30+ Unique Small Coffee Table Ideas for Casual and Work

Regardless of the size, small coffee table designs have many choices because of their compact and unique shape.

Not only narrow space, but this kind of furniture will also be a fun decoration for the large one. Therefore, you should have a lot of references before choosing.

If you want to bring a pleasant feel to the living room with the presence of a small coffee table, then you must read this article to the end.

What is Coffee Table?

Based on the name, you can probably tell that this is a table that people use to place coffee. This assumption is not wrong.

However, you need to know that this furniture has a much broader definition than that.

This furniture is indeed part of the family or living room to serve snacks and drinks. It is very much needed while gathering with your guests or family.

Of course, this small object is always side by side with the sofa and other supporting furniture. Most people put it in the center of the space.

Thus, the small coffee table becomes the center of the home interior.

How to Choose a Small Coffee Table?

As we discussed above, choosing furniture such as a small coffee table is not an easy thing. You cannot just pick an item, but consider some essential aspects.

Choosing the wrong furniture will make the atmosphere uncomfortable. If so, of course, you and others will not feel at home in it.

Generally, the following are things you need to pay attention to when choosing any furniture.

  • Consider the size of the room. Choosing coffee tables for small spaces will be different from the large ones.
  • Have the right proportions with the sofa or seat. The comparison should not be too big or small.
  • Define the proper height according to the seat.
  • Think about the room’s function, whether to relax or work.
  • The design must match the theme of the room.
  • Choose the right color according to the theme of the room or other furniture.
  • Use quality materials so that they do not get damaged quickly.
  • The price of a small coffee table must also be following your budget.

Many considerations make the selection of furniture you have to do very carefully. If you want to know more ideas about using a small coffee table, let us move on to the next section.

Small Coffee Table Ideas for Many Purposes

The unique small coffee tables will provide a pleasant atmosphere in your living room.

By choosing the right design and size, you will feel comfortable spending time there, either with other people or alone.

Besides paying attention to some of the considerations above, you also have to observe many references before choosing.

The following are some small coffee table ideas that you can choose for various needs.

1. Put Some Drawers

Space efficiency is one of the keys to making the interior more concise. This concept is also applicable by placing multi-functional furniture. Thus, a small coffee table with storage will be a good idea.

You can choose a table that has drawers or other storage so you can place things. Hence, no need to add a lot of additional cabinets. Less furniture means a more spacious room.

2. Small Coffee Table Shelf

As we discussed above, objects that have more use-value will make the room feel livelier. One way is to use a small coffee table shelf that has additional space for storage.

Choose a stacked table to place objects in the space below the top surface. Apart from storage, it can also help you create decorations.

3. Personal Coffee Table

You do not have to share a coffee table with other people. It is okay to make this item personal by putting the furniture together with a comfortable chair for yourself.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book.

This table is usually suitable for a private room that allows you to enjoy a calm atmosphere. Placing a comfortable armchair will make you enjoy the day.

4. The Garden Party

Enjoying a cup of coffee will be even more delicious when you are outside. However, it is better if there is the right furniture, which withstands the brunt of the heat and rain.

Therefore, choosing a metal material is the right decision. Iron garden chairs will be safer to accompany you outdoor.

You can also add beautiful decorations and beautiful colors according to taste. These small coffee tables will make great moments with close people.

5. Two Small Coffee Tables

These days, more and more people are following this trend. Instead of one, you put two small coffee tables as a series.

In addition to expanding the space to place drinks, snacks, and items, it turns out that this method also has aesthetic value.

You should not utilize two of the same size. Sometimes people put them in different heights and widths. This arrangement works great for a sofa, chair, or many other seats.

6. Triple of Sweetness

Instead of using a table with an ordinary design, many people choose a unique look. One that you can pick is those three-in-one small coffee tables.

You will get three surfaces in one table, which have different heights. With the small size of the trays, this may not accommodate many things but will give a decorative feel to your room.

7. The Twin

Lately, one table with several surfaces is indeed a trend. Additionally, add an area to store things. This style is also very suitable for Instagram-able coffee moments with close people.

But to use this design, consider the room’s condition. If the room is not too big, it is a good idea to choose a simple style.

8. The Ottoman

With a small design and does not take up space, many people are increasingly fond of ottomans.

The Ottoman is often an additional seat, but some people also use this item as a table. The concise shape makes it multi-functional.

Besides, the Ottoman has a unique shape that will make the room even more pleasant. Some designs have storage which makes them even more efficient in use.

Interestingly, it also fits into almost any design concept.

9. Very Low Coffee Table

This style is perfect for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, either with other people or alone. You can combine it with a soft and comfortable short sofa.

The good news is that you can choose any small coffee table IKEA shown on their website with this style.

Also, the low coffee table has many attractive designs with various sizes. Do not forget to choose colors and materials that match the room conditions and other furniture in it.

10. Ethnic Motifs

Even though plain furniture is more flexible, that does not mean ethnic motifs are not worth trying.

Most people prove that tribal shades and other shades will give a unique and different feel to the room.

You do not have to use this motif on all parts to make it look elegant. Wood materials or natural objects might be the right choice.

11. The Rustic


Most of the existing furniture designs display neat shapes, ranging from round, square, rectangular, and many more. But you can enjoy different nuances with the natural forms that exist in the rustic concept.

Using unfurnished furniture with irregular shapes will provide a high aesthetic value for your interior. However, if you want to use this style, you have to consider the size of your room.

12. Make It Portable

Choosing a coffee table is not always a matter of how to mingle comfortably in the corner of the house or garden. Sometimes you even want to make it flexible. Thus, you will need the portable one.

Today many table designs allow you to enjoy a relaxing time while soaking in a bathtub, swimming pool, or other location that was not possible at first.

Of course, this will give a different sensation from the usual coffee break.

13. Industrial Style

If wood and glass are too mainstream, why not try other materials for furniture. One thing you can try is the industrial style, which generally uses metal objects with dark color combinations.

To give a unique impression, you can also add decorations that match the industrial concept. Uniquely, you can still combine it with furniture from other styles, such as farmhouse or rustic.

14. Black Round Table

The round shape does have many advantages; including making the rooms feel spacy. Its existence also gives a fun and relaxed feel. If you use it for your desk, it will help you relieve stress.

You can combine it with various colors, one of which is black. With a bright room, this tone will give a neutral yet classy impression.

15. A Concise Set

For those who live in a narrow house and only want a few things as furniture, a compact design is a solution. One way is to place a small coffee table with a set of chairs you can insert into it.

When not using a chair, you can push it under the table surface. On the other hand, anyone will easily pull back it anytime when needed.

16. Geometric Furniture

Apart from its function, geometric shapes can sometimes also be an attractive decoration option. Usually, furniture that uses this style carries the concept of mid-century or modern.

However, sometimes you can also find this in the farmhouse principle.

You can choose unfinished or finished designs. Opt for a shape that matches the supporting furniture in the room, and this style will make your room look unique.

17. Half Ball

Although it is round and easy to roll, the ball shape can also be an artistic decoration for your home. A half-ball small coffee table can be an option to decorate a corner of the room.

You do not have to worry about the round shape because the top and bottom have been trimmed that it displays a classy but unique design. Importantly, remember to play with colors.

18. Lift-top Table


Not all small-scale coffee tables have limited use-value. A lift-top table, for example, has many functions at once even though it has a size that is not too big.

The table surface can be lifted and turned into a study table. Meanwhile, space underneath can also be a storage solution, while when not in use, you can use it for coffee things or decorations.

19. On The Wheels


Some furniture does have wheels at the bottom for easy moving. It is helpful if the table, chair, or cupboard is heavy. Otherwise, apply them to the small coffee table.

Regardless of whether it is heavy or not, the presence of wheels is sometimes helpful, especially if there is a lot of stuff you need to move from your desk to other places.

20. Leather-based Material


When a person lives in the forest or the countryside, he must take advantage of everything from nature. One that we often see is furniture from the skin or body parts of wild creatures.

However, of course, you do not need to live in the forest to enjoy such a view.

Currently, many manufacturers offer small coffee table designs made of cowhide, both genuine and synthetic, complete with ornaments from the animal’s body parts.

21. Made by Glass


Although some people consider it is vulnerable, the use of glass as furniture is still well-known enough. People are impressed by its elegant feel and adaptability to other things around.

In addition, the use of glass as one of the small coffee table ideas is also suitable for a narrow room. The reason is, in a modern concept, this material will help give a spacy impression.

22. Rattan Coffee Table

Compared to wood, rattan produces furniture that is much cheaper and lighter.

In addition, the texture of this material is also unique and contains an aesthetic value, which is suitable for all design concepts, modern, farmhouse, contemporary, and others.

The rattan surface is safe for various uses. However, some people generally add glass so that the surface of this small coffee table becomes flat and reduces the risk of spilled drinks.

23. Wood Coffee Table

So far, wood has become a mainstay in various furniture. You can also use a small coffee table with this material to give a warm and natural feel when chatting with close people.

Wood is easy to shape. Thus, you do not have to worry about having trouble finding the right design and size.

In addition, you can combine it with a seat with other materials, ranging from sofas, iron, and others.

24. Wooden Logs


Showing aesthetics in the room is sometimes as easy as turning your hand. You can even use raw materials found in nature to produce high-quality furniture.

One idea that you can apply is to use pieces of logs for seats and small coffee tables. You can decorate them beautifully, but they also still amaze with their appearance as they are.

25. Hardwood Coffee Table

Although it is the first choice, not all wood small coffee table designs provide a high aesthetic value. In addition, not all materials will produce sturdy and durable furniture.

Therefore, lately, many people use hardwood or soli wood to ensure their furniture has the best quality. For aesthetic reasons, many people leave it in its original form.

26. Small Trunk Coffee Table

Do you have an old trunk that is no longer in use? If so, then now is the time to turn them into unique furniture to beautify your room.

Old objects like this are generally sturdy and not easily destroyed.

Instead of being confused about where to store them, coat the surface with paint or certain knick-knacks to create a fresh look. You can also use it as storage.

27. Play with the Legs

The easiest way to create a unique small coffee table is to modify the shape of the legs. Do not get hung up on the style where the table support is just a long wooden stick with a boring design.

A variety of unique leg shapes will make your small coffee table more attractive. You can choose abstract shapes, circles, and so on.

28. Mirrored Acrylic

If you are afraid to use glass because it is easy to break, acrylic can be an option. Both are different, but at first, they have the same charm.

Some people even deliberately let their small coffee table become a mirror that reflects shadows from various angles. Of course, this unique furniture will give a different feel to your interior.

29. Oval Coffee Table

Oval is one of the most popular shapes in the design world. With a touch of attractive colors, furniture with this style will give a modern and classy feel.

Using an oval coffee table is also the right choice because it allows for mini storage space underneath. This design is also quite tempting when viewed from an aesthetic point of view.

30. Countertop with Granite Coating

Not only floors, but granite can also be an attractive choice to beautify room furniture. You can find designs like this in modern mid-century-style houses.

This style uses a lot of natural materials, from wood to stone.

You can get lots of unique designs of the small coffee table in various shops. The one with a touch of granite will give a luxurious feel to your room.

31. Curve It Like ‘S’

Many people only rely on geometry to create furniture designs. Why not try to explore the shapes of the alphabet? Surely this will give a unique impression to your living room.

Take an example of the ‘S’ shape. You can use the arch to place a chair or add storage space. The combination of unique designs and beautiful colors will make your coffee time fun.



Luckily, you can find a small coffee table for sale that has affordable prices but with attractive designs.

Besides, people also like to DIY or use unused items to create a different feel in their living room.

However, choosing the right furniture, including a small coffee table, for a room is sometimes not an easy job. It should fit your needs and aesthetics. Happy choosing and designing!

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