indoor lighting can also be a good idea. Thus you can adopt the natural atmosphere into your home.

4. The Fire Pit


Since ancient times, the fire pit has always been both heating and lighting. Along with the development of technology, the design also inspires many things, including the illumination system.

Further, use unique lighting that seems to present a mini bonfire, either outdoor or indoor. But instead of flame, you will enjoy the dim lamp that creates a sweet and romantic moment.

5. Moroccan Unique Lighting


Everything that smells of ethnicity is indeed interesting to explore. Besides Chinese lantern, the next you should try is the Moroccan theme. It also has an artistic value that is no less beautiful than the others.

Usually, Moroccan lighting uses cut classes with various tones that blend into beautiful motifs. The light produced is also colorful.

Meanwhile, another characteristic is a pumpkin-like shape with a pointed bottom. You can combine it with the various design concepts.

6. Sparkling Stairs


Want to know what it is like to be a star? Why not try to make this idea happen at home. Thereupon, stepping on a light-filled staircase will make you feel like the center of attention.

This unique lighting is not just a decoration to beautify your home. Besides, this feature will help you step and avoid the risk of fall considering that stairs are a vulnerable place.

You can turn it on at night when all the lights have gone out.

7. The Multiple Lights


Sometimes placing one lamp in the same room is not enough. In addition to making the room brighter, you can also make it part of the decoration.

Additionally, it is okay to hang several of the same lights in a row to make them look pretty.

Just a tip, if you want to use the multiple lights trick, you should choose the same color as the ceiling and walls. Thus, the light fixtures will appear to blend with the room.

8. Cute Wooden Puppy


Installing the same lights will make you bored in the room. Therefore, you need to try the new unique lighting with a different form. Why don’t make your pet shine bright for you?

Currently, many animal-shaped lamp designs are suitable for decoration. You can put this lighting in the bedroom and make it a mood-booster.

Otherwise, it does not have to be wood. Try to pick the material that suits you. Everything is negotiable.

9. Hanging Industrial Unique Lighting


The industrial concept is also an attractive alternative to apply in your space arrangement.

If you are confused about where to start, start with this unique lighting system installation. Just hanging a rope, and you will get an impressive view.

You can find this kind of concept in various restaurants that serve an intimate feel. Try to browse the Amazon website, and you will get many ideas to bring a romantic moment to your home.

10. Eclipse in Your Wall


Although sometimes eclipses come in succession, it is hard to see them directly. There are only distractions that make you late to observe its beauty.

Well, do not be sad. Why not bring this natural phenomenon to your home?

The wall light will help make your dream of enjoying the eclipse come true. Also, wall-mounted light will be a unique decoration for your home.

11. Aimed at One Point


Lights can also be a way to show something interesting in the house. As seen in the picture above, the owner places many wall lights at a certain distance.

In the end, all those lights make us focus on the fireplace.

Do the same thing, for example, to show family photos, unique artwork, and parts that you want to highlight to everyone. It is an elegant way to show off.

12. Holding the Torch


Art is something comprehensive, and you can put it in any form, including unique lighting. One of the designs that you can find is the figure of a person holding a torch like a picture above.

This unique lamp is, of course, only one of the many shapes that can be found. So, diligently open the unique lightning Amazon shown on the website. You will find a lot of art.

13. The Shining Ceiling


Placing a lamp above the bed must have become a common thing. This part wins considered killing lighting, especially when the occupants were in the room.

However, making the ceiling a lamp is a unique thing. With a particular installation, you can enjoy the feel as if there is a fairy light above you.

14. Fantasy Wall Light


You may never have thought that a wall you see every day can be an art medium. You can even place some unique lighting ideas that will make the room atmosphere even more pleasant.

Instead of paintings, you can display more lively decorations with lights. The blocked light can create a variety of beautiful scenery.

15. Showering Chandelier


For a long time, chandeliers have been the mainstay of decoration to create a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

Various designs will change the space to be classy according to the carried concept. Crystal ornaments further beautify the dwelling.

Of the many designs, you can also try the showering look. It will be the best unique lighting for bathroom. However, you can also place it in another location.

16. It is a Magic


Sometimes, unique lighting is a matter of art and craftsmanship to assemble. One of the media that is very easy for you to use is the wall.

You can create various patterns, shapes, and even paintings with just light.

By placing some blocks, you can create the feel of some floating objects, as seen above. You even only need one lamp to evoke a magical vibe.

17. Baobab Tree


Nelson Mandela Center is one of the most famous shopping centers in South Africa. Apart from its location, which provides many daily necessities, you can also see the magnificent Baobab Tree.

It is not a tree but rather a complex series of unique lighting. At night he will shine brightly and give a view of an old-looking tree without leaves.

Moreover, there is a shield around it that gives the impression of being sacred and unreachable.

18. Wooden Hanging Light


Even though lights are related to electricity, that does not mean you cannot add a traditional impression to them. One of the easiest things to do is adding ethnic or natural themed decorations around the light bulb.

Also, you can do it on a chandelier in your home. If getting bored with geometric shapes and ordinary looks, use unused materials at home to create works of art.

19. Use the Solid Material


The ball has a standard shape and is the same all the time. However, human creativity has succeeded in turning the static into the extraordinary. Metal and onyx plates were able to emit beautiful light.

Likewise, the design is simple, namely by using an onyx plate attached to a metal handle. Behind it was a light whose radiance was muffled by the rock but produced a beautiful degradation.

20. Under the Cloud


So far, garden lights are synonymous with geometric shapes with small sizes. You would not think that there is a way to make your garden more memorable, namely by placing a big lamp.

The design that we see above is unique because it adopts the shape of a cloud, complete with patterns and falling rain. Meanwhile, the lamp is a protection umbrella but has a design like giant unique lighting.

21. The Moon Light


The moon that you see from the earth always radiates the beauty and elegance of the night.

Even the black spots on its surface do not make the face of this earth satellite look flawed. Then what if you could hold it right away?

This idea can happen if you have a moonlight lamp that is a replica of the celestial body. There are various designs, from perfectly round ones to crescent moons. It will be a beautiful decoration for your room.

22. Something under Cabinet Lighting


If you have a wall-mounted cabinet, then you will understand that the area underneath is often dark because of the shadows. Thus, you need to do an intense activity. But now we can solve the problem.

You can add under-cabinet unique lighting as part of your home decor. In addition, to illuminate the dark part, the lamp will give beauty to your room. Also, it can be light at night.

23. The Fortune Ball


The outdoor area also needs attention. An example is a location next to the swimming pool. Although this place is almost always wet, that does not mean you cannot provide unique lighting here.

You can place the glass ball along the edge of the pool to give it a classy feel. Let us choose a bright color to make it visible.

Furthermore, at night, it will light up and show you the way.

24. The Light Garden


If you plan a garden party and are confused about the decorations, this method can be an alternative.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy expensive equipment. Just take advantage of the plants that grow in your yard.

Then, place trellis on the plants of your choice. After that, put pretty lights around them. Turn the lamp on when it is time to party, and you will be impressed.

Additionally, it can be an indoor decoration.

25. Eternal Watering Can


In addition to using plants with trellis, you can also use other garden equipment to beautify the garden. One of them is using a modified watering can. This design will give an Instagram-able feel.

Hang the watering can near the flowerbed. After that, you can place beautiful lights so that they look like water pouring down your plants. It will be the best unique lighting for your garden party.

26. Fairy Light inside the Jar


Still, about the Tumblr lamp, you can make other creations that are no less sweet. Using a mason jar, you can create a fairy-themed unique light.

The method is simple; you just put the Tumblr light into the mason jar and make it look as beautiful as possible. Utilize various colors to make the light more vibrant.

27. Ring Chandelier


Chandeliers are always the first choice when you design unique lighting for a room. An attractive design is always successful in beautifying the atmosphere.

Among the many designs, the ring-shaped chandelier seems to be an option. A round shape that has a playful and less formal feel will make the room look attractive.

28. Rattan Chandelier

Incorporating traditional nuances into the decor is fun because there are endless motifs, colors, and concepts. Therefore, you might add a rustic element.

The object that is most adaptable to the lighting system is the rattan. It is light and easy to form. You can turn the light shape into a beautiful chandelier.

29. The Shade of Mirror


The mirror is one of the most prominent objects in the house. Something like doing makeup, dressing up, even shaving will not work without this thing. Then why not use it as a way to beautify the room?

You can add lights on the back or around the mirror. When the lamp is turning on, you might see how much influence it has on the room.

Besides, it makes your activities easier because of the brightness.

30. The Broken Dinner


It is a unique masterpiece of how one recycles broken things. An artist named Ingo Maurer created a beautiful chandelier from broken plates.

All the damaged items blended nicely; it also has a lamp in between.

The artist then displayed this amazing lamp on the table. Further, the abstract and artistic form managed to amaze the world.

31. Brighten Your Bathroom


Most people look at the bathroom with one eye so that it does not have sufficient decoration. One of the mistakes that many people make is not paying attention to lighting.

Using the unique lighting will help you create the mood. Try to highlight the bathtub, and you will feel a more luxurious and pleasant bathing moment than usual.

32. Get Classic with Candle


Although currently there are many luxurious and beautiful lamps, nothing can shift the position of the candle.

It always manages to create a romantic and classic feel. No wonder its existence is still the inspiration for the unique lighting.

To beautify the room, you can also place this candle-themed chandelier above the room. It is not real but gives a feeling that is no less dramatic than the original. The iron frame also makes it more vintage.

33. Those Who Lived under the Stone


The other unique lighting design to steal is the stoned chandelier. If using a plate or crystal ball is too mainstream, then you can try this design.

There is some gem-liked decoration on the fixture, which makes it perfect. Likewise, the gems give the luxury impression even with a non-uniform cut.

Its crystal-white color gives it a priceless feel of elegance and luxury. This lamp will be the best decoration for your living room.

34. Flame Imitation


Lamps and embers are still in the same family, although their nature is different. However, both are equally useful as a light. Thus, there is no difference we should consider.

We try to be fair to both of them by turning fire into unique lighting that will not burn you because of the spark. And the makers also provide cute eyes that take away the feel of horror.

35. The Spilling Lamp

Talking about the design, we really cannot stick to standard standards.

One of them is the spilling lamp which has recently been quite popular among young people. The design is unique because it shows a glass with spilled contents.

Moreover, the liquid-like part, in this case, serves as a pillar that supports the lamp. There are various colors and models that you can choose from and help brighten up the room.

Those are some reviews about unique lighting ideas. If the model is fun, why should it be stuck on the outdated one?

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