36 Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas That Will Enliven Your Home

A culinary space can be uninviting and drab. Therefore, you need to inject something bright into yours. Consider adding a yellow kitchen decor.

Not only does it make the zone more lively, but also enhances your mood instantly.

Today, we will be presenting some fantastic ideas to help you use yellow shades in the kitchen right. Let us check these out!

1. White and Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas


Using yellow cabinets is an easy way to get a bold touch. Moreover, you can choose either the saturated shades or the vibrant ones.

Speaking of combinability, yellow pairs well with both dark colors and neutrals. That means the choices are seemingly limitless.

This modern farmhouse kitchen, for example, boasts white marble counters. Also, the open shelves carve an open ambiance. Meanwhile, the yellow cabinets and stools jazz the area up.

2. Yellow and Gray Kitchen Decor Ideas


If your budget is not big, then give this yellow kitchen decor idea a shot. Unlike cabinets, an island will not cost much, but it will catch the attention a lot.

Here, the kitchen features a two-level island in canary yellow. It does not only make for a breakfast zone but also livens up space.

Gray wall and floor balance out the yellow island. Further, the backsplash picks up the colors of the kitchen, making it feel united.

3. Navy, White, and Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas


Yellow undoubtedly teams with neutrals nicely. However, if you are into bold shades like emerald and navy, then implement this idea.

This minimalist kitchen looks stylish and sunny, thanks to yellow cabinets. They match brass accents immensely and emphasize the patterned backsplash.

Meanwhile, the white and navy island generates a contrasting touch.

4. Yellow and Blue Kitchen Decor


This is one of the awesome blue and yellow kitchen decorating ideas. As you see, the vintage culinary space looks so attractive.

The buttermilk yellow cabinets quickly offer a warm atmosphere. In addition, they evoke a tranquil vibe.

The bright blue island with a dark wood top brightens up the kitchen. Meanwhile, the backsplash embraces a seaside flair.

5. Minimalist Yellow Kitchen Idea


Unlike the previous idea, this kitchen employs lemon yellow cabinets without handles. Thus, they create joyous vibes while uplifting your mood.

The white cabinets and countertops convey cleanliness. Moreover, they infuse an airy feeling into the kitchen.

Additionally, black backsplash and appliances lend the kitchen a bit of drama. Red accents activate the appetite, while the plant effortlessly brings the outside in.

6. White Farmhouse Kitchen with A Yellow Island


Here is another modern farmhouse kitchen. As the picture shows, it has plain white cabinetry and open shelving. Hence, they make the whole room feel more spacious.

The yellow island contrasts with the stone sink and countertop immensely. It produces a sunny mood in no time too.

Furthermore, the natural wood countertop and floor warm the kitchen up. The accessories in different yellow shades tie the room together.

7. Yellow Cabinets for A Modern Kitchen


The bright yellow cabinets have no handles. They do not only deliver instant cheer to the kitchen but also create a sleek appearance.

Gray countertop and mosaic tile backsplash highlight the yellow cabinets well. Then, the stainless steel appliances capture the modern industrial style.

Moreover, the black island offers a sense of depth. Glass pendant lights provide enough illumination while keeping the kitchen from feeling heavy.

8. Yellow and Matte Gray Kitchen Decor Ideas


If you are not into dramatic changes but want to incorporate some color, choosing a yellow backsplash is a great move. Undoubtedly, it will fit many kitchen styles.

This minimalist kitchen, for example, boasts a bold yellow backsplash. Hence, it makes the cooking space vivacious instantly.

The additional lighting lets the yellow backsplash stand out. Besides, the matte gray countertops and cabinets lend the kitchen a touch of sophistication.

9. Kitchen with Yellow Island and Cabinets


Speaking of yellow kitchen decor ideas, do not be afraid of going all out. Take inspiration from this eye-catching minimalist culinary space.

The lemon yellow island and cabinets allow the kitchen to come alive. Additionally, they contrast with the concrete backsplash delightfully.

The white lighting emphasizes the yellow cabinets. Meanwhile, the white dining chairs send out a mid-century modern vibe.

10. Gorgeous Yellow Kitchen Ideas


Not ready for massive changes? If yes, you should apply this yellow kitchen decor idea. We guarantee your culinary space will look more interesting.

Bright white cabinets come with black knobs and drawer pulls. Likewise, they create a mesmerizing contrast quickly.

Yellow accents give the kitchen a cheerful look. On the other hand, the wood floor and countertop radiate warmth, while the navy island exudes boldness.

11. Cream and Yellow Kitchen Ideas


This contemporary kitchen looks lively, thanks to yellow base cabinets. The printed tile backsplash matches them very nicely.

The suspended cream cabinets lend the kitchen a trendy appearance. White walls and large windows carve a light, airy feeling.

In addition, the patterned rug makes the cooking space seem cohesive.

12. Vintage Yellow Kitchen Ideas


If you love this vintage farmhouse kitchen, try creating the same look in your own culinary space. We believe it will be an instant mood booster.

The yellow island and cabinets enliven the kitchen. Moreover, the drawer knobs come in the same shade for a seamless appearance.

Bright yellow trims offer a nice finishing touch. Otherwise, the matte black pendant lights infuse a retro vibe into the kitchen.

13. White, Wood, and Yellow Decor


You love yellow and white interior design. Steal this idea to get it right. Here, the kitchen embraces the minimalist style through the use of handle-free cabinets.

Since the kitchen lacks excitement, you need something bold. Thereupon, add a yellow backsplash, island, bar stool, and lamps to spice it up.

Lastly, bring the outdoors in via the unfinished wood floor and indoor plant.

14. Yellow Kitchen Decor with Sunflower Tile Backsplash


If you do not have a massive budget, do not splurge out on fancy islands and cabinets. A yellow backsplash would be a nice solution. It is not costly but impactful.

This kitchen, for example, features a canary yellow backsplash. The sunflower tiles under the range hood accentuate the sunny vibe.

Mint green cabinetry provides calming effects, while the black countertop offsets the vibrant elements.

15. Industrial Kitchen with A Yellow Wall


Do you love nature? If yes, this is one of the yellow kitchen wall decor ideas to try. Here, the wood details make the space both cozy and welcoming.

Indeed, the metallic pipe, hardware, and stools offer the kitchen an industrial appeal. Two stylish pendant lamps highlight the concrete countertop.

The bold yellow accent wall brings the otherwise neutral kitchen to life. Also, it lets the monochromatic work of art be the centerpiece.

16. Yellow Kitchen Island Decor Ideas


This farmhouse kitchen seems bigger than it is, thanks to plain white cabinetry, backsplash, and walls. The marble countertops give off a glamorous feel.

The wood ceiling and dining chairs create a textural look. Meanwhile, the glass pendant lights and windows convey airiness.

Both the yellow island and Roman shade perk the kitchen up. Further, the colorful accents make the cooking space much more lively.

17. Rustic Yellow Kitchen Ideas


The gray cabinets and stainless steel hardware develop a contemporary look. Then, the black stone floor with white grout creates an appealing texture.

Additionally, wood cutting boards, wicker baskets, and metal buckets give the kitchen a rustic charm. The moldings add interest to space.

The counter-to-ceiling yellow backsplash and open shelving raise the mood instantly. Meanwhile, the paintings lend the space an artistic touch.

18. Pale Yellow Kitchen Ideas


The kitchen is the area where you enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee. Wherefore, we suggest choosing stress-reducing shades like pale yellow.

This French country kitchen, for example, boasts pale yellow walls. They send out a calming feeling instantly.

Marble dining table and chandeliers demonstrate timeless elegance. Besides, the bright flowers in glass vases liven the kitchen up.

19. Yellow Kitchen with A Brick Backsplash


White ceiling, standing cabinets, and walls open the kitchen up. The brick backsplash and pendant lights evoke an industrial vibe.

The daring yellow refrigerator and cabinetry instantly make the cooking space invigorating. Moreover, the red accents stimulate the appetite.

Gray island and dining chairs, along with stainless steel hardware create an edgy design theme. Lastly, the black Roman shade and floor tone down the bright elements.

20. Small Yellow Kitchen Ideas


If you already have a compact neutral kitchen, do not be afraid to add another color. For a relaxing effect, pick the soft shade.

This contemporary kitchen, for example, has buttermilk yellow walls. They soften the look effortlessly while sprucing it up.

The suspended white cabinet comes with a glass door. It lets the bold pieces capture the attention. Meanwhile, the yellow Roman shade and houseplants elevate the kitchen.

21. Large Kitchen with Yellow Decor


The homeowner really knows how to rock bold yellow shades in her kitchen. Take a look at the islands and cabinets.
They do not only perk the cooking space up but also enhance the mood quickly.

Brass hardware evokes warmth. Indeed, the marble countertops and ball pendant lights lend the kitchen a luxurious touch.

Furthermore, a white ceiling, single-hung windows, and walls make the kitchen feel open. The plant and wood details emanate an outdoorsy ambiance.

22. Cool Retro Kitchen with Yellow Accents


You cannot go wrong with the throwback style. Take inspiration from this fabulous kitchen. The buttermilk yellow stove and food containers exhibit a vintage vibe.

Pastel gray cabinets instantly soothe the senses. In addition, they pair with the retro soft yellow stove very nicely.

Light and dark-toned wood details inject a touch of nature. Meanwhile, the two-tone tile backsplash produces a united look.

23. Yellow and Red Kitchen Decor


If your home is not large, a galley kitchen would be a great option. It normally features counters, cabinets, and appliances arranged on both sides of a walkway.

This vintage galley kitchen proves that two bold hues are better than one. Then, the red cabinets and mustard yellow walls liven the space up.

Moreover, the buttermilk yellow cabinetry generates a relaxing vibe. The black marble countertop immensely adds timeless beauty, while the rug unifies the kitchen.

24. Yellow Italian-Style Kitchen Decor


Modern Italian kitchens typically emphasize on cooking. Therefore, you need to showcase your appliances, equipment, and ingredients very proudly.

Add wooden cabinets to your Italian kitchen for a welcoming mood. Then, display the ornaments and cookbooks on the open shelves.

To make the kitchen splendid, consider using different shades of yellow. They will jazz the cooking space up while creating a dynamic look.

25. French Country Yellow Kitchen Ideas


This kitchen is truly astounding. Thus, the pale yellow backsplash, island, and cabinets lend the space a soft touch of color in no time.

The limestone tile floor goes nicely with the cabinetry. Meanwhile, the wood ceiling and countertops give off an inviting vibe.

The rooster painting and antique ornaments sit on the mustard yellow kitchen mantel. They infuse European elegance into space.

26. Stylish Yellow Kitchen Ideas


If you plan on living a mess-free life, apply this yellow kitchen decor idea. Here, the minimalist culinary space features pure white cabinets without handles for a chic look.

The ceiling, backsplash, and walls wear white. They really make the area feel expansive. Indeed, the yellow kitchen island becomes a wow factor.

Blonde wood floor and dining chairs represent urban minimalism. Meanwhile, the plants clean the indoor air.

27. Black Kitchen with Yellow Accents


This is one of the contemporary yellow kitchen decor ideas to copy. Here, the matte black cabinets and gray doors offer the space a sophisticated feel. The wooden floor conveys warmth.

The subway tile backsplash generates a textural look. Meanwhile, the yellow ceiling, tray, and flowers improve the mood quickly. They also keep the kitchen from being moody.

28. Modern Yellow and White Kitchen Decor


Here is another modern kitchen that uses yellow to generate a sunny mood. You can find the bright color in the island and cabinets.

Likewise, the white marble countertops contrast with the yellow cabinetry. They deliver a feeling of glamor to space, while the blue vase and round clock balance out the sharp edges.

29. Mustard Yellow Kitchen Idea


This kitchen employs mustard yellow walls. They do not only make the area perky but also make you and your family so happy. So, the decorative plates develop a strong visual statement.

The plain white sink and cabinets offer the kitchen an airy setting. Meanwhile, the open shelves hold ceramic ornamental pieces.

Lastly, the beamed ceiling and light wood counter add a rustic flavor.

30. White Kitchen with A Yellow Backsplash

Unlike cabinets, changing a kitchen backsplash is not expensive. Besides, there are loads of amazing tiles in all yellow shades.

This mid-century modern kitchen, for example, features a neon yellow backsplash and pendant lamp. They enliven the cooking space instantly.

The light-toned wood floor matches the chair legs perfectly. Otherwise, the white cabinetry and dining set open the area up.

31. All-Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas


You cannot get enough yellow, right? Then, this minimalist kitchen idea is definitely worth stealing. The sleek backsplash, cabinets, and walls carve a sunnier mood.

The additional lighting enables the backsplash and cabinetry to stand out. The downlights provide great illumination at night.

Moreover, the cream rug and taupe planter tone down the bold elements nicely.

32. Yellow and Navy Kitchen Decor


Some people are not ready for big changes. So, if f you are surely one of them, we suggest trying this yellow and navy kitchen decor idea.

Navy island and cabinetry contrast with the white marble countertops immensely. The yellow kitchen mantel gives the space a splash of much-needed color.

Additionally, the glass pendant lights make the zone look united.

33. Retro Gray and White Kitchen Decor


Do not you love this cute retro kitchen? The gray tile backsplash and walls instantly create a soothing atmosphere, while the smooth two-tone tile floor offers optimum comfort underfoot.

The buttermilk appliances and suspended cabinets pair with the gray elements very well. Meanwhile, the kitchen skirt, food containers, and pendant lamps come in bolder yellow shades.

34. White Kitchen with Yellow Dining Chairs


Yellow is synonymous with cheerfulness. Indeed, if you want to uplift your mood in the morning, add some units like the ones pictured above.

This contemporary kitchen boasts sunny yellow dining chairs and flowers. They make the monochromatic space lively, while the pineapple wallpaper carves summer vibes.

35. Yellow and Light Blue Kitchen Decor


Did you know that powder blue and buttermilk yellow make for a lovely combo? This kitchen captures those mind-relaxing colors at its best.

The buttermilk yellow walls offer the light-filled kitchen a sunny touch. Also, the powder blue open shelves and cabinets emanate a feeling of calmness.

Lastly, the wood details exude warmth to balance the stainless steel appliances out.

36. Two-Tone Kitchen with A Yellow Backsplash


This two-color kitchen features suspended sleek white cabinets and gray ones with handles below. They instantly lend the cooking space a trendy appeal.

Further, the sunny yellow backsplash makes a punchy visual statement. A vase with bright flowers tops the dining table, while red appliances provide an extra touch of color.

Hopefully, those yellow kitchen decor ideas come in handy. If you choose the vibrant shade, be sure to use it properly. Therefore, your cooking space won’t feel overwhelmed. Happy decorating!

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