25+ White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Sparkling Space

While many people put it aside, the rinsing room is a significant part for you to concern about. Instead of using uncomfortable designs, why not make it feel luxurious with a white bathroom cabinet?

What is it?

White Bathroom Cabinet


Firstly, this concept is popular in commercial hotels and inns. But over time, the use of the white bathroom cabinet is increasingly widespread in private homes. 

There are luxurious and magnificent nuances that you will get through various elegant designs available for architectural art lovers. 

The combination of white tone and classy furniture will make you feel alive every day. 

Why Should Try White Bathroom Cabinet?

White bathroom storage units


As mentioned earlier, nowadays more and more people use white bathroom cabinets in their homes. Of course, this happened because there were several benefits they felt. 

Actually, this is a matter of taste, but there are several reasons why you should try to put this kind of furniture in your bathroom. Here are some considerations you can think of:

The Function of Cabinets in the Bathroom

Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet


First, the cabinets in this room will allow you to place various necessities from towels, soap, changing clothes, toothbrushes, and so on, so you will not be bothered when using them.

Also, you do not need to worry about being uncomfortable when showering as this furniture makes the room crowded. 

If you have space problems, then any white bathroom cabinet IKEA presented nowadays will be a solution.

Many Options for Many Purposes

Hotel-Style Towel Racks


Along with the many experienced genius designers, you can apply any design to install a white bathroom cabinet in a minimalist style. 

Besides, you can also install custom furniture for your restroom.

In other words, choosing a white bathroom cabinet will not make you go out of style. The design will always evolve with the times. 

If you start getting bored, there will always be new, interesting styles for you to try.

White Solves Many Problems

Belly Single Sink Bathroom Vanity


Apart from the importance of placing a bathroom cabinet, color also plays a crucial role in creating the atmosphere. 

In modern design concepts, white is the solution to many problems, one of which is a narrow room. This color does not only give a bright and bright nuance, but it also makes the room feel spacious. 

In addition, this tone will also make the bathroom far from dark and replace it with luxurious and luxurious vibes.

Not only in a narrow room, but white will also look charming in a spacious room. Its neutral colors will make it easier for you to combine this hue with various furniture and fixtures with other designs.

Aesthetic Purpose

Premium Quality Bathroom Cabinets


Another thing to consider is the aesthetic aspect. Nowadays, there are a variety of charming designs to enhance your bathroom. 

Whatever the form, there will be always a solution for every space problem.

Everyone has the right to enjoy a comfortable room. A beautiful space with various kinds of furniture and fixtures will make it more perfect. 

Since a home is a personal palace, why not pamper yourself in your private area?

White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas to Apply

White Shiplap Bathroom Mirrorjpg


After reading the explanation above, now you can begin to imagine how brilliant it is to use a white room cabinet as part of your room. 

If interested, you can choose a design that suits your conditions and needs. 

As stated above, there is always a solution for all spatial problems. Here are some white bathroom cabinet ideas that you can choose according to the needs and conditions of your area.

Wall-mounted White Bathroom Cabinet

Wall-mounted White Bathroom Cabinet


Saving space can be done in various ways, one of which is maximizing the use of walls. With the right design, you can use this section for many things, including placing storage. 

However, you have to choose the right white bathroom cabinet wall so that anyone can easily pick up various items. 

One popular strategy is to place it over the sink as this is one of the most frequently used fixtures.

Floating Cabinet with Gold

Floating Cabinet with Gold


There are many ways to make a bathroom look more luxurious. Using a floating cabinet not only provides a beautiful and classy view but also helps you save space. 

This way, you can use the space under your white bathroom cabinet for something else or create a more spacious impression. Do not forget to add gold nuances to make it look magnificent.

Wall Mount Corner Storage

Wall Mount Corner Storage


Everyone loves practical and space-saving storage. If you do not want the bathroom to be too full because there are too many things, then make good use of the corner. This design can be an option. 

You can put your small cabinet in a corner and place the various items you need in it. 

Generally, this design consists of several shelves that allow you to divide the placement according to the type of item.

White Bathroom Standing Cabinet

White Bathroom Standing Cabinet


Standing cabinets are not as good as wall-mounted in terms of space efficiency. However, this furniture also has advantages. 

If you are the type who puts many things in the bathroom, it is the right choice.

You can choose the white bathroom cabinet tall and wide according to the needs and conditions of your area. 

For example, if you have many items but have narrow space, a high-standing one will be better and more efficient. In reverse, the short one will be great for minimalist style.

Tall Standing Storage in the Corner

Tall Standing Storage in the Corner


The corner of the room is not a dead spot that you cannot use. The reason is that the geniuses of space design have made many specific storage products for filling this section. 

A tall standing cabinet in the corner will provide several advantages. The height will allow for more storage space, while the leanness will help save space on the sides. 

Its use can also cover up a corner that is less beautiful to see.

White Tall Bathroom Cabinet

White Tall Bathroom Cabinet


As mentioned above, you can adjust the height of your cabinet according to your needs. However, as a consideration, choose the high one because it provides several benefits, including saving space. 

The tall and slim design will allow you to use more side space for other things. Besides storing more items, the high furniture will also give a relief impression in the room.

Small Vanity with Legs

Small Vanity with Legs


One of the easiest ways to maximize your bathroom is to use vanity. That way, you can get a sink as well as storage. The designs enable you to choose following the size, shape, and conditions of the area. 

For a small room, a vanity with legs will provide additional storage space under the fixture. To make it more attractive, choose a white bathroom cabinet design that is unique and has aesthetic value.

White Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

White Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror


The use of cupboards with mirrors is remarkable in closets or bedrooms. 

Now, why not apply it in the bathroom too? Of course, you also need the best fixture to ensure that you are perfect from head to toe. 

A white bathroom cabinet with a mirror will help you see the overall appearance and make the room more spacious at the same time. 

The reflection on the glass will impress that your private area is wider than it is.

A Distance Between

Double Glass Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity


A double sink vanity does have its advantages, especially if you live in a house with many residents. In addition, this kind of design is also very suitable for Jack and Jill bathroom users. 

However, a double sink without a concept will be pointless and less beautiful. Therefore, to make this item aesthetically pleasing, you can make it charming by placing a distance in the middle. 

Besides providing additional places to place things, this method can still help maintain privacy even though residents use a shared bathroom.

White Bathroom Cabinet over Toilet

White Bathroom Cabinet over Toilet


Need storage space but have space problems? Well, every difficulty has a solution. 

One thing you can apply is to place a white bathroom cabinet over the toilet. It is a concept that will make you thanks to later.

Besides saving space, this design will make it easier for you to pick up things while using the toilet. 

Yeah, we all know that being in the water closet makes your space is limited, while the user may need something urgent.

Storage with Many Doors

White Storage with Many Doors


Regardless of how much stuff you need to store in the bathroom, having several white bathroom cabinet doors will be of great help. 

The reason is that the user may need some space because there are several types of equipment that you should put in separate places. 

For example, you have to separate the placement of soap and towels. It is also impossible for you to put a toothbrush with shampoo. 

In this case, a white bathroom cabinet with drawers will be the best idea.

Make It Double

Double White Bathroom Cabinet


If you visit a shopping center or other public location, you will find a toilet with double or more sinks in a room. It is very useful to avoid the too-long queue that makes some people uncomfortable. 

This concept also exists in private homes. In the Jack and Jill bathroom, this method is very effective considering the bathroom is used together. 

Therefore, for double or more sinks, you need the right cabinet with the customized size.

The Rectangular

The Rectangular


If you want a simple design but give a luxurious impression, you can try this style. Even though it seems traditional, rectangular is always successful in adapting to any form of space.

Rather than a round cabinet, this style is more flexible for the shape of the room. Besides, you can also better arrange any items in it without fear of wasted space. 

Make sure there is some space to place different things according to category.

Corner Bathroom Vanity

Corner Bathroom Vanity


Not only cabinets, but you can also even place a sink in the corner of the room so that spatial planning is more efficient. 

The small vanity in the corner will have a significant impact so that your bathroom feels more spacious.

Besides being quite effective in saving space, its circular shape will make the room look unique. Do not forget to place the mirror above the sink to enhance the corner appearance of your bathroom.

Farmhouse White Bathroom Cabinet

Farmhouse White Bathroom Cabinet


A beautiful and comfortable rural atmosphere can also be part of your interior design. One way is to adopt a white farmhouse bathroom cabinet with a variety of attractive designs.

Although farmhouses are usually more synonymous with natural colors such as brown or yellow, there is nothing wrong with being different from white tones. 

Do not forget to choose the best design for your bathroom.

Adopting the Rustic

White, Vintage, Rustic Bathroom ideas


Besides the farmhouse, you can adopt a rustic style in your bathroom. The wood material can be an option to enhance the natural atmosphere in your private room.

You do not have to completely white. Pair it with natural tones like yellow, orange, or brown to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

See-through Bathroom Storage

Two Door Wall Cabinet with Cubbies


Placing objects with glasses in the bathroom is sometimes the right choice. 

In addition to being waterproof, making it safe from splashes, its use will also add classiness to various corners of the room.

However, you have to pay attention to the neatness of the things in it. 

The messy arrangement of the equipment will be easily visible so that it gives the impression of being uncomfortable when you see it.

Closed White Bathroom Cabinet

Closed Cabinet


If you are not a tidy person, you should not use a white bathroom cabinet with see-through glass. The reason is, a messy arrangement of items will create a dense and hectic impression.

Therefore, closed cabinets are still well-known in the community. Even if you are in a hurry and do not have time to tidy up things, closing the door will make everything done.

Then Why Not Combine It?

see-through and closed cabinet


Each design has its pluses and minuses. You can find this idea in the see-through and closed white bathroom cabinet. For maximum benefit, why not combine it in your area?

In the see-through part, you can place items that are rarely used, for example, spare towels and toiletries. Meanwhile, you can use the closed one for equipment that is easy-messy.

Storage with Hanger

Cheap Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Towel Bar


Some white bathroom cabinets also have additional helpful fixtures, such as hangers. Thus, you do not need to buy hangers separately, saving costs. Plus, this design can also save your space.

However, most white bathroom cabinets have limited hanger strength. Therefore, do not put too much weight so as not to break quickly.

Next to the Toilet 

2 door white vanity unit with toilet suite


Being on the toilet makes you experience limitations in movement. You will find it hard to pick up equipment, for example, tissue, soap, and others. 

Therefore, it is necessary to place storage near this fixture. If previously we discussed the above-toilet design, why not try to put it on the side. 

You can use a model that blends in with the sink. It is very efficient!

Furnished White Bathroom

Furnished White Bathroom


Start from now, please stop being indifferent to the bathroom as its interior design will influence the comfort and mood of the user. 

When you are happy, it will encourage being more productive and excited about activities. 

Thereupon, it is crucial to design the bathroom as beautifully as possible. Using the appropriate cabinet is not only the way you can do as a user should pay attention to the other fixtures inside.

White Bathroom Cabinet with Sliding Doors 

Sliding Doors Cabinet


The good news for you is that currently there is a lot of furniture specifically for narrow spaces. Even if you only have a minimalist loo, you can use the sliding cabinet to store various items.

 A design like the one above allows you to place storage in a super narrow room. The door also has a design that is easy to open but not overcrowded.

Cabinet with Additional Storage

Cabinet with Additional Storage


In addition to a drawer for storing small items, you may need additional space to place your laundry basket or other things that might not fit in the drawer.

Hence, having a vanity with added space at the bottom would be very helpful. Even if you do not have items to put, you can use this section as a place to put decorations.

One-Stop Dressing

Double Vanity with Makeup Table


This design is perfect if you want furniture that can accommodate all dressing activities. The vanity has multiple functions, from the sink, storage, and electricity.

It enables you to put hairdryers and other beauty supplies so you can efficiently use them. There are many drawers available so that users can place many things, from toiletries to dressing things.

Decorative White Bathroom Cabinet

Decorative White Bathroom Cabinet


Sometimes you use the furniture without really needing it. In this case, aesthetics is the goal. Therefore, you need to choose a white bathroom cabinet that supports decorative things.

The storage room does not need to be too large, and you need a spot to place decorations, such as plants or other decorations. It is pretty, right?

Corner Vanity Set

Corner Make Up Table Set


Again, do not neglect the corner space because this spot can be a great place to beautify the room. Instead of blank, you can place a complete corner vanity like the image above.

The use of three-part glass will also help you look perfect because you can see yourself from three sides. Do not forget the amount of storage space that will organize your items.


Bathroom White Oak Vanity Freestanding Tub


There are many things to with the bathroom design. Besides always keeping it clean, place supporting objects in this area, such as a cabinet. 

The placement in the restroom has a significant role because it will help organize things and maintain tidiness. 

Narrow space is absolutely no reason to make it not beautiful because there are many choices of solutions that you can do. Using the right design is necessary. 

If you have not found the right style, you can adopt one of the white bathroom cabinet ideas above according to your needs.

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