Walnut Kitchen Cabinets: A Complete Guide and Ideas

Storage selection is one of the crucial elements for the convenience of your cooking area. In this case, you can try walnut kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets have a use-value and facilitate user activities. Also, the furniture must have high resistance. So, this article presents everything to know about them.

A. Why Should Choose Walnut Kitchen Cabinets?

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Among several types of highly recommended wood for furniture, walnut is one of them. It becomes trending throughout 2020 for many reasons. 

Despite the pricey cost, it is commensurate with the quality, along with the warm and beautiful appearance.

Speaking of quality, walnut is a type of medium-hardness wood which is pretty good for carving things. Generally, the hue is dark in color but often lighter too. Here are some reasons to choose it:

1. Beautiful Motif

Beautiful Motif Kitchen Cabinets


Beautiful motifs are one of the reasons why everything about walnuts is an option. The shape of the veins is a straight line with a predominance of black. 

Further, the combination of brown tones makes it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Those elegant lines make it look classy and beautiful. Some of the popular types of motifs include black walnut. However, the Persian One is equally interesting.

2. Various Color Options

Various Color Options


The reason for choosing this wood is a large number of color choices, ranging from dark brown, light tone, to black. 

If the color is darker, the hardness level will be higher because it withstands various extreme weather.

Most of these trees do have dark colors, but not a few are light. From the many options, dark brown is well-known enough as it delivers great results, including for walnut kitchen cabinets.

3. High Durability

High Durability


This wood is solid, with a very sturdy texture. Although not the hardest species in the world, it is of high enough quality for many activities involving heat and water temperatures.

In addition, walnut kitchen cabinets and other furniture with this material are water-resistant, so you do not need to be afraid of weathering and damage easily. 

Besides, its surface is easy to clean, and the color cannot fade quickly.

4. Not Too Heavy

light Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Wood with high durability usually is heavy, and difficult to process and move. Otherwise, walnuts are different. 

The dry weight reaches approximately 610 kg per cubic meter, which is light compared to other hardwoods.

With a dry weight that is low enough, the craftsmen will process it efficiently and create high-value furniture. Even when they are ready-to-use items, walnut kitchen cabinets are relatively light.

5. Odorless and No Allergies

Odorless and No Allergies


Some types of wood have a strong odor that makes it difficult for the craftsmen to process. In addition, wood dust usually makes some feel itchy and even allergic. 

It also continues until the item reaches the consumer.

But do not worry about experiencing that if you use walnut kitchen cabinets in your home. This material is a type of wood that is odor-free and makes anyone comfortable around it.

6. Not Easily Deformed

Not Easily Deformed


Walnut is one of the woods that are very strong against the adverse effects of extreme weather. Temperature changes do not make it warp or shrink quickly so that its beauty is maintained.

For this reason, walnut kitchen cabinets are not the only great masterpiece among wood lovers. Many people process it into building materials since this element resists extreme conditions.

7. Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


As we discussed above, Walnut kitchen cabinets are easy to clean. Use a cloth while wiping the surface to clean the stains and dirt. 

Cleaning fluids are not necessary unless it is too hard to clean. If there are stubborn stains that appear, you can clean them with a detergent solution. 

You do not even need to put a particular layer, such as wax, on the surface because this material does not break easily.

B. Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Apart from the various advantages above, walnut kitchen cabinets do have a high price. The unit costs approximately $4000-$6000.

Using walnuts as a cabinet is one of the most expensive options because the quality is equivalent to the material for walls. 

However, to save budget, you do not need to use solid all-wood construction and combine it with other, cheaper woods.

C. List of Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Steal

walnut and black kitchen cabinets


Walnut kitchen cabinets are high-priced furniture. However, everyone agrees that this material is high quality, durable, and does not easily change shape.

If you want to adopt walnut cabinets into your kitchen, of course, you have to determine the design that best suits your cooking area. Some ideas are as follow:

1. Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinet


Because walnut is a type of wood that is easy to shape, combining it with a modern style will not be too difficult. 

You can use a cabinet with much strategic storage to make it easier for you to store various kitchen needs.

Furniture with modern designs usually has a compact shape but has high use-value. Each section has a function that will help you store things and keep everything neat.

2. Modern Walnut and White Kitchen

Modern Walnut and White Kitchen


In addition to using lots of storages to support effectiveness, modern styles generally also use colors that make the atmosphere look relieved, one of which is white.

Then, you can do several things to bring walnut nuances to your white kitchen.

First, you can place walnut kitchen cabinets in their original color but use white as the interior color of the kitchen. Alternatively, put this light tone in some parts of your furniture.

3. Mid Century Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Mid Century Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


The combination of mid-century and modern styles has now returned to the choice of many people. These two concepts can present a calm atmosphere but still following the needs of the times.

Applying the original mid-century modern kitchen means you take an efficient concept in placing furniture and warm colors from walnut wood elements. 

Besides, a large window can be a charming decoration.

4. Back to Nature with Rustic Concept

Back to Nature with Rustic Concept


Most of the interior and exterior design concepts always involve wood. In a rustic style, this material is the main element. Applying it will create a natural vibe at home.

The hallmark of this concept is the use of furniture with the form, motif, and color as it is. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if your walnut kitchen cabinets will appear as if they were rough working to maintain their naturalness.

5. Light Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Light Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Walnut has a dark color. However, there are some woods with lighter tones, especially if they are too young. Even on old trees, the outermost parts are also yellowish and brown on the inside.

This light-colored part is an attractive choice for your walnut kitchen cabinets. The tone will give you a bright and cheerful atmosphere every time you spend time in the cooking area.

6. Dark Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


As we discussed above, walnuts generally have dramatic color degradation, from yellow to black. Otherwise, the hues are mostly brown with darker vein lines.

Most people prefer to use walnut kitchen cabinets with dark brown color because they have a high aesthetic and are not easy to obtain from other woods. 

But for installation in the cooking area, you need to combine it with bright colors so that the room does not seem gloomy.

7. Color Combination

Color Combination


Walnut is known as a wood that has a striking color combination in one tree. It causes some furniture to have different colors in one unit, namely dark and light.

However, this matter was by no means a big deal. Many people think of it as art, especially for lovers of rustic and farmhouse concepts. 

In addition, the various motifs made of tree veins are also irreplaceable for their beauty.

8. Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops


If you have dark walnut kitchen cabinets, pairing them with bright colors, such as white, is a brilliant idea. 

It can balance the tone and prevent the atmosphere from being too gloomy in the room.

The white countertops that you use in this style can come from various materials, for example, wood, tile, stone, or walnut with paint. 

With a variety of attractive designs available today, you can create an extraordinary kitchen.

9. Watch Your Backsplash

Watch Your Backsplash


Apart from walnut cabinets, do not forget that the backsplash is also a significant part of your kitchen. You have to make sure that this fixture matches the wooden furniture you place in the cooking area.

Because walnuts have high resistance to water, oil, and heat, you can use them as a backsplash. But for the sake of beautiful views, you can also use tiles, stones, and other suitable materials.

10. Natural Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Whether it is light or dark, big or small, most people love walnut kitchen cabinets for what they are. The reason is, many wood furniture lovers think this furniture is beautiful in their way.

Most walnut kitchen cabinets have not gone through a repainting or finishing process that changes their original appearance. 

Even if there is finishing with varnish or oil, it aims to protect the surface from insects that can damage the furniture.

11. Solid Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Solid Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Solid walnut kitchen cabinets certainly have the best properties of wood because they are from the original material. 

Despite the high price, this furniture will make the owner feel proud and comfortable enjoying the looks.

Although using original materials, walnut kitchen cabinets are not always handmade. Currently, there are many factory furniture made of this material featuring extraordinary designs. 

You can also make a custom version to make it more suitable for your room.

12. The Veneer Option

The Veneer Option


If you are reluctant to pay too much money but want to enjoy the beauty of walnuts in the room, then the veneer is the right choice. Wood has gone through various processes so that it is no longer solid.

Veneer has a similar appearance to solid wood but has a lower quality. The shape is already in the form of a plate that is ready to be processed, but of course, it has lower strength than the original.

13. More Classy with Marble

More Classy with Marble


With its strong and durable properties, walnut is a classy and high-value wood. However, you can still increase the value by combining it with other quality materials, such as marble.

You can use it for countertops or backsplash, of course, with a choice of colors that match the walnut kitchen cabinets in the cooking area. 

The combination of this material will give a luxurious and majestic impression to anyone who sees it.

D. The Disadvantages

Disadvantages Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Using a walnut kitchen cabinet certainly gives a classy feel because of its soft color and high durability. 

However, there are several other considerations that you should pay attention to about this furniture.

Walnut cabinets also have some disadvantages, although they are not very significant. Here are some things you need to think about before making this furniture part of the kitchen interior.

1. Relatively Expensive


Walnut is indeed classified as quality wood and has high durability. No wonder this material is also relatively high priced. You should spend thousands of dollars to assemble a fully furnished kitchen.

For each unit, you need to prepare about 4000 dollars. Of course, this price does not include installation and shipping costs which reach 10-15 percent of the unit price.

2. Striking Color Difference

Walnut Striking Color Difference


It is another problem that might arise if you use walnuts as a furniture material. In one stick, this wood often has a striking color difference that affects the yield after processing.

Generally, yellowish wood is outside, whereas dark brown is the inside hue. It is no wonder that walnut kitchen cabinets sometimes have dark and light colors in one unit.

3. Cannot Hold Insects

Wood weak against insect attacks


Although they have strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions, they are unfortunately relatively weak against insect attacks. 

If you do not care for them properly, termites, ants, etc. can damage your cabinets badly.

If you live in a location where wood bug popularity is high, then it is best to apply the coating to protect your walnut kitchen cabinets

Do not forget to clean it often so that it is always in protection.

E. Tips for Caring

monterey american walnut kitchen cabinets


Even though walnuts have high quality and durability, you still need to take care. Of course, you do not want your expensive furniture to be damaged easily due to errors in use, right?

Caring for walnut kitchen cabinets is not a difficult thing to do. Take care regularly so that it looks beautiful. Several things to do are as follow:

1. Maintain Cleanliness

Cleaning Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


The main thing you have to do to maintain its beauty is to maintain cleanliness. Care for the furniture every day to avoid dust and dirt.

If your walnut kitchen cabinets come in contact with liquid or dirt, you should clean them immediately. 

Otherwise, the stain will dry out as the spill can slowly enter and seep into the wood’s pores. If this continues, you will get the layer damaged.

2. Avoid Scratches

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Not only walnut kitchen cabinets, avoiding scratches is something you must do for all types of furniture. 

Because this not only reduces the beauty of the wood but also allows dirt to seep into the wood pores.

Another way is to use cloth upholstery, such as a mosquito net or tablecloth to protect the surface from dust and dirt. You can also apply a layer of varnish to maintain its beauty.

3. Using the Appropriate Cleaning Tools

microfiber cloth for Cleaning walnut cabinets


Diligent cleaning is the main thing you must do to maintain the beauty of your walnut kitchen cabinets. However, you also have to pay attention to caring methods and tools.

Do not scrub it with a brush if the surface has a stubborn stain. Use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid any scratches. 

Meanwhile, use a small amount of the detergent mixture to clean the difficult dirt.

4. Keep Out of the Sun

Snowflake Walnut Natural Kitchen


Walnuts are classified as resistant to weather conditions. However, that does not mean that ultraviolet cannot change its appearance.

Walnut kitchen cabinets that catch continuous sunshine will gradually change color and fade. Do not let your furniture get exposed to the light for too long, either from the window or directly.

5. Refinishing

Apply additional coating to Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


Some walnut kitchen cabinets use an additional coating on the surface to maintain durability and beauty. However, you need to know that this finishing must be periodically updated.

Every few years, repeat the coating process so that the protection of the wood remains maximum. Also, refinishing can deepen and ripen the wood color. However, the experts should handle this step.

6. Always Carry Out an Inspection

Always Check The Cabinets


Even though your furniture has high quality, do not be negligent in maintaining it. A kitchen is full of threats because of insects, water, heat, oil, and so on, then you need to do a losing check.

As is well known, walnut is a type of wood that is weak against insect attack. Don’t be late knowing the presence of pests in your cooking area.

F. Conclusion

Exotic Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


To choose the right items for residential, one needs careful consideration. Never do ‘whatever you can take’ in an area as important as the kitchen. Use furniture that can support all activities.

Using walnut kitchen cabinets alone is an option, but not the best of all. Even though the quality is very high and the appearance is beautiful, you should think carefully before buying.

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