35 Styling Crisp White Bed Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

A white Bed is like a blank canvas, you can fill it with colors by adding decoration.

Likewise, the bed is the same as the wall and scheme in the bedroom. Just treat it as a canvas for your artwork. Then, play with colors using furniture, decor items, and other accent pieces.

Indeed, a bedroom is a place for those who seek relaxation. It is the place you would occupy every day.

Therefore, designing the bedroom to be as comfortable as possible is important. Some would recommend applying patterns and a mix of colors.

Well, why do not you try going back to the basics? Then, embrace the timeless color white.

Whether it is an all-white bedroom or just having some bold color accents, the result would meet anyone’s expectations.

On this page, we would like to focus on a bedroom that has a white bed as its focal point or center. Apparently, the power of the main furniture is enough to take care of the whole atmosphere.

1. Large White Bed in a Small Bedroom

This bedroom defines living large in a small space. Even though the space is limited, the extensive size of a bed does not ruin the convenience of the room.

Thereupon, it is important to have a bright-colored bed in this case.

Likewise, the vintage style of the bed with soft-blue floral print on the blanket plays an important role in setting up the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, this bedroom has a shiplap wall and ceiling that adds more brightness to the small space. It also provides the character with its texture.

2. Statement Bed with Mantle Inspired Headboard

To make a statement in the bedroom, you do not have to have a bed in bold color. So, check out this master bedroom.

It only has one white bed that offers quite a texture. The first thing you would notice is the mantle-inspired headboard. It looks like something above the fireplace.

The second interesting thing is the bed cover. As you can see, it has a chunky cable-knit that is atop the soft bedding. Thus, this piece makes a good statement for the bedroom.

3. White Bedding on Vintage-Themed Structure

For the record, this room color scheme is using the one from Benjamin Moore called Simply White. Indeed, it dominates all over the wall.

The bedding appears to be the one that keeps the bright side. Besides, that gives a great opportunity for the patterns and pops of color to play.

Surely, the crisp white wall makes a perfect backdrop for all the things in this bedroom, including the bed frame.

4. White Aesthetic Bedroom Decor

The combination of modern style with a country vibe looks so beautiful in this bedroom. Hence, both of the themes are in perfect balance.

The white bed has a rustic headboard that is made of linen. Furthermore, it gives a strong characteristic to the bed area.

5. Elegant Bedroom Full of White

Probably, some of you do not see the elegance in this bedroom. Well, that is because the decorating scheme of this space is understated.

Likewise, it is filled with simplicity in a form of an all-white scheme. Check out the flooring. The extra white-planked painted surface gets complement by the headboard.

Moreover, the iron headboard gives the floors a more visual appearance on the scene. Also, the color white seems to be having a successful application in this understated elegant bedroom.

6. White Bed Texture for Elegance

As you can see, there is texture all over this white bed. Apparently, the homeowner has decided to make some effort. Thus, the goal is to bring interest to the main furniture.

Adding pintucks, leats, stitching, and a textured frame is a great way to turn any understated bedding upside down.

Also, there are spindle posts. They bring a touch of elegance into the mix. Actually, this room already has a lot of texture all around but the bed is still the focal point.

7. Vintage Rustic Bedroom with White Bed


The owner of this bedroom gives a special feature on the ceiling. As you can see, the railroad trestles as beams offer a vintage rustic feel all over the space.

Right above the headboard, they add an oil portrait from a flea market.

Meanwhile, the white knitted blanket gives the bed so much comfort it needs. Also, the color scheme of this whole bedroom space provides a perfect canvas for home decor.

8. Master Bedroom with Navy Blanket

Take a look at this streamlined master bedroom. It is part of a house in New York that is filled with tongue-and-groove planks that line the walls of this room.

Also, the planks make a perfect headboard that hides a closet that can be accessed from the other side.

The navy-colored blanket put life on the bed. It makes a great accent to the white scheme and helps low the brightness of the space a little bit.

9. Pale Palette for Bedroom

Going pale for a bedroom scheme is not a new thing since it also uses a lot of neutral colors. However, there are different shades used in this schene.

They are, white, gray, cream, and green. The pale look makes a great combination with the white bed.

Then, check out the wall decor above the headboard. You can see the spray-paint birch and willow wreaths gold. Those elements bring such a shabby vibe to space. Besides, it offers a nice sophisticated effect on the atmosphere.

10. All White Bedroom with Board and Batten

Check out this bedroom of a dreamy lake house located in Michigan. The way the design treats the wall is just so interesting.

Thus, it makes an all-white interior look more impressive. The look of the board and batten offers some texture that adds character to space.

Further, the crisp white paint color is what this bedroom is all about. In order to make the space more alive, the designer includes some colors.

There is that soft green print on the blanket. Besides, a small painting above the headboard is worth noticing.

11. Colorful-Patterned Accent Wall


If you do not want to have a lot of colors in your bedroom, you can choose one wall to fill all the colors in one place.

Additionally, this white bedroom has wallpaper on the background wall. The pattern creates a great statement to space.

Moreover, that unique style ceiling showcases its own uniqueness for the architectural side. The classic white bed complements the bold wallpaper graphics all the way.

12. White Bedding and Comforter in Black Bedroom

This bedroom has a dark color scheme. Most elements use black color. All the wall and headboard is in the dark shade which is why this room needs a lot of brightness.

Also, a white ceiling provides the light as it is supposed to be.

Then, to balance the ceiling, there is this large chandelier that looks like a bunch of white balloons. It dominates the whole space as a decorative element of the room.

Otherwise, to balance the lower part, white bedding and comforter are added.

13. White Bedroom with Plenty of Earth Tones

This white bedroom is packed with a lot of earth tones. It is an effort to spread warmth all over the space.

Then, the white-colored low bed comes with a wooden platform that makes a good connection to the exposed wood beams on the ceiling.

Additionally, the ceiling has a nice addition of an industrial pendant that straight to become the focal point of the bedroom.

14. Small White Bedroom with an Exposed Brick Wall

The all-white concept is quite popular these days. Sometimes, it needs other elements to create an interesting look and comfortable ambiance.

Therefore, it is better to pick the softer shade of any color. As you can see, this bedroom has a soft pink accent from several decor items.

Besides, there is a mix of different textures in this bedroom. One of them comes from the white-painted brick wall.

15. Ceiling-high Curtains to Complement

It is such an interesting approach to a white bedroom. Hanging ceiling-high curtains hanging around the bed. Further, the design looks so dramatic and dreamy at the same time. It is a better choice than a classic canopy.

Also, in this bedroom, the bed has a sky blue comforter which gives its own specialty to showcase.

The role of windows is very important in this bedroom. That is what adds a lot of brightness that comes from the outdoor’s sunlight. Then, the curtains will help lower lights down anytime you want.

16. Pure White Scheme with Stunning View


One side of the wall in this bedroom is occupied by see-through glass. It opens up the entire space and lets all the lights of the outside come into the room.

Also, there is a ceiling-high door that emphasizes the room’s dimension.

This white and wood bedroom has a large bed that becomes one with the wall and ceiling. One decor item that is put into play is the soft shag rug.

17. Huge Photograph for Headboard

This approach to headboard design is very interesting. You can see a big photo right on the background wall of this white bedroom.

It must be the first thing you see in this image. Well, you can also apply this idea to gain the same sensation.

Furthermore, a large white bed in this bright room has a casual throw and open closet. It is the way to cultivate a bohemian casualness.

18. Japanese Bedroom with White Bed

This Asian-inspired bedroom has a very interesting feature. The first thing that we have to mention is the low bed platform. Thus, the tatami sets a specific vibe in the space.

In addition, the light wood on the flooring and bed platform is complementary to the scheme. Modern and simple is what this Japanese bedroom has to offer.

19. Scandinavian Style in Sunny Bedroom


Check out this minimalist bedroom. The room also has a low bed but it is not what the Japanese style could be. This one is in Scandinavian style.

The charm is so strong because of the color palette and some simple texture played in this bedroom design.

20. White Bedroom from the Future

This white bedroom has a futuristic feeling all over. That round mount for TV delivers the scene of the future.

Also, a few pops of fuchsia are present in this bedroom. It provides the otherwordly element that this room needs.

21. Soft Pink Accents in White Bedroom


This all-white bedroom is full of soft pink pieces. It is the way to decorate the space to make the room more calming and relaxing.

Additionally, the floor lamp, chairs, clothes, rugs, pillows, and stuff, are in beautiful shades to accentuate.

22. Minimal Pops of Color in Small Bedroom


As said before, a white room can make a perfect canvas for any color. If you do not want any color to dominate, you can just a little bit of life into space.

So, a simple abstract yellow painting on the wall is just a good choice.

23. White Bed with Quilted Headboard


The headboard is like the key to a well-designed bed in the bedroom. This quilted element is one of the options you can go with.

Hence, it adds texture to the whole build of the white bed. As you can see, the wall on each side has its own world.

24. White Mattress on The Floor in Fancy Room Design

This bedroom has some fancy touches. You can see the white paneling and the intricate molding that covers the entire wall.

It defines a great scene for any treatment of bed. Further, the gray carpet and bedding play an important role to keep all the elements together.

25. White Long Bed with Pastel Creation


It is another way to style a white bed. There is that modern pastel creation that functions as both accent wall and headboard.

However, it does not need to be bold to make an impact. Thus, having it up high to the ceiling delivers such a soft but colorful vibe

26. Lush Comforter on White Bed


This idea is such a beautiful comforter to add texture to the bedroom. It would turn any bed into fancier furniture.

Further, the comforter is an important piece of decor in the bedroom. So, you have to choose it carefully when designing a bedroom.

27. Luxury Bedroom with Minimal Furniture


This luxurious space is quite larger but it does not have that much furniture. There is only a queen-sized bed with one big tufted headboard, two side tables, and cabinets.

That is an adequate amount of furniture piece. Then, the white scheme in this room gets accentuated by dark brown items.

28. White and Wood Master Bedroom Ideas


Check out the treatment the white bad gets from the owner. The white scheme has some wood accents.

Several items emphasize the existence of wood elements in this room. A few vertical spaces have a glass window to let the sunlight goes inside the space and make it more relaxing.

29. Ligh-Blue Bedroom with White Bed


In this blue bedroom, the existence of a white bed is needed to give a breathing space to the dominating shade.

Furthermore, it adds the needed light to the environment. Most of the elements are in light-blue color.

Besides, it needs a more canvas-like surface to contrast the color much more. That bed and rug play the role. The sunburst mirror and chandelier are very decorative to add more interest.

30. White Bed and Black Wall


This monochromatic bedroom has nothing but black and white elements. Check out how the designer applies the right portion for each color.

The bed is white that comes with a tufted headboard. It goes against the black wall.

Otherwise, the shade of black is so dark. It needs brightness a little bit. So, the designers have decided to accent the surface with white lines and a gallery.

31. Color Scheme for White Bed


Unlike many other bedrooms on the list, this one has an interesting color scheme. Start with painting all the shiplap walls in white color and the bedding in the same tone.

After that, you can introduce some colors that go well together.

Even though a few colors are put into the mix, it is important to keep the hues low so they do not empower the space.

32. Classic Canopy for White Bed


A classic, refined look is what this bedroom has to offer. The black-and-white wallpaper on the wall plays an important role.

Hence, it is what makes this space interesting. The classic canopy is just ordinary, whereas the white bed gets most of the complement from the monochromatic pattern on the back.

33. Dreamy White Bedrooms for Girls


Looking for a bedroom design that has a feminine charm. Then, you need to have this one on the list. Any girl would love to have a bed with a canopy and white-red combination.

Thereupon, it makes the room more comfortable and cheerful.

34. Vintage-Style Decor for White Bed

Take a look at this cottage-style bedroom. You can see a vintage door at the back of the bed. Surprisingly, it makes an amazingly unique headboard in this room.

Additionally, there is a ruffled white bedspread that provides a flair to space.

35. Double White Bed in Small Bedroom

This special idea is suitable for kids’ bedrooms. If you have two kids, let them share a room together. Even though this room is small, the bed provides a comfortable spot for each kid.


Choosing a white bed as the main furniture in your bedroom is quite clever. There is a lot of chance to add more colors as you like since it becomes the canvas of the space.

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