25 Secrets to Perfectly Set a Wing Back Chair in Your Home

Chic, flexible, and versatile are some of the best words to describe a wing back chair. This piece always makes a good choice to infuse a touch of elegance into any space.

From a stylish complement for your formal living room to a casual addition to a bedroom, this piece will make the most of it.

Thereupon, to help you get started, this article will discuss everything to know about wingback chairs and how to incorporate them into your home décor.

Reasons Why You Can Fall in Love with a Wing Back Chair Easily

It is no secret that most people will love wingback chairs due to their appearance. This piece of furniture can introduce drama to your room and look good in any design style.

Likewise, they come with winged sides that play a big role in making them look grand. Typically, they feature wooden legs and have a high, firm back.

If you are not convinced yet, the following reasons may make you think twice to leave this wing chair unchecked.

  • Surprisingly compact

Unlike the traditional rolled-arm chairs, a wing back chair will not take up much floor space than you may ever expect.

Thus, you can easily put this chair in your bedroom, hallway, or any vacant room that requires a comfortable spot to snuggle and relax.

  • Added privacy in open spaces

Thanks to its high back and exceptional curves, a wing back chair is ideal for comfy chats with friends or loved ones.

Further, you can simply place a pair of this furniture in front of a fireplace in open floor space. Then, they will naturally act as a room divider while providing more coziness to the room.

  • Smart appearance

None can deny the beauty of a wing chair that can look smart, elegant, and comfortable at the same time.

This piece of furniture offers everything you need in a single package, making it a perfect addition to any corner of your home.

Moreover, wingback chairs are welcomed in a home of any style as well. Whether it is traditional, mid-century modern, farmhouse, or others, this furniture will work properly.

• Suitable for fall and winter

When they were made for the first time, the wings of this chair were formed to help detain the warmness from a fireplace and obstruct drafts.

Therefore, a wingback chair is popular as a piece that can give your space extra coziness in fall and winter.

• Pair well with pattern and color

Using a timeless piece of décor always makes a good move when you want to play with pattern and color in your furniture.

A wingback chair can do wonders in this view as a classic piece of furniture. Hence, with its timeless design, you can keep it for many years and experiment with fun patterns or colors.

25 Tricks to Integrate a Wing Back Chair in Your Home Decor

Luckily, you have a lot of different ways to integrate this chair into your home. From using it as an accent piece to a room’s focal point, the choice is all in your hand.

However, if you still have no idea how to incorporate this chair in your home design, refer to the following list for some inspiration.

1. Make a reading nook

One of the best ways to introduce a wingback chair into your home is by creating a functional reading nook with this furniture.

Due to its stately presence and height, this chair is capable to give a purpose even to an area that is hard to define.

For example, you can turn a narrow corner of your living room into a reading nook as you place a wingback chair along with a task light and small side table.

2. Move to a study room

Swap your traditional chair with an elegant wingback chair for a boost of style in the study room.

Then, pair it with a built-in desk and you will not spend much floor space for a practical reading corner in your study room.

Additionally, to enhance the coziness, you should not forget to adorn the wing back chair with some pillows and a throw blanket.

3. Repurpose for a fresh look

This beautiful wing chair can add a splash of color and pattern to the living room. Seeing how charming it is, you probably did not expect that its stylish look is the result of a DIY project.

However, if you already have a wingback chair and want to update its look, do not hesitate to reupholster it with pretty fabric.

Furthermore, make sure to choose a new color that matches your existing living room and carefully upholster the piece on a weekend.

4. Place beside the fireplace

A wingback chair has always been a good friend of a fireplace from the beginning. If you need a cozy spot for snuggling, placing this piece around the area will worth the effort.

Otherwise, if you have an all-white interior, steal the look of this family room with a fireplace that features a sleek white wing chair and bright marble mantels.

5. Occupy your bedroom’s corner

Looking for a way to add a function in the empty corner of your bedroom? Do not hesitate to pick a colorful wing back chair and place it there for a completely cozy spot.

Adorn it with a decorative thread blanket and a soft pink throw pillow for contrasting beauty. Do not forget to incorporate a small side table beside the chair to place your cup of tea or books.

6. Add a pop of color

Available in a huge variety of colors, wingback chairs can always be a good choice if you want to promote a pop of color against a white backdrop.

Therefore, use this living space as a reference to take advantage of a blue velvet tufted wingback chair in your home interior.

Besides, the mustard throw blanket matches the color of the patterned rug, offering a more unified feeling.

7. Entertain guests in the kitchen

Encourage a relaxing conversation in your kitchen by integrating a pair of wingback chairs.

Their high back will make them stay outstanding against the kitchen counter. Pair them with a modern glass side table that does not take much space.

Meanwhile, for an all-white space, consider using wingback chairs with patterned upholstery or adding colorful pillows for additional interest.

8. Use as an accent

If you have the luxury of a spacious living room and need a unique piece that makes a statement there, take this wingback chair into account.

Its elegant shape and patterned upholstery will make the most of your neutral living space. Likewise, with the white and light grey patterns, this chair delivers its beauty perfectly against the dark-colored floor.

9. Pair with an ottoman

Boost the coziness of your wing back chair by pairing it with a matching ottoman. This seat will make a perfect spot to get relaxed after work or to read some good books.

Additionally, the classic pattern and warm earthy color of this chair can hint at a vintage style. With a wide window behind, you will have an adequate source of illumination when using this piece during the day.

10. Complement with a unique coffee table

Do you often use your family room for reading books? Then, adding a coffee table with built-in bookshelves will be a good choice.

Pair the coffee table with a couple of wingback chairs for extra interest in the room. Otherwise, if you enjoy reading on the floor, complete the space with a comfy rug and some floor tables.

11. Mix with dining chairs

Decorating with mix-and-match chairs is pretty popular nowadays. If you want to follow this trend, try to place a modern wingback chair at the head of your dining table like shown above.

Moreover, the wing chair appears so stylish with its pretty upholstery and gives the room a more spacious sense. For the rest chairs, pick ones that match the overall design.

12. Complete a bedroom

There is something elegant about a wingback chair that makes many homeowners want to keep it in their bedroom.

This chair can be a chic accessory in a bedroom or an ideal spot for curling up with a favorite book. You can simply sit on it as well when putting on your shoes.

13. Introduce drama to your dining room

Thanks to its striking shape and comfortable seats, a wing back chair will make a nice option for a formal dining room.

Further, a set of wingback chairs that are designed for the living room can work well for dining with their upright posture.

You just need to make sure that the arms of the chairs can fit below the dining table for tucking in when not in use.

14. Pick one in leather

Looking powerful and classic, a wingback chair with leather upholstery will go well with anything.

This kind of wingback chair makes a great alternative for you who want this piece but do not like the traditional upholstery.

For a functional reading spot, do not forget to put an arch floor light and a book stand around the chair.

15. Warm up your foyer

A wingback chair situated in an entryway hints a cozy house where you can sit back, get relaxed, and conveniently stay awhile.

Furthermore, it can offer a perfect spot for sitting while you are putting on shoes or taking off them.

You can pair the chair with a wall-mounted shelf and a DIY mirror instead of a usual cabinet with a lot of racks.

16. Utilize as a desk chair

Are you looking for a sophisticated desk companion? If so, a wing back chair should be on your top list. It not only looks great but also offers a convenient spot to lean on while doing some work.

The curves of a wing chair play well against the angles and lines of the desk. Besides, you can easily find one with low armrests for a more comfortable piece to do paperwork.

17. Put over a classic rug

If you are creating a reading nook in open floor space, do not overlook the function of a beautiful area rug as it can set the room aside.

Put your wing back chair over the rug and décor it with a throw blanket. Also, get a matching ottoman as well to rest your feet while curling up with a good book.

18. Create a relaxing spot

Every home interior deserves a spot where the homeowner can slack off or simply get relaxed after a long, busy day.

With a comfortable wingback chair that is topped with a beautiful pillow, you can have such a spot instantly.

So, place it next to an accent table with a lamp so that you can use the spot for reading too.

19. Give additional seats to living room

Living rooms are the other best spaces to incorporate an outstanding wing back chair. This piece can add a touch of uniqueness to the room while being fully functional.

Thus, you can top them off with some fancy pillows and let the chairs become the main focal point of your whole living space.

20. Place against a corner bookcase

With its cushy seat and back, a wingback chair will make your reading time even more relaxing. Place this piece against your corner bookcase so that it is easier to grab the book.

This wingback chair is exceptionally lovely with its soft pink upholstery. The color matches the striped area rug underneath. Also, a matching patterned pillow makes this furniture even more eye-catching.

21. Introduce a texture

If you have a home with a neutral scheme, it is ideal to have a pink wingback chair that can be a stunning focal point like this.

Pick one that has a tufted design to add dimension to the room. Then, top the chair with a decorative pillow and bring in a pot of indoor plant beside it.

22. Get rattan wing chairs

Instead of the traditional wingback chairs, you can select a pair that is made of rattan. Upholstered in bold orange fabric, this piece of furniture completely rules the living room.

Pair these fancy wingback chairs with a round rattan coffee table and a clear white sofa. With a lot of daring pieces, make sure to keep the wall and ceiling neutral for balance.

23. Build a luxurious breakfast nook

With three different chair styles, this dining room offers an exceptional look elegantly.

The stripped wing back chair will draw the eye while the beige and soft blue chairs complement this center of attention.

Despite the mix-and-match, you may note that the color palette is pretty limited. As a result, the room can look simple yet luxurious.

24. Opt for something vintage

If you are into something vintage, this wingback chair is probably of interest. Its soft pink upholstery and old-looking wood frame will work well in your space.

Instead of a modern bookcase, pair this piece with an antique pipe-styled bookshelf. Additionally, a small patterned throw pillow in a neutral color will make the chair less overwhelming.

25. Go bold with patterns

Placed against the fireplace, this couple of wingback armchairs will be everyone’s favorite spot during the cold winter.

They have a red and black checkered pattern that looks so daring against the white accent wall. Meanwhile, the abstract pillowcases on top of the seats make them appear more courageous.

With such appearance, there is no doubt that this wing back chair will steal the spotlight of the living room.

Quick Buying Guide for the Lovely Wingback Chairs

Now that you have been aware of how beautiful a wing back chair is, shopping around for one that meets your home décor will be a good idea.

In general, the best wingback chair is the one that you love the best. There is no good reason to purchase furniture that does not suit your taste, so never invest in a piece that you do not like.

Aside from that general rule of thumb, you can use the following steps to find your ideal wingback chairs.

  • Measure the location

You should first take a measure of the dedicated space for the wingback chair before buying one. Doing so will help to determine the best size and model of your piece later on.

This measuring step is particularly crucial if you think of incorporating the chair in a narrow corner of your bedroom.

  • Take the material into account

When it comes to a wing back chair, the material of its primary frame is not only the thing to consider. What the upholstery piece made of is another factor to keep in mind.

For instance, if you want to add a touch of contemporary flair with the wingback chair, consider buying one that is upholstered in an eye-catching fabric and pattern.

  • Determine your budget ahead

Although investing in a wing chair is typically not as large as an investment of a sectional sofa or a set of traditional armchairs, it is still a great deal.

As a result, make sure that the size, fabric, style, and color of your wingback chairs meet your special need.

Further, you want to ensure that this new piece is comfortable to use as well before taking out your credit card.

The Bottom Line

In summary, a wingback chair is a timeless piece that is perfect for nearly all rooms around your home. It makes a great addition to a bedroom, living room, dining area, and even a kitchen.

Consequently, do not hesitate to shop around for your favorite wing back chair and let it make an elegant statement once placed at any part of the home. Cheers!

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